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Gêneros: Polka
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Que tocava no rádio:  WRJQ Goodtime Radio
24min. atrás Ray Konkol - Chicago Concertina Club Polka
54min. atrás Jerry Schneider - Edelweiss
1h. 24min. atrás Ray Konkol - Jenny Lind Polka
1h. 54min. atrás Russ Zimmerman - Broken Hearted Polka
2h. 23min. atrás Mark Vyhlidal - Moonbeams Clear Waltz
2h. 54min. atrás Dean Hansen - Grandma Remembers Waltz
3h. 24min. atrás John Check - Murphy Polka
3h. 56min. atrás Gary's Ridgeland Dutchmen - Cashton, Our Polka Town
4h. 27min. atrás John Check - Lhanicka Polka
4h. 57min. atrás Jerry Goetsch - Rose Marie Polka
5h. 28min. atrás Eddie Rodick - Magic Lamp Waltz
5h. 57min. atrás Malek's Fishermen - Hometown Hoolerie Polka
6h. 29min. atrás Karl's Country Dutchmen - Midnight Waltz
6h. 58min. atrás Dan Gruetzmacher - Country Girl Polka
7h. 32min. atrás Larry's Concertina Band - Bobbie's Polka
7h. 57min. atrás Eddie Larsen - Cinderella Polka
8h. 28min. atrás Ray Dorschner - Dizzy Chap Polka
8h. 57min. atrás Tuba Dan - Dove Polka
9h. 26min. atrás Music Connection - Waltzing In The Woods
9h. 56min. atrás Elroy Berkholtz - Memories Polka
10h. 25min. atrás Walter Ostanek - Charm Of Your Beautiful Dark Eyes
10h. 55min. atrás Peter & Paul Wendinger - Clover By The Water Polka
11h. 25min. atrás Whoopee John - My Baby Loves Me Polka
11h. 55min. atrás Elmer Scheid - Jolly Farmer Waltz
12h. 24min. atrás Eddie Blazonczyk - Shining Star Waltz
12h. 54min. atrás Eddie Skeets - Cry Baby Polka
13h. 24min. atrás Don Peachey - Pig Pen Polka
13h. 54min. atrás Ray Dorschner - Neil's Laendler
14h. 24min. atrás Czech & Then Some - Rocket Pilot Polka
14h. 54min. atrás Dick Rodgers - Kay's Polka
15h. 23min. atrás Goodtime Dutchmen - Without A Thing Polka
15h. 54min. atrás Elmer Scheid - Boots Laendler
16h. 23min. atrás Don Peachey - Wooden Heart Polka
16h. 54min. atrás Ray Dorschner - Blossom Waltz
17h. 23min. atrás Orv Konop - Chicken Polka
17h. 55min. atrás Bernie Roberts - Dakota Waltz
18h. 24min. atrás Leo Lonnie Orchestra - Two White Roses Polka
18h. 54min. atrás Gene Heier - Sparky's Polka
19h. 23min. atrás Russ Zimmerman - Soldiers Polka
19h. 53min. atrás Bernie Roberts - Alone In The World Waltz
20h. 22min. atrás Randy Dorschner - Katarina Polka
20h. 52min. atrás Leroy Vondruska - Hometown Laendler
21h. 22min. atrás John Check - Laughing Trombone Polka
21h. 52min. atrás Jerry Goetsch - When I Sleep Waltz
22h. 22min. atrás Don Peachey - Where Did The Good Times Go Polka
22h. 53min. atrás New Jolly Swiss Boys - Dizzy Chap Polka
23h. 22min. atrás Jerry Schneider - Muehlbauer Polka
23h. 53min. atrás Brian's Mississippi Valley Dutchmen - Laendler 5
1d. 23min. atrás Walt Groller - Sing A Song For Me
1d. 53min. atrás Ivan Kahle - Waltz Time Waltz
1d. 1h. 23min. atrás Whoopee John - You Promised Me Polka
1d. 1h. 53min. atrás Ray Konkol - Deer Waltz
1d. 2h. 19min. atrás Peter & Paul Wendinger - El Rio Drive Polka
1d. 2h. 47min. atrás Six Fat Dutchmen - Solo Polka
1d. 3h. 17min. atrás Ray Dorschner - Meadowlark Waltz
1d. 3h. 53min. atrás Fezz Fritsche - Beautiful Dream Waltz
1d. 4h. 18min. atrás Ray Konkol - Buttons And Bellows Laendler
1d. 4h. 44min. atrás Norm Wilke - Dizzy Chap Polka
1d. 5h. 12min. atrás Walter Ostanek - Yearning
1d. 5h. 12min. atrás Walter Ostanek - Yearning
1d. 5h. 35min. atrás Goodtime Dutchmen - Happy Way Polka
1d. 6h. 27min. atrás Don Schlies - You're All I Ask For Waltz
1d. 6h. 54min. atrás Paulsen's Dutchmen - Red Bird Polka
1d. 7h. 18min. atrás Mark Jirikovec - Let's Have A Party Polka
1d. 7h. 44min. atrás Frankie Yankovic - Trollie's Polka
1d. 8h. 12min. atrás Whoopee John - Mariechen Waltz
1d. 8h. 24min. atrás Gary's Ridgeland Dutchmen - Goosetown Waltz
1d. 8h. 35min. atrás Six Fat Dutchmen - Rustic Waltz
1d. 9h. atrás Tom Siebold - Shamrock Polka
1d. 9h. 17min. atrás Ivan Kahle - Flying Bird Waltz
1d. 9h. 26min. atrás George Staiduhar - Whispering Winds Waltz
1d. 9h. 53min. atrás Karl's Country Dutchmen - Lights Out Waltz
1d. 10h. 18min. atrás Paulsen's Dutchmen - Long John Polka
1d. 10h. 44min. atrás Erwin Suess - Our Katy Polka
1d. 11h. 12min. atrás Elmer Scheid - Morning Star Polka
1d. 11h. 35min. atrás Mark Vyhlidal - Cecilia Polka
1d. 12h. 2min. atrás Al Grebnick - Jirina Waltz
1d. 12h. 28min. atrás Czech & Then Some - Humdinger Polka
1d. 12h. 59min. atrás Deutschmeisters - Champagne Polka
1d. 13h. 33min. atrás Malek's Fishermen - Song Of Bohemia Waltz
1d. 13h. 54min. atrás Ray Dorschner - Dutch Maid Waltz
1d. 14h. 22min. atrás Gary's Ridgeland Dutchmen - Golden Pheasant Polka
1d. 14h. 54min. atrás Jerry Voelker - White Horse Polka
1d. 15h. 23min. atrás Whoopee John - Nanda Polka
1d. 15h. 46min. atrás John Check - Sleeper Polka
1d. 16h. 14min. atrás Ray Dorschner - Dutch Treat Waltz
1d. 16h. 37min. atrás Don Schlies - Friendship Waltz
1d. 17h. 3min. atrás Bernie Roberts - Trust Me Darlin' Waltz
1d. 17h. 32min. atrás Mark Jirikovec - Two Creeks Polka
1d. 17h. 54min. atrás Little Fishermen - Rainbow Valley Polka
1d. 18h. 19min. atrás What'cha Callums - Red Apple Polka
1d. 18h. 43min. atrás Verne Meisner - Corn Palace Polka
1d. 19h. 12min. atrás Ray Dorschner - Jolly Peter Polka
1d. 19h. 34min. atrás Bob Brenny - Till We Meet Again Waltz
1d. 19h. 57min. atrás Ray Konkol - Like A Rose Polka
1d. 20h. 23min. atrás Wally Pikal - Forsaken Love Waltz
1d. 20h. 46min. atrás Ivan Kahle - Hopeless Polka
1d. 21h. 13min. atrás Mark Jirikovec - You're All I Ask For Waltz
1d. 21h. 36min. atrás Six Fat Dutchmen - There Is A Tavern In The Town
1d. 22h. 2min. atrás Ernie Kucera - Hometown Hoolerie Polka
1d. 22h. 2min. atrás Ernie Kucera - Hometown Hoolerie Polka
1d. 22h. 28min. atrás Elroy Berkholtz - Good Night Waltz
1d. 22h. 53min. atrás Jerry Voelker - Yankee Waltz
1d. 23h. 17min. atrás Mark Vyhlidal - False Love Polka
1d. 23h. 42min. atrás The Studio Trio - Schnader Hufler Polka
2d. 4min. atrás Elmer Scheid - Homeless Polka
2d. 32min. atrás Blue Banners - Banjo Polka
2d. 54min. atrás Six Fat Dutchmen - Green Forest Waltz
2d. 1h. 18min. atrás Ray Dorschner - Prune Song Waltz
2d. 1h. 43min. atrás Adam Sandhurst's Jolly Jammers - Grain Belt Polka
2d. 2h. 8min. atrás Jerry Minar - Gary's Polka
2d. 2h. 33min. atrás Romy Gosz - Gay Time Polka
2d. 2h. 55min. atrás Eddie Rodick - Slap Happy Polka
2d. 3h. 19min. atrás Six Fat Dutchmen - Happy Days Are Here Again
2d. 3h. 43min. atrás Ernie Kucera - Don't Kid Me Polka
2d. 4h. 16min. atrás Six Fat Dutchmen - Happy Days Are Here Again
2d. 4h. 39min. atrás Ernie Kucera - Don't Kid Me Polka
2d. 5h. 4min. atrás Whoopee John - Blue Eyes Polka
2d. 5h. 32min. atrás John Check - Tim's Polka
2d. 5h. 54min. atrás Karl's Country Dutchmen - Country Girl Polka
2d. 6h. 16min. atrás Ray Dorschner - Du Du Dummel Bauer Polka
2d. 6h. 42min. atrás Louie Zdrazil - All I Need Is You
2d. 7h. 5min. atrás Earl Schmidt - Jolly Peter Polka
2d. 7h. 32min. atrás Fezz Fritsche - Hatten Wir Lieber Das Geld Ver Grabben
2d. 7h. 54min. atrás Ray Konkol - Dorf Waltz
2d. 8h. 18min. atrás Peter & Paul Wendinger - Papa The Old Accordion Man
2d. 8h. 43min. atrás Eddie Rodick - Slap Happy Polka
2d. 9h. 6min. atrás Li'l Richard - Red Wing Polka
2d. 9h. 33min. atrás Bob Kuether - Who's Going To Love You Polka
2d. 9h. 55min. atrás Six Fat Dutchmen - Accordion Waltz

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