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14min. fa Advert Trigger:  - Calm Radio Multimixing
1o. 4min. fa Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - April In Paris
1o. 46min. fa Mel Torme - Lullaby Of Birdland
4o. 4min. fa Advert Trigger:  - New! Calm Radio Discount Codes
4o. 37min. fa Mel Torme, Gerry Mulligan And George Shearing - Blues In The Night
7o. 54min. fa Nat King Cole - Illusion
10o. 34min. fa Cleo Laine - Let The Music Take You
11o. 6min. fa Doris Day With Harry James & His Orchestra - Lullaby Of Broadway
11o. 37min. fa Ray Charles - I Want To Know
12o. 6min. fa Mel Torme - I'm Nothing Without You (you're Nothing Without ...
12o. 48min. fa Advert Trigger:  - Calm Radio Multimixing
13o. 26min. fa Peggy Lee - I Can See It Your Way
14o. 16min. fa Molly Johnson - Ooh Child,redemption Song
14o. 46min. fa Ray Charles - Honey, Honey
15o. 16min. fa Molly Johnson - Haunted
15o. 46min. fa Advert Trigger:  - New! Calm Radio Discount Codes
16o. 24min. fa Carmen Mcrae - Last Night When We Were Young
16o. 56min. fa Advert Trigger:  - New! Calm Radio Discount Codes
17o. 25min. fa Little' Jimmy Scott - Holding Back The Years
17o. 56min. fa Billie Holiday - What A Little Moonlight Can Do
18o. 24min. fa Chiara Civello - In Questi Giorni
18o. 55min. fa Nat King Cole - I Want A Little Girl
19o. 29min. fa Joe Pass - One Note Samba
19o. 58min. fa Peggy Lee - I Didn't Know What Time It Was
20o. 30min. fa Joyce Kwon Trio - The Artificial Sweetener
21o. 4min. fa Holly Cole - Timbuktu
21o. 36min. fa Patti Austin - Lady Be Good
22o. 4min. fa Advert Trigger:  - New! Calm Radio Discount Codes
22o. 36min. fa Dean Martin - You Belong To Me
23o. 5min. fa Nancy Wilson - In A Sentimental Mood
23o. 37min. fa Ella Fitzgerald - I Can't Give You Anything But Love
1g. 6min. fa Jacintha - Over The Rainbow
1g. 54min. fa Jacintha - Cry Me A River
1g. 1o. 24min. fa Cassandra Wilson - Melanin Song
1g. 2o. 15min. fa Advert Trigger:  - Calm Radio Multimixing
1g. 2o. 55min. fa Mel Torme - Too Close For Comfort
1g. 3o. 29min. fa Cleo Laine - Jeepers Creepers
1g. 4o. 7min. fa Caterina Valente - Bonjour, Kathrin
1g. 4o. 45min. fa Cassandra Wilson - Drunk As Cooter Brown
1g. 5o. 16min. fa Patti Austin - Swanee
1g. 5o. 59min. fa Mose Allison - What A Shame
1g. 6o. 30min. fa Advert Trigger:  - Calm Radio Multimixing
1g. 6o. 59min. fa Mel Torme - Three Little Words
1g. 7o. 34min. fa Lisa Ono - Nada Mais / Lately
1g. 8o. 1min. fa Chiara Civello - Isola
1g. 8o. 42min. fa Peggy Lee - Ridin' High
1g. 9o. 15min. fa Ella Fitzgerald - This Can't Be Love
1g. 9o. 56min. fa Ray Charles - Someday
1g. 10o. 37min. fa Little' Jimmy Scott - What Are They Doing In Heaven Today
1g. 12o. 26min. fa Peggy Lee - That Old Feeling
1g. 12o. 58min. fa Diana Krall - Popsicle Toes
1g. 14o. 15min. fa Carmen Mcrae - My Foolish Heart
1g. 14o. 45min. fa Chiara Civello - Un Passo Dopo L Altro
1g. 15o. 17min. fa Chet Baker - My Old Flame
1g. 15o. 48min. fa Peggy Lee - Basin Street Blues
1g. 16o. 37min. fa Norah Jones - Not Too Late
1g. 17o. 6min. fa Advert Trigger:  - New! Calm Radio Discount Codes
1g. 17o. 40min. fa Laura Fygi - Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
1g. 18o. 17min. fa Matt Monro - For All We Know
1g. 19o. 5min. fa Nat King Cole - You'll See
1g. 19o. 44min. fa Nancy Wilson - Day In, Day Out - (featuring Big Band All-stars)
1g. 20o. 19min. fa Advert Trigger:  - New! Calm Radio Discount Codes
1g. 21o. 14min. fa Lisa Ono - Falando De Amor
1g. 21o. 55min. fa Chet Baker - You Dont' Know What Love Is
1g. 22o. 54min. fa Advert Trigger:  - Calm Radio Multimixing
2g. 35min. fa Nancy Wilson - Reach Out For Me
2g. 1o. 24min. fa Nat King Cole - Just You, Just Me
2g. 1o. 55min. fa Dinah Washington - Blue Skies
2g. 2o. 36min. fa Carmen Mcrae - Inside A Silent Tear
2g. 3o. 6min. fa Frank Sinatra & Shirley Maclaine - Let's Do It (let's Fa...
2g. 3o. 46min. fa Advert Trigger:  - Calm Radio Multimixing
2g. 4o. 38min. fa Peggy Lee - I Don't Know Enough About You
2g. 5o. 24min. fa Ray Charles - Am I Blue
2g. 5o. 56min. fa Chet Baker - Let's Get Lost
2g. 6o. 25min. fa Lisa Ono - Ti Guardero Nel Cuore
2g. 7o. 5min. fa Advert Trigger:  - Calm Radio Multimixing
2g. 7o. 37min. fa Louis Armstrong - Savoy Blues
2g. 8o. 8min. fa Caterina Valente With Sy Olive - Flamingo
2g. 8o. 44min. fa Molly Johnson - Hes Got My Heart
2g. 9o. 19min. fa Advert Trigger:  - Calm Radio Multimixing
2g. 9o. 56min. fa Laura Fygi - Baby Come To Me
2g. 10o. 30min. fa Carla Normand - The Nearness Of You
2g. 12o. 18min. fa Ray Charles - Without Love (there Is Nothing)
3g. 8o. 27min. fa Billie Holiday - My Sweet
4g. 1o. 17min. fa Peggy Lee - The Christmas Riddle
4g. 1o. 35min. fa Peggy Lee - Don T Smoke In Bed
4g. 1o. 49min. fa Frank Sinatra - April In Paris
4g. 2o. 5min. fa Lena Horne - Frankie And Johnny
4g. 2o. 20min. fa Peggy Lee - How Insensitive (insensatez)
4g. 2o. 38min. fa Caroline Henderson - You Don't Believe Me
4g. 2o. 55min. fa Ray Charles - One Mint Julep
4g. 3o. 9min. fa Mel Torme, Gerry Mulligan And George Shearing - What Are You Doing The...
4g. 3o. 25min. fa Diana Krall - Garden In The Rain
4g. 3o. 42min. fa Caterina Valente - Rosen Sind Rot
4g. 3o. 58min. fa Carmen Mcrae & Dave Brubeck - When I Was Young
4g. 4o. 15min. fa Nancy Wilson - Blame It On My Youth - (featuring George Shearing)
4g. 4o. 29min. fa Advert Trigger:  - Calm Radio Multimixing
4g. 4o. 45min. fa Peggy Lee - You Can Have Him
4g. 5o. fa Peggy Lee - How Long Has This Been Going On
4g. 5o. 16min. fa Sarah Vaughan - Shulie A Bop
4g. 5o. 35min. fa Advert Trigger:  - Calm Radio Multimixing
4g. 5o. 49min. fa Johnny Hartman - Nobody Home
4g. 6o. 5min. fa Diana Krall - S'wonderful
4g. 6o. 19min. fa Nat King Cole - Marnie
4g. 6o. 37min. fa Peggy Lee & Benny Goodman & Tommy Dorsey Orchestra - Peggy Lee...
4g. 6o. 54min. fa Johnny Hartman - Violets For Your Furs
4g. 7o. 7min. fa Lisa Ono - Agua De Beber
4g. 7o. 24min. fa Cleo Laine - But Not For Me
4g. 7o. 39min. fa Janet Seidel - Tres Palabras
4g. 7o. 56min. fa Natalie Cole - Here's That Rainy Day
4g. 8o. 14min. fa Peggy Lee - Tain't Nobody's Bizness
4g. 8o. 28min. fa Advert Trigger:  - New! Calm Radio Discount Codes
4g. 8o. 45min. fa Dianne Reeves - Morning Has Broken
4g. 9o. fa Chantal Ranger - Signing Off
4g. 9o. 17min. fa Lisa Ono - (sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay
4g. 9o. 35min. fa Ella Fitzgerald - Five O'clock Whistle
4g. 9o. 49min. fa Nancy Wilson - American Wedding Song
4g. 10o. 5min. fa Carol Sloane - This Time The Dream's On Me
4g. 10o. 20min. fa Advert Trigger:  - Calm Radio Multimixing
4g. 10o. 38min. fa Tony Bennett & George Michael - How Do You Keep The Music Playing?
4g. 10o. 55min. fa Madeleine Peyroux - Between The Bars
4g. 11o. 8min. fa Nat King Cole - When It's Summer
4g. 11o. 25min. fa Advert Trigger:  - New! Calm Radio Discount Codes
4g. 11o. 41min. fa Peggy Lee - Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe
4g. 11o. 57min. fa Carmen Mcrae - The Right To Love
4g. 12o. 14min. fa Mel Torme And George Shearing - The Midnight Sun
4g. 12o. 29min. fa Peggy Lee - You're Blase
4g. 12o. 45min. fa Carmen Mcrae - Mr. Magic
4g. 13o. 1min. fa Peggy Lee - Life Is So Peculiar
4g. 13o. 17min. fa Lena Horne - Let Me Love You


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