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10min. fa The Hitman Blues Band - I'm All About You
1o. 36min. fa John Miles - Now That The Magic Has Gone
2o. 55min. fa Delbert Mcclinton - Take It Easy
4o. 24min. fa Joanne Shaw Taylor - Wrecking Ball
5o. 54min. fa Out Of The Blue - In The Cold Light Of Day
7o. 20min. fa Turning Blue - You Make Me Feel
8o. 45min. fa Tino Gonzales - Mi Tierra
10o. 24min. fa Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble - Lenny
11o. 54min. fa Bernard Allison - So Divine
13o. 20min. fa Mark Selby - What Am I Doin'
14o. 47min. fa Andy Lindquist - Cuz I'm Lost
16o. 16min. fa Popa Chubby - A Love That Will Not Die
17o. 45min. fa Delta Twins - It Won't Be Long
19o. 15min. fa James Solberg - Ever Seen A Rainbow
20o. 48min. fa Alvin Lee - Moving The Blues
22o. 16min. fa King Of The World - Same Old Trouble
23o. 31min. fa Colin Linden - The Hurt
1g. 50min. fa Johnny Copeland - I Got A Love
1g. 2o. 6min. fa Joe Bonamassa - I'll Play The Blues For You
1g. 3o. 35min. fa Robin Trower - The Thrill Is Gone
1g. 4o. 56min. fa Joanne Shaw Taylor - Jealousy
1g. 6o. 14min. fa Warren Haynes - Power And The Glory
1g. 7o. 45min. fa Gregg Allman - Rendezvous With The Blues
1g. 8o. 58min. fa The Rex Carroll Band - Find A Way
1g. 10o. 6min. fa Guitar Pete - Do You Hear The Rain
1g. 11o. 10min. fa Keith Stone - Just A Closer Walk With Thee
1g. 12o. 17min. fa The Doors - Riders On The Storm
1g. 13o. 20min. fa The Rides - Take Out Some Insurance (bonus Track)
1g. 14o. 26min. fa Keb' Mo' - Dangerous Mood
1g. 15o. 41min. fa Lucky Peterson - When My Blood Runs Cold
1g. 16o. 54min. fa The Stoney Curtis Band - Blues Without You
1g. 18o. 5min. fa Derek And The Dominos - Bell Bottom Blues
1g. 19o. 24min. fa Melvin Taylor & The Slack Band - Chill Out-the Healer (a Tribute To Jo...
1g. 20o. 48min. fa Joanne Shaw Taylor - Jealousy
1g. 22o. 16min. fa Revel In Dimes - Nancy
1g. 23o. 38min. fa Kiefer Sutherland - Shirley Jean
2g. 58min. fa The Wax Road - Trolley Blues
2g. 2o. 26min. fa Hamish Anderson - 18 Days
2g. 3o. 47min. fa Dr.wu & Friends - My Man's Specialty
2g. 5o. 8min. fa Michael Burks - Make It Rain
2g. 6o. 25min. fa Larry Miller - Cruel Old World
2g. 7o. 30min. fa Joe Bonamassa - I'll Play The Blues For You
2g. 8o. 27min. fa Henrik Freischlader Trio - Lord Have Mercy
2g. 9o. 25min. fa Mark May Band - Devils Playpen
2g. 10o. 22min. fa Cuby & The Blizzards - Window Of My Eye (2)
2g. 11o. 27min. fa Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat - Tijuana Bible
2g. 12o. 27min. fa Bobby Messano - More Then Meets The Eye
2g. 13o. 22min. fa Fleetwood Mac - I Loved Another Women
2g. 14o. 26min. fa The Rolling Stones - Blue And Lonesome
2g. 15o. 36min. fa The Rides - By My Side
2g. 16o. 56min. fa Will Wilde - Malaria
2g. 18o. 15min. fa The Rides - Take Out Some Insurance (bonus Track)
2g. 19o. 36min. fa Three Times Lucky - Lost Your Good Thing
2g. 20o. 50min. fa Dave Steffen Band - All Night Long
2g. 22o. 8min. fa Tab Benoit - A Put A Spell On You
2g. 23o. 16min. fa Andy Lindquist - Mississippi Mud
3g. 18min. fa Walter Trout - Let Me Know
3g. 1o. 28min. fa Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble - Lenny
3g. 2o. 34min. fa Alabama Shakes - Always Alright
3g. 3o. 50min. fa Jeff Beck - Ol' Man River
3g. 4o. 58min. fa The Juke Joints - Nataly
3g. 6o. 7min. fa The Greasy Slicks - Let Me Down
3g. 7o. 34min. fa Kris Barras Band - Tearing Me Apart
3g. 8o. 57min. fa Thorbjoern Risager & The Black Tornado - Red Hot And Blue
3g. 10o. 17min. fa Vern Daysel - Lonesome Road
3g. 11o. 26min. fa Buck & Evans - Treat Me Right
3g. 12o. 44min. fa Hillary Scott And The Scott Family - Thy Will
3g. 13o. 57min. fa Uncle Sal - The River Song
3g. 15o. 18min. fa Grand Funk Railroad - It's A Man's World
3g. 16o. 26min. fa Little Andrew - I'll Fight For You
3g. 17o. 48min. fa Preacher Boy - Obituary Writer Blues
3g. 19o. 8min. fa Bob Margolin - My Whole Life
3g. 20o. 24min. fa Blues Company - Cold Rain
3g. 21o. 38min. fa Dona Oxford - Red, White & Blues
3g. 23o. 5min. fa Aynsley Lister - Purple Rain
4g. 35min. fa Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat - Up To My Neck In You
4g. 1o. 50min. fa Tino Gonzales - For You
4g. 3o. 10min. fa Vince Hawkins & Company Slave - Ashes In My Whiskey
4g. 4o. 29min. fa Joe Bonamassa - I Get Evil
4g. 5o. 57min. fa The Wax Road - Trolley Blues
4g. 7o. 25min. fa Neal Black & The Healers - The Same Color
4g. 8o. 41min. fa John Campbelljohn - Meet My Maker
4g. 9o. 56min. fa Brendan Leggatt - Junk Mail Blues
4g. 11o. 25min. fa Preacher Boy - Obituary Writer Blues
4g. 12o. 40min. fa Keb' Mo' - Dangerous Mood
4g. 14o. 15min. fa Cliff Stevens - Running
4g. 15o. 30min. fa The Greasy Slicks - Let Me Down
4g. 16o. 56min. fa Raphael Imbert & Co - Please Don't Leave Me
4g. 18o. 15min. fa Dan Patlansky - Jump On
4g. 19o. 37min. fa Scott Straighten Band - Let's Straighten It Out
4g. 20o. 57min. fa Ben Poole - I Think I Love Too Much
4g. 22o. 7min. fa Nick Gravenites - I'm A Bluesman
4g. 23o. 18min. fa Joanna Connor - Nothin' But The Blues
5g. 22min. fa Marc Reece - What Do You Know
5g. 1o. 37min. fa Zz Top - Bad To The Bone
5g. 2o. 56min. fa Blue Henry - I'll See You There
5g. 4o. 16min. fa Leslie West - Fade Into You
5g. 5o. 30min. fa Matty T.wall - Love Gone Away
5g. 6o. 47min. fa Tinsley Ellis - Leave Me
5g. 7o. 57min. fa Alannah Myles - Black Velvet (lp Version)
5g. 9o. 15min. fa Walter Trout - Got A Broken Heart
5g. 10o. 18min. fa Terry Davidson Ft. The Gears - The Rush
5g. 11o. 28min. fa Joanne Shaw Taylor - Wild Is The Wind
5g. 12o. 47min. fa The Commissionaires - The Storm Is Passing Over
5g. 13o. 57min. fa Mavis Staples - Gotta Serve Somebody
5g. 15o. 5min. fa Robin Trower - The Thrill Is Gone
5g. 16o. 9min. fa Stoney Curtis Band - In The Shadows
5g. 17o. 9min. fa Fire Waters Down - Wounded Many Times
5g. 18o. 14min. fa Blues Control - Living Hell
5g. 19o. 15min. fa Ana Popovic - Old Country
5g. 20o. 27min. fa D Man - Ain't Enough Whiskey (feat. Manuel Grimaldi)
5g. 21o. 38min. fa Cliff Stevens - Running
5g. 22o. 55min. fa Raphael Imbert & Co - Please Don't Leave Me
6g. 15min. fa Cuby & The Blizzards - Somebody Will Know Someday
6g. 1o. 35min. fa Hank Davison Band - Gamblers Roll
6g. 2o. 55min. fa Shakin' Stevens - Suffer Little Children
6g. 4o. 18min. fa Paul Black - Bad Man
6g. 5o. 47min. fa Kal David & Lauri Bono - I Can't Take It No More
6g. 7o. 20min. fa Joe Bonamassa - No Good Place For The Lonely
6g. 8o. 34min. fa Joey Gilmore - Still Called The Blues
6g. 9o. 58min. fa Buddy Guy - Evil Twin
6g. 10o. 56min. fa Willie Nelson - Sittin' On Top Of The World
6g. 12o. 14min. fa Larry Miller - Delilah
6g. 13o. 15min. fa Neal Black & Larry Garner - Guilty
6g. 14o. 11min. fa The Rides - Take Out Some Insurance (bonus Track)
6g. 15o. 14min. fa Andy Lindquist - Cuz I'm Lost
6g. 16o. 16min. fa Liquid Groove Mojo - Storm Warning
6g. 17o. 20min. fa Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Almost Cut My Hair
6g. 18o. 16min. fa Blue Plate Spesial - She's Got My Number
6g. 19o. 20min. fa Keith Stone - First Love
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