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12min. fa Northern Light With Dj Gun - Electro Gothic Wave And Alternative Rock
31min. fa Northern Light With Dj Gun - Electro Gothic Wave And Alternative Rock
50min. fa Cars (the) - Bye Bye Love (usa 1978)
1o. 7min. fa Nils Lofgren - Secrets In The Street (usa 1985)
1o. 26min. fa Dishwalla - Charlie Brown's Parents (usa 1995)
1o. 45min. fa Frank And Walters - We Are The Young Men (ireland 2016)
2o. 4min. fa Fish On Friday - Beautiful (belgium 2017)
2o. 23min. fa Barenaked Ladies - One Week (canada 1998)
2o. 42min. fa Baby's (the) - Give Me Your Love (usa 1977)
3o. 1min. fa Baby's (the) - Give Me Your Love (usa 1977)
3o. 20min. fa Baby's (the) - Give Me Your Love (usa 1977)
3o. 38min. fa Marty Friedman - Viper (with Steve Vai) (usa 2006)
3o. 57min. fa Toy - Cinema (uk 2016)
4o. 16min. fa Queens Of The Stone Age - The Way You Used To Do (usa 2017)
4o. 35min. fa Big Something - Passenger (usa 2017)
4o. 54min. fa Electric Light Orchestra - Summer And Lightning (uk 1977)
5o. 13min. fa Manfred Mann - Fox On The Run (uk 1968)
5o. 32min. fa Steve Hackett - Every Day (uk 1979)
5o. 51min. fa Anthony D' Amato - Cold Snap (usa 2016)
6o. 10min. fa Elder - Staving Off Truth (usa 2017)
6o. 28min. fa Bryan Adams - Heaven (canada 1984)
6o. 47min. fa Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever (uk 1967)
7o. 5min. fa Fixkes - Mischien Is 't De Regen (belgium 2014)
7o. 24min. fa Cracker - Teen Angst (usa 1992)
7o. 43min. fa Atlanta Rhythm Section - Sky High (usa 1979)
8o. 2min. fa Stevenson Ranch Davidians - Wack Magic (usa 2017)
8o. 28min. fa Spooky Tooth - Nobody There At All (uk 1970)
8o. 46min. fa John Foxx - System Of Romance (uk 1981)
9o. 5min. fa Green Jelly - Electric Harley House (of Love) (usa 1993)
9o. 24min. fa Exile - Kiss You All Over (usa 1978)
9o. 43min. fa Creedence Clearwater Revival - Up Around The Bend (usa 1970)
10o. 2min. fa Jam - The Eton Rifles (uk 1979)
10o. 21min. fa Patti Smith - Because The Night (usa 1978)
10o. 40min. fa Gary Moore - Empty Rooms (edit - Northern Ireland 1983)
10o. 59min. fa Grip Weeds (the) - Close To The Sun (usa 2010)
11o. 21min. fa Rancid - Bovver Rock And Roll (usa 2017)
11o. 40min. fa Allah- Las - Could Be You (usa 2016)
11o. 59min. fa Killing Joke - Invocation (uk 2006)
12o. 18min. fa Status Quo - Accident Prone (uk 1978)
12o. 37min. fa Golden Earring - She Flies On Strange Wings (holland 1971)
12o. 56min. fa Warhaus - The Good Lie ( Radio Edit - Belgium 2016 )
13o. 15min. fa End Of The Dream - Until You Break (holland 2017)
13o. 34min. fa Don Dixon - Southside Girl (usa 1986)
13o. 54min. fa Noordkaap - Panamarenko (belgium 1994)
14o. 13min. fa Dangers Of The Sea - You And I (denmark 2017)
14o. 32min. fa Waterboys - My Dark Side (live 2003 - Scotland 2005)
14o. 51min. fa Tourists - So Good To Be Back Again (uk 1979)
15o. 9min. fa Eleventh Dream Day - End With Me (usa 2015)
15o. 28min. fa Garland Jeffreys - 14 Steps To Harlem (usa 2017)
15o. 47min. fa Styx - Mr Roboto (usa 1983)
16o. 6min. fa Charlatans - Hey Sunrise (uk 2017)
16o. 25min. fa Pink Floyd - Have A Cigar (uk 1975)
16o. 43min. fa Bob Dylan - Changing Of The Guards (usa 1978)
17o. 2min. fa Whitney - You've Got A Woman (usa 2017)
17o. 21min. fa Inventions - One And The Same (holland 2017)
17o. 39min. fa Denis Leary - Asshole (usa 1993)
17o. 58min. fa Specials (the) - Too Much Too Young (uk 1980)
18o. 17min. fa Pearl Handled Revolver - Help Me Down From The Trees (uk 2016)
18o. 36min. fa Agreement (the) - A New Day (belgium 2006)
18o. 55min. fa Mint - Everything Is Wrong (belgium 2006)
19o. 13min. fa Chris De Burgh - The Getaway (ireland 1982)
19o. 32min. fa Moody Blues - Question (uk 1970)
19o. 51min. fa Cigarettes After Sex - Apocalypse (usa 2017)
20o. 10min. fa Infectious Grooves - Therapy (usa 1991)
20o. 27min. fa Led Zeppelin - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (uk 1969)
20o. 46min. fa Trash Can Sinatras - Ain't That Something (scotland 2016)
21o. 5min. fa Me And That Man - Shaman Blues ( Poland 2017 )
21o. 24min. fa Dropkick Murphys - The Wild Rover (usa 2001)
21o. 43min. fa Willy Willy & The Voodoo Band - White Trash Rock 'n' Roll (belgium 200...
22o. 1min. fa Big Country - Look Away (scotland 1986)
22o. 21min. fa Life - Popular Music (uk 2017)
22o. 40min. fa Byrds (the) - So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star (usa 1967)
22o. 59min. fa Bad Religion - Sorrow (usa 2001)
23o. 18min. fa David Baerwald - Aids And Armageddon (usa 1992)
23o. 37min. fa Ugly Papas - Drunken Indians (belgium 2017)
23o. 56min. fa Shakespear's Sister - I Don't Care (uk 1992)
1g. 14min. fa Dodgy - In A Room (uk 1996)
1g. 40min. fa Supertramp - Give A Little Bit (uk 1977)
1g. 59min. fa Afternoons (the) - Rocket Summer (wales 2005)
1g. 1o. 18min. fa Genesis - Turn It On Again (uk 1980)
1g. 1o. 37min. fa Ugly Papas - Drunken Indians (belgium 2017)
1g. 1o. 56min. fa Dave Mason - Only You Know And I Know (uk 1970)
1g. 2o. 16min. fa Night Ranger - Somehow Someway (usa 2017)
1g. 2o. 35min. fa Elton John - Crocodile Rock (uk 1972)
1g. 2o. 54min. fa Stranglers - Big Thing Coming (uk 2004)
1g. 3o. 13min. fa Mallory Knox - California (uk 2017)
1g. 3o. 44min. fa Narcotic Daffodils (the) - Summer Love (belgium 2017)
1g. 4o. 3min. fa Japan - Nightporter (uk 1982)
1g. 4o. 22min. fa Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime (usa 1980)
1g. 4o. 41min. fa Hooters (the) - Satellite (usa 1987)
1g. 5o. fa Killer - Stone Cold (belgium 2005)
1g. 5o. 19min. fa Kim Seviour - Morning Of The Soul (uk 2017)
1g. 5o. 38min. fa Ugly Papas - Drunken Indians (belgium 2017)
1g. 5o. 57min. fa Emerson Lake And Palmer - Lucky Man (uk 1970)
1g. 6o. 16min. fa Mastodon - Sultan's Curse (usa 2017)
1g. 6o. 35min. fa Bellamy Brothers - Let Your Love Flow (usa 1976)
1g. 6o. 54min. fa Diesel - Sausalito Summernight (holland 1980)
1g. 7o. 13min. fa Black Sites - In The Woods (usa 2017)
1g. 7o. 32min. fa Steve Forbert - Romeo's Tune (usa 1979)
1g. 7o. 51min. fa Dirk Blanchart - Sister Kate (belgium 1992)
1g. 8o. 10min. fa Fish On Friday - Unreal (belgium 2017)
1g. 8o. 28min. fa Quiet Riot - Freak Flag (usa 2017)
1g. 8o. 47min. fa Both (the) - Milwaukee (usa 2014)
1g. 9o. 5min. fa Absynthe Minded - Plane Song (belgium 2007)
1g. 9o. 25min. fa Catatonia - Bleed (wales 1995)
1g. 9o. 44min. fa Scabs (the) - All You Ever Do (belgium 1993)
1g. 10o. 3min. fa Sisters Of Mercy - This Corrosion (uk 1987)
1g. 10o. 22min. fa Clowns - Pickle (australia 2017)
1g. 10o. 41min. fa Eric Clapton - I Shot The Sheriff (uk 1974)
1g. 11o. fa Deus - The Soft Fall (belgium 2012)
1g. 11o. 19min. fa Paul Kelly - Rock Out On The Sea (australia 2017)
1g. 11o. 38min. fa Santana - Samba Pa Ti (usa 1970)
1g. 11o. 57min. fa Rod Stewart - The First Cut Is The Deepest (uk 1976)
1g. 12o. 15min. fa Danko Jones - My Little Rnr (canada 2017)
1g. 12o. 37min. fa Baby's (the) - Piece Of The Action (usa 1977)
1g. 12o. 56min. fa Gentle Knife - Smother (norway 2017)
1g. 13o. 15min. fa Fleddy Melculy - Party By Jou Huis (belgium 2017)
1g. 13o. 34min. fa Ugly Papas - Drunken Indians (belgium 2017)
1g. 13o. 53min. fa Supertramp - Even In The Quietest Moments (uk 1977)
1g. 14o. 12min. fa Bush - Mouth (uk 1996)
1g. 14o. 41min. fa Tom Waits - Martha (usa 1973)
1g. 15o. fa Placebo - Pure Morning (uk 1998)
1g. 15o. 19min. fa Greta Van Fleet - Highway Tune (usa 2017)
1g. 15o. 39min. fa Beatles - From Me To You (uk 1963)
1g. 15o. 44min. fa Supertramp - It's Raining Again (uk 1982)
1g. 15o. 57min. fa Schmutz - Turn The Pages (belgium 1983)
1g. 16o. 16min. fa Genesis - No Reply At All (uk 1981)
1g. 16o. 35min. fa Vanity Fare - Early In The Morning (uk 1969)
1g. 16o. 54min. fa Clash (the) - The Magnificent Seven (uk 1980)
1g. 17o. 13min. fa Johnny Lang - Lie To Me (usa 1997)

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