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< 1 min. fa Boom Back Baby - Hold On Cowboy Feat. Berkes Oliver - Hold On Cowboy
3min. fa Patrick Bradley - Dear Friend - Intangible
9min. fa Sylvia Bennett - Baby It's Cold Outside Feat Paul Brown - Baby It...
12min. fa Jeff Golub - Open Up - The Vault
15min. fa Smoozz - Just Wanna Be The One - Zzzzzz
20min. fa Sylvia Bennett - New Release - For You
24min. fa Waldino - Enchanted - Pulse Of The People
27min. fa Mike Macarthur - This Christmas - Holiday Single
30min. fa Dan Beck Band - Jahbluzion Confusion (blue Jazz) - All The Fish Are Ho...
34min. fa Motown Moe - Make Christmas Great Again - Make Christmas Great Again
39min. fa Michael J Thomas - Baby Coffee (radio Edit) - Driven
42min. fa Reedie Williams - I've Touched The Sky - Jazz Experiment
46min. fa Herb Albert - New Release - The Christmas Wish
49min. fa Zolbert - Be Cool - Inside Out
52min. fa Paul Brown - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
56min. fa Kayla Waters - I Am - Apogee
1o. 1min. fa Professor Rj Ross - To Be With You Again - To Be With You Again - Sing...
1o. 6min. fa Paul Hardcastle - Cut Loose - Echoes Rising
1o. 9min. fa Patrick Bradley - All In - Can You Hear Me
1o. 16min. fa Charles Platt Jr - Sea Breeze - It's My Time
1o. 18min. fa St James Live 2018 - St James Live 2018 - St James Live 2018
1o. 21min. fa Vincent Ingala - My Favorite Things - Christmas
1o. 23min. fa Jonathan Fritzn - Celebration Feat Gerald Albright - Fritzenized
1o. 29min. fa Skii Harvey - Carriage 29 - Don't Look Back
1o. 33min. fa Al Degregoris - Time And A Half - Time And A Half
1o. 36min. fa Patrick Yandall - A Journey Home - A Journey Home
1o. 43min. fa Tony Terry & Sylver Logan Sharp - December Goodbye - December Good...
1o. 46min. fa Sylvia Bennett - Letting Our Feelings Go - It's All About Love
1o. 51min. fa Marcos Ariel - Americas - Americas
1o. 55min. fa Eric Darius - Breakin' Thru - Breakin' Thru
2o. fa Paul Tuvman - Just When I Think I'm Over Her - Riding The Jetstre...
2o. 3min. fa Jazmin Ghent - All I Want For Christmas Is You - All I Want For Christ...
2o. 6min. fa Joey Sommerville - Ride To This - Ride To This
2o. 13min. fa Jeff Kashiwa - Hyde Park - Another Door Opens
2o. 16min. fa James Greene - 'til You Come Back To Me - That Cali Swag
2o. 20min. fa Fay Gauthier - New Release - Firehead
2o. 23min. fa Jarez - Take My Time - Sexy Saxy Vol.1
2o. 25min. fa Rhythm Jets - This Christmas - Rhythm Jets Christmas
2o. 30min. fa Arturo Romay - Castillos De Amor (radio Edit) - Heart To Heart
2o. 33min. fa Slow - Jog (radio Edit) - Songs For Everyone
2o. 37min. fa Nils - Shake It (radio Edit 2) - What The Funk?
2o. 43min. fa Ricky Alan Draughn - O Holy Nite - O Holy Nite
2o. 48min. fa Eric Valentine And Velvet Groove - Back To The Groove Feat Brian Simps...
2o. 52min. fa Sean Sullivan - Wash My Soul - Hereafter
2o. 59min. fa Brian Culbertson - Colors Of Love (radio Edit) - Colors Of Love
3o. fa Brian Culbertson - Colors Of Love (radio Edit) - Colors Of Love
3o. 4min. fa Blair Bryant - Christmas With You - Christmas With You
3o. 7min. fa Andy Snitzer - Breaking - The Rhythm
3o. 14min. fa Acoustic Alchemy - Roseland - Roseland
3o. 15min. fa Grace Brancale - Skyline - Atmosphere
3o. 19min. fa Patrick Bradley - New Release - Intangible
3o. 22min. fa Project Grand Slam - Metro Shuffle Feat Mindi Abair - The Pgs Experien...
3o. 26min. fa Waldino - Electro Noel - Coming Home For Christmas
3o. 29min. fa Simply B - I've Got Love On My Mind - Simply B
3o. 32min. fa Herb Alpert - Santa Baby - The Christmas Wish
3o. 34min. fa Tom Grant - Sighs 'n Whispers - Sipping Beauty
3o. 41min. fa Jarez - You Said Feat Selina Albright - Blow Your Mind
3o. 44min. fa - Smooth Holiday Music Promo -
3o. 46min. fa Chris Standring - Sneakin' Out The Front Door (radio Edit) - Don&...
3o. 49min. fa Munyungo Jackson - Baby It's Cold Outside (instrumental) - Baby I...
3o. 56min. fa David Benoit And Marc Antoine - Caminando (radio Edit) - So Nice!
3o. 59min. fa Roan Soul - The Line Between (love And Letting Go) - Walk The World
4o. 4min. fa Michael Manson - Straight Up (radio Edit) - Straight Up
4o. 11min. fa Philippe Saisse Trio - On The Level (radio Edit) - On The Level
4o. 13min. fa Chuck Loeb - Happy Hour (radio Edit) - Unspoken
4o. 19min. fa Christie Grace - Christmas Time Is Here - Christmas Time Is Here
4o. 23min. fa Brian Culbertson - Been Around The World (radio Edit) - Funk!
4o. 26min. fa Kathy Kosins - Uncovered Soul (radio Edit) - Uncovered Soul
4o. 35min. fa Cal Harris Jr. - Soulful - Soulful
4o. 40min. fa The James Kob Experience - The Holidays Are Here - The Holidays Are He...
4o. 45min. fa Al Gomez - New Release - Catchin' A Vibe
4o. 48min. fa Peet Project - Don't Wanna Know - The Bad Boys Of Budapest
4o. 50min. fa Damien Escobar - Phoenix - Boundless
4o. 53min. fa Jf - Methany Piano Fvoc - Med - Jinglesfactory Radio Imaging
4o. 55min. fa Norman Brown - It Keeps Coming Back - Let It Go
5o. fa Jarez - All Of Me - Blow Your Mind
5o. 3min. fa Blake Aaron - Sleigh Ride - Sleigh Ride
5o. 7min. fa Funkee Boy - Bonafide - Soul Purpose
5o. 10min. fa Keiko Matsui - A Night With Cha Cha (edit 2) - Soul Quest
5o. 15min. fa John Sherry - Over The Rainbow - Two At Night
5o. 20min. fa Acoustic Alchemy - Oceans Apart - The Very Best Of Acoustic Alchemy Vo...
5o. 25min. fa Candace Bellamy - Santa Baby - Santa Baby
5o. 30min. fa Vincent Ingala - Nasty - Coast To Coast
5o. 35min. fa Al Gomez - Shine On - Catchin' A Vibe
5o. 38min. fa Jeff Kashiwa - Show Me Love - Simple Truth
5o. 40min. fa Fantasia - New Release1 - Christmas After Midnight
5o. 42min. fa Kimberly Jackson - My Favorite Things - My Favorite Things
5o. 47min. fa Michael Lington - Midnight Drive (radio Edit) - Second Nature
5o. 50min. fa Michael Mcdonald - Find It In Your Heart (radio Edit) - Wide Open
5o. 54min. fa Jf - Nice Place Wchris Botti - Medslo - Jinglesfactory Radio Imaging
5o. 57min. fa Jaee Logan - Happy Sad - Sun Rider
6o. fa Vann Burchfield - Angels We Have Heard On High (tenor) - Angels We Hav...
6o. 5min. fa Bona Fide - Midnight Train - Soul Lounge
6o. 9min. fa Al Degregoris - After A Rain (featuring Nils) - All In Good Time
6o. 14min. fa E-von - Gravity - E-von
6o. 19min. fa Slow - New Release - Songs For Everyone
6o. 21min. fa John Sherry - Red Wine - Two At Night
6o. 24min. fa Tony Craddock, Jr. - The First Noel - Christmas In The Air
6o. 31min. fa Johannes Linstead - Be My Girl - Azul
6o. 34min. fa Boney James - Tick Tock - Honestly
6o. 41min. fa Akia Uwanda - Skylight - Lift
6o. 44min. fa Fay Gauthier - New Release - Firehead
6o. 48min. fa Brian Bromberg - Shag Carpet (radio Edit) - Downright Upright
6o. 51min. fa Jesse Cook - Double Dutch - Beyond Borders
6o. 58min. fa Peet Project - Shut The Door Feat Gaspar Laci - The Bad Boys Of Budape...
7o. 1min. fa Eban Brown - Native Son - Summertime In Tokyo
7o. 4min. fa Rick Braun - Silk (edit) - Can You Feel It
7o. 9min. fa Al Gomez - Wait For Love - Catchin' A Vibe
7o. 13min. fa Euge Groove - New Release - Groove On
7o. 16min. fa Tom Grant - There's A Kitty Under The Christmas Tree - There&apos...
7o. 19min. fa Vincent Ingala - Coast To Coast - Coast To Coast
7o. 23min. fa James Day - Speak Love (u-nam Mix) - Song, Soul & Spirit
7o. 28min. fa Threestyle Feat. Magdalena Chovancova - Road To Monterey - Smooth Ride
7o. 31min. fa Urban Jazz Coalition - Better Days Comin' - Xxii
7o. 35min. fa Zolbert - Miami Nights - Miami Nights
7o. 38min. fa Huksy Shows - Christmas - Huksy Shows
7o. 40min. fa Smooth Global Mobile App -
7o. 41min. fa Mindi Abair And The Boneshakers Feat. Sweet Pea Atkinson - Let Me Hear...
7o. 45min. fa David Benoit And Marc Antoine - French Cafe (radio Edit) - So Nice!
7o. 50min. fa Paul Taylor - Arrival - Countdown
7o. 56min. fa Tony Saunders - Tonight - Uptown Jazz
7o. 59min. fa Fantasia - Baby, It's Cold Outside - Christmas After Midnight
8o. 1min. fa Euge Groove - Still Euge (radio Edit) - Still Euge
8o. 4min. fa Thasaint - Found Good Love (radio Edit) - Touch
8o. 11min. fa Cindy Bradley - Lost And Found - Bliss
8o. 12min. fa Jef Kearns - Hurricane (cyclonic Mix) - The Flute
8o. 16min. fa Jf - Sweet Embrace Voc Song - Medup - Jinglesfactory Radio Imaging
8o. 19min. fa Boney James - Tick Tock - Honestly
8o. 26min. fa Jesse Cook - Ocean Blue (radio Edit) - The Blue Guitar Sessions
8o. 29min. fa Skii Harvey - Carriage 29 - Don't Look Back
  Quest: Ruli Mart.    Mexico City  
only for masters-jazz-lovers;thank's,Ruli Mart.from Matehuas,México
0    1 Risposta   21:49 <> 26. 8. 2015  

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