Radio XL5 - The Nation's Hit Music Station!


Radio XL5 - The Nation's Hit Music Station!

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Что недавно играло на радио:  Radio XL5 - The Nation's Hit Music Station!
2мин. назад Tove Lo - Lady Wood (explicit)
18мин. назад Sigala - Easy Love (faiir Remix)
34мин. назад Armin Van Buuren - Sunny Days (ft. Josh Cumbee)
53мин. назад Gentry Jones And Mr Sam - Roll It Roll It
1ч. 10мин. назад Madyx - Where The Wild Things Are (grn Remix)
1ч. 29мин. назад Mike Posner - In The Arms Of A Stranger (grey Remix)
1ч. 48мин. назад Don't Believe In Ghosts - Can't Sleep So I'll Drive
2ч. 3мин. назад Patty Smyth & D. Henley - Sometime's Love Just Ain't Eno...
2ч. 22мин. назад The Jets - Crush On You (extended Version)
2ч. 40мин. назад Jay Sean F./lil Wayne - Hit The Lights
2ч. 57мин. назад The Heirs - Suburban Wonderland
3ч. 13мин. назад Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You
3ч. 36мин. назад Snakehips - Don't Leave (ft. M0, Kue Remix, Radio Edit)
3ч. 51мин. назад - Radioxl5_legalid04 (2)
4ч. 9мин. назад Ronna - Sweet Pretender
4ч. 27мин. назад The Weeknd - Starboy (kygo Remix) [feat. Daft Punk] [clean]
4ч. 41мин. назад Samantha Mumba - Gotta Tell You
4ч. 58мин. назад The Neighborhood - Scary Love
5ч. 17мин. назад Grouplove - Good Morning
5ч. 36мин. назад Galantis - True Feeling
6ч. назад U2 - You'rethe Best Thing About Me
6ч. 20мин. назад Dej Loaf - No Fear
6ч. 37мин. назад The Weeknd - Starboy (ft.. Daft Punk Clean)
6ч. 56мин. назад Bob - Roll Up
7ч. 14мин. назад Echosmith - Get Into My Car
7ч. 31мин. назад Castro - Automatic
7ч. 51мин. назад Whitney Woerz - Idea Of Her
8ч. 10мин. назад Lipps Inc - Funky Town (long Vers)
8ч. 28мин. назад Billy Joel - Baby Grand (lp Version)
8ч. 47мин. назад Leann Rimes - Love Is Love Is Love
9ч. 10мин. назад R.e.m. - The Great Beyond
9ч. 28мин. назад Tommy Tutone - Angel Say No
9ч. 46мин. назад Meghan Trainor - I'm A Lady
10ч. назад Don't Believe In Ghosts - We Are The Ones
10ч. 17мин. назад Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me
10ч. 36мин. назад Radio Voice Pro - Radioxl5_morehitmusic1
10ч. 52мин. назад Radioxl5 - Radioxl5_thespirit03
11ч. 10мин. назад Escape Club - Wild Wild West (12 Inch Vers)
11ч. 29мин. назад Electric Light Orchestra - All Over The World
11ч. 47мин. назад Dan Croll - Tokyo
12ч. 2мин. назад Miranda Lambert - The House That Built Me
12ч. 20мин. назад Michael Jackson - Thriller (steve Aoki Midnight Hour Remix)
12ч. 38мин. назад Nellie Tiger Travis - Mr. Sexy Man
12ч. 57мин. назад Twista - Next To You (ft. Jeremih)
13ч. 16мин. назад Alan Walker - Alone
13ч. 34мин. назад Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time
13ч. 51мин. назад Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band - You'll Accompany Me
14ч. 10мин. назад The Weekend - Starboy (ft.. Daft Punk Clean)
14ч. 29мин. назад Weezer - Feels Like Summer
14ч. 48мин. назад Sabrina Carpenter - Why
15ч. 7мин. назад Mansionair - Astronaut (something About Your Love)
15ч. 27мин. назад The Aces - Stuck
15ч. 46мин. назад Cheerleader - A Million Ways
16ч. назад Le'on - Tired Of Talking (dave Aude Radio Mix)
16ч. 18мин. назад Jane Siberry - Anytime
16ч. 37мин. назад Karyn White - Romantic (single Mix)
16ч. 54мин. назад Fifth Harmony - Down (ft. Gucci Mane)
17ч. 12мин. назад Hailee Steinfeld - Most Girls
17ч. 30мин. назад Omi - Cheerleader
17ч. 48мин. назад Weezer - Happy Hour
18ч. 7мин. назад Echosmith - Get Into My Car
18ч. 22мин. назад The Weeknd - Party Monster [clean]
18ч. 39мин. назад Grizzly Bear - Morning Sound
18ч. 57мин. назад Flagship - Midnight
19ч. 16мин. назад Pink - There You Go
19ч. 36мин. назад Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You
19ч. 55мин. назад Starley - Call On Me (hella Remix)
20ч. 11мин. назад Echosmith - Future Me
20ч. 31мин. назад Declan Mckenna - The Kids Don't Wanna Come Home
20ч. 49мин. назад The B 52's - Love Shack (12 Inch)
21ч. 7мин. назад Prince - Kiss
21ч. 27мин. назад Shania Twain - Life's About To Get Good
21ч. 47мин. назад The B-52's - Debbie
22ч. 2мин. назад Julia Westlin - Everything I Do ( I Do It For You)
22ч. 21мин. назад Beyonce F. Jay Z - Crazy In Love
22ч. 40мин. назад Muna - I Know A Place
23ч. 2мин. назад John Mayer - Love On The Weekend
23ч. 21мин. назад Sigala - Sweet Lovin (ft. Bryn Christopher)
23ч. 42мин. назад Madyx - Where The Wild Things Are (grn Remix)
23ч. 59мин. назад K7 - Come Baby Come ( Extendd Version)
1д. 17мин. назад Daryl Hall And John Oates - Kiss On My List (1980)
1д. 37мин. назад The Band Perry - Stay In The Dark
1д. 55мин. назад Snakehips - Don't Leave (ft. M0, Kue Remix, Radio Edit)
1д. 1ч. 15мин. назад Don't Believe In Ghosts - I Want Nothing
1д. 1ч. 33мин. назад James Hersey - Miss You
1д. 1ч. 51мин. назад - Feeding America Psa2
1д. 2ч. 10мин. назад Vanessa Williams - Work To Do (radio Mix)
1д. 2ч. 30мин. назад Pete Townsend - Let My Love Open The Door
1д. 2ч. 49мин. назад Selena Gomez - Bad Liar
1д. 3ч. 8мин. назад Current Swell - It Ain't Right
1д. 3ч. 28мин. назад C.c. Catch - I Can Lose My Heart Tonight
1д. 3ч. 48мин. назад The Rolling Stones - Can't Get No Satisfaction (bbc)
1д. 4ч. 8мин. назад Boyzone - No Matter What
1д. 4ч. 27мин. назад Radio Voice Pro - Radioxl5_areallyhuge80shit_01
1д. 4ч. 46мин. назад Mike Posner - In The Arms Of A Stranger (grey Remix)
1д. 5ч. 3мин. назад Skrillex - Would You Ever (ft. Poo Bear)
1д. 5ч. 21мин. назад Bruno Mars - 24k Magic (1)
1д. 5ч. 38мин. назад Flagship - Midnight
1д. 5ч. 57мин. назад Thomas Gold - Magic (ft. Jillian Edwards)
1д. 6ч. 19мин. назад Omi - Cheerleader
1д. 6ч. 38мин. назад Denise Lopez - Earthbound
1д. 6ч. 57мин. назад Radio Voice Pro - Radioxl5_legalid03
1д. 7ч. 13мин. назад Jennifer Paige - Crush
1д. 7ч. 33мин. назад John Foxx - Underpass (1980)
1д. 7ч. 58мин. назад Miley Cyrus - Malibu
1д. 8ч. 17мин. назад Vanessa Williams - Dreamin
1д. 8ч. 34мин. назад Echosmith - Get Into My Car
1д. 8ч. 52мин. назад Tove Lo - Disco Tits [explicit]
1д. 9ч. 11мин. назад Sheryl Crow - My Favorite Mistake
1д. 9ч. 30мин. назад Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days
1д. 9ч. 49мин. назад Franki Love - First Degree
1д. 10ч. 9мин. назад Hootie And The Blowfish - Time
1д. 10ч. 27мин. назад Bruno Mars - That's What I Like
1д. 10ч. 48мин. назад Natalie Imbruglia - Wrong Impression (2002)
1д. 11ч. 8мин. назад Ocean Park Standoff - Good News
1д. 11ч. 27мин. назад Mansionair - Astronaut (something About Your Love)
1д. 11ч. 46мин. назад Tove Lo - Influence [feat. Wiz Khalifa] [explicit]
1д. 12ч. 1мин. назад Norah Jones - Come Away With Me
1д. 12ч. 19мин. назад Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me
1д. 12ч. 39мин. назад Caroline Jones - Brown Eyed Girl
1д. 13ч. назад Stargate - Waterfall (ft. Pink & Sia)
1д. 13ч. 19мин. назад Miley Cyrus - Malibu (kiso & Yvette Remix)
1д. 13ч. 37мин. назад Randy Travis - Forever And Ever, Amen
1д. 13ч. 55мин. назад Dont Believe In Ghosts - Slow Down
1д. 14ч. 12мин. назад Steve Aoki - Just Hold On (ft. Louis Tomilson)
1д. 14ч. 31мин. назад John Mayer - Still Feel Like Your Man
1д. 14ч. 55мин. назад Major Lazer - Run Up (ft Nicki Minaj & Partynextdoor)
1д. 15ч. 13мин. назад Beck - Up All Night
1д. 15ч. 31мин. назад Chris Gaines - Right Now
1д. 15ч. 49мин. назад The Cars - Touch And Go (lp Version)
  Гость: Elizabeth S.    Boston  
I love Radio XL5! They play all of Today's Hits all the way back to the 80's! On the weekends they do their "80's Double Shot Weekend" where they play a whole bunch of 80's music along with today's hits. And I love how they car eabout people with their positive and encouraging messages from Habitat for Humanity ( and our veterans ( They are great.
0    0 Ответить   3:43 <> 24. 3. 2013  
  Пользователь: RadioXL5    Boston  
Radio XL5 is where I hear new hit music and I love their "new oldies" the 80s! So much fun. When I travel I feel "connected". I love hearing GP on live on Saturday nights from 8-11 PM Eastern USA time zone. They also connect to their audience outside the USA. I say go "LIke" them on their FaceBook page and follow them on Twitter
0    0 Ответить   19:38 <> 26. 3. 2014  
  Гость: Alan V    Boston  
Cool station for new hit music! Love Boston! I follow on Twitter and FaceBook! @RadioXL5 Alan V.
0    0 Ответить   19:40 <> 26. 3. 2014  
  Гость: Cyndi K    Cambridge  
Radio XL5 really delivers "Smart Hits for Your Smart Phone". They come from Boston USA. My daughter and I can both listen to the music. She hears her Taylor Swift and Iggy Azelea and I can hear my 80s music too! Its great to stream in our family car, Waiting in the airport using their smart phone app or TuneIn. "GP Live" on Saturday nights 8 PM ET is a blast! Radio XL5 is the best! #SHYSP #GPLIVE #BOGPL
0    0 Ответить   20:01 <> 7. 5. 2016  

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