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Che ha giocato alla radio:  Moonshine Blues
19min. fa Aynsley Lister - Right As Rain
40min. fa Dona Oxford - Red, White & Blues
1o. 2min. fa Bird Dogs - Bye Bye Baby
1o. 23min. fa Sandy Carroll - Where Blue Begins
1o. 45min. fa Dave Steffen Band - Don't Stop
2o. 6min. fa Sena Ehrhardt - Help Me Through The Day
2o. 28min. fa Tim Montana And The Shrednecks - Gravel Road
2o. 49min. fa Misty Blues - Storm Ain't Gonna Stop
3o. 15min. fa John Miles - Now That The Magic Has Gone
3o. 37min. fa Willie Nelson - Sittin' On Top Of The World
3o. 59min. fa The Stumble - Evening
4o. 21min. fa The Greasy Slicks - Let Me Down
4o. 42min. fa Scotty Bratcher - Don't Give Up On Me
5o. 4min. fa John Lee Hooker - Hold On Baby
5o. 25min. fa Pat O'brien And The Priests Of Love - Judas Star
5o. 47min. fa Robbie Williams - David's Song
6o. 9min. fa Derrick Procell - Sorry
6o. 32min. fa Melvin Taylor - A Quitter Never Wins
6o. 53min. fa Deborah Coleman - My Heart Bleeds Blue
7o. 14min. fa Blood Sweat & Tears - God Bless The Child
7o. 35min. fa Blindside Blues Band - Talkin' Bout My Baby
7o. 56min. fa Joe Bonamassa - I'll Play The Blues For You
8o. 18min. fa Mighty Sam Mcclain - New Man In Town
8o. 39min. fa Monkeyjunk - Learn How To Love
9o. fa Bridget Kelly Band - Spellbound
9o. 22min. fa The Wax Road - Trolley Blues
9o. 43min. fa Billy Walton Band - True Lovin Man
10o. 4min. fa Deborah Coleman - I'm A Woman
10o. 27min. fa The Gentlemen's Blues Club - Shotgun Wedding
10o. 48min. fa Blues Control - Living Hell
11o. 10min. fa Hand Of Dimes - Jacob's Ladder
11o. 32min. fa James Solberg Band - Too Damn Much Lovin'
11o. 53min. fa Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat - Years Of Tears
12o. 14min. fa Five Bluesmen - Black & White Blues
12o. 36min. fa Rick Derringer - Big Time Love
12o. 57min. fa Blues Company - Cold Rain
13o. 18min. fa Robben Ford - Moonchild Blues
13o. 26min. fa Misty Blues - Storm Ain't Gonna Stop
13o. 40min. fa Janiva Magness - You Were Never Mine
14o. 1min. fa Henrik Freischlader Trio - Lord Have Mercy
14o. 23min. fa Ana Popovic - Can't You See What You're Doing To Me
14o. 44min. fa Wax & Boogie (big Combo) - When You Love Somebody So Much
15o. 5min. fa Dan Patlansky - Jump On
15o. 26min. fa Dr.wu & Friends - Storm Watch Warning
15o. 48min. fa Michael Burks - Got A Way With Women
16o. 9min. fa Blindside Blues Band - 79 Cent Blues
16o. 38min. fa Stevie Ray Vaughan - Look At Little Sister (live)
17o. fa Royal Southern Brotherhood - I Wonder Why
17o. 22min. fa Mountain Men - Passe Dans Cette Vallye
17o. 43min. fa John Miles - Now That The Magic Has Gone
18o. 5min. fa Joanne Shaw Taylor - Watch 'em Burn
18o. 27min. fa Robin Rogers - Color-blind Angel
18o. 49min. fa Bernard Allison Group - Something's Wrong
19o. 11min. fa Warren Haynes - Power And The Glory
19o. 45min. fa Keith Thompson Band - Don't Come Running To Me
20o. 7min. fa Bobby Mack & Night Train - I Want To Be Your Driver
20o. 28min. fa Muddy Waters - Mannish Boy
20o. 51min. fa Coco Montoya - Nothing But Love
21o. 13min. fa Big Blues & Boogie - Any Fool Will Do (kenny Neal Cover)
21o. 34min. fa Brendan Leggatt - Junk Mail Blues
21o. 56min. fa B.b. King - The Thrill Is Gone 1969
22o. 17min. fa Bart Walker Band - Left Turn
22o. 39min. fa Billy Price's & Fred Chapellier - Under The Influence
23o. 1min. fa Out Of The Blue - In The Cold Light Of Day
23o. 22min. fa Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble - Texas Flood
23o. 43min. fa James Solberg - Ever Seen A Rainbow
1g. 5min. fa Mark May Band - Devils Playpen
1g. 26min. fa Tinsley Ellis - All In The Name Of Love
1g. 47min. fa The Stumble - Bullet For The Blind
1g. 1o. 27min. fa Ben Poole - I Think I Love Too Much
1g. 1o. 49min. fa Bird Dogs - Bye Bye Baby
1g. 2o. 12min. fa Joe Bonamassa - What I've Known For A Very Long Time
1g. 2o. 33min. fa Scott Ellison - Let's Think Twice
1g. 2o. 55min. fa Toth Bagi Band - Losein'the Blues
1g. 3o. 16min. fa Fred James - Full Moon On Main Street
1g. 3o. 38min. fa Dona Oxford - Red, White & Blues
1g. 3o. 59min. fa Kiefer Sutherland - Shirley Jean
1g. 4o. 20min. fa Dr.wu & Friends - My Man's Specialty
1g. 4o. 44min. fa Mick Simpson - You Know My Love
1g. 5o. 5min. fa Deborah Coleman - My Heart Bleeds Blue
1g. 5o. 26min. fa Kal David & Lauri Bono - Help The Poor
1g. 5o. 47min. fa Joanne Shaw Taylor - Jealousy
1g. 6o. 8min. fa Leslie West - Fade Into You
1g. 6o. 41min. fa Derek And The Dominos - Bell Bottom Blues
1g. 7o. 2min. fa Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble - Mary Had A Little Lamb
1g. 7o. 24min. fa Robin Trower - The Thrill Is Gone
1g. 7o. 46min. fa Peter Karp - Rolling On A Log
1g. 8o. 7min. fa Donny Hathaway - I Love You More Than You'll Never Know
1g. 8o. 29min. fa Jeremy Spencer - Perilous Times
1g. 8o. 52min. fa Larry Miller - Delilah
1g. 9o. 13min. fa The Greasy Slicks - Let Me Down
1g. 9o. 35min. fa Joanne Shaw Taylor - Wild Is The Wind
1g. 9o. 56min. fa David Gogo - I Found A Love
1g. 10o. 18min. fa Sena Ehrhardt - Last Chance
1g. 10o. 40min. fa Neal Black - Out Of The Hole
1g. 11o. 2min. fa Joey Gilmore - Still Called The Blues
1g. 11o. 23min. fa Blue Henry - I'll See You There
1g. 11o. 45min. fa The Bob Lanza Blues Band - Ain't Nobody's Business
1g. 12o. 7min. fa Blindside Blues Band - Talkin' Bout My Baby
1g. 12o. 28min. fa Indigenous - Waiting
1g. 12o. 50min. fa Monkeyjunk - Learn How To Love
1g. 13o. 12min. fa Eddie Hinton - I Got The Feeling
1g. 13o. 34min. fa Big Brother & The Holding Company - Summertime
1g. 13o. 55min. fa Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper & Stephen Stills - Albert's Shuffle
1g. 14o. 17min. fa Smokin' Joe Kubek - Walk On
1g. 14o. 38min. fa Derric Procell - Who Will Tell Lucille
1g. 15o. fa Walter Trout - Go The Distance
1g. 15o. 22min. fa Wolfmother - Cheap Sunglasses
1g. 15o. 43min. fa Buddy Guy - Born To Play Guitar
1g. 16o. 5min. fa The Waterboys - Destinies Entwinted
1g. 16o. 27min. fa Giles Robson - Shady Heart
1g. 16o. 48min. fa Claudia Bettinaglio - Invitation To The Blues
1g. 17o. 9min. fa Cuby & The Blizzards - Window Of My Eye (2)
1g. 17o. 32min. fa Little Andrew - I'll Fight For You
1g. 17o. 53min. fa Mighty Sam Mcclain - New Man In Town
1g. 18o. 15min. fa Blues Control - Living Hell
1g. 18o. 36min. fa Matty T.wall - Love Gone Away
1g. 18o. 58min. fa Andy Lindquist - Cuz I'm Lost
1g. 19o. 19min. fa John Campbelljohn - Meet My Maker
1g. 19o. 40min. fa Richard Cagle Ft. The Voodoo Choir - Love Ya Need Ya
1g. 20o. 2min. fa Terry Davidson Ft. The Gears - The Rush
1g. 20o. 23min. fa Derrick Procell - The Wolf Will Howl Again
1g. 20o. 44min. fa Tinsley Ellis - Loneliness Is Here To Stay
1g. 21o. 6min. fa The M.o.b - Sharp Dressed Man
1g. 21o. 27min. fa Michael Burks - Got A Way With Women
1g. 21o. 48min. fa Rainbow - Catch The Rainbow
1g. 22o. 11min. fa Don Ray Band - Ball And Chain
1g. 22o. 33min. fa Alannah Myles - Black Velvet (lp Version)
1g. 22o. 54min. fa The Buddaheads - Wish I Had Everything I Want
1g. 23o. 16min. fa Danny Bryant - Slow Suicide
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