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Melodic Death Metal
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1o. 45min. fa Sylosis - Procession
3o. 35min. fa Dark Tranquillity - Zero Distance (bonus Track)
4o. 22min. fa Obsidian Throne - Walpurgisnacht
4o. 53min. fa Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Sinister Rain
12o. 22min. fa Third Moon - Blood For Blood
12o. 33min. fa Dark Tranquillity - Skywards
15o. 5min. fa Barilium - Vergilius
21o. 9min. fa Deuteronomium - Spell Of Hell
1g. 5o. 57min. fa The Descent - Confined
1g. 14o. 44min. fa Enter Chaos - Sell Out
1g. 18o. 45min. fa Kalmah - Pikemaster
1g. 22o. 33min. fa Kadavrik - On The Edge To Lose It All
1g. 22o. 35min. fa Callenish Circle - Shadows Of The Past
1g. 22o. 40min. fa The Morphean - Echoes
1g. 22o. 43min. fa The Stranded - Survivalism Boulevard
1g. 22o. 46min. fa Arch Enemy - Dead Inside (live In Japan '99
1g. 22o. 50min. fa Anger Cell - Absolution Thru Vengeance
1g. 23o. 29min. fa Veuliah - Just To Be Denied
2g. 52min. fa Avatar - All Which Is Black
2g. 8o. 15min. fa Amon Amarth - Risen From The Sea
2g. 13o. 9min. fa No Limited Spiral - Krieg
2g. 17o. 2min. fa Illdisposed - My Flesh Is Sealed
2g. 22o. 34min. fa Wretched - The Stellar Sunset Of Evolution Pt. 1 (the Silence)
2g. 22o. 35min. fa Everyday I Die - Isolation
2g. 22o. 40min. fa A Worse Case Scenario - Interlude
2g. 22o. 44min. fa Inactive Messiah - Back To Life/memories
2g. 22o. 49min. fa Words Of Farewell - The Outer Rim
2g. 22o. 54min. fa Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Lost Rune Of Thunder
2g. 22o. 58min. fa Immortal Souls - Sacrifice
2g. 23o. 3min. fa Bloodwork - A Truth Deceived
2g. 23o. 8min. fa Warcall - Rampage
2g. 23o. 11min. fa Odium - Claw My Eyes Out
2g. 23o. 16min. fa Code For Silence - New Form Of Therapy
2g. 23o. 21min. fa Leviathan - Sway Of The Stars
2g. 23o. 30min. fa Aephanemer - Crows
2g. 23o. 35min. fa Fall Of Serenity - Royal Killing - Mask Of Hatred
2g. 23o. 38min. fa Dark Age - Last Words
2g. 23o. 45min. fa Devildriver - The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand
2g. 23o. 48min. fa Symbolic - Numbers
2g. 23o. 55min. fa Serpent Skies - Sic Parvis Magna
3g. fa Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Hammer Oder Amboss
3g. 4min. fa 06. Time
3g. 9min. fa Thousand Eyes - Dead Sorrow Of Me
3g. 15min. fa Magenta Harvest - Spiteful Beings To Earth Were Bound
3g. 19min. fa Frequency - Alone I Dwell
3g. 24min. fa Epoch Of Unlight - Quicksilver To Ash
3g. 29min. fa Ever Since - Wake Up
3g. 34min. fa Evil Drive - The Land Of The Dead
3g. 39min. fa Threnody - Dead Man Progress
3g. 44min. fa Revealing The Conscience - Waiting For Salvation

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