Deuce's Stream: HellFire Blues Radio


Deuce's Stream: HellFire Blues Radio

Francia city: Paris
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Generi: Blues
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4o. 7min. fa Joanne Shaw Taylor - Maybe Tomorrow
8o. 50min. fa Micki Free Electric Blues - Five Minutes Till Christmas
13o. 23min. fa Bobby Mack - Heart Of Lonely Man
13o. 25min. fa Phil Brown - Purple Haze
13o. 28min. fa Lucky Peterson - No More
16o. 40min. fa Tommy Mccoy & Lucky Peterson - 56' Chevy (instrumental)
16o. 42min. fa Eric Clapton - Reconsider Baby
16o. 45min. fa Mojo Blues Band - Ain't It Good To Know, Baby
16o. 50min. fa Preachers Keen - It's A Shame
17o. 36min. fa Jim Liban - Skin Hunger
18o. 13min. fa Chris Cain - World Got The Blues Before Sunrise
22o. 57min. fa Blues Bone Band - The Thrill Is Gone
1g. 18min. fa Beto Levato - Electrical Color De Sangle
1g. 3o. 37min. fa Ronnie D - Take It Easy Baby
1g. 4o. 38min. fa Joe Beard - Give Up And Let Me Go
1g. 4o. 40min. fa David Gogo - I'd Do Anything
1g. 4o. 45min. fa Tab Benoit - Cross The Line
1g. 4o. 48min. fa Beth Hart - Soul Shine
1g. 4o. 53min. fa Alastair Greene - All Of This Time
1g. 4o. 58min. fa Robin Trower - 21st Century Blues
1g. 5o. 2min. fa Woodleg Odd - I Got Blues
1g. 5o. 7min. fa Lucky Peterson - Count On Me
1g. 5o. 12min. fa Billy Price & Fred Chapellier - Last Two Dollars
1g. 5o. 18min. fa Los Lonely Boys - Velvet Sky
1g. 8o. 18min. fa Steve Hackett - Way Down South
1g. 12o. 58min. fa Dave Hole - I Won't Leave
1g. 17o. 39min. fa Al & The Coholics - The Briar Patch
1g. 22o. 18min. fa Marquise Knox - Living To Die
2g. 3o. fa Joanne Shaw Taylor - Lose Myself To Loving You
2g. 6o. 43min. fa Nathan Cacvaleri Band - Back To The Blues
2g. 7o. 43min. fa Popa Chubby Band - San Catri
2g. 12o. 22min. fa Bryan Lee - I'll Play The Blues For You
2g. 17o. 5min. fa Ian Parker - Before Our Eyes
2g. 21o. 47min. fa Mojo & The Boogiemen - Pourin' Rain
3g. 2o. 30min. fa Andrew ''big Voice'' Odom - Woke Up This Morning.
3g. 7o. 13min. fa Hurricane Jay Laboy & In Step - Borrowed Time
3g. 11o. 49min. fa Hokie Joint - Lost In The City
3g. 11o. 51min. fa John Lee Hooker Jr - Dear John
3g. 11o. 55min. fa Ruben Hoeke Band - Cherry Red
3g. 11o. 56min. fa Ruben Hoeke Band - Cherry Red
3g. 12o. fa Henrik Freischlader - Cry Again
3g. 12o. 8min. fa Taste - Railway And Gun
3g. 12o. 12min. fa Jake's Blues Band - Wanna Be Alone
3g. 12o. 15min. fa Joe Beard - It's Up To You
3g. 12o. 18min. fa Jimmy Thackery & Tab Benoit (live) - Whiskey Store
3g. 12o. 29min. fa Henrik Freischlader Band - House In The Woods
3g. 12o. 32min. fa Tinsely Ellis - Time To Quit
3g. 12o. 45min. fa Rudy Rotta - Deep Down
3g. 16o. 43min. fa Tab Benoit - Bad Luck Blues
3g. 21o. 28min. fa Joe 'survivor' Caruso & The Low Pirate Blues Band - The Thrill Is Gone
  Quest: Mihail    Moscow  
Ura! Nakonec zazvuchali!!!
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  Quest: Mihail    Moscow  
Otlichno zazhigayut! Kachestvo trekov bolshinstvo priblizhennoe k audiofilskomu,esli slushat na dostoynoy audioapparature.
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