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Melodic Death Metal
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3min. fa Epsilon - Ein Zarter Hauch Von Menschlichkeit
17min. fa Pain Confessor - Lake Of Regret
32min. fa Hedon - Awaiting The Demons
47min. fa Immortal Souls - Cold Streets
1o. 2min. fa In Slumber - Sworn
1o. 16min. fa Dark Flood - To Reach For The Ground
1o. 31min. fa Scar Symmetry - Dreaming 24-7
1o. 46min. fa Shaded Enmity - One Way Out
2o. fa Engel - Heartsick
2o. 15min. fa Kalmah - My Nation
2o. 29min. fa Frequency - Fast Forward
2o. 44min. fa Reality Grey - Burn The Sky
2o. 58min. fa In Mourning - Fire And Ocean
3o. fa In Mourning - Fire And Ocean
3o. 3min. fa Orpheus - Societies Of Steel
3o. 7min. fa Baptized In Blood - Go It Alone
3o. 10min. fa Deathless - Years Later
3o. 13min. fa Deathless - Years Later
3o. 15min. fa Arch Enemy - Lament Of A Mortal Soul
3o. 19min. fa Incordia - The Dark Stream
3o. 25min. fa Ablaze My Sorrow - Ad Libtium
3o. 27min. fa Engel - I'm The One
3o. 28min. fa Engel - I'm The One
3o. 32min. fa Blasphemist - Pervading
3o. 37min. fa Children Of Bodom - Morrigan
3o. 42min. fa Strained Nerve - This Is What You Need
3o. 45min. fa 05. - Pretend
3o. 50min. fa Dawn Of Tears - Cadent Beating
3o. 57min. fa Dreamshade - The World In My Hands
3o. 58min. fa Dreamshade - The World In My Hands
4o. 1min. fa Children Of Bodom - In Your Face
4o. 5min. fa Buried Dreams - Illnamiqui
4o. 6min. fa Insomnium - Under The Plaintive Sky
4o. 11min. fa Inner Beauty - Berharap Kembali
4o. 15min. fa Inner Beauty - Berharap Kembali
4o. 16min. fa Feared - Dygder
4o. 18min. fa Souldrainer - First Row In Hell
4o. 21min. fa Suidakra - Mag Mell
4o. 25min. fa This Ending - Into Pain
4o. 28min. fa This Ending - Into Pain
4o. 30min. fa Deals Death - Concrete Conflict
4o. 33min. fa Serpentia - Plans Change
4o. 35min. fa Soilwork - The Ride Majestic (aspire Angelic)
4o. 40min. fa Dark Tranquillity - Auctioned
4o. 43min. fa Dark Tranquillity - Auctioned
4o. 47min. fa Dark Tranquillity - On Your Time
4o. 52min. fa Insomnium - Decoherence
4o. 57min. fa Immortal Souls - Painweighted
5o. 12min. fa Norther - Mirror Of Madness
5o. 26min. fa Orpheus - Common Enemy
5o. 41min. fa Nothing Remains - Trespassing
5o. 56min. fa Ablaze In Hatred - A Walk Through The Silence
6o. 10min. fa Nightrage - Descent Into Chaos
6o. 26min. fa Igneous Human - Redemption
6o. 45min. fa The Void - Disarm The Boogeyman
7o. fa Suidakra - And The Giants Dance...
7o. 15min. fa Darkest Horizon - The Hourglass
7o. 30min. fa Mors Principium Est - The Colours Of The Cosmos
7o. 46min. fa Darkmoon - Far From Heaven
8o. fa In Element - So Dust We Are
8o. 16min. fa Insomnium - The Primeval Dark
8o. 32min. fa Deadend In Venice - Devolution Of The Crown
8o. 47min. fa The Absence - Maelstrom
9o. 3min. fa Marionette - Your Hands
9o. 17min. fa Omnium Gatherum - The Return
9o. 32min. fa This Cold Life - Archetypes Of A New Breed
9o. 46min. fa Celestis - December's Lament
10o. fa Snatched Cord - Intention
10o. 16min. fa Aephanemer - Memento Mori
10o. 30min. fa Amon Amarth - The Mighty Doors Of The Speargod's Hall
10o. 45min. fa Kalmah - Seventh Swamphony
10o. 59min. fa Devildriver - Tirades Of Truth
11o. 15min. fa Bloodstained Ground - Yersinia Pestis
11o. 29min. fa Siegewyrm - On The Precipice
11o. 44min. fa Blind Stare - The List
11o. 57min. fa Amon Amarth - Once Sealed In Blood
12o. 13min. fa Non Divine Sun - Dark Solution
12o. 27min. fa Suidakra - Revenant
12o. 56min. fa Decadawn - Everblack
13o. 10min. fa Nidhoeggr - Eure Hoheit
13o. 25min. fa Valtari - Dying Light
13o. 39min. fa Your Last Wish - Abstract Reality
13o. 54min. fa Norther - Chasm(remix)
14o. 7min. fa Immortal Souls - Blue Flamed Fire
14o. 22min. fa Dark Age - The Fall
14o. 36min. fa Night In Gales - Black Velvet
14o. 51min. fa Blinded Colony - Aaron's Sons
15o. 5min. fa Unanimated - Storms From The Skies Of Grief
15o. 19min. fa Dark Lunacy - Aurora
15o. 34min. fa Mind Whispers - Cosmic Obedience
15o. 48min. fa Dark Tranquillity - My Friend Of Misery (metallica Cover) (bonus Track...
16o. 3min. fa The Arcane Order - Ahab
16o. 16min. fa Epsilon - (as Long As You) Submit To Supremacy
16o. 30min. fa Arch Enemy - Down To Nothing
16o. 45min. fa Chiraw - All I Need
16o. 59min. fa Dark Rites - Hall Of The Slain
17o. 14min. fa Enter My Silence - Silent Treatment
17o. 28min. fa Beyond The Embrace - Within
17o. 43min. fa Dark Tranquillity - Nothing To No One
17o. 57min. fa The Absence - The Bridge
18o. 13min. fa The Morphean - Show Your Scars
18o. 26min. fa Eternal Oath - The Secret Flame
18o. 40min. fa Avatar - Bound To The Wall
18o. 55min. fa Children Of Bodom - Taste Of My Scythe
19o. 9min. fa Bleeding Hands - Believe What You Know
19o. 24min. fa Sacrilege - Nine Eyes Of Twilight
19o. 43min. fa Dark Age - Neurosis 404
20o. 2min. fa Hypocrisy - United We Fall
20o. 16min. fa Deadline - Distorsioned Poetry
20o. 30min. fa Children Of Bodom - Everytime I Die
20o. 45min. fa Scar Symmetry - Ascension Chamber
20o. 59min. fa Decadawn - The Running Man
21o. 14min. fa Noumena - Misanthropolis
21o. 28min. fa Dark Tranquillity - Day To End
21o. 43min. fa Kadavrik - In Nothing You Believe
21o. 57min. fa Barren Earth - As It Is Written
22o. 10min. fa Prevail In Darkness - My Journey Ends Within
22o. 25min. fa Hateskor - My Golden Void
22o. 39min. fa Burden Of Grief - In The Name Of My Blood
22o. 54min. fa Soilwork - Generation Speedkill [nice Day For A Public Suicide]
23o. 8min. fa The Mistral - Black Abyss
23o. 22min. fa Descend - From Grace To Grave
23o. 37min. fa Silence Lies Fear - Andromeda - Seed Of Thoughts
23o. 50min. fa Insomnium - Song Of The Storm
1g. 5min. fa Children Of Bodom - Banned From Heaven
1g. 19min. fa Suotana - Child Of Frost
1g. 34min. fa Dilmun Gates - Remain
1g. 48min. fa Feared - The Narcissist (instrumental)
1g. 1o. 3min. fa Ashes Of Moon - In The End
1g. 1o. 17min. fa Soilwork - Sadistic Lullabye

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