Radio Russkaya Reklama 96 3 HD3 New York, USA

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Radio Russkaya Reklama 96 3 HD3 New York, USA

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Radio RUSSKAYA REKLAMA is a new, unique radio for the Russian-speaking Americans. The main features of this informative and entertainment radio are a variety of programs, a wide range of news, great music, plenty of humor and a positive attitude.

Our news cover all aspects of life in America and throughout the world.

We keep our finger on the pulse of the planet; we inform our listeners about the most important and “hot” political events in the US, Israel, and the former Soviet Union countries.

We provide listeners with information about the most advanced achievements in science and technology, in the cultural life of America, the most interesting exhibitions, concerts and performances, and the most exciting sporting events in the US and other countries.

We also offer information about the most significant events in all five boroughs of New York and in other large cities of the Unites States

Much attention is paid to trends in the economy and in the business world, changes in social programs and in Real Estate market.

A special attention is paid to modern medicine. Our listeners learn about breakthroughs in various areas of medicine — from oncology to plastic surgery, about the new drugs and treatments, preventive measures for dangerous diseases.

Many listeners love the fascinating travel information and travel tips to various countries, stories about American, Russian, European celebrities, movie stars, popular entertainers.

Our radio is full of jokes and gags: all of them — from the “golden fund” of the world humor. As for general positive attitude of the radio, it helps our listeners to forget about their problems as well as the tense international situation.

Practical advices that we give our readers are wildly successful. Advices are related to all spheres of life — from the choice of a promising profession to preserving and strengthening one’s health, from the solution of social, immigration, household problems to family and love issues.

Highly professional, creative, innovative team of RUSSKAYA REKLAMA radio is constantly working on improving the existing programs and the creation of new and unusual ones.

2699 Coney Island Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11235, USA
Phone: +1 (718) 769-3000
Fax: +1 (718) 769-4700
Acceptance of free announcements 24/7: (718) 934-7733
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Артём Пивоваров Feat. Ёлка - В Каждом Из Нас 04:46
Денис Клявер - Когда Ты Станешь Большим 03:57
Jamaica Soundsystem - Every Breath You Take 03:26
Анатолий Полотно - Поцелуй Меня, Удача 03:51
Radio - Russkaya Reklama
Snap! - The Power 03:38
Jonas Brothers - Cool 02:47
Line -
Line - 180:00
Светлана Лобода - Мира Мало 03:40
Любэ - Давай Наяривай 05:26
Григорий Лепс - Выбрось Из Головы 03:27
Stevie Wonder - Isn`t She Lovely 03:20
Radio - Russkaya Reklama
Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around... 05:15
Sevara Nazarhan - Bir Kam Dunyo 04:17
Maluma Feat. Ricky Martin - No Se Me Quita 03:39
Laura Pausini - It's Not Goodbye 04:24
Sadiki - Sadie 03:36
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Radio Russkaya Reklama 96.3 HD3 New York, USA
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Radio Russkaya Reklama 96 3 HD3 New York, USA
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