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      • Гость: Elizabeth S.
      • I love Radio XL5! They play all of Today's Hits all the way back to the 80's! On the weekends they do their "80's Double Shot Weekend" where they play a whole bunch of 80's music along with today's hits. And I love how they car eabout people with their positive and encouraging messages from Habitat for Humanity ( and our veterans ( They are great.
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      • Пользователь: RadioXL5
      • Radio XL5 is where I hear new hit music and I love their "new oldies" the 80s! So much fun. When I travel I feel "connected". I love hearing GP on live on Saturday nights from 8-11 PM Eastern USA time zone. They also connect to their audience outside the USA. I say go "LIke" them on their FaceBook page and follow them on Twitter
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      • Гость: Alan V
      • Cool station for new hit music! Love Boston! I follow on Twitter and FaceBook! @RadioXL5 Alan V.
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      • Гость: Cyndi K
      • Radio XL5 really delivers "Smart Hits for Your Smart Phone". They come from Boston USA. My daughter and I can both listen to the music. She hears her Taylor Swift and Iggy Azelea and I can hear my 80s music too! Its great to stream in our family car, Waiting in the airport using their smart phone app or TuneIn. "GP Live" on Saturday nights 8 PM ET is a blast! Radio XL5 is the best! #SHYSP #GPLIVE #BOGPL
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