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1min. fa Dd - From Monterey To Madrid - (waves)
2min. fa Randy Scott - Breathe - Breathe
6min. fa Peet Project - Champagne Of My Life - The Bad Boys Of Budapest
11min. fa North "2unes" Woodall - Every Little Step - Between The Lobe...
14min. fa Kenney Polson - Toe Jam (radio Edit) - Paradise Vol. 1
19min. fa Joey Sommerville - Ride To This - Ride To This
22min. fa Michael Tomlinson - Blue Eyes - Run This Way Forever
29min. fa Gerald Albright - Frankie B. - G
31min. fa Dave Sereny - Caribbean Cruise - Caribbean Cruise
34min. fa Jarez - All Of Me - Blow Your Mind
41min. fa Amaryllis Santiago - Sausalito Nights - Sausalito Nights
42min. fa Kim Waters - Reaching Out (radio Edit) - Love Stories
46min. fa Philippe Saisse Trio - On The Level (radio Edit) - On The Level
51min. fa James Greene - Chillin' On The Bay - That Cali Swag
54min. fa Michael Townsend - Warm Feelings - Warm Feelings
59min. fa Mariea Antoinette - Give Me Your Love - Straight From The Harp
1o. 4min. fa Boney James - Honestly (feat. Avery*sunshine) - Honestly
1o. 11min. fa Brian Culbertson - Spend A Little Time - Funk!
1o. 14min. fa Darren Rahn - 101 One (radio Edit) - Sonic Boom
1o. 18min. fa Christie Grace - He Lays Me Down - Golden Thread
1o. 21min. fa Christie Grace - Liner 1 - Golden Thread
1o. 23min. fa Jeff Kashiwa - Show Me Love - Simple Truth
1o. 26min. fa Michael Garvin - Vibe Taxi - Vibe Taxi
1o. 31min. fa Marcus Anderson - Will Power - Limited Edition
1o. 34min. fa Steve Oliver - Last Night - Pictures & Frames
1o. 38min. fa Jazmin Ghent - Hello Feat Paul Brown (radio Edit) - Chocolate Sunshine
1o. 44min. fa Paul Brown - One Way Back - One Way Back
1o. 46min. fa Al Degregoris - After A Rain (featuring Nils) - All In Good Time
1o. 49min. fa Adrian Crutchfield - Now I See - Leap
1o. 53min. fa Jf - Ogni Canzone C - Jinglesfactory Radio Imaging
1o. 55min. fa Andre Cavor - Roadtrip - Road Trip
1o. 56min. fa Andre Cavor - Roadtrip - Road Trip
1o. 59min. fa Nils - Shake It (radio Edit 2) - What The Funk?
2o. 3min. fa Skii Harvey - Carriage 29 - Don't Look Back
2o. 9min. fa Rick Braun - We Don't Talk Anymore - Around The Horn
2o. 11min. fa Jesse Cook - Double Dutch - Beyond Borders
2o. 18min. fa Funkee Boy - Bonafide - Soul Purpose
2o. 19min. fa Skii Harvey - New Release - Standing For A Fall
2o. 23min. fa Carol Duboc - Wavelength - Colored Glasses
2o. 26min. fa Paul Tuvman - Just When I Think I'm Over Her - Riding The Jetstre...
2o. 29min. fa Ben Tankard - Cantankerous Feat Paul Taylor - Full Tank 3: Cantankerou...
2o. 33min. fa Jf - Italia - Ogni Canzone B - Jinglesfactory Radio Imaging
2o. 35min. fa Donald Phillips Project - Latinology - Dino's Song
2o. 38min. fa Sylvia Bennett - Two Hearts One Soul - For You
2o. 41min. fa Chris Standring - Sneakin' Out The Front Door (radio Edit) - Don&...
2o. 45min. fa Jeff Kashiwa - Do It Again - Fly Away
2o. 50min. fa Husky Shows Incognito 2017 - The Hangar - Sacramento, Ca
2o. 53min. fa Brian Culbertson - Been Around The World (radio Edit) - Funk!
2o. 56min. fa Kathy Kosins - Uncovered Soul (radio Edit) - Uncovered Soul
3o. 1min. fa Althea Rene - Gypsy Soul - Gypsy Soul
3o. 6min. fa Urban Jazz Coalition - Better Days Comin' - Xxii
3o. 8min. fa Buff Dillard - Queen City Vibe - Mr. Bonejazz
3o. 15min. fa Paul Tuvman - New Release - Riding The Jetstream
3o. 18min. fa Jonathan Butler - You Got To Believe In Something - So Strong
3o. 23min. fa Mitchell Coleman Jr. - Euphoria (radio Edit) - Gravity
3o. 26min. fa Carol Albert - One Way - Fly Away Butterfly
3o. 30min. fa Jaee Logan - Treasure - Sun Rider
3o. 36min. fa Dan Beck Band - Time & Spacing - All The Fish Are Hoppin'
3o. 40min. fa Les Sabler - Crescent Shores (radio Edit) - Crescent Shores
3o. 43min. fa Smooth Two - Adore - Sunset Fantasy
3o. 48min. fa Jarez - New Release - Blow Your Mind
3o. 50min. fa Jesse Cook - New Release - Beyond Borders
3o. 51min. fa Paul Hardcastle - Cut Loose - Echoes Rising
3o. 53min. fa Paul Hardcastle - Cut Loose - Echoes Rising
3o. 55min. fa Bona Fide - Midnight Train - Soul Lounge
3o. 58min. fa Maysa - Am I Dreaming - Love Is A Battlefield
4o. 3min. fa Damien Escobar - Phoenix - Boundless
4o. 7min. fa Blake Aaron - Vivid (radio Edit) - Color And Passion
4o. 12min. fa Michael Mcdonald - Hail Mary - Wide Open
4o. 18min. fa Brian Bromberg - Shag Carpet (radio Edit) - Downright Upright
4o. 22min. fa Patrick Bradley - Dear Friend - Intangible
4o. 27min. fa Peet Project - Rosy Cheeks Feat Dave Koz - The Bad Boys Of Budapest
4o. 28min. fa Peet Project - Rosy Cheeks Feat Dave Koz - The Bad Boys Of Budapest
4o. 30min. fa Boz Scaggs - Miss Sun - Greatest Hits Live - Disc 2
4o. 37min. fa Jeff Lorber Fusion - The Badness (radio Edit) - Prototype
4o. 43min. fa Tony Saunders - Just Letting Go - Romancing The Bass
4o. 47min. fa Andy Snitzer - Montreal - American Beauty
4o. 53min. fa Jim Adkins - Into The Storm - Turning Point
4o. 58min. fa David Garfield - Go Home - Go Home
5o. 3min. fa Skip Bauchman - Sunny Day - What Up Skip?
5o. 7min. fa Rick Braun - Silk (edit) - Can You Feel It
5o. 8min. fa Run N Fly - Daughter Of Cain - Run N Fly
5o. 12min. fa Chuck Loeb - Cotton Club (radio Edit) - Unspoken
5o. 17min. fa Michael J Thomas - Baby Coffee (radio Edit) - Driven
5o. 22min. fa Jesse Cook - Ocean Blue (radio Edit) - The Blue Guitar Sessions
5o. 25min. fa Bluey - Live Like A Millionaire - Leap Of Faith
5o. 28min. fa Najee - Let's Take It Back Feat Incognito - Poetry In Motion
5o. 33min. fa Paolo Rustichelli - Voyager - Voyager
5o. 35min. fa Patrick Yandall - A Journey Home - A Journey Home
5o. 40min. fa Phillip Brandon - Come On - The Story Begins
5o. 45min. fa Vincent Ingala - Coast To Coast - Coast To Coast
5o. 49min. fa Drew Davidsen - Spin Cycle - Spin Cycle
5o. 52min. fa Hiroe Sekine - Sinar Matahari - One World One Sun
5o. 55min. fa Charles Platt Jr - Sea Breeze - It's My Time
5o. 59min. fa Peet Project - New Release - The Bad Boys Of Budapest
6o. fa Steve Oliver - Fun In The Sun (radio Edit) - Global Kiss
6o. 4min. fa Daniel Chia - Where Do We Go From Here Feat Melina - In The Moment
6o. 7min. fa Lawson Rollins - Sway - 3 Minutes To Midnight
6o. 10min. fa Herb Alpert - I'm Yours - Music Volume 1
6o. 14min. fa Euge Groove - Still Euge (radio Edit) - Still Euge
6o. 19min. fa Jazmin Ghent - New Release - Chocolate Sunshine
6o. 22min. fa Simply Red - It's Only Love - Simply Red 25 - The Greatest Hits
6o. 25min. fa Nathan East - Elevenate - Reverence
6o. 27min. fa Nathan East - Elevenate - Reverence
6o. 30min. fa Damien Escobar - Awaken - Boundless
6o. 34min. fa Chuck Loeb - Happy Hour (radio Edit) - Unspoken
6o. 39min. fa Will Downing - Tell Me About It - Soul Survivor
6o. 44min. fa Jim Adkins - Lost In The Moment - City Streets
6o. 47min. fa Vandell Andrew - All For Love - All For Love
6o. 50min. fa Tt - Live Mtry Bay - Dry
6o. 54min. fa Boney James - Tick Tock - Honestly
6o. 55min. fa Kyle Eastwood - Bold Changes - Metropolitain
7o. fa Zone - Feel The Rhythm (feat. Ty Le Blanc) - Solo+ (deluxe Version)
7o. 5min. fa Richard Elliot - Summer Madness - Summer Madness
7o. 10min. fa Brother 2 Brother - 818 - Can I Take You There
7o. 14min. fa Betsy Warren - Take Our Time (radio Edit) - See Me
7o. 18min. fa Betsy Warren - Liner 2 - See Me
7o. 19min. fa Husky Shows Incognito 2017 - The Hangar - Sacramento, Ca
7o. 21min. fa Patrick Yandall - New Release - A Journey Home
7o. 23min. fa Four80east - Sandbar (radio Edit) - Off Duty
7o. 29min. fa Ed Taylor - It's Complicated - It's Complicated
7o. 33min. fa Gerald Albright - Boom Boom - G
7o. 36min. fa Maysa - The Radio Played Our Song - Back 2 Love
7o. 40min. fa Peggy Duquesnel - Bird On A Leash (radio Edit) - Lovely Skies
7o. 43min. fa Peet Project - Drive Time - Love
7o. 48min. fa Michael Manson - Straight Up (radio Edit) - Straight Up
7o. 51min. fa Dan Beck Band - New Release - All The Fish Are Hoppin'
7o. 51min. fa Sylver Logan Sharp - New Release - The Groovement
7o. 55min. fa Chris Godber - Sizzle - Momentum
8o. 1min. fa Chris Standring - Like This Like That (radio Edit) - Ten
  Quest: Ruli Mart.    Mexico City  
only for masters-jazz-lovers;thank's,Ruli Mart.from Matehuas,México
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