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Dogglounge Deep House Radio

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city: Miami
Generi: deep house electronic
Dogglounge Deep House Radio
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Dogglounge Deep House Radio

Internet radio streaming an international blend of eclectic soulful and deep house music featuring live DJ
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55min. fa Barbq - Deep In Motion - Nestora's In Motion Mix
1o. 54min. fa Toucan - Subzz
2o. 54min. fa Carloscres - Jetlag (thomas Stiller Remix)
3o. 55min. fa Kelvin K - Black Music
4o. 54min. fa Crazy P - Clouds (original Mix)
5o. 53min. fa Kaiserdisco - Chordalia - Original Mix
6o. 53min. fa Harley & Muscle - Deep Unity - Original Mix
7o. 23min. fa Ross Couch - Path To Shaolin - Original Mix
7o. 53min. fa Kingsley - Late Night Lounge
8o. 38min. fa Mocalitic - The First One
8o. 55min. fa Milton Jackson - 1998
9o. 54min. fa Dan Berkson, James What - We Search For Answers (original Mix)
10o. 55min. fa Grant Nalder - Sunshine
11o. 4min. fa Native New Yorkers - Another Day
11o. 59min. fa Sir Stewart, The Boss Tweed - Respect Yourself - Lucas Keizer Remix
12o. 6min. fa Scope - Toronto - Original Mix
12o. 56min. fa Don Carlos - Alone (paradise Version)
13o. 56min. fa System Of Survival - Italia 1990 (nima Gorji Remix)
14o. 57min. fa System Of Survival - Italia 1990 (nima Gorji Remix)
15o. 57min. fa Untitled Orchestra - It's Never Forever
16o. 11min. fa Vincenzo - Sometimes Saturday (tom Middleton Remix)
17o. fa Ananda Project - Breaking Down (louie Vega's Unreleased Mix)
17o. 34min. fa Danny Stott - Kyoto - Ross Couch Remix
18o. 1min. fa Istra Tec & Cosmin Dias - Calabrese
19o. 3min. fa Oriola 701 - Magical Mystical (the Timewriter Remix)
19o. 33min. fa Information Ghetto - Information-ghetto-inspiration
20o. 3min. fa Fabien Kamb - Free (original Mix)
21o. 2min. fa Deviate - Thugs Need Luv2 (alluv)
22o. 4min. fa Cosmic Belt - Do You Feel Alright Feat. Ella Story - Dubstramental
23o. 3min. fa Antidote - Eclipse (spiritchaser Remix)
1g. 4min. fa Daniela La Luz - And I Say Yes, I Want (dub Edit)
1g. 1o. 5min. fa Steve Froggatt - Shoulder Droppin (original Mix)
1g. 2o. 4min. fa Pablo Bolivar - Again (tommy Largo Remix)
1g. 3o. 3min. fa Death On The Balcony - Past Midnight - Original Mix
1g. 4o. 3min. fa Savannah Feat Chezere - The Right Time (troublemen Remix)
1g. 5o. 3min. fa Kerri Chandler - Digital Love Affair - Original Mix
1g. 6o. 3min. fa Spirit Catcher - Under Elvis (mr G King)
1g. 7o. 3min. fa G Spice, Nicholas J Bumbaris - Deep In Chicago (original Mix)
1g. 8o. 4min. fa Sugar Hill - Help Me To Remember (original Mix)
1g. 9o. 7min. fa Delano Smith - Untitled (remix Delano Smith)
1g. 9o. 9min. fa Delano Smith - Untitled (remix Delano Smith)
1g. 9o. 37min. fa Playin' 4 The City Ft. Janice Leca - Show Me Love (mike L & O. Portal'...
1g. 10o. 11min. fa Soul Deluxe Featuring Kareem - Free At Last (kerri Chandler Remix)
1g. 10o. 17min. fa Office Gossip - Little Black Number (original)
1g. 11o. 13min. fa Phil Hootin - When You Think Your All Alone (all That Jazz Mix)
1g. 12o. 17min. fa Phonic Funk - I Want You - Original Mix
1g. 13o. 16min. fa Stephen J. Kroos - Numb (forteba Remix)
1g. 13o. 21min. fa Evan Iff - Faith & Trust (michelle Owen Remix)
1g. 14o. 21min. fa Spiritchaser - Not Far - Vinyl Edit
1g. 15o. 22min. fa Tala - Come Back (original Mix)
1g. 16o. 25min. fa Phonique - Pascal (soul Vocal Mix)
1g. 17o. 24min. fa Gorge - Not The Way (original Mix)
1g. 18o. 24min. fa Audioguys - All Your Love - Soulful Detroit Mix
1g. 19o. 26min. fa Soul Factory - Another Way - Original Mix
1g. 20o. 4min. fa Mixtresh - Man (original Mix)
1g. 20o. 6min. fa Kelvin K - Black Music
1g. 20o. 13min. fa Nathan G - Diamonds In The Sky (original Mix)
1g. 20o. 16min. fa Crazy P - Clouds (original Mix)
1g. 20o. 21min. fa Moe Turk - Open Minded (christian Cardwell's Piano Remix)
1g. 20o. 25min. fa Moe Turk - Open Minded (christian Cardwell's Piano Remix)
1g. 20o. 29min. fa Kerri Chandler - Tomorrow - Original Mix
1g. 20o. 36min. fa Shiny Pulp - Bot (original Mix)
1g. 20o. 43min. fa Pete Gust - Nightlife - Original Mix
1g. 20o. 46min. fa Universal Solution - Salford Salsa (dj Meri Liquatech Rub)
1g. 20o. 56min. fa The Disclosure Project - Breathing Space (harold Heath Remix)
1g. 21o. 1min. fa Domestic Science - Galactic Love (original Mix)
1g. 21o. 10min. fa Golf Clap - On To You (kinky Movement Remix)
1g. 21o. 16min. fa Audiowhores, Stee Downes - Facts Feat. Stee Downes (noir's Raw Club Cu...
1g. 21o. 23min. fa The Rurals - Complicated - Original Mix
1g. 22o. 25min. fa Playmaker - Supersoul - Original Mix
1g. 23o. 28min. fa Deeper Sublime, Krapan - Je Taime (original Mix)
2g. 32min. fa Mixtresh - Man (original Mix)
2g. 1o. 33min. fa Barbq - Deep In Motion - Nestora's In Motion Mix
2g. 2o. 36min. fa Pingo And Bobby - The Hamptons (original)
2g. 3o. 41min. fa Ph-7 - Gave You My Love (original Mix)
2g. 4o. 42min. fa Tony Thomas - Roots - George V Remix
2g. 5o. 43min. fa Gurhan - White Rabbit (original Mix)
2g. 6o. 43min. fa Kikis - Sun Dance
2g. 7o. 44min. fa Echologist - Dub-minded - 12am Mix
2g. 8o. 14min. fa Echologist - Dub-minded - 12am Mix
2g. 9o. 16min. fa Echologist - Dub-minded - 12am Mix
2g. 9o. 57min. fa Kevin Yost - If She Only Knew - Original Mix
2g. 10o. 32min. fa Rogerio Martins - I'll Bring Ya Home (original Mix)
2g. 10o. 43min. fa Gorge - Ayomide - Kenquo Remix
2g. 11o. 43min. fa Dactilar - Inside The Core (pablo Bolivar Deep School Mix)
2g. 12o. 41min. fa From P60 - Realize
2g. 13o. 43min. fa Rob-in - The World As A Dream
2g. 14o. 16min. fa Conrad Greggor - U1 (original Mix)
2g. 14o. 43min. fa Tosca - Joe Si Ha - Spirit Catcher Remix
2g. 15o. 43min. fa Nacho Riveros - Messenger (original Mix)
2g. 16o. 43min. fa D-fected - 2 (insignificant Noize Remix)
2g. 17o. 46min. fa D-fected - 2 (insignificant Noize Remix)
2g. 18o. 47min. fa D-fected - 2 (insignificant Noize Remix)
2g. 19o. 51min. fa Stan Kolev - Troubled (croatia Squad Remix)
2g. 20o. 53min. fa Office Gossip - Little Black Number (original)
2g. 21o. 51min. fa Dr Drummer - Discomotion - Original Mix
2g. 22o. 51min. fa Walker & Royce - Connected
2g. 23o. 50min. fa Jebstone Boppman - A Minor Swing
3g. 49min. fa Kyka - Where The Sun Always Smiles
3g. 1o. 53min. fa Terry Lee Brown Junior - Stereopsis
3g. 2o. 53min. fa Glenn Underground - Society Rules (original Mix)
3g. 3o. 55min. fa Harley & Muscle - Deep Roots (original Mix)
3g. 4o. 52min. fa Shur-i-kan - Kissing (harold Heath Remix)
3g. 5o. 51min. fa Affkt - Jakla (gorge Remix)
3g. 6o. 52min. fa Universal Solution - Sentient (original Mix)
3g. 7o. 50min. fa Goknil Gokmen - Pebbles - Edit
3g. 8o. 50min. fa Chris Lum, Jay-j - Freaks Like Us - Jay-j's Freakin' It Dub
3g. 9o. 48min. fa Tom Middleton - Hypnotizer - Original Mix
3g. 10o. 13min. fa Tosca - Joe Si Ha - Spirit Catcher Remix
3g. 10o. 16min. fa Soul Motive - Skies The Limit (original)
3g. 10o. 25min. fa Jean Thibault - Soir Bleu - Original Mix
3g. 10o. 30min. fa Plej - Exformation - Original Mix
3g. 10o. 45min. fa Milton Jackson, Droido - Long Circuit - Original Mix
3g. 11o. 44min. fa Brs - Lovin' Me - Dubtribe Soundsytem Remix
3g. 12o. 18min. fa Dubtribe Sound System - Do It Now - Tom Middleton's Cosmos Deep Dub
3g. 12o. 43min. fa Sound Club Mafia - Big City Lights (original Mix)
3g. 13o. 39min. fa Nosak, Danielle Freeman - Everything (original Instrumental)
3g. 14o. 36min. fa Soul Emphasis - Our Time - Original Mix
3g. 15o. 36min. fa Live Broadcast - The Nova Casa Jazz Sessions With Jemaho
3g. 15o. 42min. fa Live Broadcast - The Nova Casa Jazz Sessions With Jemaho
3g. 16o. 38min. fa Live Broadcast - The Nova Casa Jazz Sessions With Jemaho
3g. 17o. 33min. fa Ananda Project - Breaking Down (louie Vega's Unreleased Mix)
3g. 18o. 16min. fa Sebastian Arevalo - Sunny Afternoon
3g. 18o. 31min. fa Peter Clamat, Annette Sihler - A Horse (original Mix)
3g. 19o. 31min. fa Soularis Feat. Mandy Edge - I Told You (jay-j And Vincent Kwok Mixes A...
3g. 20o. 3min. fa Andrew Hosey - Deep Moods (original Mix)
3g. 20o. 29min. fa Ehrz - Birds Like Lips (brendon Moeller Vinyl Dub Remix)
3g. 21o. 27min. fa Scott Watson - Side Effect - Original Mix
3g. 21o. 35min. fa Cerrone Ft Nile Rodgers - The Only One (club Mix)
3g. 21o. 44min. fa Sascha Sonido - El Gaucho

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