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CRAGG - Cult Radio A-Go-Go!
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Que tocava no rádio:  CRAGG - Cult Radio A-Go-Go!
10min. atrás Ytjd_56-09-19_the_imperfect_alibi_matter_pt3
1h. 10min. atrás Adam & The Ants - Kings Of The Wild Frontier
1h. 56min. atrás The Singles And Doubles Show Collection - Black Ghost
2h. 15min. atrás Gary Lewis & The Playboys - This Diamond Ring
3h. 18min. atrás Doctor Who - Planet Of The Daleks
4h. 22min. atrás Weird Tales Of The Unknown - The Black Cat
5h. 26min. atrás Silent But Deadly - Trailer
6h. 27min. atrás Marc Wilkinson - Kathy's Rape & Death
7h. 27min. atrás Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Love Is Only Love
8h. 26min. atrás Lloyd Marcus - Can't Afford The Sunshine
9h. 30min. atrás Connie Francis - Wives And Lovers
10h. 38min. atrás The King Of The Zombies Speaks! - George Romero Interview Part 2
11h. 18min. atrás Isaac Hayes - Never Can Say Goodbye (single Version)
11h. 40min. atrás Otr Claudia - Claudia 1947-10-08 #008 Mama's Early Birthday
12h. 45min. atrás Switchblade Symphony - Wallflower
13h. 49min. atrás Johnny Rebel - Nothing But Niggers
14h. 50min. atrás Cavalcade Of America - Calv 360617 036 Heroes Of Texas
15h. 52min. atrás 0435_microscopic_life_the_world_of_the_invisible_01_43_42_00_3mb
16h. 55min. atrás Cavalcade Of America - Calv 360429 030 Self Reliance
17h. 56min. atrás 52.07.13 - Death For Sale
18h. 58min. atrás M104 (outtake)
20h. 4min. atrás 02. Sweet Surrender [brenda K. Starr]
21h. 4min. atrás The Browns - Ghoulita
22h. 6min. atrás Weird Al Yankovic - Velvet Elvis
23h. 8min. atrás Inner Sanctum Mysteries - Death Of A Doll
1d. 9min. atrás Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch - Freshly Squeezed (bass Clar...
1d. 1h. 7min. atrás The Dickies - Killer Klowns
1d. 2h. 7min. atrás Spy Catcher - One Must Die
1d. 3h. 8min. atrás Valentine - Keep The Faith
1d. 4h. 6min. atrás The Creaking Door - Don?t Take My Blood, Dont Take My Blood
1d. 5h. 6min. atrás Dollhouse Of The Damned
1d. 6h. 5min. atrás Otr The Clock - Clk 1947-05-11 #027 Only Death Is Timeless (aka: Mrs. ...
1d. 7h. 5min. atrás The Voodoo Trombone Quartet - Voodoo Juju (lemon Refresher Mix)
1d. 8h. 7min. atrás Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells Side 2
1d. 9h. 11min. atrás Ytjd_56-02-06_the_mcclean_matter_pt1
1d. 10h. 14min. atrás Toy Drum - Prevenge - 10 - Crazy Bitch Hormonal Bliss
1d. 11h. 14min. atrás The Jaynetts - Be My Boyfriend
1d. 12h. 13min. atrás Carl Lewis - Quebra La
1d. 13h. 15min. atrás Freddy Cannon - Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy
1d. 14h. 18min. atrás Witch's Tale, The - - House Of The Bridegroom, The 1...
1d. 15h. 18min. atrás Bing Crosby - Crosby Clooney Show(60-62) - First Song - Cocktails For ...
1d. 16h. 19min. atrás Kristen Lawrence - Cats In The Catacombs - Instrumental Version
1d. 17h. 20min. atrás Reg Guest Syndicate - James Bond Theme
1d. 21h. 6min. atrás 1980 Kentucky Fried Chicken Colonel Sanders Commercial
2d. 5h. 3min. atrás Cartoon Anthems - The Real Adventures Of Johnny Quest
2d. 6h. atrás Billie Hayes, Jack Wild, Martha Raye - Zap The World
2d. 6h. 59min. atrás X_minus_one_052
2d. 7h. 59min. atrás White Zombie - Fast Jungle
2d. 9h. atrás Husky And The Sandmen - Ridin' The Wild Surf
2d. 9h. 58min. atrás Flamingo - Sing Little Bird Sing
2d. 10h. 56min. atrás William Shatner - Do You See?
2d. 11h. 54min. atrás Drew's Famous - The Gost With One Black Eye
2d. 12h. 54min. atrás The Lone Ranger - Almost A Man
2d. 13h. 54min. atrás Humphrey Bogart - 10 - Across The Pacific (1-25-43)
2d. 14h. 50min. atrás Haunts Trailer
2d. 15h. 48min. atrás Jean-jacques Perrey - E.v.a.
2d. 16h. 46min. atrás There's A Message In Every Bottle(1969 Antiteenage Drinking&d...
2d. 17h. 48min. atrás Yazoo - Don't Go (7'' Single Mix)
2d. 18h. 46min. atrás Ennio Morricone - Con Ferma Ostinazione
2d. 19h. 46min. atrás Xx-xx-xx Creaking Door - Alive In Grave
2d. 20h. 44min. atrás Young_love-49-08-08_06_the_dean_gets_married
2d. 21h. 44min. atrás Barry White - I'm Qualified To Satisfy You
2d. 22h. 42min. atrás Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch - Abstract Mood
2d. 23h. 38min. atrás Andy Gibb - Shadow Dancing
3d. 36min. atrás Cavalcade Of America - Calv 351127 008 Community Self Reliance
3d. 1h. 34min. atrás Candy Samples & "a Talks Reader" - This Coul...
3d. 2h. 36min. atrás Sayaka Osawa & Keiko Imamura - Mothra's Song Iii (m23...
3d. 3h. 30min. atrás Ronnie Aldrich - Desafinado
3d. 4h. 26min. atrás Otr Adventures By Morse - Abym 1944-08-05 #031 Dead Men Prowl Pt 05
3d. 5h. 22min. atrás X_minus_one_062
3d. 6h. 22min. atrás Dukes - I'm An Unskilled Worker (bochum [germany] - Alcora B ...
3d. 7h. 20min. atrás 22 - Cinema Wasteland - Double Feature- The Crawling Thing & Creat...
3d. 8h. 20min. atrás A Visit To Peter Lorre's Sanitarium -
3d. 9h. 16min. atrás John Zacherle - Big Bad Billy Booger
3d. 10h. 16min. atrás Weird Circle - Weird Circle 43-09-12 03 The Vendetta
3d. 11h. 14min. atrás Graunke Symphony Orchestra - Tea And Crumpets
3d. 12h. 10min. atrás Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids - Halloween (side One)
3d. 13h. 10min. atrás White Zombie - Starface
3d. 14h. 6min. atrás Alan Silvestri - Let's Race / Run By / I'm Sorry / H...
3d. 15h. 4min. atrás Kiss - I Was Made For Lovin' You
3d. 15h. 59min. atrás Otr Claudia - Claudia 1947-12-30 #067 Naming The Dog
3d. 16h. 55min. atrás The Adventures Of Superman - The Phony Song Publishing Company - Pt 02
3d. 17h. 50min. atrás Otr The Clock - Clk 1947-03-30 #021 Past Or Present
3d. 18h. 46min. atrás Stars And Stripes Forever - Lights Out
3d. 19h. 44min. atrás The Unexpected - Voodoo Night
3d. 20h. 40min. atrás Artistname - Witch's Tale 35-08-27 The Knife Of Sacrifice
3d. 21h. 36min. atrás Kermit Schafer - Pardon My Blooper Volume 6 Side 1
3d. 22h. 34min. atrás Paul Mccollough - Talking Points
3d. 23h. 32min. atrás Allegro - House On Haunted Hill (iii)- Vincent Price
4d. 30min. atrás Karla Devito - Interview With Karla Devito
4d. 1h. 32min. atrás Kickstands - Hill Climb
4d. 2h. 30min. atrás Scary Spooky Stories (adapted By Cherney Berg) - Big 'fraid, ...
4d. 3h. 32min. atrás Jan & Dean - Jan & Dean - Carnival Of Sound - 13 - In The ...
4d. 4h. 32min. atrás Gravedale High - Nightbreed
4d. 5h. 31min. atrás Lee And The Satellites - Countdown
4d. 6h. 30min. atrás Murray Gold - Corridors And Fire Escape
4d. 7h. 30min. atrás Ytjd_50-11-11_adam_kegg_matter_
4d. 8h. 29min. atrás Topper
4d. 9h. 28min. atrás Ytjd_56-10-15_the_phantom_chase_matter_pt1
4d. 10h. 29min. atrás The Bird And The Bee - Maneater
4d. 11h. 29min. atrás Werewolves In Siberia - Sludge, Slime & Slugs
4d. 12h. 29min. atrás Dr Who - Guests For The Night
4d. 13h. 29min. atrás Arthur Conan Doyle - 02 The Leather Funnel
4d. 14h. 28min. atrás Hoosier Hotshots - Etiquate
4d. 15h. 28min. atrás Heavenly - Carpe Diem
4d. 16h. 29min. atrás Heart Disease: Its Major Causes -
4d. 17h. 28min. atrás Carla Thomas - B-a-b-y
4d. 18h. 27min. atrás Toni Mccann And The Fabulous Blue Jays - My Baby
4d. 19h. 28min. atrás Queen - A Kind Of Magic (extended)
4d. 20h. 28min. atrás New Haven - Part Of Me
4d. 21h. 29min. atrás Murders In The Rue Morgue - Weird Circle - Ep 19 45-05-21
4d. 22h. 30min. atrás Trevor Bastow - Pool Party Sequence (a Jimmy Michaels Mix)
4d. 23h. 31min. atrás Cavalcade Of America - Calv 351225 012 The Humanitarian Urge
5d. 29min. atrás Original Off-broadway Cast - Boomstick
5d. 1h. 30min. atrás Various Artists - Werewolves Of London
5d. 2h. 32min. atrás The Witch's Tale - Physician To The Dead 11/08/34
5d. 3h. 30min. atrás Nightfall - The Blood Countess [1]
5d. 4h. 31min. atrás Gunsmoke - Blood Money (sam Edwards)
5d. 5h. 31min. atrás The National Lampoon Radio Hou, National Lampoon - Time To Go, Johnny;...
5d. 6h. 29min. atrás Witch's Tale 340907 Puzzle
5d. 7h. 28min. atrás Vertigo - Captain Zorro / Phantasm
5d. 8h. 30min. atrás The Surfaris - Blue Surf
5d. 9h. 30min. atrás Max Brooks - Part 077 Of 137
5d. 10h. 31min. atrás A Girl In Love
5d. 11h. 30min. atrás 38-10-08 154 Karnak The Killer
5d. 12h. 31min. atrás Ytjd_50-10-21_jack_madigan_matter
5d. 13h. 28min. atrás Texasrangers_1951-04-22__canneddeath
5d. 14h. 30min. atrás Hot Blood - Blackmail
5d. 15h. 30min. atrás Quiet Please - Good Ghost
5d. 16h. 29min. atrás Jim Burgett - Jekyll And Hyde

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