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27min. fa The New Old Cavalry - While The Rain Pours [3ds]
1o. 6min. fa Evan Watson - Latitude [2rk]
1o. 46min. fa The Joedai Warriors - Sorrow Of War [36t]
2o. 18min. fa Healing Sixes - End Of Always [2jr]
2o. 58min. fa John Stevens Jr - Go Out Of Your Way [1zj]
3o. 38min. fa Healing Sixes - Painted Ceilings [2vv]
4o. 16min. fa Gus Moon - A Cold Handshake [2a7]
4o. 47min. fa Red Rooster Sponsor - Scaggs & Largent - Connie [14qj]
5o. 17min. fa Jeff Anderson - Long Life [2vr]
5o. 47min. fa Fonda & The Crb - Fighting Fate [2ji]
6o. 17min. fa Joe Peters & Friends - One Of A Kind [1ns]
6o. 47min. fa Sherman Franks - Through The Night (living Dead) [3aq]
7o. 17min. fa Flathead 6 - Hey Litte Girl 'jacqie's Song [1s9]
7o. 49min. fa Fonda & The Crb - All The Pain Of Love [2ak]
8o. 28min. fa Branch Gordon - We Are Ready [2en]
9o. 6min. fa After The Crash - Underestimated [22s]
9o. 37min. fa Tom Young & The New Heretics - Junkyard Junction [2a2]
10o. 7min. fa Jenn Cristy - Charmed [2ed]
10o. 37min. fa The Joedai Warriors - Tree Of Life [3ay]
11o. 8min. fa Jason Wells - Don't Let The Sun Go Down [2gl]
11o. 46min. fa Hotfox - Fire! [1s1]
12o. 17min. fa No One Zero - Cannibal [2co]
12o. 48min. fa Spacehate - Rain To Tears [2zr]
13o. 27min. fa Metamorra - Never Get Away [203]
13o. 57min. fa Mysteriana - Snooze [1vl]
14o. 27min. fa Healing Sixes - Beautiful One [2wi]
14o. 57min. fa Red Rooster - Base 02 [52v]
15o. 27min. fa Debacle - Jahal-mahongus [2nr]
15o. 57min. fa Years - Woman [22y]
16o. 36min. fa Al Stelk - Trophy Club [3az]
17o. 7min. fa Red Rooster Sponsor - Edwards Equipment [xlf]
17o. 37min. fa Chris Stone - Slam [2o5]
18o. 17min. fa Laura Co - Dangerous Relations [2gv]
18o. 48min. fa Glorious Rebellion - Foolish Pleasure [2ju]
19o. 25min. fa Lit Endz - Cut Teeth [2gs]
20o. 6min. fa The Joedai Warriors - Major Premise [2b4]
20o. 36min. fa Linda Hicks & Joe Peters - Look To The Flowers [2up]
21o. 7min. fa The Cornfield Mafia - By My Side [23d]
21o. 37min. fa Throwing Stars - Dusk Of Divinity [2ro]
22o. 6min. fa Salazar - My Love [2s7]
22o. 37min. fa Purple Seven - Poison Ivy [1nv]
23o. 7min. fa Joel Weir - Easily Distracted [23k]
23o. 36min. fa Dug Batterson Project - I Got It Bad [2rx]
1g. 7min. fa The Epic - Red Glowing Leaves [2zv]
1g. 37min. fa Flynnville Train - High On The Mountain [2oh]
1g. 1o. 8min. fa Michael Kelsey - Figments [2rr]
1g. 1o. 46min. fa John Stevens Jr - This Town Ain't Big Enough [2nt]
1g. 2o. 16min. fa Nathan Wright - American Guy [2an]
1g. 2o. 46min. fa Joel Weir - Forever Lady-some Men [2ek]
1g. 3o. 16min. fa Flynnville Train - Honky Tonk Jail [2oo]
1g. 3o. 47min. fa Steve Weakley Group - Cantalope Lady [27i]
1g. 4o. 26min. fa Christopher Gipson - Heartache Chronicles [2od]
1g. 4o. 56min. fa Flathead 6 - Even Werewolves Have A Heart [1ze]
1g. 5o. 36min. fa Mark Smith - Clear Paint [2g9]
1g. 6o. 8min. fa Joe Peters - Wonder Why [1vz]
1g. 6o. 48min. fa Red Rooster Sponsor - Edwards Equipment [xlf]
1g. 7o. 26min. fa Mark Smith - One Guitar [2z3]
1g. 8o. 6min. fa Christopher Gipson - Nothin's Gonna Change [2yv]
1g. 8o. 36min. fa The Heavy Co - Wormweed > Greasy Mush [1w0]
1g. 9o. 16min. fa Kramus - The Pusher (livex) [20m]
1g. 9o. 56min. fa Red Rooster - Subliminal [52w]
1g. 10o. 36min. fa The Heavy Co - Bilateral Heliotropic Algorithm [1ks]
1g. 11o. 8min. fa The Joedai Warriors - A Long Way Gone [2jw]
1g. 11o. 48min. fa Throwing Stars - Murder Yourself [1vb]
1g. 12o. 26min. fa Joe Simpson - City Street [1kv]
1g. 13o. 6min. fa Arnold Ziffle's Blues Farm - Born Under A Bad Sign [2h0]
1g. 13o. 36min. fa Noctura - Undone [27a]
1g. 14o. 16min. fa Tilford Sellers & The Wagon Burners - Get Ready [1zi]
1g. 14o. 48min. fa Debacle - Suffering 101 - Infectious Grin [2gi]
1g. 15o. 37min. fa Mysteriana - Break The Silence [2ea]
1g. 16o. 17min. fa Not The Everly Brothers - Grateful [1s4]
1g. 17o. 6min. fa The Elusions - Mightnot Change [2vb]
1g. 17o. 35min. fa Debacle - Heard A Rumor [2hb]
1g. 17o. 54min. fa Tilford Sellers & The Wagon Burners - What You're Doing To Me [1oj]
1g. 18o. 12min. fa Michael Kelsey - Naming Stars [2b8]
1g. 18o. 29min. fa Mysteriana - Not Here [205]
1g. 18o. 47min. fa The Epic - Hour Of Thirteen [2oq]
1g. 19o. 5min. fa Azul - This Jane [3al]
1g. 19o. 22min. fa Swig - I'll Be Gone [2p5]
1g. 19o. 42min. fa Mysteriana - Farewell [2rq]
1g. 20o. fa Michael Kelsey - Further Down The Road [2vn]
1g. 20o. 17min. fa 2 Taks Back - Believe In [2jy]
1g. 20o. 35min. fa Hoosier Highway - Long Nights & Long Necks [1kx]
1g. 20o. 53min. fa Brad Lee Uebinger - Spending My Life With You [36y]
1g. 21o. 13min. fa Christopher Gipson - On & On [2z0]
1g. 21o. 41min. fa Brian Pitzer - 33 Years In Hell [2a5]
1g. 21o. 59min. fa Red Rooster - Hour After Hour 03 [52a]
1g. 22o. 17min. fa Purple Seven - Ladder [2ns]
1g. 22o. 36min. fa The Joedai Warriors - Roof Of The World [33k]
1g. 22o. 55min. fa Alex Jenkins & The Bombers - She Wants To Rock (live) [342]
1g. 23o. 14min. fa The Elusions - Bass Fishin [2cf]
1g. 23o. 33min. fa Doug Abbott - Be The Change [1wd]
1g. 23o. 51min. fa Salazar - Let It Move You [1so]
2g. 9min. fa Bonepony - Blue Blue Blue [2cs]
2g. 27min. fa Jason Wells - Walk Tall [3d3]
2g. 46min. fa Donnie Eacret - The Music Man [3ao]
2g. 1o. 6min. fa Healing Sixes - The Driving Song [2zn]
2g. 1o. 25min. fa Thunder Brothers - Genevieve [2k7]
2g. 1o. 45min. fa Al Stelk - Samantha Blue [33q]
2g. 2o. 4min. fa Amanda Riffe - Dear Heart Of Mine [23h]
2g. 2o. 24min. fa Eric Barr Jr - Lullaby [2uy]
2g. 2o. 43min. fa Jew Jew Bees - Paulies Corner Store (feat. Steve Weakley) [2zh]
2g. 3o. 3min. fa Dave Vyse - Ride The Thunder [33e]
2g. 3o. 22min. fa Healing Sixes - Fine Time [2jl]
2g. 3o. 41min. fa Swig - Why Won't You Tell Me [3dw]
2g. 4o. 1min. fa Alex Jenkins & The Bombers - Over You [2hq]
2g. 4o. 19min. fa Donnie Eacret - Laying With Fire [2rl]
2g. 4o. 38min. fa Kyle Bledsoe - Caught In The Rain [2cp]
2g. 4o. 57min. fa Evan Watson - Waiting On A Witness [3d0]
2g. 5o. 17min. fa The Heavy Co - Wormweed [27e]
2g. 5o. 36min. fa Red Rooster Sponsor - Easy Reach Drumstick Caddy [xle]
2g. 5o. 56min. fa Jack Lefty - Hold On [2ol]
2g. 6o. 16min. fa The Joedai Warriors - One Day [2z2]
2g. 6o. 36min. fa Dug Batterson Project - Ridin' That Train [1vj]
2g. 7o. 15min. fa Debacle - Gone Fishin [27t]
2g. 8o. 13min. fa Goliathon - Negligent Senescence [2yk]
2g. 9o. 11min. fa The Cornfield Mafia - Get It And Go [27q]
2g. 9o. 46min. fa Scott Greeson & Kevin Ludwig - Goodbye [2vo]
2g. 10o. 40min. fa Covington - Tea Leaves [37k]
2g. 11o. 17min. fa Swig - I Still Believe [2p1]
2g. 12o. 17min. fa Red Rooster Sponsor - Edwards Equipment [xlf]
2g. 14o. 18min. fa Dense Ground Fog - (if I Could Just) Bet On You [1kc]
2g. 15o. 45min. fa The Heavy Co - Bilateral Heliotropic Algorithm [1ks]
2g. 16o. 16min. fa Throwing Stars - High [1sa]
2g. 16o. 45min. fa The Joedai Warriors - She Is [2ji]
2g. 17o. 16min. fa Marque - Tiny Town [2gl]
2g. 17o. 44min. fa The Joedai Warriors - Faith [2jd]
2g. 18o. fa Christopher Gipson - Woman On The Bridge [3dd]
2g. 18o. 13min. fa Michael Kelsey - Lost On Purpose [1st]
2g. 18o. 27min. fa Red Rooster Sponsor - Sizzlin Sounds Productions [xli]

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