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9min. fa Manfred Mann - All Right Now
41min. fa Dire Straits - Where Do You Think You're Going?
1o. 15min. fa Randy Bachman And New Guitar Summit - Everybody's Cryin' Mercy
1o. 52min. fa Rupert's People - I Can Show You
2o. 22min. fa Andy Black - Homecoming King
2o. 59min. fa Three Dog Night - Midnight Flyer
3o. 32min. fa The Pretty Things - Is It Only Love
4o. 3min. fa The Cats - I've Gotta Be Goin'
4o. 40min. fa Richie Kotzen/ Stanley Clarke/ Lenny White - The Call
5o. 12min. fa The Cars - All Mixed Up
5o. 49min. fa Jackie Lomax - Can You Hear Me (previously Unissued)
6o. 22min. fa John Cale - Cleo
6o. 55min. fa Freddie Mercury - In My Defence (1986 Album Version)
7o. 29min. fa Kip Winger - Hour Of Need
8o. 2min. fa Sagittarius - Pisces
8o. 34min. fa Status Quo - Little White Lies
9o. 11min. fa Nazareth - Simple Solution (part. 1 & 2)
9o. 49min. fa Band From Tv - Shake Your Tail Feather
10o. 20min. fa Shocking Blue - Where The Picknick Was
10o. 54min. fa Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas - Under The Boardwalk (stereo)
11o. 32min. fa Denny Laine - Spacetrain
12o. 4min. fa The Rolling Stones - Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (heartbreaker)
12o. 39min. fa Geoff Tate - Somebody To Love
12o. 39min. fa Geoff Tate - Somebody To Love
13o. 13min. fa Felix Cavaliere - I Am Free
13o. 52min. fa Melissa Etheridge - Nervous
14o. 22min. fa Bryan Adams - N A Day Like Today
14o. 57min. fa Bob Geldof - Sex Thing
15o. 31min. fa Sex Museum - I've Lost My Faith (in You)
16o. 11min. fa Cat Stevens - Come On And Dance
16o. 54min. fa Willie Nelson - Yesterday
17o. 29min. fa The Kingsmen - Do You Love Me
18o. 2min. fa John Mellencamp - A Brand New Song
18o. 36min. fa Mick Jagger - Shoot Off Your Mouth
19o. 12min. fa Richie Kotzen - Sovereign
19o. 45min. fa The Cats - Take Me With You
20o. 22min. fa George Harrison - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
21o. 2min. fa Lenny Kravitz - Sistamamalover
21o. 45min. fa Cheap Trick - Surrender
22o. 21min. fa Three Dog Night - Til The World Ends
22o. 56min. fa Gary Wright - Dream Weaver
23o. 31min. fa Cornerstone - Grain Of Sand
1g. 5min. fa Eric Stewart - Friends Like These
1g. 37min. fa Big Jim Slade - Tone Deaf Love
1g. 16o. 21min. fa Rosetta Stone - Na Na Na
1g. 17o. 1min. fa The Pretty Things - Do My Stuff
1g. 17o. 42min. fa Roger Daltrey - The Heart Has Its Reasons
1g. 18o. 22min. fa Wishbone Ash - The Day I Found Your Love
1g. 19o. 1min. fa The Connells - Too High
1g. 19o. 50min. fa Yellow Matter Custard - I Want You (she's So Heavy)
1g. 20o. 29min. fa Burton Cummings - One And Only
1g. 21o. 5min. fa Peter Frampton - I Can't Stand It No More
1g. 21o. 43min. fa John Sebastian - The Four Of Us
1g. 22o. 21min. fa The Kinks - Stop Your Sobbing
1g. 23o. 1min. fa Mick Jagger - Wandering Spirit
1g. 23o. 40min. fa Thin Lizzy - Chinatown
1g. 23o. 40min. fa Thin Lizzy - Chinatown
2g. 20min. fa Cheap Trick - I Want You
2g. 59min. fa The Walker Brothers - Deadlier Than The Male
2g. 1o. 36min. fa Toto - A Million Miles Away
2g. 2o. 12min. fa Pete Best Band - Red Light
2g. 2o. 52min. fa Stratus - Wait A While
2g. 3o. 32min. fa Crosby & Nash - Don't Dig Here
2g. 4o. 12min. fa Robert Plant - Song To The Siren
2g. 4o. 56min. fa Eggs Over Easy - Pistol On The Shelf
2g. 5o. 42min. fa Rod Stewart - Bye Bye Blackbird
2g. 6o. 23min. fa David Bowie - The Jean Genie
2g. 7o. 12min. fa Secret Powers - Tangerine
2g. 7o. 53min. fa The Shoes - Flutes, Horns, Strings And Drums
2g. 8o. 32min. fa Blond - Time Is Mine
2g. 9o. 12min. fa Duncan Sheik - Earthbound Starlight
2g. 9o. 53min. fa David Bowie - Boss Of Me
2g. 10o. 37min. fa John Mellencamp - When Margaret Comes To Town
2g. 11o. 20min. fa Eagles - Doolin-dalton/desperado (reprise)
2g. 11o. 20min. fa Eagles - Doolin-dalton/desperado (reprise)
2g. 12o. fa Robert Plant - Colours Of A Shade
2g. 12o. 37min. fa Styx - Havin' A Ball
2g. 13o. 19min. fa Paul Mccartney - Front Parlour
2g. 14o. 1min. fa Eagles - Already Gone
2g. 14o. 42min. fa Cornerstone - Some People Fly
2g. 15o. 24min. fa Mickey Jupp - Chevrolet
2g. 16o. 10min. fa The Beatles - Sea Of Time
2g. 16o. 59min. fa Peter Frampton - I'm In You
2g. 17o. 35min. fa Derek Davis - Woman's Gotta Have It
2g. 18o. 13min. fa Graham Nash - Another Sleep Song
2g. 19o. fa Lovex - Bullet For The Pain
2g. 19o. 44min. fa Tom Petty - Feel A Whole Lot Better
2g. 20o. 32min. fa Steve Winwood - Forty Thousand Headmen
2g. 21o. 12min. fa The Beatles - Savoy Truffle
2g. 21o. 52min. fa Cheap Trrick - Way Of The World
2g. 22o. 32min. fa Yellow Matter Custard - Flying
2g. 23o. 12min. fa Slade - Goodbye T'jane
2g. 23o. 52min. fa The Lords - Michael
3g. 29min. fa John Cale - Hedda Gabler
3g. 1o. 4min. fa Indica - Unten Laiva
3g. 1o. 52min. fa David Crosby & Graham Nash - Wooden Ships
3g. 2o. 31min. fa Derek Davis - All The Roads
3g. 3o. 5min. fa Peter Frampton - Road To The Sun
3g. 3o. 44min. fa The Bodeans - Only Love
3g. 4o. 24min. fa Heart - Love Mistake - Album Version
3g. 5o. 1min. fa Queen - A Kind Of Magic (extended Version)
3g. 5o. 40min. fa Navigators - I Was Born To Cry
3g. 6o. 19min. fa Fandango - She Was My Friend
3g. 7o. 2min. fa Sex Museum - Psychofreak Musak
3g. 7o. 43min. fa Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - Bad Reputation
3g. 8o. 29min. fa Ray Manzarek 's Nite City - A4.ain't Got The Time
3g. 8o. 32min. fa The Osmonds - Shuckin' And Jiving
3g. 9o. 11min. fa Free - Fire And Water
3g. 9o. 54min. fa Sweet - Teenage Rampage
3g. 10o. 41min. fa Queen - Friends Will Be Friends
3g. 11o. 25min. fa Styx - Fooling Yourself (the Angry Young Man)
3g. 12o. 12min. fa Daniel Young - I Remember You
3g. 12o. 54min. fa April Sixth - Foster
3g. 13o. 37min. fa Gary Wright - The Wrong Time
3g. 14o. 19min. fa Moonshiner - Hot Head
3g. 14o. 57min. fa World Party - Mystery Girl
3g. 15o. 40min. fa Ric Ocasek - Wait For Fate
3g. 16o. 22min. fa Meat Loaf - The Promised Land
3g. 17o. 13min. fa Sweet - Peppermint Twist
3g. 18o. fa Metal Majesty - Rock Nor Roll
3g. 18o. 43min. fa The New Standards - Michelle
3g. 19o. 24min. fa Queen - I Want It All
3g. 20o. 12min. fa J. Walker - But Beautiful
3g. 20o. 52min. fa Ted Mulry Gang - Give Me Your Lovin'
3g. 21o. 33min. fa Neil Young - Down By The River
3g. 22o. 12min. fa The Small Faces - The Autumn Stone
3g. 22o. 53min. fa Graham Parker & The Rumour - Long Emotional Ride
3g. 23o. 39min. fa Jim Capaldi - Nobody Loves You
4g. 19min. fa Unrully Child - Show Me The Money
4g. 1o. fa Warren Zevon - Desperados Under The Eaves

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