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3min. fa Radio Exile - No Pity On The Highway
16min. fa Metal Church - Beyond The Black
26min. fa Ten - Through The Fire
38min. fa Fates Warning - One
49min. fa Ozzy Osbourne - Fire In The Sky
1o. 1min. fa Los Angeles - Neverland
1o. 15min. fa Van Halst - Monster
1o. 25min. fa Lita Ford - Bad Love
1o. 38min. fa Symphony X - Set The World On Fire (the Lieof Lies)
1o. 38min. fa Symphony X - Set The World On Fire (the Lieof Lies)
1o. 49min. fa Holyhell - Armageddon
2o. fa Jaded Heart - Rescue Me
2o. 15min. fa Vicious Rumors - Digital Dictator
2o. 25min. fa Adrenaline Mob - House Of Lies
2o. 38min. fa Danger Danger - Slipped Her The Big One
2o. 49min. fa Def Leppard - Love Bites
3o. fa Fifth Angel - In The Fallout
3o. 15min. fa Bonfire - You Make Me Feel
3o. 25min. fa Judas Priest - The Sentinel
3o. 38min. fa Lethal - Killing Machine
3o. 48min. fa Holyhell - Eclipse
4o. fa Place Vendome - Streets Of Fire
4o. 15min. fa Pantera - Cemetery Gates
4o. 25min. fa Dream Theater - As I Am
4o. 38min. fa Icon - The Whites Of Their Eyes
4o. 48min. fa Dream Theater - Act I - Scene Five Through Her Eyes
5o. fa Primal Fear - Bad Guys Wear Black
5o. 15min. fa Last In Line - Curse The Day
5o. 25min. fa Firehouse - Hold Your Fire
5o. 38min. fa Kingdom Come - Now Forever After
5o. 49min. fa Victory - Burn Down The City
6o. 1min. fa White Lion - Fight To Survive
6o. 15min. fa Metallica - Fight Fire With Fire
6o. 26min. fa Metallica - Halo On Fire
6o. 39min. fa Tuff - I Hate Kissing You Good-bye
6o. 55min. fa Silent Rage - Tonight You`re Mine
7o. 15min. fa Overkill - Deny The Cross
7o. 27min. fa Metal Church - Losers In The Game
7o. 39min. fa Lee Aaron - Lady Of The Darkest Night
7o. 56min. fa Revolution Saints - Back On My Trail
8o. 7min. fa Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy - Anastasia
8o. 35min. fa Trixter - Midnight In Your Eyes
8o. 45min. fa Kick Axe - Welcome To The Club
8o. 57min. fa Allen & Lande - Another Battle
9o. 9min. fa Psychotic Waltz - Bleeding
9o. 22min. fa Riot - Outlaw
9o. 40min. fa Kissin` Dynamite - Ticket To Paradise
9o. 55min. fa Metallica - Cyanide
10o. 5min. fa Conception - Among The Gods
10o. 17min. fa Hammerfall - Hearts On Fire
10o. 35min. fa Slaughter - Gave Me Your Heart
10o. 46min. fa Overkill - Feel The Fire
11o. 6min. fa Sixxa.m. - Barbarians (prayers For The Blessed)
11o. 19min. fa Ten - The Quest
11o. 37min. fa The Ferrymen - End Of The Road
11o. 48min. fa Sinner - The Storm Broke Loose
12o. 3min. fa Megaherz - Himmelsstuermer
12o. 16min. fa Pretty Maids - Red, Hot And Heavy
12o. 27min. fa 8 Point Rose - Relentless
12o. 41min. fa Innerwish - Needles In My Mind
12o. 55min. fa Loud At Least! - Hell To Fuck
13o. 5min. fa Poison - I Won`t Forget You
13o. 17min. fa Billy Idol - Postcards From The Past
13o. 35min. fa Blood Bound - Nosferatu
13o. 45min. fa Czakan - State Of Confusion
13o. 57min. fa Steelheart - I`ll Never Let You Go
14o. 7min. fa Tigertailz - Livin` Without You
14o. 19min. fa Inglorious - Holy Water
14o. 35min. fa Rocket Love - Rockett Love
14o. 46min. fa Crucified Barbara - Losing The Game
14o. 58min. fa Overkill - E.vil N.ever D.ies
15o. 8min. fa Five Finger Death Punch - Bad Company
15o. 19min. fa Tad Morose - Lost In Time
15o. 35min. fa Queensrueche - Bridge
15o. 46min. fa Dio - All The Fools Sailed Away
15o. 57min. fa Alter Bridge - Addicted To Pain
16o. 8min. fa Hardcore Superstar - Moonshine
16o. 20min. fa House Of Lords - Edge Of Your Life
16o. 39min. fa Ozzy Osbourne - The Ultimate Sin
16o. 50min. fa Almanac - Self-blinded Eyes
17o. 3min. fa Jag Panzer - Black
17o. 16min. fa Queensryche - The Lady Wore Black
17o. 31min. fa Van Halst - Plastic Smile
17o. 43min. fa Survivor - Too Hot To Sleep
17o. 56min. fa Mustasch - Thank You For The Demon
18o. 7min. fa Astral Doors - Blood River
18o. 19min. fa Spitefuel - Sleeping With Wolves
18o. 36min. fa White Widdow - Fly Me Away
18o. 47min. fa Russ Ballard - Hey Bernadette
18o. 59min. fa Revolution Saints - Here Forever
19o. 10min. fa Faith No More - Zombie Eaters
19o. 22min. fa Loudness - Let It Go
19o. 37min. fa Black Diamonds - Judgment Day
19o. 48min. fa Treat - Keep Your Hands To Yourself
20o. fa Crazy Lixx - Hell Raising Women
20o. 15min. fa Accept - Breaker
20o. 25min. fa Death Angel - The Evil Incarnate
20o. 38min. fa Avantasia - Spectres
20o. 49min. fa Stepfather Fred - Beat It
21o. 1min. fa The Order - The Order - Karma
21o. 15min. fa Europe - Sign Of The Times
21o. 26min. fa Arch Enemy - War Eternal
21o. 40min. fa Treat - Outlaw
21o. 55min. fa Volbeat - The Devil`s Bleeding Crown
22o. 5min. fa Gotthard - Firedance
22o. 17min. fa Epica - Martyr Of The Free Word
22o. 30min. fa Kix - Cold Chills
22o. 43min. fa Bonafide - Smoke & Fire
22o. 56min. fa Evergrey - Passing Through
23o. 7min. fa Mystic Prophecy - The Crucifix
23o. 18min. fa Savage Blade - Angel Museum**monsters Of Rock Mit Dj Speedy**
23o. 35min. fa Iron Mask - The First And The Last**monsters Of Rock Mit Dj Speedy**
23o. 45min. fa Evyltyde - Kick You Down**monsters Of Rock Mit Dj Speedy**
23o. 57min. fa The Raven Age - The Death March**monsters Of Rock Mit Dj Speedy**
1g. 8min. fa Crow 7 Seven - Down The Drain**monsters Of Rock Mit Dj Speedy**
1g. 20min. fa Metal Church - Signal Path**monsters Of Rock Mit Dj Speedy**
1g. 36min. fa Morgana Lefay - Over And Over Again**monsters Of Rock Mit Dj Speedy**
1g. 46min. fa Dragonforce - Midnight Madness**monsters Of Rock Mit Dj Speedy**
1g. 58min. fa Wildestarr - Pressing The Wires**monsters Of Rock Mit Dj Speedy**
1g. 1o. 11min. fa Arch Enemy - A Fight I Must Win**monsters Of Rock Mit Dj Speedy**
1g. 1o. 23min. fa Symphony X - The Edge Of Forever
1g. 1o. 37min. fa Masi - God Promised A Paradise
1g. 1o. 48min. fa Grand Design - Your Love`s A Runaway
1g. 2o. fa Lords Of Black - Cry No More
1g. 2o. 15min. fa American Angel - How Can I Miss You
1g. 2o. 25min. fa Y&t - Ten Lovers
1g. 2o. 38min. fa Five Finger Death Punch - I Apologize [explicit]
1g. 2o. 50min. fa Lee Aaron - Metal Queen
1g. 3o. 3min. fa Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train
1g. 3o. 16min. fa Trivium - Anthem (we Are The Fire)

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