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5o. 50min. fa Steven Wilson - Permanating (uk 2017)
3g. 20o. 39min. fa Rory Gallagher - Going To My Hometown (live - Ireland 1972)
3g. 21o. 9min. fa Cracker - Another Song About The Rain (usa 1992)
3g. 21o. 41min. fa Jeff Beck - Morning Dew (uk 1968)
3g. 22o. 10min. fa Rainbow - Stone Cold (uk 1982)
3g. 22o. 38min. fa Samurai Of Prog - Growing Up ( Finland/ Usa 2017 )
3g. 23o. 14min. fa Girls Aloud - I'll Stand By You (uk 2004)
3g. 23o. 45min. fa Ian Hunter - When The Daylight Comes (uk 1979)
4g. 17min. fa Davy Jones And The Lower Third - You've Got A Habit Of Leaving (uk 196...
4g. 41min. fa Code 61 - Drop The Deal (belgium 1988)
4g. 1o. 17min. fa Ariel Pink - Another Weekend (usa 2017)
4g. 1o. 45min. fa Clash (the) - Should I Stay Or Should I Go (uk 1982)
4g. 2o. 17min. fa Band (the) - Acadian Driftwood ( Usa/ Canada 1975 )
4g. 2o. 48min. fa Skyblasters (the) - Fallen Flowers ( Acoustic Live - Belgium 2017 )
4g. 3o. 19min. fa Judas Priest - Lightning Strike (uk 2018)
4g. 3o. 55min. fa Paul Draper - Things People Want (uk 2017)
4g. 4o. 25min. fa Suzanne Vega - 99.9 F (usa 1992)
4g. 4o. 56min. fa Farewell To Fear - Waiting For Sunrise (usa 2017)
4g. 5o. 19min. fa Judas Priest - Lightning Strike (uk 2018)
4g. 5o. 50min. fa Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To.... (extended Version)(uk 1985)
4g. 6o. 19min. fa Big Sky - David Bowie (usa 2003)
4g. 6o. 54min. fa Faith And Fire - Fallen (usa 2006)
4g. 7o. 24min. fa Primal Fear - All For One (germany 2005)
4g. 7o. 55min. fa Epica - Sensorium (holland 2003)
4g. 8o. 26min. fa Excalion - Life On Fire (finland 2007)
4g. 8o. 58min. fa Arkan - Nour (france 2016)
4g. 9o. 30min. fa Phillip Phillips - Miles (usa 2017)
4g. 9o. 59min. fa Phillip Phillips - Miles (usa 2017)
4g. 10o. 30min. fa Phillip Phillips - Miles (usa 2017)
4g. 10o. 58min. fa Phillip Phillips - Miles (usa 2017)
4g. 11o. 36min. fa Emeli SandÉ - Next To Me (scotland 2012)
4g. 12o. 5min. fa William F. Souffreau - Tobacco Road (belgium 2017)
4g. 12o. 37min. fa Wishbone Ash - Runaway (uk 1976)
4g. 13o. 7min. fa Age Of Reflection - Borderline (sweden 2017)
4g. 13o. 38min. fa Bow Wow Wow - Do You Wanna Hold Me (uk 1983)
4g. 14o. 15min. fa Genesis - Abacab (uk 1981)
4g. 14o. 45min. fa Blue Mountain Eagle - Sweet Mama (usa 1970)
4g. 15o. 17min. fa Jam - Down In The Tube Station At Midnight (uk 1978)
4g. 15o. 45min. fa Jessica Wolff - Reckless (finland 2017)
4g. 16o. 17min. fa Vita Bergen - Under The Sun (sweden 2017)
4g. 16o. 46min. fa Jake Bugg - Love Hope & Misery (uk 2016)
4g. 17o. 17min. fa Spandau Ballet - To Cut A Long Story Short (uk 1980)
4g. 17o. 46min. fa Big & Rich - Wake Up Wanting You (usa 2017)
4g. 18o. 17min. fa Marillion - Lucky Man (uk 2012)
4g. 18o. 50min. fa Aldo Nova - Fantasy (edit) (canada 1982)
4g. 19o. 21min. fa Judas Priest - Lightning Strike (uk 2018)
4g. 19o. 54min. fa Magnum - Days Of No Trust (uk 1988)
4g. 20o. 24min. fa Procol Harum - Grand Hotel (uk 1973)
4g. 20o. 57min. fa Walk The Moon - One Foot (usa 2017)
4g. 21o. 36min. fa Manoeuvres - Home (belgium 2017)
4g. 22o. 4min. fa Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - It's A Beautiful World (uk 2017)
4g. 22o. 35min. fa Steve Winwood - Night Train (uk 1980)
4g. 23o. 4min. fa Lords Of Altamont(the) - I Said Hey (usa 2017)
4g. 23o. 36min. fa Morrissey - Spent The Day In Bed (uk 2017)
5g. 2min. fa Squeeze - Innocence In Paradise (uk 2017)
5g. 34min. fa Chris Rea - Happy On The Road (uk 2017)
5g. 1o. 2min. fa 38 Special - Like No Other Night (usa 1986)
5g. 1o. 35min. fa End Of The Dream - Until You Break (holland 2017)
5g. 2o. 7min. fa Strawbs (the) - The Ferryman's Curse (uk 2017)
5g. 2o. 38min. fa Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand (uk 1963)
5g. 3o. 17min. fa Jefferson Starship - Jane (usa 1979)
5g. 3o. 46min. fa Enter Shikari - The Sights (uk 2017)
5g. 4o. 22min. fa Buoys - Give Up Your Guns (usa 1971)
5g. 4o. 55min. fa Lucinda Williams - Are You Down (usa 2001)
5g. 5o. 22min. fa Walk The Moon - Headphones (usa 2017)
5g. 5o. 56min. fa Go- Betweens (the) - Streets Of Your Town (australia 1988)
5g. 6o. 25min. fa Gamma Ray - Last Before The Storm (germany 1993)
5g. 6o. 25min. fa Gamma Ray - Last Before The Storm (germany 1993)
5g. 6o. 58min. fa Virgin Steele - Black Sun - Black Mass (usa 2015)
5g. 7o. 34min. fa Queensryche - Speed Of Light (usa 2006)
5g. 8o. 3min. fa Enter Shikari - Arguing With Thermometers (uk 2012)
5g. 8o. 37min. fa Breaking Benjamin - Failure (usa 2015)
5g. 9o. 10min. fa Airbourne - It's All For Rock N' Roll (australia 2016)
5g. 9o. 41min. fa Boss Hog - Shh Shh Shh (usa 2017)
5g. 10o. 16min. fa Boss Hog - Shh Shh Shh (usa 2017)
5g. 10o. 46min. fa Boss Hog - Shh Shh Shh (usa 2017)
5g. 11o. 21min. fa Boss Hog - Shh Shh Shh (usa 2017)
5g. 11o. 56min. fa Fountains Of Wayne - Red Dragon Tattoo (usa 1999)
5g. 12o. 34min. fa Band Of Heathens - All I'm Asking (usa 2017)
5g. 13o. 4min. fa Quinn Sullivan - Buffalo Nickel (usa 2017)
5g. 13o. 37min. fa Claw Boys Claw - Carpet (holland 2013)
5g. 14o. 14min. fa Robert Plant - Carry Fire (uk 2017)
5g. 14o. 46min. fa Thin Lizzy - Renegade (ireland 1981)
5g. 15o. 21min. fa Within Temptation - World Of Make Believe (holland 2000)
5g. 15o. 57min. fa Lady Beast - Every Giant Shall Fall (usa 2017)
5g. 16o. 26min. fa Black Country Communion - When The Morning Comes ( Uk/ Usa 2017 )
5g. 16o. 58min. fa Ac Dc - Thunderstruck (australia 1990)
5g. 17o. 37min. fa Bring Me The Horizon - Follow You (uk 2015)
5g. 18o. 6min. fa Ewigkeit - Neon Ghoul Ride (uk 2017)
5g. 18o. 41min. fa Courteeners - De La Salle (uk 2016)
5g. 19o. 18min. fa Richard Thompson - Bad Monkey (uk 2007)
5g. 19o. 50min. fa Stone Temple Pilots - Plush (usa 1992)
5g. 20o. 22min. fa K M F D M - Shock (germany 2017)
5g. 20o. 58min. fa Doors - Strange Days (usa 1967)
5g. 21o. 36min. fa Alice Cooper - Halo Of Flies (usa 1971)
5g. 22o. 5min. fa Molly Hatchet - Flirtin' With Disaster (usa 1979)
5g. 22o. 37min. fa John Miles - Music (uk 1976)
5g. 23o. 10min. fa Talking Heads - Burning Down The House (usa 1983)
5g. 23o. 49min. fa Lissie - Hero (usa 2015)
6g. 21min. fa Judas Priest - Lightning Strike (uk 2018)
6g. 1o. 1min. fa Glorious Sons (the) - Sawed Off Shotgun (canada 2017)
6g. 1o. 38min. fa Slayer - Gemini (usa 1996)
6g. 1o. 38min. fa Slayer - Gemini (usa 1996)
6g. 2o. 10min. fa Brandos (the) - Woodstock Guitar (usa 2017)
6g. 2o. 44min. fa Mi- Sex - Computer Games ( New Zealand 1979 )
6g. 3o. 18min. fa Meat Loaf - You Took The Words Right Out .... (usa 1977)
6g. 3o. 54min. fa Cosmic Rough Riders - Because You (scotland 2003)
6g. 4o. 25min. fa Alan Parsons Project - Lucifer (uk 1979)
6g. 4o. 58min. fa Marshall Crenshaw - Someday Someway (usa 1982)
6g. 5o. 34min. fa Middle Of The Road - Samson & Delilah (scotland 1972)
6g. 6o. 6min. fa David Byrne - Girls On My Mind (usa 1992)
6g. 6o. 37min. fa Cold - Stupid Girl (usa 2003)
6g. 7o. 10min. fa Twice As Much - Sittin' On A Fence (uk 1966)
6g. 7o. 42min. fa Silencers (the) - Painted Moon (scotland 1987)
6g. 8o. 17min. fa Kim Wilde - Kids In America (uk 1981)
6g. 8o. 50min. fa John Norum - Back On The Streets (sweden 1987)
6g. 9o. 28min. fa Northern Light With Dj Gun - Electro Gothic Wave And Alternative Rock
6g. 10o. 2min. fa Northern Light With Dj Gun - Electro Gothic Wave And Alternative Rock
6g. 10o. 37min. fa Fleetwood Mac - Tusk (uk/usa 1979)
6g. 11o. 9min. fa Fleetwood Mac - Tusk (uk/usa 1979)
6g. 11o. 42min. fa Jezabels (the) - The Others (australia 2017)
6g. 12o. 18min. fa Eurythmics - Thorn In My Side (uk 1986)
6g. 12o. 54min. fa Tragically Hip - Little Bones (canada 1991)
6g. 13o. 30min. fa Joan Armatrading - ( I Love It When You ) Call Me Names (uk 1983)
6g. 14o. 4min. fa Hollywood Undead (the) - California Dreaming (usa 2017)
6g. 14o. 37min. fa Courtneys (the) - Tour (canada 2017)
6g. 15o. 9min. fa Circus Of Power - Rock Show (usa 2017)
6g. 15o. 42min. fa Phil Ochs - Chord Of Fame (usa 1970)
6g. 16o. 16min. fa Stone Roses (the) - Fool's Gold (uk 1989)
6g. 16o. 50min. fa Soundgarden - Jesus Christ Pose (usa 1991)

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Neil Diamond announces retirement and Parkinson's diagnosis
The music icon will be honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammys on Sunday.
Kid Rock donates proceeds from political merchandise
The rocker announced he wasn't running in October.
Kid Rock beats circus lawsuit over tour name
The star changed the tour name earlier this month.
Irish leader pays final tribute to Dolores O'Riordan
Hundreds of fans attend the singer's removal service as her remains are prepared for Tuesday funeral.
Eminem and Ramz set for nail-biting race for the UK number 1 single
This week’s Official Chart Update is one of the most dramatic in recent memory, with just 60 combined chart sales between the Top 2 contenders

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