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1o. 38min. fa 10 My Bucket's Got A Hole In It.mp3
4o. 50min. fa Muddy Waters & Bb King - 04 My Sweet Little Baby.mp3
7o. 58min. fa 09 Nobody Else.mp3
11o. 6min. fa Chris Cain [90][cuttin' Loose] 13 - Change Might Do Us Good.mp3
14o. 6min. fa 10 Anyone Can Move A Mountain.mp3
16o. 2min. fa Chris Cain [90][cuttin' Loose] 12 - I'm Going Through A Love Detox.mp3
17o. 38min. fa 07 Sam's Blues Sam 'the Man' Taylor.mp3
19o. 8min. fa Teddy Grace - You Don't Know My Mind.mp3
20o. 28min. fa 06 - Eyesight To The Blind.mp3
21o. 58min. fa 08 Mimosa.mp3
23o. 26min. fa 15 Rehab - Amy Winehouse.mp3
1g. 48min. fa 16. Blue Blood Blues (johnson).mp3
1g. 2o. 14min. fa Jimmy Bryant - Frettin' Fingers - Cd2 - 02 - Flippin' The Lid.mp3
1g. 3o. 16min. fa 47 - The Gettin' Paid Waltz.mp3
1g. 4o. 38min. fa 21 - Texas And Pacific.mp3
1g. 5o. 50min. fa 03 I Can't Get Started.mp3
1g. 7o. 10min. fa Teddy Grace & Bob Crosby - It's A Whole New Thing.mp3
1g. 8o. 36min. fa 08 - Girl From Ipanema.mp3
1g. 10o. 8min. fa Dick Siegel_a Little Pain Never Hurt_11_lay Of The Land.mp3
1g. 11o. 38min. fa 13 - Speckled Red - Take It Easy (19381217).mp3
1g. 13o. 8min. fa 06 We Just Keep On Groovin'.mp3
1g. 14o. 38min. fa 06 Please Send Me Someone To Love.mp3
1g. 16o. 10min. fa Dick Siegel_a Little Pain Never Hurt_06_can I Sing.mp3
1g. 17o. 36min. fa Jimmy Bryant - Frettin' Fingers - Cd2 - 20 - Peach Grove Express.mp3
1g. 18o. 46min. fa Teddy Grace - Dispossessed By You.mp3
1g. 19o. 56min. fa I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart - Hot Lips Page And His Band.mp3
1g. 21o. 10min. fa 02 Rush.mp3
1g. 22o. 28min. fa Teddy Grace & Bob Crosby - The Little Red Fox.mp3
1g. 23o. 56min. fa 07 - I Need You So Bad.mp3
2g. 1o. 26min. fa 2-23 Cold Blooded Woman [previously Unissued].mp3
2g. 2o. 50min. fa 03-you Can't Run Around.mp3
2g. 4o. 18min. fa 03 - One For The Masses.mp3
2g. 5o. 46min. fa Big Joe Duskin - Cincinnati Stomp - 13 - Betty And Dupree.mp3
2g. 7o. 28min. fa Chris Cain - Live At The Rep - 07 - Thunder Knocking On The Door.mp3
2g. 9o. 10min. fa 08 Let's Mambo.mp3
2g. 10o. 56min. fa 09 I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance.mp3
2g. 12o. 40min. fa 11 Leaving The Harrow.mp3
2g. 14o. 18min. fa 16 - I Didn't Know What Time It Was.mp3
2g. 15o. 58min. fa 13_ Up- You_ve Been Talkin_ _bout Me_ Baby.mp3
2g. 17o. 38min. fa 12-evenin'.mp3
2g. 19o. 8min. fa Muddy Waters & Bb King - 02 Instrumental With Muddy Intro.mp3
2g. 20o. 46min. fa 02 Black Velvet.mp3
2g. 22o. 18min. fa 07 - Pennies From Heaven.mp3
2g. 23o. 48min. fa 11 - Big Joe Duskin - Tender Hearted Woman.mp3
3g. 1o. 18min. fa 18 - Complete Recorded Works - Speckled Red - You Got To Fix It.mp3
3g. 2o. 40min. fa 6 Someday We'll Be Together.mp3
3g. 4o. 10min. fa 03 Blue Sermon.mp3
3g. 5o. 38min. fa 08 08 Island Shakedown.mp3
3g. 7o. 16min. fa 15 Rehab - Amy Winehouse.mp3
3g. 8o. 56min. fa 02 One O'clock Jump 1.mp3
3g. 10o. 40min. fa Teddy Grace & Mal Hallett - I've Got Rain In My Eyes.mp3
3g. 12o. 20min. fa 22 - You Don't See Into The Blues Like Me.mp3
3g. 13o. 48min. fa 10 My Bucket's Got A Hole In It.mp3
3g. 15o. 30min. fa 03 Thank You Jesus 1.mp3
3g. 17o. fa 08. Theme From ''shaft''.mp3
3g. 18o. 30min. fa 03 Spokey Dokey.mp3
3g. 19o. 58min. fa 07 I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good.mp3
3g. 21o. 28min. fa Dick Siegel_snap!_03_razzle-dazzle.mp3
3g. 22o. 46min. fa Teddy Grace - I'm Losing My Mind Over You.mp3
4g. 16min. fa 13 Scent Of Wisteria.mp3
4g. 1o. 36min. fa 10_ Up- Cantaloupe Island.mp3
4g. 2o. 56min. fa 05 Junko Partner.mp3
4g. 4o. 10min. fa 15 - I Don't Worry About A Thing.mp3
4g. 5o. 28min. fa Dick Siegel_snap!_08_chicago (cast Off Alone).mp3
4g. 6o. 48min. fa Teddy Grace & Bob Crosby - Happy Birthday To Love.mp3
4g. 8o. 10min. fa 08 Blues & Beyond.mp3
4g. 9o. 26min. fa 03-shoo Fly, Dont Bother Me.mp3
4g. 10o. 56min. fa 05-next Time You See Me.mp3
4g. 12o. 16min. fa 10 Blues Mongrel.mp3
4g. 13o. 22min. fa 05 Spill The Wine.mp3
4g. 14o. 26min. fa 06 - The Oogum Boogum Song.mp3
4g. 15o. 26min. fa 21 - Texas And Pacific.mp3
4g. 16o. 26min. fa 11 Colors Of Music.mp3
4g. 17o. 32min. fa 02 - Wherever I Am.mp3
4g. 18o. 28min. fa 08 Kidnapping Amy - Antonio Pinto.mp3
4g. 19o. 32min. fa 13 - Alvin 'red' Tyler - Hey Mama (take 4) 1961.mp3
4g. 20o. 30min. fa 06 - Big Joe Duskin - The Tribute.mp3
4g. 21o. 28min. fa Phil Upchurch - Darkness, Darkness - 09 - Sweet Chariot.mp3
4g. 22o. 28min. fa 03 - Speckled Red - Wilkins Street Stomp (19290922).mp3
4g. 23o. 28min. fa 23. Hot Fingers (johnson - Lang).mp3
5g. 28min. fa 01 - Bluesology.mp3
5g. 1o. 30min. fa 11 Seperacao Fotos - Antonio Pinto.mp3
5g. 2o. 28min. fa 10 September In The Rain.mp3
5g. 3o. 30min. fa 06-i Can't Understand.mp3
5g. 4o. 30min. fa Chris Cain -4- One This Fine Morning.mp3
5g. 5o. 32min. fa Teddy Grace & Mal Hallett - Life Of The Party.mp3
5g. 6o. 36min. fa 07 Space Lion.mp3
5g. 7o. 36min. fa 03 - One For The Masses.mp3
5g. 8o. 38min. fa 05 - Dexter Wansel - Disco Lights.mp3
5g. 9o. 36min. fa Carlos Del Junco & Thom 'champagne Charlie' Roberts - Big Road Blu...
5g. 10o. 38min. fa 15 Unforgettable.mp3
5g. 11o. 36min. fa Jimmy Bryant - Frettin' Fingers - Cd2 - 08 - Frettin' Fingers.mp3
5g. 12o. 38min. fa 10 Blues For J.b..mp3
5g. 13o. 40min. fa 01 - Speckled Red - House Dance Blues (19290922).mp3
5g. 14o. 42min. fa 07 Tears Dry On Their Own.mp3
5g. 15o. 40min. fa 02 One O'clock Jump 1.mp3
5g. 16o. 36min. fa 32 - Your Molecular Structure.mp3
5g. 17o. 42min. fa 03 I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sis.mp3
5g. 18o. 40min. fa 09 - Give Me The Night.mp3
5g. 19o. 42min. fa Chris Cain [90][cuttin' Loose] 02 - Everything You Do Is Just Righ.mp3
6g. 3o. 30min. fa 09 Did You Ever.mp3
6g. 4o. 32min. fa 01-heads Up.mp3
6g. 6o. 38min. fa Chris Cain - Live At The Rep - 01 - Good Evening Baby.mp3
6g. 16o. 52min. fa 16 Double-trouble Blues.mp3
6g. 21o. 32min. fa 10 Lift Every Voice.mp3
7g. 2o. 32min. fa 06 The Spaces In Between.mp3
7g. 4o. 38min. fa Teddy Grace - Gulf Coast Blues.mp3
7g. 9o. fa 03 Stephane Grapelli - Body And Soul 1st Version.mp3
7g. 15o. 40min. fa 12 Death Ray Brown.mp3
8g. 9o. fa 07-for All We Know.mp3
8g. 12o. 12min. fa 12 The Name Of The Wave - Antonio Pinto And Strange Cargo.mp3
8g. 17o. 26min. fa 04 The Stinker.mp3
9g. 7min. fa 04 Red's Blues Red Prysock.mp3
9g. 3o. 50min. fa 09 - My Funny Valentine.mp3
9g. 12o. 32min. fa 18 Six, Seven, Eight Or Nine.mp3
9g. 18o. 6min. fa Dick Siegel_a Little Pain Never Hurt_05_joshua.mp3
9g. 23o. 40min. fa 2-03 On The Sunny Side Of The Street.mp3
10g. 5o. 19min. fa 21 - Ball And Chain Blues.mp3
10g. 14o. 56min. fa 05 - Back To Black.mp3
10g. 15o. 50min. fa 12 - Sweet Woman Blues. Phil Upchurch.mp3
11g. 4o. 6min. fa Muddy Waters & Bb King - 10 I Know You Didn't Want Me.mp3
11g. 5o. fa 08_ Up- House Of The Rising Sun.mp3
11g. 6o. 52min. fa 09 Nothing Ever Was, Anyway.mp3
11g. 9o. 42min. fa 03 The Second Time Around.mp3
11g. 15o. 18min. fa 02 One O'clock Jump 1.mp3
11g. 17o. 6min. fa 06 - Bloodhound.mp3
11g. 18o. 2min. fa 06 - Seventh Heaven.mp3
11g. 19o. 48min. fa 08 Mimosa.mp3
11g. 20o. 40min. fa 10 Blue And Sentimental.mp3
11g. 21o. 36min. fa 01. Bluesiana Triangle - Heads Up.mp3

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