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3g. 10o. 39min. fa Ben Colder - Almost Persuaded
3g. 11o. 6min. fa 4 United - Don't Close Your Eyes
3g. 11o. 36min. fa The Sad Cafe - Eagles
3g. 12o. 5min. fa Sieben Tage, Sieben Nachte - Wolfgang Petry
3g. 12o. 34min. fa The Power Of Love
3g. 13o. 4min. fa Release Me - Engelbert Humperdinck
3g. 13o. 33min. fa Secret Love - Slim Whitman
3g. 13o. 59min. fa Tennesee Whiskey - Jason Boland
3g. 14o. 30min. fa Michael Holm - (i'd Love You To Want Me)baby, Du Bist Nicht Alleine
3g. 15o. 19min. fa The Wreck Of The John B - Kingston Trio
3g. 15o. 34min. fa Only You Can Love Me This Way - Keith Urban
3g. 15o. 50min. fa Jose Luis Perales Ł¦ Mocedades - Que Canten Los Ninos
3g. 16o. 4min. fa Wild Mountain Thyme - Marianne Faithfull
3g. 16o. 20min. fa Shenandoah - Jo Stafford
3g. 16o. 35min. fa Sweet Beulah Land - Ivan Parker
3g. 16o. 51min. fa What Am I Living For - Johnny Tillotson
3g. 17o. 6min. fa Over And Over - Nana Mouskouri
3g. 17o. 24min. fa The Night Has Turned Cold - Chris Norman
3g. 17o. 40min. fa High Noon - Frankie Laine
3g. 17o. 55min. fa Bokseren (the Boxer - Norway) - Finn Kalvik
3g. 18o. 11min. fa Be - Gregorian Chants
3g. 18o. 25min. fa Here There And Everywhere - Emmylou Harris
3g. 18o. 41min. fa Long Black Veil - Don Williams
3g. 18o. 56min. fa Voices - Chris Young
3g. 19o. 12min. fa Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain - Daniel O'donnell & Mary Duff
3g. 19o. 26min. fa Blanket On The Ground - Billie Jo Spears
3g. 19o. 42min. fa Barcelona - Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe
3g. 19o. 58min. fa Nashville Blues (live) - Cory Morrow
3g. 20o. 13min. fa All I Ask Of You - A. L. Webber
3g. 20o. 29min. fa Change The World - Eric Clapten
3g. 20o. 44min. fa Brad Paisley & Sarah Evans - New Again
3g. 20o. 59min. fa Pearly Shells - Burl Ives
3g. 21o. 15min. fa Where Have All The Flowers Gone? - Bobby Darin
3g. 21o. 31min. fa That's How Country Boy's Roll - Billy Currington
3g. 21o. 45min. fa Salvatore Adamo - Inch Allah
3g. 22o. 1min. fa I Just Want To Dance With You - John Prine/tamra Rosanes
3g. 22o. 16min. fa The Picture - Ricky Van Shelton
3g. 22o. 32min. fa Bobby Bare - The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan
3g. 22o. 46min. fa Will Ye No Come Back Again?/skye Boat Song - Andy Stewart
3g. 23o. 5min. fa Grau Zieht Der Nebel - Alexandra
3g. 23o. 21min. fa Only You - The Flying Pickets
3g. 23o. 36min. fa Hobo Heaven - Boxcar Willie
3g. 23o. 52min. fa Stealing Electricity - Tom Russell
4g. 6min. fa Liebelei - Milva
4g. 22min. fa Bronze, Silber Und Gold - Wolfgang Petry
4g. 37min. fa Say Goodbye To Hollywood - Billy Aerts/paul Overstreet
4g. 53min. fa Some Beach - Blake Shelton
4g. 1o. 9min. fa Traveller's Prayer - George Jones/sweethearts Of The Rodeo
4g. 1o. 23min. fa When You And I Were Young Maggie - Mitch Miller
4g. 1o. 39min. fa You're The Reason - Bles Bridges
4g. 1o. 54min. fa Danny Boy - Takahashi Mariko
4g. 2o. 10min. fa Unchained Melody - Bjorn Casapietra
4g. 2o. 24min. fa Garde-moi La Derni - Mort Shuman & Mike Brant
4g. 2o. 40min. fa Your Angel Steps Out Of Heaven - Smiley Bates
4g. 2o. 56min. fa Amazed - Lonestar
4g. 3o. 12min. fa Neil Young - Running Dry
4g. 3o. 26min. fa Elvira Madigan (denmark) - Lene Siel
4g. 3o. 42min. fa Kenny Chesney - Thank God I'm A Country Boy
4g. 3o. 58min. fa You're The Love I Wanna Be In - Jason Aldean
4g. 4o. 14min. fa Bring On The Rain (with Tim Mcgraw) - Jo Dee Messina/tim Mcgraw
4g. 4o. 30min. fa Darcy Farrow - Jancis Harvey
4g. 4o. 40min. fa Mother - Isla Grant
4g. 4o. 45min. fa Isla Grant - Lifes Storybook Cover
4g. 5o. fa I Wanna Take Forever Tonight - Peter Cetera & Crystal Bernars
4g. 5o. 17min. fa Home On The Range - Slim Whitman
4g. 5o. 32min. fa Amour Secret - Helene Sagara
4g. 5o. 47min. fa Beat Of Your Heart - Hayley Westenra
4g. 6o. 3min. fa Early Morning Rain - Gordon Lightfoot
4g. 6o. 19min. fa Die Frau Die Dich Liebt - Gitte Haenning
4g. 6o. 34min. fa My Father Knows What I Need - Betty Jean Robinson
4g. 6o. 50min. fa Pick Up The Phone - Fr David
4g. 7o. 5min. fa Save The Last Dance For Me - Dolly Parton -
4g. 7o. 21min. fa Everything I Know - Tracy Huang eŁeŁ
4g. 7o. 50min. fa Svila - Djogani
4g. 8o. 4min. fa Pogrijesit Cu - Dalibor Brun
4g. 8o. 20min. fa Torn Between Two Lovers - Connie Francis
4g. 8o. 36min. fa Tie A Yellow Ribon Around The Old Oak Tree - Don Gibson
4g. 8o. 52min. fa Do You Believe In Love - Chris Rea & Vargas Blues Band
4g. 9o. 6min. fa I Am Australian - Beccy Cole & Travis Collins
4g. 9o. 22min. fa Million Allyh Roz - Alla Pugacheva
4g. 9o. 37min. fa When A Child Is Born - Demis Roussos
4g. 9o. 53min. fa Always On My Mind - Willie Nelson
4g. 10o. 9min. fa You're So Vain - Carly Simon
4g. 10o. 23min. fa Fly, Fly Away - Torhild Nigar
4g. 10o. 39min. fa Natasha Dance - Chris De Burgh
4g. 10o. 55min. fa My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
4g. 11o. 11min. fa Susanna - Adriano Celentano
4g. 11o. 25min. fa Our Canon In 'd' - Aaron Angello
4g. 11o. 41min. fa Soldier's Gun - Stage Dolls
4g. 11o. 56min. fa Dreams - Van Helen
4g. 12o. 12min. fa Drive South - Suzy Bogguss
4g. 12o. 26min. fa Indian Reservation - Ccr
4g. 12o. 42min. fa Stand By Me - Sy Klopps Blues Band
4g. 12o. 57min. fa The Mavericks - Blue Moon
4g. 13o. 13min. fa Tamra Rosanes - Oh Lonesome Me (live)
4g. 13o. 29min. fa Slim Whitman --- What A Friend We Have In Jesus
4g. 13o. 43min. fa Many A Long & Lonesome Highway - Rodney Crowell
4g. 13o. 59min. fa One More Cup Of Coffee - Sertab Erener
4g. 14o. 14min. fa Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx
4g. 14o. 30min. fa Me T'aspro Mou Nantili - Nana Mouskouri
4g. 14o. 45min. fa Paul Evans & The Curls - Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Backseat
4g. 15o. fa Ca Sappelle Lamour - Elsa
4g. 15o. 16min. fa If You Go Away - Oscar Benton
4g. 15o. 31min. fa Folsom Prison Blues - Merle Haggard
4g. 15o. 46min. fa Always On My Mind - Joe Dolan
4g. 16o. 1min. fa Save The Last Dance For Me - Mixed Emotions
4g. 16o. 21min. fa Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone - Smokie
4g. 16o. 36min. fa Cambodia - Kim Wilde
4g. 16o. 52min. fa Tying Knots In The Devil's Tail - Michael Martin Murphy
4g. 17o. 7min. fa Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond
4g. 17o. 22min. fa White Night - Say You Say Me
4g. 17o. 38min. fa Knocking'on Heaven's Door - Ze Ramalho
4g. 17o. 53min. fa City Of New Orleans - John Prine
4g. 18o. 9min. fa Summer Wine - Shelley King
4g. 18o. 23min. fa Hand Across The Ocean - Dominic Kirwan
4g. 18o. 39min. fa It Hurts Me Too - Keb' Mo'
4g. 18o. 54min. fa Rhythm Of The Rain - Dan Fogelberg
4g. 19o. 10min. fa Your Wildest Dreams - The Moody Blues
4g. 19o. 24min. fa My Strongest Weakness - Wynonna Judd
4g. 19o. 40min. fa Isla Grant - Grandpa's Fiddle
4g. 19o. 56min. fa Augen Zu Und Durch - Wolfgang Petry
4g. 20o. 11min. fa Heidi Hauge - I'm So Afraid Of Loosing You Again
4g. 20o. 26min. fa Skye Boat Song - Glenn Ingram & Hi Five
4g. 20o. 41min. fa George Jones - Seven Spanish Angels
4g. 20o. 57min. fa You Are Not Alone - Alima
4g. 21o. 12min. fa Teddy Bear Song - Barbara Fairchild
4g. 21o. 27min. fa Minina Doce (sugar Sugar) - Fevers
4g. 21o. 42min. fa My Black Lady - Caesar
4g. 21o. 58min. fa Alla Fiera Dell'est - Angelo Branduardi
4g. 22o. 13min. fa Bellamy Brothers - For All The Wrong Reasons

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