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100hitz - Metal

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Que tocava no rádio:  100hitz - Metal
26min. atrás Morbid Angel - Radikult
56min. atrás Adwtag_60000 - Be Right Back!
1h. 22min. atrás Ministry - Nursing Home
1h. 49min. atrás Pantera - Psycho Holiday
2h. 18min. atrás Adwtag_60000 - Be Right Back!
2h. 46min. atrás Anthrax - The Devil You Know
3h. 17min. atrás 100hitz_dont Touch_v1
3h. 47min. atrás Judas Priest - Hellrider
4h. 17min. atrás The Flood - Lethal Injection
4h. 43min. atrás Hammerfall - Remember Yesterday
5h. 11min. atrás Motionless In White / Motionless In White - Unstoppable
5h. 40min. atrás Chevelle / Chevelle - Hunter Eats Hunter
6h. 10min. atrás Bella Morte - Undone
6h. 39min. atrás Mindless Self Indulgence - Stupid Mf
7h. 8min. atrás Mr31399
7h. 38min. atrás Praying Mantis - Captured City
8h. 6min. atrás Static-x - Terminal
8h. 37min. atrás Motorhead - Deaf Forever
9h. 3min. atrás Ministry - Revenge
9h. 31min. atrás In Flames - Dreamscape
10h. atrás Witchery - The Reaver
10h. 29min. atrás Black Label Society - Whiter Shade Of Pale
10h. 58min. atrás Sabaton - White Death
11h. 27min. atrás Nazareth - Big Dog's Gonna Howl
11h. 57min. atrás Motorhead - Built For Speed
12h. 22min. atrás Fear Of The Unknown - Epidemic
12h. 50min. atrás Ghost - Stand By Him
13h. 20min. atrás Judas Priest - Hellrider
13h. 49min. atrás Raven - This Is My Time
14h. 19min. atrás Black Label Society - Queen Of Sorrow
14h. 48min. atrás In Flames / In Flames - Paralyzed
15h. 19min. atrás Adwtag_60000 - Be Right Back!
15h. 47min. atrás Adwtag_90000 - Be Right Back!
16h. 18min. atrás Judas Priest - You've Got Another Thing Comin'
16h. 47min. atrás Mudvayne - A Key To Nothing
17h. 17min. atrás Shaman's Harvest / Shaman's Harvest - Dangerous
17h. 45min. atrás Spock's Beard - All On A Sunday
18h. 17min. atrás Exciter - Dying To Live
18h. 42min. atrás Hammerfall - Legacy Of Kings
19h. 11min. atrás Accept - Pandemic
19h. 39min. atrás Kultur Shock - Revolutionary Song
20h. 7min. atrás Morbid Angel - I Am Morbid
20h. 38min. atrás Slayer - Bitter Peace
21h. 4min. atrás Iron Maiden - Revelations
21h. 36min. atrás Mr31479
22h. 1min. atrás Shattered Sun / Shattered Sun - Hope Within Hatred
22h. 30min. atrás Adwtag_60000 - Be Right Back!
22h. 58min. atrás Corrosion Of Conformity - In The Arms Of God [explicit]
23h. 26min. atrás Megadeth - Trust 24-bit Digitally Remastered 04
23h. 56min. atrás Soil / Soil - The Hate Song
1d. 21min. atrás Beartooth / Beartooth - In Between
1d. 49min. atrás Slipknot / Slipknot - Negative One
1d. 1h. 19min. atrás New Keepers Of The Water Towers - Crystal Lake
1d. 1h. 46min. atrás Kamelot - Heaven [explicit]
1d. 2h. 17min. atrás Halford - Handing Out Bullets (remixed & Remastered)
1d. 2h. 41min. atrás Sabaton - Metal Machine
1d. 3h. 8min. atrás Ac/dc - Rock Or Bust
1d. 3h. 42min. atrás Tv Ghost - Mass Dream
1d. 4h. 8min. atrás Fear Of The Unknown - Blood Ties
1d. 4h. 37min. atrás Nevermore - Dead Heart In A Dead World
1d. 5h. 3min. atrás Adwtag_60000 - Be Right Back!
1d. 5h. 28min. atrás Wretched - Decimation
1d. 5h. 53min. atrás Unknown Artist - Track 5
1d. 6h. 19min. atrás New Keepers Of The Water Towers - Mankind's Fall
1d. 6h. 44min. atrás Devildriver - Ripped Apart
1d. 7h. 9min. atrás Helloween - Halloween
1d. 7h. 9min. atrás Helloween - Halloween
1d. 7h. 36min. atrás Killswitch Engage - Always
1d. 7h. 59min. atrás New Keepers Of The Water Towers - Abyssal Lord
1d. 8h. 23min. atrás New Keepers Of The Water Towers - Mankind's Fall
1d. 8h. 48min. atrás Adwtag_90000 - Be Right Back!
1d. 9h. 18min. atrás Immortal - Demonium
1d. 9h. 41min. atrás Machine Head - Nausea
1d. 10h. 7min. atrás Sabaton - Wolfpack
1d. 10h. 36min. atrás Sabaton - Aces In Exile
1d. 10h. 59min. atrás 3 Inches Of Blood - Wykydtron
1d. 11h. 23min. atrás Sabaton - Primo Victoria
1d. 11h. 48min. atrás Megadeth - Trust 24-bit Digitally Remastered 04
1d. 12h. 17min. atrás Slipknot - Snuff
1d. 12h. 46min. atrás Lamb Of God - Terror And Hubris In The House Of Frank Pollard
1d. 13h. 18min. atrás Coffin Texts - Disturbing The Priest
1d. 13h. 41min. atrás New Keepers Of The Water Towers - The Sword In The Stone
1d. 14h. 7min. atrás Down - On March The Saints (album Version)
1d. 14h. 32min. atrás Adwtag_60000 - Be Right Back!
1d. 14h. 59min. atrás Hellyeah / Hellyeah - Moth
1d. 15h. 27min. atrás Iron Maiden - The Prisoner
1d. 15h. 51min. atrás Fear Factory - Resurrection
1d. 16h. 19min. atrás Lamb Of God - Chronic Auditory Hallucination
1d. 16h. 43min. atrás 3 Inches Of Blood - Premonition Of Pain
1d. 17h. 10min. atrás In This Moment - Whore
1d. 17h. 38min. atrás Cradle Of Filth - Rise Of The Pentagram
1d. 18h. atrás Adwtag_60000 - Be Right Back!
1d. 18h. 26min. atrás Pantera - Psycho Holiday
1d. 18h. 49min. atrás Primal Fear - Mind Control
1d. 19h. 17min. atrás Mr31516
1d. 19h. 40min. atrás Godsmack / Godsmack - 1000hp
1d. 20h. 4min. atrás Cradle Of Filth - Cemetery And Sundown
1d. 20h. 29min. atrás Cradle Of Filth - Summer Dying Fast [explicit]
1d. 20h. 57min. atrás Down - Pillamyd (album Version)
1d. 21h. 19min. atrás Cradle Of Filth - Lustmord And Wargasm (the Lick Of Carnivorous Winds)
1d. 21h. 41min. atrás In This Moment / In This Moment - Big Bad Wolf
1d. 22h. 4min. atrás Demon Hunter / Demon Hunter - The Last One Alive
1d. 22h. 29min. atrás Islander / Islander - New Wave
1d. 22h. 51min. atrás Slipknot / Slipknot - The Devil In I
1d. 23h. 17min. atrás Adwtag_60000 - Be Right Back!
1d. 23h. 26min. atrás Pantera - It Makes Them Disappear [explicit]
1d. 23h. 38min. atrás Beartooth / Beartooth - Beaten In Lips
1d. 23h. 59min. atrás Nazareth - Rose In The Heather
2d. 20min. atrás Cradle Of Filth - Tortured Sould Asylum
2d. 42min. atrás Down - Nothing In Return (album Version)
2d. 1h. 4min. atrás Hellyeah / Hellyeah - Moth
2d. 1h. 28min. atrás Kultur Shock - She Works In A Coal Mine
2d. 1h. 37min. atrás Him - Disarm Me [with Your Loneliness]
2d. 1h. 49min. atrás Kyng / Kyng - Electric Halo
2d. 2h. 17min. atrás Down - Temptation's Wings [explicit]
2d. 2h. 38min. atrás Boris - Hope
2d. 2h. 59min. atrás Fear Factory - Drones [explicit]
2d. 3h. 21min. atrás Design The Skyline - Witch Of The Woods
2d. 3h. 43min. atrás Mr31525
2d. 4h. 17min. atrás Metallica - Atlas Rise
2d. 4h. 38min. atrás Mr31395
2d. 4h. 59min. atrás Lamb Of God - Blood Of The Scribe
2d. 5h. 12min. atrás Lamb Of God - Laid To Rest [explicit]
2d. 5h. 22min. atrás Voivod - Insect
2d. 5h. 44min. atrás Wolf - Road To Hell
2d. 6h. 8min. atrás Hatebreed - Destroy Everything
2d. 6h. 30min. atrás Motorhead - Iron Horse
2d. 6h. 57min. atrás Mr31564
2d. 7h. 20min. atrás Ministry - Thieves
2d. 7h. 42min. atrás Scorpions - Lorelei

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