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Radio Caprice - Chicago Blues

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43min. fa Peps Persson - Sail Off To Another Shore
1o. 28min. fa Buddy Guy - Every Got To Go
2o. 15min. fa Willie Kent & His Gents - Dirty Work Going On
3o. fa Pat Hall And The Fat Guys Band - Apolitical Blues
3o. 42min. fa Johnny Young's South Side Blues Band - I Got Mine In Time
4o. 24min. fa Easy Baby & His House Rockers - Good Morning, Mr. Blues
5o. 9min. fa Magic Slim - Let Me Love You
5o. 55min. fa Willie Mabon - Worry Blues
6o. 34min. fa Toronzo Cannon - You Made Me This Way
7o. 14min. fa Eddie Shaw - Since I Met You Baby
7o. 53min. fa Sonny Boy Williamson Ii - Keep It To Yourself
8o. 33min. fa Jimmy Rogers - Chance To Love
9o. 13min. fa Elmore James - My Bleedin Heart
9o. 52min. fa Otis Spann - Little Boy Blue
10o. 32min. fa Jimmy Rogers - That's All Right (featuring Eric Clapton)
11o. 11min. fa Muddy Waters - I Can't Be Satisfied
11o. 50min. fa Buddy Guy - Are You Losing Your Mind?
12o. 29min. fa Luther Allison - Playin' A Losing Game (duet With Bernard Allison)
13o. 10min. fa Lonnie Brooks - Hoodoo She Do
13o. 51min. fa Otis Rush - If You Were Mine
14o. 35min. fa Jimmy Dawkins - Bring It Back
15o. 18min. fa Luther Allison - Cut You A-loose
16o. 1min. fa Elmore James - Long Tall Woman
16o. 48min. fa Homesick James & Snooky Pryor - Tin Pan Alley (live)
17o. 30min. fa Elmore James - You Know You Done Me Wrong
18o. 12min. fa Johnny Young - Stealin'
18o. 54min. fa Vance Kelly - Blues Man
19o. 38min. fa Jimmie Lee Robinson - Chicago Jump
20o. 22min. fa Johnny B Moore - I'm Gonna Miss You
21o. 8min. fa Eddie Taylor - Find My Baby
21o. 53min. fa Vance Kelly - Members Only
22o. 40min. fa Buster Benton - My Friends Call Me Crazy
23o. 24min. fa Mike ''shrimp Daddy'' Reid - Messin' With My System
1g. 12min. fa J.b. Hutto - If You Change Your Mind
1g. 59min. fa Billy Boy Arnold - Baby Jane
1g. 1o. 43min. fa Otis Spann - My Home Is The Delta
1g. 2o. 24min. fa Alabama Mike - Look Here Baby
1g. 3o. 9min. fa Magic Slim - The Man You Need
1g. 3o. 49min. fa Johnny B. Moore - Kokomo Me Baby
1g. 4o. 30min. fa Eddie Taylor - Sittin' Here Thinkin'
1g. 5o. 9min. fa Muddy Waters - I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
1g. 5o. 49min. fa Matt ''guitar'' Murphy - I Remember
1g. 6o. 31min. fa Howard Tate - Question
1g. 7o. 10min. fa Otis Spann - Might Crazy
1g. 7o. 51min. fa Hound Dog Taylor - Phillip's Crawl
1g. 8o. 29min. fa Johnny Young - Heard My Doorbell Ring
1g. 9o. 8min. fa Jimmy Dawkins - Tribute To Orange
1g. 9o. 47min. fa Johnnie Mae Dunson - Big Boss Lady
1g. 10o. 22min. fa The Kilborn Alley Blues Band - The Breakaway
1g. 11o. 8min. fa Junior Wells - Hoodoo Man
1g. 11o. 47min. fa The Blues Brothers - Soul Man
1g. 12o. 25min. fa Son Seals - Now That I'm Down
1g. 13o. 5min. fa Tail Dragger - You Gotta Go
1g. 13o. 46min. fa Westside Andy - Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You
1g. 14o. 25min. fa The Little Red Rooster Blues Band - Back In Your Arms
1g. 15o. 2min. fa Mojo Watson - Palm Reader
1g. 15o. 45min. fa B.b. King - Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
1g. 16o. 23min. fa Bo Diddley - I'm A Man - 1955
1g. 17o. 2min. fa Andrew 'big Voice' Odom - I Made Up My Mind
1g. 17o. 41min. fa Chris Harper - Took Me A Long Time
1g. 18o. 19min. fa Titty Bar Tim Blues Band - Flathead Woman
1g. 19o. 1min. fa Mississippi Heat - Music Is My Life
1g. 19o. 41min. fa Son Seals - Bad Luck Child
1g. 20o. 21min. fa Byther Smith - Comin' Home
1g. 21o. 9min. fa Tenry Johns `the King Kong Roc - Rockin' & Rollin'
1g. 21o. 49min. fa Johnny Littlejohn - Feel Like Choppin'
1g. 22o. 28min. fa The Big Four Blues Band - Slipping And Sliding
1g. 23o. 5min. fa Nalle, Omar & Magic Slim - Country Girl
1g. 23o. 44min. fa John Primer - It Hurts Me Too
2g. 21min. fa Eddie C. Campbell - Alimony
2g. 1o. fa Little Walter And Otis Rush - I Got You (otis Rush)
2g. 1o. 40min. fa J. B. Hutto - Send Her Home To Me
2g. 2o. 19min. fa Chris Harper - Mojo Hand
2g. 2o. 58min. fa Homesick James - What Done Got Into That Woman
2g. 3o. 34min. fa Kilborn Alley - Couple Of Days (change My Ways)
2g. 4o. 15min. fa Jimmy Rogers - Pretty Baby [take 1]
2g. 4o. 53min. fa Homesick James & Snooky Pryor - Shake Your Money Maker
2g. 5o. 29min. fa Billy Boy Arnold - Half-a-pint
2g. 6o. 8min. fa Tail Dragger & His Chicago Blues Band - Prison Blues
2g. 6o. 42min. fa J. B. Hutto - Shy Voice
2g. 7o. 21min. fa Byther Smith - So Many Roads, So Many Trains
2g. 7o. 56min. fa Jimmy Rogers And Big Moose Walker - Last Time
2g. 8o. 31min. fa The Blues Brothers - I Don't Know
2g. 9o. 9min. fa Johnny Littlejohn - I Felt So Good
2g. 9o. 44min. fa Joe Mccoy - Evil Devil Woman Blues
2g. 10o. 20min. fa Johnny B Moore - Blues Medley
2g. 10o. 55min. fa Homesick James - Crossroads Years Ago (honeyboy Is A Friend Of Mine)
2g. 11o. 31min. fa Jimmy Reed - High And Lonesome
2g. 12o. 8min. fa Otis Spann - Wonder Why
2g. 12o. 45min. fa Muddy Waters - Hoochie Coochie Man (alternative Take)
2g. 13o. 21min. fa John Primer - Sweet As A Georgia Peach
2g. 13o. 59min. fa Valerie Wellington - Let The Good Times Roll
2g. 14o. 35min. fa Little Al Thomas & The Deep Down Fools - Cartoon Lover
2g. 15o. 13min. fa Eddie C. Campbell - Cha Cha In Blues
2g. 15o. 51min. fa Eddy Clearwater - Blast Off
2g. 16o. 30min. fa Buddy Guy - She Winked Her Eye
2g. 17o. 8min. fa Teddy Young And The Aces - Let's Start All Over Again
2g. 17o. 43min. fa Homesick James & Snooky Pryor - Nothin' But Trouble
2g. 18o. 20min. fa Chicago Blues Festival '70 - 38 Pistol
2g. 18o. 55min. fa Billy Boy Arnold - Blues In A Natural
2g. 19o. 35min. fa Lurrie Bell - Sit Down Baby
2g. 20o. 14min. fa Fenton Robinson - I've Changed
2g. 20o. 56min. fa The Blues Brothers - Groove Me
2g. 21o. 34min. fa Blues Queen Sylvia - I Love You
2g. 22o. 14min. fa The Kilborn Alley Blues Band - Soldier Blues
2g. 22o. 53min. fa Brewer Phillips - Poor Boy Blues
2g. 23o. 29min. fa Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Upset Man
3g. 7min. fa Sunnyland Slim - Worried About My Baby
3g. 42min. fa Edward Taylor - Dust My Broom
3g. 1o. 19min. fa Lorenzo Thompson, Jose Luis Pa - Caress Me Baby
3g. 1o. 54min. fa Jimmy Dawkins - I've Been Mistreated
3g. 2o. 26min. fa Billy Boy Arnold - You Got Me Wrong
3g. 3o. 1min. fa Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials - Moratorium On Hate
3g. 3o. 35min. fa Luther Allison - Drivin Wheel
3g. 4o. 10min. fa Jimmy Dawkins - Tru Love
3g. 4o. 43min. fa Live At Peppers Lounge Chicago - Peppers Other Thing
3g. 5o. 18min. fa Mississippi Heat - I Want To Know
3g. 5o. 52min. fa John Primer & The Real Deal Bluesband - Sittin' Here Waitin'
3g. 6o. 30min. fa Eddie Taylor - You're Gonna Look For Me (and I'll Be Hard To Find)
3g. 7o. 5min. fa Luther Allison - Luther's Blues
3g. 7o. 40min. fa The Blues Brothers - Big Bird
3g. 8o. 15min. fa Buddy Guy - 7 / 11
3g. 8o. 48min. fa Valerie Wellington - Baby What You Want Me To Do
3g. 9o. 21min. fa John Primer & The Real Deal Bluesband - Hold Me In Your Arms
3g. 11o. 4min. fa Jimmy Dawkins - Christmas Time Blues
3g. 11o. 38min. fa The Blues Brothers - Band Intro 2
3g. 15o. 9min. fa Deitra Farr - Bad Company
3g. 23o. 56min. fa Erwin Helfer - Make Me A Pallet On The Floor
4g. 2o. 23min. fa Homesick James - Farmer's Blues
4g. 12o. 38min. fa Nate Turner - I Woke Up This Morning

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