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Theophony is a non-commercial, Free to Air media, broadcasting the love of Jesus through music. We do not generate revenue in any form.
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      • Quest: Theophony Ministries
      • Theophony FM radio is a 24hour mix of different genres and styles of music. The station plays all the songs you love, while striving to keep up with the demands of its listeners pace. Their mission is to compliment, enhance, and serve the overall ministries of the church and work through audio to glorify the Lord. Through Theophony FM they want to serve the lord with the gifts and talents that he has granted unto us. Theophony FM brings you the best songs from across the world to let you listen and become one with the lord. Tune into theophony FM and listen to the worship songs of our lord Jesus Christ. Programs include talk, information, message, music and songs on Christ and his teachings.Through this they seek to serve ministry through media and technology to help facilitate and bring people to know Jesus and helppeoplegrow in Jesus.God guided them to change our format of worship from church to radio station. They were happy to expand their ministry and share the glory of Christ with the nations. They changed their format to include more prayer, more scripture and extended times of worship and songs. Also Theophony FM began to invite people into their place to give them chance to talk about God and come across the Living God. They currently have thousands of people from across nations listening on-air and online. God has given them revelation of rising up even more worshipers. The team in Theophony FM prays together and helps people understand God better. They believe that
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