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9min. fa Sage Point - Sage Point
20min. fa Grand Entry - Pipestone
32min. fa Little Island Cree - Little Island Cree
45min. fa Maddog Singers - Double Beat Song
59min. fa Rose Hill - Intertribal Song
1o. 11min. fa Wildhorse - Contest Song
1o. 23min. fa High Noon - Intertribal
1o. 36min. fa Moose Mountain Nakota Singers - Go Ahead And Dance
1o. 50min. fa Various Artists - Wild Horse - Round Dance
2o. 1min. fa Southern Boys - Berky's Song
2o. 13min. fa Painted Horse - Break Out
2o. 29min. fa Nakoda Lodge - Night Visions
2o. 41min. fa Yellowhammer - Intertribal Song
2o. 54min. fa Riverside Dakota - Intertribal
3o. 9min. fa Midnite Express - Intertribal
3o. 20min. fa Midnite Epxress - Track 9
3o. 32min. fa Wind Eagle - Awonohopay Family Song
3o. 49min. fa Men's Traditional - Tha Boyz
3o. 59min. fa Young Kingbird - Contest Song
4o. 11min. fa Yellowbird - Straight
4o. 23min. fa Mystic River - Get Up And Move
4o. 36min. fa Black Eagle - Black Eagle
4o. 50min. fa Thunderhill - Intertribal
5o. 1min. fa Big Bear Singers - Grass Dance Song
5o. 14min. fa Blackstone - Sekwan (sidstep)
5o. 29min. fa Northern Wind - Straight Up
5o. 40min. fa Vol 1 - Wildhorse
5o. 53min. fa Southern Thunder - Pawnee Flag Song
6o. 9min. fa Greyhorse - All Tribes Dance
6o. 19min. fa Blackstone - Get It Going
6o. 32min. fa Gathering Of Nations - Maza Kute-men's Northern Traditional
6o. 44min. fa White Tail - Song By Quanah Henry
6o. 59min. fa Whitelodge - White Bear Bounce
7o. 12min. fa Mi'kmaq Songs - Gusto
7o. 24min. fa Drum Song 2
7o. 37min. fa Cozad - Round Dance
7o. 53min. fa High Noon - Grass Dance Song
8o. 9min. fa Wind Eagle - Osekenesaeh
8o. 19min. fa Men's Fancy - Southern Cree
8o. 32min. fa Atikamihk Youth And Friends - Buffalo Spirit
8o. 44min. fa 12 Gauge - Intertribal
8o. 58min. fa Black Bear Crossing - Intertribal
9o. 11min. fa War Scout - Watch...
9o. 22min. fa Dakota Travels - Intertribal
9o. 40min. fa Eastern Eagle Singers - The Breeze
9o. 52min. fa Blackstone - Saskatchewan River Song
10o. 9min. fa Northern Wind - Intro "medicine Dress" Honoring
10o. 19min. fa Black Eagle - Life Goes On
10o. 32min. fa Rumbling Hills - Intertribal
10o. 44min. fa Various - The Boyz
10o. 59min. fa Stoney Creek - Itani
11o. 11min. fa Greyhorse - Come Out Grass Dancers
11o. 24min. fa Chi-geezis - Opijaygwah
11o. 39min. fa Blackstone - Intertribal
11o. 52min. fa Stoney Creek - Sacred Fire
12o. 5min. fa Nine-forty - Round Dance
12o. 19min. fa 09 North Bear - Gram Pa Pa - Www.powwowjamz.com
12o. 32min. fa Burntside Lake - Bunk's Intertribal
12o. 44min. fa Various Artists - Little Island Cree - Spinning World
13o. 9min. fa Freeman Trotchier - Rising
13o. 19min. fa Contest
13o. 32min. fa Various Artists - Elk Whistle
13o. 49min. fa Southern Boyz - Moondawgs
13o. 59min. fa Mandaree Singers - Grass Dance Song
14o. 12min. fa Bear Creek - Shut'er Down
14o. 24min. fa Mystic River Style - Sweet
14o. 45min. fa Maddog Singers - Double Beat Song
14o. 59min. fa Southern Thunder - Intertribal
15o. 12min. fa Various - Sweetgrass
15o. 24min. fa Bear Creek - Pukatawagan Blues
15o. 38min. fa Common Man Singers - Friends Have Arrived
15o. 51min. fa Yellowbird - Straight
16o. 4min. fa Straight Song
16o. 17min. fa Whitefish Bay Singers - Honour Song
16o. 31min. fa Southern Boyz - Old Comanche Round Dance
16o. 44min. fa Black Eagle - Native Girl
16o. 57min. fa Atikamihk Youth And Friends - I Love You
17o. 11min. fa Midnite Express - Intertribal
17o. 22min. fa Black Eagle - Beautiful Dancing Women
17o. 36min. fa Various - Hector Mcgilvery
17o. 50min. fa Stoney Park - Ladies Jingle
18o. 2min. fa Lone Creek - Highway Blues
18o. 15min. fa Stoney Creek - Aphato Bokso
18o. 30min. fa Contest
18o. 41min. fa Grey Buffalo - Sideways Slide
18o. 54min. fa Little Otter - Whistle
19o. 13min. fa Black Eagle - Flag/veteran's Song
19o. 30min. fa Various - Andy Whitfish
19o. 41min. fa Nakoda Lodge - Spear & Shield
19o. 53min. fa Eagle Whistles - Crow Style Double Beat Song
20o. 9min. fa Grey Buffalo - Colin's Song
20o. 20min. fa Southern Thunder - Old Time Pawnee Song
20o. 33min. fa The Black Lodge Singers - Candy's Song
20o. 49min. fa Smokey Valley - Straight Song, No. 2
21o. fa Southern Sun Singers - Intertribal
21o. 13min. fa Gathering Of Nations - Meskwaki Nation-chicken Vs. Grass
21o. 29min. fa Midnite Express - Intertribal
21o. 40min. fa Nakoda Lodge - Naji Bo
21o. 53min. fa Blackeagle - Dancing Colors
22o. 9min. fa Chi-key-wis Sons - Round Dance
22o. 20min. fa Young Kingbird - Contest Song
22o. 33min. fa Walking Buffalo - Dakota
22o. 49min. fa Flying Stone - Round Dance
23o. fa Big Bear - Straight Song
23o. 13min. fa Meskwaki Nation - Show Down
23o. 29min. fa Standing Horse - Naaman Elk
23o. 40min. fa River Cree - Riverized
23o. 53min. fa Maza Duta - Mustang Sally
1g. 9min. fa Wildhorse - Contest Song
1g. 20min. fa The Black Lodge Singers - People Are Dancing
1g. 33min. fa Sheldon Sundown - Old Style 'remembering Kyle'
1g. 49min. fa Sheldon Sundown - New Smoke Dance 'go Val Go'
1g. 1o. fa Wind Eagle - Cut Offz
1g. 1o. 13min. fa Southern Boys - Contest Song
1g. 1o. 29min. fa Battle River - Men's Fancy
1g. 1o. 40min. fa War Scout - Prairies
1g. 1o. 53min. fa Side Step
1g. 2o. 9min. fa Turning Robe - Intertribal
1g. 2o. 20min. fa Thunder Mountain
1g. 2o. 33min. fa Stoney Creek - Rm 238
1g. 2o. 50min. fa Eyabay - Pop Corn Song
1g. 3o. 1min. fa Midnite Express - Song For Marlin Dickenson Sr.
1g. 3o. 14min. fa Thunderhill - Contest Song
1g. 3o. 30min. fa Northern Wind - The Slide
1g. 3o. 41min. fa Wildhorse - Intertribal
1g. 3o. 55min. fa Mystic River - Everyday
1g. 4o. 11min. fa Big Bear Singers - Grass Dance Song
1g. 4o. 23min. fa The Black Lodge Singers - Dancin' Beautiful
1g. 4o. 37min. fa Lynx Clan (anishinabe Miikinaa - Lynx Clan Drum Song
1g. 4o. 52min. fa Red House - Intertribal

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