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tel.: +380 44 207-39-90
Genres: Dance
KISSFM Dance - Kiev
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That played on the radio:  KISSFM Dance - Kiev
11h. 7min. ago Luca Debonaire & Chris Marina - Watching Me
11h. 15min. ago Kiss Fm -
11h. 23min. ago Alekseev - (rmx By Mozgi)
12h. 9min. ago Tyron Hapi & Mimoza - Anyway
20h. 15min. ago Kiss Fm -
21h. 21min. ago Tiesto & Kshmr & Talay Riley - Harder (yoel Lewis Rmx)
22h. 22min. ago Kiss Fm -
23h. 20min. ago Kiss Fm -
1d. 15min. ago Menini & Viani & Shandra Dixon - Sos
1d. 1h. 15min. ago Armin Van Buuren & Zedd - This Is What Clarity Feels Like (dan Mei...
1d. 1h. 51min. ago - (ganador Rmx)
1d. 2h. 13min. ago - (andi Vax Rmx)
1d. 2h. 33min. ago Arturro Mass - V.o.n.a
1d. 3h. 6min. ago Kiss Fm -
1d. 4h. 14min. ago Flying Vibes -
1d. 5h. 11min. ago Axwell & Ingrosso - Thinking About You (monster Massive Rmx)
1d. 6h. 5min. ago Sonya Kay -
1d. 7h. 5min. ago Alex Justino & Thomaz Krauze & Stee Downes - We Can Get It
1d. 8h. 5min. ago Tyron Hapi & Mimoza - Anyway
1d. 9h. 3min. ago Rihanna - Love On The Brain (don Diablo Rmx)
1d. 10h. ago Post Malone & 21 Savage - Rockstar (ilkay Sencan Rmx)
1d. 10h. 59min. ago Vanotek & Eneli - Tara (andrew Brooks Rmx)
1d. 11h. 55min. ago La Riots - This Feeling
1d. 12h. 57min. ago Katy Perry & Nicki Minaj - Swish Swish (mikis Rmx)
1d. 13h. 57min. ago Lost Frequencies & Zonderling - Crazy (amice Rmx)
1d. 14h. 57min. ago Indivision & Jonny Rose - Silent Days
1d. 15h. 54min. ago Cardi B - Bodak Yellow (lavrushkin Rmx)
1d. 16h. 51min. ago Andrey Exx & Sharapov - Along With You (alexander Orue Miami At Ni...
1d. 17h. 54min. ago Kiss Fm -
1d. 18h. 55min. ago - (the Faino & Mordax Bastards Rmx)
1d. 19h. 54min. ago Kiss Fm -
1d. 21h. 2min. ago Kishe - (malyar & Yk Rmx)
1d. 22h. 13min. ago Dzidzio & - . (dj Freshside & Yura Smile Mash Up)
1d. 23h. 17min. ago Calippo - Good For You
2d. 31min. ago - # (ramirez & Andy Light)
2d. 1h. 37min. ago Riya - (mordax Bastards & Get Better Rmx)
2d. 2h. 55min. ago L.b. One & Laenz - Tired Bones (saffy Rmx)
2d. 4h. 14min. ago Maruv & Boosin - Drunk Groove (kolya Funk & Mephisto Rmx)
2d. 5h. 22min. ago Onuka - ii (fatan & Forlen Rmx)
2d. 5h. 57min. ago - (forlen Rmx)
2d. 6h. 35min. ago Pnau - Go Bang (kissfm Edit)
2d. 7h. 39min. ago -
2d. 8h. 52min. ago Galantis & Throttle - Tell Me You Love Me (dropgun Rmx)
2d. 9h. 54min. ago Cosmo & Skoro & Nathan Brumley - Feel So Deep (alexey Lexx Rmx...
2d. 11h. 4min. ago Kola & Platinum Doug - Zombie (ipunkz & Gonibez Mashup)
2d. 12h. 18min. ago - (i.t.f Rmx)
2d. 13h. 31min. ago Benny Camaro & Dez Milito - This Is How We Take Off
2d. 14h. 43min. ago Riya - (mordax Bastards & Get Better Rmx)
2d. 16h. 4min. ago Vigil Coma - Sonce
2d. 17h. 8min. ago Ste Ingham - Children
2d. 18h. 9min. ago Heiken - Feelings
2d. 18h. 12min. ago Tyron Hapi & Mimoza - Anyway
2d. 19h. 14min. ago Lost Frequencies & Zonderling - Crazy (amice Rmx)
2d. 20h. 7min. ago Nbsplv - Shadows
2d. 21h. 7min. ago Maxim Schunk & Raven & Kreyn & Bishop - Say My Name
2d. 22h. 7min. ago Oliver Heldens - Ibiza 77 (can You Feel It) (rootkit Rmx)
2d. 23h. 4min. ago Post Malone & 21 Savage - Rockstar (blamers & Cyborgs Rmx)
3d. 3min. ago Voltr & Oli Via -
3d. 45min. ago Kiss Fm -
3d. 1h. 47min. ago Daft Punk & The Weeknd - Starboy (vicetone Rmx)
3d. 2h. 51min. ago Antoine Clamaran - Decadence (luca Debonaire & Alaia & Gallo R...
3d. 3h. 47min. ago Benny Benassi - Love Is Gonna Save Us (ramirez & Mike Temoff Rmx)
3d. 4h. 53min. ago Platon & Joolay - Last (satim Rmx)
3d. 5h. 42min. ago Mark Ursa & Yuga - Say (dirty Papy Rmx)
3d. 6h. 41min. ago Stage Rockers - I'm Waiting
3d. 7h. 25min. ago New Id & Sovth - Step Inside
3d. 7h. 49min. ago Philip George & Anton Powers - Alone No More (kissfm Edit)
3d. 8h. 22min. ago Dubvision - Backlash (martin Garrix Edit)
3d. 8h. 22min. ago Lumiere -
3d. 8h. 26min. ago A.shine - It's Not Over
3d. 8h. 29min. ago Armin Van Buuren & Conrad Sewell - Sex & Love & Water (clu...
3d. 8h. 33min. ago Jax Jones & Ina Wroldsen - Breathe (dj Dmc Rmx)
3d. 8h. 38min. ago R3hab & Khrebto - You Could Be (breathe Carolina Rmx)
3d. 8h. 41min. ago Kiss Fm -
3d. 9h. 21min. ago Feduk - (kolya Funk & Temmy Rmx)
3d. 10h. 17min. ago The Chainsmokers - Paris (syzz Bootleg)
3d. 11h. 17min. ago Daddy Yankee & French Montana - Boom Boom (tiesto Rmx)
3d. 11h. 57min. ago D.o.d - Bones
3d. 12h. 5min. ago Otilia - Prisionera (ian Burlak Rmx)
3d. 12h. 57min. ago Flying Decibels - The Road (nejtrino & Baur Rmx)
3d. 13h. 5min. ago Kiss Fm -
3d. 14h. 5min. ago Dj Le Roi & Roland Clark - I Get Deep (emanuel Satie Rework)
3d. 15h. 5min. ago Roland Clark - What The Fuck (mosangels Rmx)
3d. 16h. 6min. ago Swedish House Mafia - Greyhound
3d. 17h. 12min. ago Kiss Fm -
3d. 18h. 7min. ago Kiss Fm -
3d. 19h. 18min. ago Dazzle Dreams - Sos (istar Project Rmx)
3d. 20h. 17min. ago Post Malone & 21 Savage - Rockstar (blamers & Cyborgs Rmx)
3d. 21h. 11min. ago The Hardkiss - (dj Serge Rmx)
3d. 22h. 1min. ago Calvin Harris & John Newman - Blame (r3hab Trap Rmx)
3d. 23h. 2min. ago Vanotek & Eneli - Tara (andrew Brooks Rmx)
4d. 2min. ago The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize (yan Cloud Rmx)
4d. 1h. 2min. ago U2 - Get Out Of Your Own Way (afrojack Rmx)
4d. 2h. 12min. ago Kiss Fm -
4d. 3h. 14min. ago - (haxxy Rmx)
4d. 4h. 12min. ago Merk & Kremont - Turn It Around
4d. 5h. 16min. ago Pnau - Go Bang (kissfm Edit)
4d. 6h. 22min. ago Roland Clark - What The Fuck (mosangels Rmx)
4d. 7h. 23min. ago Maxim Schunk & Raven & Kreyn & Bishop - Say My Name
4d. 8h. 32min. ago Jerry Ropero & Stefan Gruenwald - Canta (miqro Deep Rmx)
4d. 9h. 34min. ago - (rmx)
4d. 10h. 39min. ago Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still (woo2tech & Arcuri Rmx)
4d. 11h. 42min. ago Kadnay - (anton Karskiy Rmx)
4d. 12h. 47min. ago Calippo - Good For You
4d. 14h. 5min. ago Go Freek & Dom Dolla - Define (cassian Rmx)
4d. 14h. 34min. ago Post Malone & 21 Savage - Rockstar (blamers & Cyborgs Rmx)
4d. 15h. 14min. ago - (ipunkz & Gonibez Mashup)
4d. 16h. 22min. ago Faithless & Zoe Johnston - Crazy English Summer (maor Levi Rmx)
4d. 17h. 28min. ago Kiss Fm -
4d. 18h. 55min. ago The Chainsmokers - Sick Boy (lzrd Rmx)
4d. 20h. 11min. ago Celeda - Music Is The Answer (moresst & Olmega Rmx)
4d. 21h. 23min. ago Calvin Harris & Example - We'll Be Coming Back (main Mix)
4d. 22h. 43min. ago Tove Lo - Disco Tits (malyar & Beat Boy Rmx)
4d. 23h. 51min. ago - (dvblex Rmx)
5d. 1h. 3min. ago Skyhook & Melada -
5d. 2h. 15min. ago Armin Van Buuren & Conrad Sewell - Sex & Love & Water (clu...
5d. 18h. 19min. ago Kiss Fm -
5d. 19h. 31min. ago Midnight Daddies & Olya Gram -
5d. 19h. 36min. ago Why Don't We - These Girls (sagan Rmx)
5d. 20h. 44min. ago Kiss Fm -
5d. 21h. 58min. ago Alesso & Anitta - Is That For Me (sylvain Armand Rmx)
5d. 23h. 15min. ago Flying Decibels - The Road (nejtrino & Baur Rmx)
6d. 20min. ago Gazirovka - Black (eddie G Rmx)
6d. 1h. 27min. ago Andre Visior - Spirits
6d. 2h. 38min. ago Black Saint - Never Did This Before
6d. 3h. 46min. ago Flying Decibels - The Road (nejtrino & Baur Rmx)
6d. 4h. 57min. ago Essential -
6d. 6h. 7min. ago Pendulum & Crazibiza - Belive In Island! (dj Samosud Mashup)
6d. 7h. 23min. ago Above And Beyond & Oceanlab - Lonely Girl (gareth Emery Rmx)
6d. 8h. 34min. ago Lil Pump - Gucci Gang (fantom Rmx)

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Lisa Marie Presley accuses former business manager of squandering her fortune
Ex-manager Barry Siegel insists the rocker's spending is to blame for her financial problems.
T.I. fears government abuse in an America without guns
The Whatever You Like hitmaker was sent to prison for firearms possession in 2009.
Jack Antonoff hangs out with Lorde in New Zealand after Lena Dunham split
The Royals hitmaker's new boyfriend tagged along for her day out with Jack.
Quincy Jones apologises for 'wordvomit' interviews
Taylor Swift, the Beatles, Michael Jackson and U2 were all targeted by the producer in the articles.
Haim's Este calls Cheryl to quash 'beef' after pulling faces behind her at the Brits
The American singer was seen making faces as Cheryl and boyfriend Liam were interviewed by host Jack Whitehall.

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