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city: Lehi
Generi: Southern Gospel
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4g. 7o. 8min. fa Marksmen - Love Letters In The Sand
5g. 19o. 18min. fa Lebeaus - Lost And Found
5g. 20o. 5min. fa Dove Brothers - Let The Old Man Die.
5g. 23o. 40min. fa Pastor Stan - Blab It And Grab It
5g. 23o. 53min. fa Jason Crabb - Reach Out
6g. 10min. fa Canton Junction - Tumbling Down
6g. 24min. fa Evident Call - Brother Are You Ready
6g. 40min. fa Martins - For The Love
6g. 54min. fa Michelle Tumes - Beautiful Savior
6g. 1o. 10min. fa Florida Boys - Jesus Will Do What He Said He Will Do
6g. 1o. 23min. fa Gold City - That's What I'm Talking About
6g. 1o. 40min. fa Three Bridges - I Heard It First On The Radio
6g. 1o. 51min. fa Ivan Parker - Who I Am Ain't Who I Was
6g. 2o. 10min. fa Gold City - New Born Feeling
6g. 2o. 23min. fa Bible Minute - Bible Minute 08 28 17
6g. 2o. 40min. fa Legacy Five - Prettiest Flowers
6g. 2o. 53min. fa Ball Brothers - Tell It Like It Is
6g. 3o. 10min. fa Mike Bowling - Forgiven, Forgotten, Forever Amen
6g. 3o. 23min. fa Gaither Vocal Band - Come To Jesus
6g. 3o. 40min. fa Hoskins Family - One More Miracle
6g. 3o. 53min. fa Adam's Voice - Sweet Water
6g. 4o. 10min. fa Isaacs - Bird On The Wing
6g. 4o. 23min. fa Shiloh - Amazing Love And My Savior's Love
6g. 4o. 40min. fa Hinsons - Joy Comes In The Morning
6g. 4o. 53min. fa Wisecarvers - I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now
6g. 5o. 10min. fa James Payne - Hanging On A Nail
6g. 5o. 23min. fa Overflow - Get Ready
6g. 5o. 40min. fa Dunaways - I Just Came To Talk With You Lord
6g. 5o. 53min. fa Mckameys - There Is Jesus
6g. 6o. 10min. fa Talley Trio - The Healer
6g. 6o. 23min. fa Legacy Five - Nobody Ever Loved Me Like God Does
6g. 6o. 40min. fa Legacy Five - He Is To Me
6g. 6o. 53min. fa Guardians - My Hope Is In The Lord
6g. 7o. 10min. fa Akins - What If God Says No
6g. 7o. 23min. fa Anchormen - Borrowed And Barely Used Tomb
6g. 7o. 40min. fa Kingdom Heirs - The Depths Of The Father's Love
6g. 7o. 53min. fa Hoskins Family - Ordinary Sunday
6g. 8o. 10min. fa Hyssongs - God?s Still In Control
6g. 8o. 23min. fa Sheri Easter - Handful Of Weeds
6g. 8o. 40min. fa Gold City - I Must Tell Jesus
6g. 8o. 53min. fa Perrys - Sweetest Song I Know
6g. 9o. 10min. fa Union Street - Another Day In Heaven
6g. 9o. 24min. fa Karen Peck And New River - More Than Ever
6g. 9o. 40min. fa Lonesome Meadow - Glory Bound
6g. 9o. 53min. fa Collin Raye - How Great Thou Art
6g. 10o. 10min. fa Mark Bishop And Lauren Talley - With Me Always
6g. 10o. 23min. fa Hissong - Joy In My Heart
6g. 10o. 40min. fa Brian Free And Assurance - Only God Knows
6g. 10o. 53min. fa Michael Card - Softly And Tenderly
6g. 11o. 10min. fa Ivan Parker - Favorite Song Of All
6g. 11o. 24min. fa Poet Voices - We Will Stand With The Holy Ones
6g. 11o. 40min. fa Steve Warren - Swinging Lantern
6g. 11o. 53min. fa Journeymen - Abraham's Ram
6g. 12o. 10min. fa Rickey Wasson - Another Soldier Down
6g. 12o. 23min. fa Kingsmen - Excuses
6g. 12o. 40min. fa Tammy Norris - Your Grace And Mercy
6g. 12o. 53min. fa Homecoming Radio - Show 345
6g. 13o. 10min. fa Homecoming Radio - Show 345
6g. 13o. 23min. fa Homecoming Radio - Show 345
6g. 13o. 40min. fa Homecoming Radio - Show 345
6g. 13o. 53min. fa Paynes - Angels Step Back
6g. 14o. 10min. fa Southern Brothers - When The Clouds Roll Back
6g. 14o. 23min. fa Ernie Haase And Signature Sound - He Made A Change
6g. 14o. 40min. fa Legacy Five - Storms I Never See
6g. 14o. 53min. fa Shireys - Little David
6g. 15o. 10min. fa Mike And Kelly Bowling - Oh How Sweet Is The Victory
6g. 15o. 24min. fa Legacy Five - I've Been Changed
6g. 15o. 40min. fa Hoppers - Yahweh
6g. 15o. 54min. fa Lonesome Meadow - I Am The Man Thomas
6g. 16o. 10min. fa Michael Card - Jesus Lover Of My Soul
6g. 16o. 23min. fa Melody Boys - Same Old Story Brand New Me
6g. 16o. 40min. fa Bible Minute - Bible Minute 08 22 17
6g. 16o. 54min. fa Eighth Day - Safe In His Loving Arms
6g. 17o. 10min. fa Our Daily Bread - Our Daily Bread 08 25 17
6g. 17o. 23min. fa Pastor Stan - Pastor Stan - Bad Haircut
6g. 17o. 40min. fa Pastor Stan - Pastor Stan - Bad Haircut
6g. 17o. 54min. fa Pastor Stan - Pastor Stan - Bad Haircut
6g. 18o. 10min. fa Pfeifers - Love Still Calls
6g. 18o. 24min. fa Legacy Five - For What Earthly Reason
6g. 18o. 40min. fa Highroad Iii - Hold Me To The Rock
6g. 18o. 54min. fa Mark Bishop And Lauren Talley - With Me Always
6g. 19o. 10min. fa Gaither Vocal Band - Come To Jesus
6g. 19o. 23min. fa Mike Bowling Group - Down On My Knees
6g. 19o. 40min. fa Crosspoint - Two Coats
6g. 19o. 54min. fa Guy Penrod - You Reign
6g. 20o. 10min. fa Steve Gulley And Vic Graves - No Not One
6g. 20o. 24min. fa Our Daily Bread - Our Daily Bread 08 25 17
6g. 20o. 40min. fa Master's Voice - Here I Am Again
6g. 20o. 54min. fa B.j. Thomas - It Is No Secret
6g. 21o. 10min. fa Kingdom Heirs - Tell Me Why
6g. 21o. 24min. fa Loretta Lynn - Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
6g. 21o. 40min. fa Hope's Call - Bright New Day
6g. 21o. 54min. fa Mended Wings - Run On
6g. 22o. 10min. fa Chris Hester - Tears Will Never Stain The Streets Of That City
6g. 22o. 23min. fa Brian Free And Assurance - Calvary's Cry
6g. 22o. 40min. fa Michele Pillar - He Rolled Away The Stone
6g. 22o. 54min. fa Karen Peck And New River - Pocket Full Of Seeds
6g. 23o. 10min. fa My Money Life - My Money Life 08 23 17
6g. 23o. 24min. fa Pastor Stan - I Surrender All
6g. 23o. 40min. fa Pastor Stan - I Surrender All
6g. 23o. 54min. fa Melody Boys - Little By Little
7g. 10min. fa David Staton With Ball Brothers - Glimpse Of Your Glory
7g. 23min. fa Hayes Family - He Is, Forever And Ever Amen
7g. 40min. fa Karen Peck And New River - Ephesians Chapter One
7g. 54min. fa Evie - Give Them All To Jesus
7g. 1o. 10min. fa Old Paths - The Rock That'll Never Roll Away
7g. 1o. 23min. fa Morgan Easter - Water-walkin'
7g. 1o. 40min. fa Gaither Vocal Band - Passin? The Faith Along
7g. 1o. 53min. fa Doug Stokes - Open The Eyes Of My Heart
7g. 2o. 10min. fa Perrys - Still Blessed
7g. 2o. 24min. fa Paynes - When He Was On The Cross I Was On His Mind
7g. 2o. 40min. fa Quinton Mills - He Put It There
7g. 2o. 53min. fa Legacy Five - Nobody Ever Loved Me Like God Does
7g. 3o. 10min. fa Lesters - Jesus Is Coming Soon
7g. 3o. 23min. fa Three Bridges - Crimson Stream
7g. 3o. 40min. fa Our Daily Bread - Our Daily Bread 08 24 17
7g. 3o. 53min. fa Alison Krauss And The Cox Family - Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown
7g. 4o. 10min. fa Footsteps - Footsteps 08 31 17
7g. 4o. 24min. fa Radio Ramblers - No Longer An Orphan
7g. 4o. 40min. fa Legacy Five - One Thing God Can't Do
7g. 4o. 53min. fa Russ Taff - Until I Found The Lord
7g. 5o. 10min. fa Ivan Parker - Joyride
7g. 5o. 23min. fa Kingsmen - One Way Trip
7g. 5o. 40min. fa Hoppers - Oh The Precious Blood Of Jesus
7g. 5o. 53min. fa Journeymen - This Is The Day
7g. 6o. 10min. fa 11th Hour - Steppin' Out
7g. 6o. 24min. fa Tony Mcgee And New Covenant - My God Knows What I Need
7g. 6o. 40min. fa Perrys - When Jesus Prays
7g. 6o. 53min. fa Lauren Talley - My Life Is In Your Hands
7g. 7o. 10min. fa Doc & Merle Watson - What A Friend We Have In Jesus

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