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Audio Noir

Ths page has links to a free audio stream of old time radio drama featuring hard-boiled detectives, police procedurals and similar NOIR programs, and also information about these programs
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57min. fa 044 Dragnet Big Watch (04-13-50)
1o. 57min. fa Escape 490319 Finger Of Doom
2o. 55min. fa Rogue's Gallery - Murder With Muriel (1945.10.25)
3o. 55min. fa Broadway Is My Beat - Howard Crawford Pgm 74
4o. 55min. fa Broadway Is My Beat - Harry Moore
5o. 55min. fa Johnny Dollar 490311 005 Murder Is A Merrygoround
6o. 52min. fa Stand By For Crime - Episode 01 (19xx.xx.xx)
7o. 52min. fa Crime And Peter Chambers - Bruce Burke Murder Frame-up
8o. 49min. fa Escape 480124 Papa Benjamin
9o. 53min. fa Dragnet - Big Mask (part 2)
10o. 53min. fa Johnny Dollar 610910 757 The Buyer And The Cellar Matter
11o. 59min. fa The Lineup 500720 Eddie Gaynor Mob Boss Shot
13o. 3min. fa Johnny Dollar 620722 802 The Skimpy Matter
14o. 5min. fa Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator - Diary Of Death (1952.02.06)
15o. 7min. fa Philip Marlowe 491029 056 Green Witch
16o. 7min. fa Johnny Dollar 510407 092 The Edward French Matter
17o. 5min. fa Box13 490619 044 Killer At Large
18o. 5min. fa Johnny Dollar 580316 580 Salkoffs Sequel Matter
19o. 13min. fa Broadway Is My Beat - Track 02
20o. 18min. fa Dragnet - Roseland Muder
21o. 19min. fa Box13 480905 003 Suzi Quits Paper To Work For Dan
22o. 25min. fa Johnny Dollar 610212 727 The Wayward Fireman Matter
23o. 29min. fa Dragnet - Big Housemaid
1g. 29min. fa Pete Kelley Blues 510912 June Gould
1g. 1o. 31min. fa Lineup 521022 Obscene Phone Calls
1g. 2o. 35min. fa 21st Precinct Lenwig Family Fued
1g. 3o. 35min. fa Nightbeat-1951-06-22 Sanctuary
1g. 4o. 39min. fa Broadway_is_my_beat.1949.11.12_tommy_mannon_case
1g. 5o. 43min. fa Johnny Dollar 620930 812 The Tip Off Matter
1g. 6o. 45min. fa Rogue's Gallery - Anson Leeds Will (1946.01.17)
1g. 7o. 45min. fa Gang.19xx.xx.xx_frank_luston
1g. 8o. 47min. fa Johnny Dollar 491015 022 Dr. Otto Schmedlich
1g. 9o. 49min. fa Johnny Dollar 590607 642 The Wayward Heiress Matter
1g. 10o. 47min. fa Philip Marlowe 490611 037 Pigeon's Blood
1g. 11o. 47min. fa Dragnet - Big Pill
1g. 12o. 46min. fa 240 Dragnet Big Mustache (03-23-54)-b
1g. 13o. 45min. fa Box13 481219 018 The Sad Night
1g. 14o. 45min. fa Johnny Dollar 540727 227 The Radioactive Gold Matter
1g. 15o. 45min. fa That Hammer Guy - Contract On A Dead Man
1g. 16o. 45min. fa Nightwatch-541104 (28) Grandma, Shoe Shine And Wifebeater
1g. 17o. 47min. fa Johnny Dollar 600626 696 The Wholly Unexpected Matter
1g. 18o. 49min. fa Jeff Reagan, Investigator - Jr_48-11-06_ Lady With Too Much Hair
1g. 19o. 51min. fa <unknown> - Track 01
1g. 20o. 51min. fa Nightbeat-1951-06-15 Otto, The Music Man
1g. 21o. 51min. fa 117 Dragnet Big Seventeen -b(09-06-51)
1g. 22o. 55min. fa Rocky Fortune - Messenger For Murder (1953.11.10)
1g. 23o. 57min. fa Philip Marlowe 500228 073 Big Step
2g. 57min. fa Mystery Playhouse 451012 Death Iscaused
2g. 1o. 57min. fa Broadway Is My Beat - Joey, Herbie And Beebe
2g. 2o. 59min. fa Johnny Dollar 580622 594 The Virtous Mobster Matter
2g. 3o. 59min. fa Broadway Is My Beat - Lois Conrad
2g. 4o. 59min. fa Philip Marlowe 490820 046 Lady Killer
2g. 5o. 59min. fa Broadway Is My Beat - Blanche Dermit
2g. 7o. 1min. fa Johnny Dollar 530804 176 The Voodoo Matter
2g. 7o. 59min. fa Nightbeat-1950-05-01 Mentallo The Mental Marvel
2g. 8o. 59min. fa Johnny Dollar 500706 057 Bello Horizonte Railroad
2g. 10o. 3min. fa Johnny Dollar 510602 100 Sodaberry Maine Matter, The
2g. 11o. 5min. fa Dragnet - Big Confession
2g. 11o. 6min. fa Broadway's My Beat - Harry Foster
2g. 12o. 7min. fa Johnny Dollar 620603 795 The Wayward Gun Matter
2g. 13o. 5min. fa Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator - Murder Island (1952.01.09)
2g. 14o. 7min. fa Broadway_is_my_beat.1953.03.14_tyler_gosden_case
2g. 15o. 5min. fa 530808 (177) Hilda Bruce
2g. 16o. 1min. fa Dragnet - Big Donation (06-12-52)
2g. 17o. 3min. fa Dragnet - Big Complex
2g. 18o. 1min. fa Suspense Ep. 13- 'the Hounds Of Tindalos'
2g. 19o. 1min. fa Broadway Is My Beat - Katy Lane
2g. 20o. 1min. fa Johnny Dollar 531013 186 The Philip Morey Matter
2g. 20o. 59min. fa Broadway_is_my_beat.1950.02.24_rhoda_lynn_case
2g. 21o. 59min. fa Dragnet - The Big Meet
2g. 22o. 59min. fa Dragnet - Big Gone
2g. 23o. 57min. fa Broadway Is My Beat - Track 02
3g. 55min. fa Nightbeat-1950-03-27 Flowers On The Water
3g. 1o. 51min. fa Lineup Castro,manelli,&theyoungerholdup(dialogonly)
3g. 2o. 53min. fa Johnny Dollar 620729 803 The Four Is A Crowd Matter
3g. 3o. 53min. fa Pat Novak 490430 Wendy Morris
3g. 4o. 51min. fa Rogue's Gallery - House Of Fear (1945.11.15)
3g. 5o. 53min. fa Crime Classics - The Shockingly Peaceful Passing Of Thomas Edwin Bartl...
3g. 6o. 34min. fa 48-07-24-jeffregan,investigator-(webb03)-thelonesomelady
3g. 6o. 51min. fa Dragnet - Big Court
3g. 7o. 51min. fa Nightbeat-19xx-xx-xx Hines Hospital
3g. 8o. 49min. fa Dragnet - Big Lift
3g. 9o. 47min. fa Broadway Is My Beat - Joyce Tyler's Husband
3g. 10o. 43min. fa Howard Duff - The Insomnia Caper
3g. 10o. 50min. fa Rocky Fortune - Shipboard Jewel Robbery (1953.10.20)
3g. 11o. 46min. fa Nightbeat-1950-05-08 Elevator Caper
3g. 12o. 41min. fa Broadway Is My Beat - Peggy Warner Pgm 151
3g. 13o. 37min. fa Broadway Is My Beat - Grace Cullen
3g. 14o. 33min. fa Johnny Dollar 510926 116 The Protection Matter
3g. 15o. 31min. fa 056 Dragnet Big Frame (07-06-50)
3g. 16o. 31min. fa Mr Da Backstage Murder Al Graham Murder
3g. 17o. 31min. fa Box13 481226 019 Hot Box
3g. 18o. 28min. fa Broadway Is My Beat - Joan Stanley
3g. 19o. 27min. fa Broadway_is_my_beat.1953.10.14_coralee_almost_murdered
3g. 20o. 25min. fa Johnny Dollar 510919 115 The Cuban Jewell Matter
3g. 21o. 23min. fa Broadway Is My Beat - Ruth Shay Pgm 167
3g. 22o. 21min. fa Broadway Is My Beat - Joseph Brady
3g. 23o. 18min. fa Broadway Is My Beat - Track 02
4g. 15min. fa Dragnet - Watch Salesman Is Robbed
4g. 1o. 11min. fa Dragnet - Big Parrot
4g. 2o. 9min. fa Johnny Dollar 511208 124 The Youngstown Credit Group Matter
4g. 3o. 3min. fa Rogue's Gallery - Little Drops Of Rain (1945.11.08)
4g. 3o. 59min. fa Johnny Dollar 570203 524 The Kirby Will Matter
4g. 4o. 55min. fa Dragnet - Big Lens
4g. 5o. 53min. fa Rocky Fortune - Insurance Fraud (1953.10.13)
4g. 6o. 50min. fa Johnny Dollar 611231 773 One Too Many Matter
4g. 7o. 47min. fa Spns275 471212 The Man Who Couldn't Lose
4g. 8o. 45min. fa Dragnet - Big Coins
4g. 9o. 43min. fa Dragnet - Big Dive
4g. 10o. 46min. fa Dragnet - Big Dare
4g. 11o. 43min. fa Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator - Paper Bullet (1951.12.05)
4g. 12o. 45min. fa Lineup 511227 60 Year Old Woman Strangled
4g. 13o. 43min. fa Dragnet - Big Chick
4g. 14o. 43min. fa Sam Spade-510105 (008) The Biddle Riddle Caper
4g. 15o. 42min. fa Dragnet - Big Canaries
4g. 16o. 42min. fa 095 Dragnet Big Firend (04-05-51)b
4g. 17o. 41min. fa Philip Marlowe 491015 054 Stranglehold
4g. 18o. 41min. fa Johnny Dollar 510421 094 The Willard South Matter
4g. 19o. 41min. fa Philip Marlowe 500328 077 Sword Of Cebu
4g. 20o. 41min. fa Dragnet - Big Tar Baby
4g. 21o. 41min. fa Johnny Dollar 530116 147 The Starlet Matter
4g. 22o. 41min. fa Dragnet - Big Key
4g. 23o. 40min. fa Johnny Dollar 590215 626 The Shankar Diamond Matter
5g. 38min. fa Johnny Dollar 510331 091 The Jackie Cleaver Matter
5g. 1o. 40min. fa Box13 490320 031 '113.5'
5g. 2o. 40min. fa Dragnet - Big Bounce
5g. 3o. 39min. fa Johnny Dollar 561216 517 The Rassmussen Matter
5g. 4o. 40min. fa Nightbeat-1950-02-20 A World All His Own
5g. 5o. 39min. fa Gangbusters - A Date With Death (19xx.xx.xx)
5g. 6o. 39min. fa Nightbeat-1951-05-25 Fear

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