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Che ha giocato alla radio:  Ambient Sleeping Pill
22min. fa Shinobu Nemoto - Trip 11
1o. 18min. fa Bengalfuel - October
2o. 9min. fa Christopher Sisk - Light 03
3o. fa Christopher Sisk - The Water In The Wind
3o. 52min. fa Opaline - Watching A Glowing Horizon Bend With Earth
4o. 44min. fa Between Interval - Autumn Continent 1
5o. 38min. fa Phillip Wilkerson - Interplay
6o. 30min. fa Boris Lelong - Conception
7o. 20min. fa Chihei Hatakeyama & Hakobune - Vibrant Color
8o. 12min. fa Shinobu Nemoto - Trip 7
9o. 8min. fa Olan Mill - Eye's Closed (for Rube)
10o. 1min. fa Ambienteer - Moonfall
10o. 54min. fa Pausal - Lapsing
11o. 49min. fa Altus - Innerspace Outermind
12o. 41min. fa Bubble - Enoch
13o. 37min. fa David Helpling & Jon Jenkins - The Same Sky
14o. 30min. fa Forest Management - Natural Light
15o. 23min. fa Fourth - Echoes
16o. 14min. fa Matthew Barlow - The First Strands Of Galactic Formation (excerpt)
17o. 9min. fa Pausal - Midshipman
17o. 59min. fa Cylon - Vi
18o. 49min. fa Tonepoet - Gone Today, Here Tomorrow
19o. 40min. fa Easychord - High Goals
20o. 31min. fa Hakobune - Nebulous Sequence 12
21o. 27min. fa Good Weather For An Airstrike - Theroux
22o. 20min. fa Igneous Flame & Ensueno - Immaculate
23o. 11min. fa Yellow6 & Caught In The Wake Forever - The Slow Manipulation Of Dy...
1g. 2min. fa Kwajbasket - End Of The Line
1g. 54min. fa Creation Vi -
1g. 1o. 47min. fa Dpls - Formations In Sequence
1g. 2o. 39min. fa Sana Obruent - Tristis Est, Et Periit, Et ...
1g. 3o. 29min. fa Jannick Schou - Part Ii (session 1)
1g. 4o. 20min. fa Bing Satellites - Angel Of The North
1g. 5o. 11min. fa Nobuto Suda - From The Crack Of The Folded Shadow
1g. 5o. 59min. fa Saito Koji - Music
1g. 6o. 50min. fa Nobuto Suda - Biting The Dream
1g. 7o. 39min. fa Cylon - Vi
1g. 8o. 33min. fa Between Interval - Autumn Continent 1
1g. 9o. 26min. fa Darren Harper - Sixth Passage (reprise)
1g. 10o. 18min. fa Darwin Raymond - A Summer Embrace
1g. 11o. 7min. fa Bing Satellites - Maple Leaf (part 2)
1g. 11o. 59min. fa Celer - This Thinking Globe Exploding
1g. 12o. 50min. fa Darren Harper - Second Passage
1g. 13o. 40min. fa Willamette - Buried Presidents
1g. 14o. 30min. fa Manual - The River
1g. 15o. 21min. fa The Lovely Moon - Figures On The Beach
1g. 16o. 10min. fa Coldstream - 10, 11, 9
1g. 17o. fa Celer & Hakobune - Merges Of Hysterical Exhilaration
1g. 17o. 50min. fa Altus - Innerspace Outermind
1g. 18o. 40min. fa Blank Embrace - Soft Skin
1g. 19o. 30min. fa Kwajbasket - Where Is Everyone
1g. 20o. 20min. fa Christopher Sisk - Complex Symbioses 1
1g. 21o. 11min. fa Mosca - Brand New Polaroid
1g. 22o. fa Shinobu Nemoto - Trip 7
1g. 22o. 8min. fa Shinobu Nemoto - Trip 7
1g. 22o. 48min. fa Christopher Sisk - A Moment Of Years
1g. 23o. 9min. fa Christopher Sisk - A Moment Of Years
1g. 23o. 38min. fa Altus - Silver Shores
2g. 27min. fa Manual With Jess Kahr - Ica
2g. 1o. 16min. fa Lee Rosevere - The Ambient Ukulele
2g. 2o. 8min. fa Wings Of An Angel - Lightworkers Are Us
2g. 2o. 58min. fa Reverberant Evenings - An Higher View
2g. 3o. 45min. fa Bored Man Ganesh - Entlang I
2g. 4o. 36min. fa Wouter Veldhuis - A Shift Of Attention Across Lines, Colors And Patter...
2g. 5o. 26min. fa Andrew Thomas - Fearsome Jewel (5)
2g. 6o. 12min. fa Easychord - Lester
2g. 7o. 4min. fa Sana Obruent - Intermission...
2g. 7o. 54min. fa Love Spirals Downwards - Sunset Bell
2g. 8o. 42min. fa Christopher Sisk - The Water In The Wind
2g. 9o. 32min. fa Hakobune - At The Gilgai
2g. 10o. 20min. fa Hakobune - Nebulous Sequence 10
2g. 11o. 12min. fa Matthew Barlow - The First Strands Of Galactic Formation (excerpt)
2g. 12o. 3min. fa Sleepy Town Manufacture - Hello And Goodbye
2g. 12o. 53min. fa Hakobune - Seamless And Here
2g. 13o. 44min. fa Nobuto Suda - Acceptance
2g. 14o. 34min. fa Celer - Delaying The Entropy; In Emptiness, Forms Are Born
2g. 15o. 25min. fa Altus - For All Time
2g. 16o. 19min. fa Popnoname - Hafen
2g. 17o. 13min. fa Melton - Precursors
2g. 18o. 7min. fa Altus - Cluster Of Galaxies
2g. 19o. fa Hirotaka Shirotsubaki - Ashtray
2g. 19o. 52min. fa Good Weather For An Airstrike - Frozen In Thought
2g. 20o. 45min. fa Christopher Sisk - Eaorae
2g. 21o. 37min. fa Kwajbasket - The Long Way Out
2g. 22o. 31min. fa Olan Mill - An Obedient Ear
2g. 23o. 25min. fa Phillip Wilkerson - Toward Paradise
3g. 19min. fa Hakobune - Nebulous Sequence 1
3g. 1o. 13min. fa Phillip Wilkerson - As Lost As You'll Find
3g. 2o. 5min. fa Kwajbasket & Gimu - Soot & Foliage
3g. 2o. 57min. fa Kwajbasket - Freqzcks
3g. 3o. 47min. fa Strom Noir - Tao Tao
3g. 4o. 41min. fa Cylon - Ii
3g. 5o. 35min. fa Purl - Desolate Summer Asphalt Schoolyard
3g. 6o. 26min. fa Hakobune - When It Arrives
3g. 7o. 19min. fa Hakobune - Catenary
3g. 8o. 12min. fa Hakobune - Tonight Is Why
3g. 9o. 5min. fa Memor - (fin D'hiver) Beautifully, It Was Cold
3g. 9o. 55min. fa Reverberant Evenings - Born In Heaven / Twice In The River
3g. 10o. 48min. fa Phillip Wilkerson - Another Light
3g. 11o. 43min. fa Hakobune - Sazanami
3g. 12o. 36min. fa David Tagg - Pentecost 1
3g. 13o. 34min. fa Radere - Of Air-borne Grace & Finality
3g. 14o. 30min. fa Microvolt - Thine Heart Take Wing (beyond Reach Mix)
3g. 15o. 23min. fa Chihei Hatakeyama & Hakobune - Vibrant Color
3g. 16o. 18min. fa Bruno Sanfilippo - Divine Moments
3g. 17o. 9min. fa Eternell - Gray Havens
3g. 18o. 3min. fa Kyle Bobby Dunn - Runge's Last Stand
3g. 18o. 57min. fa Shinobu Nemoto - Trip 1
3g. 19o. 51min. fa Hammock - We Will Say Goodbye To Everyone
3g. 20o. 46min. fa Hakobune - Watching The Prescribed Burn
3g. 21o. 40min. fa Altus - Sodium Glow
3g. 22o. 35min. fa Hakobune - Whispering In Their Presence
3g. 23o. 29min. fa Igneous Flame - Jetstream
4g. 22min. fa Kwajbasket - Yhnd9mnf 2
4g. 1o. 18min. fa Christopher Sisk - The Last Days Of September
4g. 2o. 12min. fa Listening Mirror - There Are No Stars
4g. 3o. 8min. fa Poemme - Clouds Of Breath
4g. 4o. 2min. fa Thomas Fehlmann - Treatment
4g. 4o. 54min. fa Phillip Wilkerson - Sapphire And Shadows
4g. 5o. 49min. fa Fabio Orsi - Treffen Am Cafe Chagall
4g. 6o. 44min. fa Forest Management - Cathartique
4g. 7o. 39min. fa Forest Management - The Thinker's Reasoning
4g. 8o. 31min. fa Porya Hatami & Lee Anthony Norris - Strand
4g. 9o. 23min. fa Hakobune - Aerodrome
4g. 10o. 17min. fa Purl - Drown In Love
4g. 11o. 13min. fa Forrest Fang - A Silver Season
4g. 12o. 8min. fa Forest Management - Delay _ Response
4g. 13o. 1min. fa Easychord - Lester
4g. 13o. 58min. fa Bengalfuel - Leaf Bed
4g. 14o. 50min. fa Altus - Let Every Doubt Pass By

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