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Radio Italo4you - tutaj posluchasz muzyki Italo disco oraz muzyki pop lat 80
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2min. fa Variety - Without You (extended Version)
8min. fa = Power Play = Ryan Paris & Mauro - Buonasera Dolce Vita (extended Mix...
18min. fa New Romantique - Shy Like An Angel (12'' Versio
22min. fa Angel - Lover (angel's Midnight Special)
25min. fa Savage - I M Loosing You (extended Version)
34min. fa Italove Feat Fred Ventura - Never Surrender
37min. fa Tiziana Rivale - Ash (vocal Version)
44min. fa Patty Ryan - Stay With Me Tonight
45min. fa Mauro - Lady Africa (dancefloor Mix)
50min. fa Radio Italo4you - Muzyka Bez Zatrzymania
52min. fa John Christian - Ebony Eyes (maxi-version)
57min. fa Banda Aca - Barbarella
1o. 2min. fa Chito - One More Chance (extended Version)
1o. 11min. fa Amadeus Liszt - Win The Race
1o. 19min. fa Bad Boys Blue - Johnny (maxi Version)
1o. 24min. fa Valerie Dore - Get Gloser (dj Yann Remix)
1o. 29min. fa Max Him - Japanese Girl (remix)
1o. 34min. fa Tony - Our Story (extended Version)
1o. 41min. fa C. C. Catch - House Of Mystic Light (long Ve
1o. 45min. fa The Twins - Face To Face Heart To Heart
1o. 49min. fa Radiorama - So I Know (swedish Remix)
1o. 58min. fa Spagna - Call Me (move On Up Mix)
2o. 3min. fa = Promo = Alan Cook For Radio Italo4you
2o. 5min. fa Radio Italo4you - Muzyka Bez Zatrzymania
2o. 6min. fa Elen Cora - Astronomers In China (maxi Version)
2o. 13min. fa = Power Play = Ryan Paris & Mauro - Buonasera Dolce Vita (extended Mix...
2o. 21min. fa Helen - I Love You (12 Version)
2o. 28min. fa Blue System - History (historical Dance Mix)
2o. 32min. fa Daydream - In The Night
2o. 37min. fa Creative Connection - Scratch My Name (bobby Mix)
2o. 45min. fa Vanello & Steven Kimber - The King Of The Summer (zyx 2016 Mix)
2o. 49min. fa Bad Boys Blue - How I Need You (club Mix)
2o. 57min. fa = Promo = Joy -radio Italo4you -touch-by-touch-fy-mix
3o. fa Johnny Hates Jazz - Shattered Dreams (12 Extended Mix)
3o. 5min. fa Roger Meno - Don't Go Away (extended Dance Version)
3o. 12min. fa Alba - Only Music Survives
3o. 19min. fa Emy Care - Fly In The Sky (dance Mix)
3o. 27min. fa = Jingiel = - Radio Italo4you ( 1 )
3o. 29min. fa Uppercut - Black Jack (extended Remix)
3o. 32min. fa Aldo Lesina - Goodbye (extended Power Mix)
3o. 39min. fa = Promo = D.white For Radio Italo4you
3o. 42min. fa Grant Miller - Red For Love
3o. 46min. fa Diamond Rain - Leave It For Tonight
3o. 52min. fa Fancy - When Guardian Angels Cry (maxi Version)
3o. 57min. fa Modern Talking - Cheri Cheri Lady (late Version)
4o. 1min. fa Tom Hooker - Nobody Loves Me (i Venti Remix)
4o. 7min. fa Grant Miller - Tracks In Snow
4o. 12min. fa Etoile Vipe - Better Than You (mirko Hirsch Remix)
4o. 19min. fa = Power Play = Ryan Paris & Mauro - Buonasera Dolce Vita (extended Mix...
4o. 27min. fa Radiorama - Heartbreaker (extended Mix)
4o. 34min. fa Bad Boys Blue - Come Back And Stay (dance Mix)
4o. 39min. fa Luisa - Parole
4o. 48min. fa Digital Emotion - Full Control
4o. 53min. fa Digital Ram - Do It (extended Version)
5o. 4min. fa Bad Boys Blue - I Totally Miss You (u.s.remix)
5o. 8min. fa Baccara - You Are My Angel
5o. 11min. fa = Jingiel = - Radio Italo4you ( 1 )
5o. 12min. fa Laserdance - Space Opera
5o. 17min. fa Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy (12 Vocal Version)
5o. 24min. fa Bad Boys Blue - I Totally Miss You [12 Mix]
5o. 29min. fa = Promo = Pawel Kucharski Dla Radia Italo4you
5o. 32min. fa Humphrey Robertson - Back To Stay
5o. 37min. fa Italove - L'amour
5o. 41min. fa Sandra - Moscow Nights
5o. 44min. fa Shy Rose Feat. Toney D & The L - You Are My Desire (extended Mi
5o. 51min. fa Colors - Lonely Nights [1985]
5o. 57min. fa Cc Catch - Are You 100 Yeras Old (sova Mix)
6o. 9min. fa Novecento - The Only One
6o. 11min. fa Ryan Paris - Together Again (extended Version)
6o. 18min. fa = Power Play = Ryan Paris & Mauro - Buonasera Dolce Vita (extended Mix...
6o. 26min. fa Helicon - You See (12 Vocal Version)
6o. 34min. fa Modern Talking - Just We Two (mona Lisa) - Radio
6o. 36min. fa Closed - Living In Your Eyes (1987)
6o. 44min. fa Stargo - Live Is Life
6o. 48min. fa The Sweeps - The Last Dream (flashback Remix)
6o. 55min. fa Radio Italo4you - Muzyka Bez Zatrzymania
6o. 58min. fa Arabesque - Midnight Dancer
7o. fa Cyber People - Void Vision (7'' Version)
7o. 3min. fa Company B - Fascinated
7o. 11min. fa P4f - Diamonds (remix)
7o. 16min. fa Stylove & Frank Lozano - Story Of My Life
7o. 21min. fa Johnny Hates Jazz - Shattered Dreams (12 Extended Mix)
7o. 28min. fa Coo Coo - All You Need Is Love (extended
7o. 35min. fa Ago - Computer In My Mind (extra Remix)
7o. 41min. fa Rose - Magic Carillon
7o. 48min. fa Etoile Vipe - Better Than You (mirko Hirsch Remix)
7o. 52min. fa = Jingiel = - Radio Italo4you ( 6 )
7o. 55min. fa Sweet Connection - Dirty Job (maxi-version)
8o. 2min. fa Silent Circle - What A Shame (masterbeat Mix)
8o. 8min. fa C. C. Catch - Hollywood Nights (euromix )
8o. 10min. fa Samantha Fox - Touch Me
8o. 15min. fa Lian Ross Ft. Mode One - Game Of Love (extended Mix)
8o. 20min. fa = Power Play = Ryan Paris & Mauro - Buonasera Dolce Vita (extended Mix...
8o. 26min. fa Lian Ross - Game Of Love
8o. 32min. fa Bad Boys Blue - Pretty Young Girl [club Mix]
8o. 37min. fa Talkin' Fog - Wait Baby Wait
8o. 42min. fa Mr. Zivago - Little Russian (vocal 12'' Ver
8o. 49min. fa Kristian Conde - It's A Dream (michael Nolen Maxi Mix)
8o. 57min. fa Michael Bedford - More Than A Kiss (pecking Duck Mix)
9o. 3min. fa Bad Boys Blue - Lady In Black
9o. 6min. fa = Promo = Milou For Radio Italo4you
9o. 7min. fa Mauro - Lady Africa (safari Mix)
9o. 13min. fa Propaganda - P-machinery
9o. 23min. fa Modern Talking - You're My Heart, You're My Soul (special Disco Mix)
9o. 27min. fa Steve Burbon Project Feat. Mirko Hirsch - The Vibe (extended Version)
9o. 33min. fa = Jingiel = - Radio Italo4you ( 2 )
9o. 35min. fa Hipnosis - Pulstar
9o. 40min. fa Baby's Gang - Happy Song (remix)
9o. 44min. fa Raf Coney - She's Mine (12 Vocal)
9o. 51min. fa Tom Hooker - Nobody Loves Me (i Venti Remix)
9o. 58min. fa Dj's Project - How Are You (extended Version)
10o. 6min. fa Gentle Touch - The Fire Of Love (extended Dance Mix)
10o. 11min. fa = Promo = Angie Gold Dla Radia Italo4you
10o. 13min. fa Spagna - I Wanna Be Your Wife (u.k. Remix)
10o. 22min. fa = Power Play = Ryan Paris & Mauro - Buonasera Dolce Vita (extended Mix...
10o. 30min. fa Mode One - Ocean Of Love
10o. 35min. fa = Jingiel = - Radio Italo4you ( 2 )
10o. 38min. fa Italove - Follow Me To Mexico (dj Fifa Ri-mix)
10o. 43min. fa Dj's Project - Vision Of Love (extended Versi
10o. 48min. fa Brian Ice - Talking To The Night (7'' Version)
10o. 53min. fa Spagna - Call Me (move On Up Mix)
11o. 1min. fa New Baccara - Touch Me (7'' Version)
11o. 3min. fa D. White Feat. Soulya Id - Is Not The Rain (zyx Extended Version)
11o. 9min. fa = Jingiel = - Radio Italo4you ( 6 )
11o. 11min. fa Paul Rein - Show Me Tonight (1986)
11o. 14min. fa = Promo = Tq For Radio Italo4you
11o. 15min. fa Hazell Dean - Searchin' (i Gotta Find A Man)
11o. 20min. fa Shanghai - Radio Girl (12'' Version)
11o. 27min. fa Rex Abe - I Can Feel It
11o. 34min. fa Radio Italo4you - Muzyka Bez Zatrzymania
  Quest: dj larry    Burlington  
moc dobry zdravim z canadi dj larry
0    0 Risposta   7:01 <> 7. 10. 2012  
  Quest: vovan    Lenina  
0    0 Risposta   22:56 <> 18. 3. 2013  
  Quest: gabci    London  
i wanna hear Birizdo i am - Maybe baby !
1    0 Risposta   8:22 <> 25. 12. 2013  
  Quest: mauro    Osnabruck  
tanti saluti mauro ciao ciao buona sera signorina ciao ciao
0    0 Risposta   4:14 <> 8. 3. 2014  
  Quest: Sabrina    Eskilstuna  
International- touch me (in the heat of the night) brought me here :)
0    0 Risposta   2:02 <> 4. 6. 2015  
  Quest: Sharon  
Best italo music!! Troll - Jimmy Dean, Jenkki - Goodbye (Savage Cover), Corona - Baby Baby, R.i.o. - Shine On. Awesome!
0    0 Risposta   14:23 <> 22. 7. 2015  
  Quest: AlicataMusic    Krefeld  
Giuseppe Alicata - You and Me .Great Song
1    0 Risposta   15:30 <> 6. 4. 2016  
  Quest: Evgeniy    L'viv  
Otlichnoe Radio!!!!
0    0 Risposta   3:55 <> 9. 2. 2017  

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