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1min. fa The Meters - Ain't No Use
3o. 13min. fa Jp Blues Band - In The City
6o. 19min. fa The Nimmo Brothers - Waiting For My Heart To Fall
6o. 24min. fa Lee Thomas Band - Blues For Julia
6o. 31min. fa Willie Kent - A Man And The Blues
6o. 37min. fa Joe Taino - Cold Pillow
6o. 44min. fa Doug Macleod - Srv (for Stevie Ray)
6o. 54min. fa The Fat James Band - She's Gone
7o. 4min. fa Corey Stevens - It's Over
7o. 9min. fa Midnight Club Blues Band - Midnight
7o. 14min. fa Leszek Winder - Rock Me Now
7o. 23min. fa King King - You Stopped The Rain
7o. 28min. fa John Verity Band - Prove Your Love
7o. 35min. fa Jeff Liberman Project - Nothin' But The Blues
7o. 38min. fa Blues Radio - Blues Radio And Gary Spot
7o. 40min. fa Bas Paardekooper & The Blew Crue - Her Silent Cries
7o. 51min. fa Doug Macleod - Srv (for Stevie Ray)
7o. 55min. fa Doobie Twisters Featuring Woody Garrett - Stop
7o. 58min. fa Blues Wire - Neo Blues (part One)
8o. 3min. fa Billy Price & Fred Chapellier - Under The Influence
8o. 10min. fa Big Mike Griffin - Blues Will Never Die
8o. 15min. fa Albert King - I'll Play The Blues For You
8o. 23min. fa Albert Castiglia - Crying The Blues
8o. 28min. fa Alan Haynes - Everynight & Everyday
8o. 33min. fa 1960s Univox (bizarre) - Guitar Demo
8o. 38min. fa Aynsley Lister - Need Her So Bad (lister)
8o. 45min. fa Average Blues Band - Long Long Night
8o. 50min. fa Bryan Lee - Let Me Love You Tonight
8o. 53min. fa Mighty Sam Mcclain - Missing You
8o. 57min. fa Sean Webster Band - You Got To Know
9o. fa Michael Burks - The Sky Is Crying
9o. 12min. fa Mighty Joe Young - Big Talk
9o. 17min. fa Dave Thomas With Special Guest Wallace Coleman - Going To Cleveland
9o. 24min. fa Larry Miller - The Girl That Got Away
9o. 32min. fa Amar Sundy - This Morning
9o. 39min. fa Derrick Procell - Why I Choose To Sing The Blues
9o. 44min. fa Blues Radio - Elena Spot
9o. 45min. fa The Allman Brothers Band - Gambler's Roll
9o. 52min. fa Aunt Kizzy'z Boyz - All Along The Watchtower
9o. 59min. fa Johnny Dollar - If Loving You Is Wrong (i Don't Want To Do Right)
10o. 4min. fa Fred Chapellier - A Silent Room
10o. 9min. fa Howlin' Wolf - Smokestack Lightnin'
10o. 12min. fa Carson Downey Band - When The Blues Come To Take You Away
10o. 16min. fa Blues Radio - Matsumoto Blue Radio Spot
10o. 17min. fa Bernie Marsden - Place In My Heart
10o. 22min. fa Tommy Z - Old Love
10o. 29min. fa Kuddel Renner Blues Band - I Shall Be Released
10o. 34min. fa Ron Thompson & The Resistors - Magic Touch
10o. 37min. fa Jimmy Vivino And The Rekooperators - Birds Nest On The Ground
10o. 44min. fa The Sons Of The Blues - Have You Ever Loved A Woman
10o. 51min. fa The Mighty Jeremiahs - Revelator
10o. 53min. fa Shoutcast Server
10o. 54min. fa Floyd Lee - Got Love Now Waitin'
10o. 56min. fa Billy Lee And Bryce - Why Do I
10o. 58min. fa Shoutcast Server
10o. 59min. fa Memo Gonzalez & The Bluescasters - Greyhound
11o. 3min. fa Shoutcast Server
11o. 4min. fa Memo Gonzalez & The Bluescasters - Greyhound
11o. 8min. fa Shoutcast Server
11o. 9min. fa Jeanne Cashman - You've Got Just What It Takes
11o. 11min. fa Mo'indigo - 28 Days
11o. 14min. fa Double Dice - Ti-na-ni-na-nu
11o. 18min. fa Shoutcast Server
11o. 19min. fa 12 Bar Blues Band - The Blues Has Got Me
11o. 23min. fa Shoutcast Server
11o. 24min. fa 12 Bar Blues Band - The Blues Has Got Me
11o. 28min. fa Shoutcast Server
11o. 29min. fa Sven Zetterberg - The Flipside Of Blues
11o. 33min. fa Shoutcast Server
11o. 34min. fa Rory Gallagher - Do You Read Me
11o. 38min. fa Shoutcast Server
11o. 40min. fa Nick Moss & The Flip Tops - The Bishop
11o. 43min. fa Shoutcast Server
11o. 45min. fa Chuck Van Riper & Dave Thomas - Free To Go
11o. 48min. fa Shoutcast Server
11o. 50min. fa Steve Vai - For The Love Of God
11o. 53min. fa Shoutcast Server
11o. 55min. fa Paul Rose - All Along The Watchtower
12o. fa Julian Sas - Working Man's Blues
12o. 5min. fa Lucky Peterson & Andy Aledort - Not Guilty
12o. 11min. fa Back Door Slam - Gotta Leave
12o. 16min. fa Chris A. Special Blues - Special Blues With Chris Spot
12o. 18min. fa Rory Gallagher - What In The World
12o. 27min. fa Tim Brooks - Blind Willie Metell
12o. 33min. fa Blues Pills - The River
12o. 37min. fa T-bear & The Dukes - Church Blues
12o. 40min. fa Oda - I Got A Mind To Give Up Living (bonus)
12o. 46min. fa The Eric Street Band - Don't Turn Your Back On Me
12o. 53min. fa Gregg Young & The 2nd Street Band - Come Together
13o. 2min. fa Jonathan Ellison - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking Fo...
13o. 7min. fa Rollin' With It - Blind Man
13o. 12min. fa J.j. Cale - Cloudy Day (1980)
13o. 17min. fa Chris Play The Blues - Blues Radio And Chris Spot
13o. 18min. fa The Geoff Everett Band - Hole In My Life
13o. 22min. fa Steely Dan - What A Shame
13o. 27min. fa Colin James - Make A Mistake
13o. 32min. fa Jim Allchin - Healing Ground (feat. Keb' Mo')
13o. 35min. fa Wilson Pickett - Ninety-nine And A Half (won'..
13o. 38min. fa Tommy Castro - Ninety-nine And One Half
13o. 42min. fa The Mighty Reapers - Watch Yourself
13o. 47min. fa Rocky Athas - Mississippi Queen
13o. 49min. fa Chris A. Special Blues - Chris A. Special Blues And Rocky Athas Think ...
13o. 50min. fa Barkin Bill Smith - Wind Chill
13o. 55min. fa Big Bill Morganfield - Keep On Loving Me
14o. fa Bernie Marsden - Working For The C.s.a.
14o. 4min. fa Aunt Kizzy'z Boyz - Bad Girl
14o. 9min. fa Andy T Band - Mudslide
14o. 12min. fa Back Door Slam - Gotta Leave
14o. 14min. fa Corey Stevens - Blue Drops Of Rain
14o. 19min. fa Otis Grand - Satan's Blues
14o. 27min. fa Michael Fuller - Been Down So Long
14o. 34min. fa King King (feat. Alan Nimmo) - All Your Life
14o. 37min. fa Blues Radio - Blues Radio And Country Joe & The Fish Spot
14o. 39min. fa Zaikos Elias - Whishbone (e. Zaikos)
14o. 51min. fa Terri & The T-bones - Prison Blues
14o. 59min. fa Robert Cray - I Shiver
15o. 6min. fa Greg Pearle & John Illsley - Secret Garden
15o. 9min. fa Jeff Chapman - Got To Move
15o. 14min. fa Blues Radio - Blues Radio And Collins Mix Spot
15o. 16min. fa The Nave Blues - Thank You
15o. 21min. fa The Bluesmen - Elegant Blues
15o. 26min. fa Rebecca Downes - Its That Easy
15o. 30min. fa Scuttle Buttin' - Tin Pan Alley
15o. 38min. fa Blues Package - The Weight
15o. 42min. fa Rudy Rotta & Friends - St. James Infirmery
15o. 48min. fa Trond Olsen Band - When The Morning Comes
15o. 51min. fa Chuck Alvarez - Worried Life Blues
15o. 58min. fa Bobby Mack - Sooner Or Later
16o. 3min. fa Billy Tk Jnr & The Groove Shakers - Stevies Good Night Blues
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