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tel.: +7 (495) 925-04-44
Generi: various
128 kbit +
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Che ha giocato alla radio:  ROCK-FM 95.2 FM
24min. fa p»¿whitesnake - Fool For Your Loving
54min. fa p»¿genesis - Land Of Confusion
1o. 23min. fa p»¿ac/dc - Thunderstruck
1o. 49min. fa p»¿new Order - Hey Now What You Doing
2o. 36min. fa T.rex - Children Of The Revolution
13o. 12min. fa Electric Light Orchestra - Rock And Roll Is King
14o. 3min. fa Creedence Clearwater Revival - Hey Tonight
16o. 6min. fa p»¿emerson, Lake & Palmer - Peter Gunn
17o. 25min. fa p»¿van Halen - Finish What Ya Started
17o. 56min. fa p»¿foreigner - Double Vision
18o. 23min. fa p»¿the Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love
18o. 47min. fa p»¿semisonic - Secret Smile
19o. 13min. fa Rod Stewart - The First Cut Is The Deepest
19o. 36min. fa p»¿flower Travellin' Band - Make Up
20o. 3min. fa p»¿cardigans - My Favorite Game
20o. 25min. fa p»¿thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back In Town
20o. 53min. fa p»¿sammy Hagar - Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy
21o. 16min. fa p»¿shocking Blue - Never Marry A Railroad Man
21o. 39min. fa p»¿inxs - Suicide Blonde
22o. 7min. fa p»¿bad Company - Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy
22o. 36min. fa p»¿def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me
22o. 59min. fa p»¿guns N'roses - Since I Don't Have You
23o. 24min. fa p»¿black Sabbath - Neon Knights
23o. 54min. fa p»¿europe - Rock The Night
1g. 21min. fa p»¿blood, Sweat & Tears - I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
1g. 45min. fa p»¿the Cedars - Hide If You Want To Hide.
1g. 1o. 14min. fa p»¿coldplay - Talk
1g. 1o. 41min. fa p»¿the Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go
1g. 2o. 4min. fa p»¿david Lee Roth - Just Like Paradise
1g. 2o. 33min. fa p»¿pink Floyd - What Do You Want From Me
1g. 2o. 56min. fa Mike And The Mechanics - Silent Running
1g. 3o. 23min. fa Blue Oyster Cult - Burnin' For You
1g. 3o. 46min. fa p»¿the Wallflowers - One Headlight
1g. 4o. 14min. fa p»¿santana - No One To Depend On
1g. 4o. 41min. fa p»¿supertramp - The Logical Song
1g. 5o. 6min. fa p»¿scorpions - Rock You Like A Hurricane
1g. 5o. 34min. fa p»¿john Fogerty - Centerfield
1g. 5o. 36min. fa John Fogerty - Centerfield
1g. 6o. fa p»¿pink Floyd - Run Like Hell
1g. 6o. 24min. fa p»¿3 Doors Down - Here Without You
1g. 6o. 47min. fa p»¿kiss - Heaven Is On Fire
1g. 7o. 14min. fa p»¿mastodon - North Side Star
1g. 7o. 37min. fa p»¿van Halen - Panama
1g. 7o. 59min. fa Whitesnake - The Deeper The Love
1g. 8o. 3min. fa p»¿stevie Wonder - Higher Ground
1g. 8o. 27min. fa p»¿r.e.m. - Orange Crush
1g. 8o. 55min. fa p»¿bon Jovi - Bad Medicine
1g. 9o. 19min. fa p»¿alice Cooper - Love's A Loaded Gun
1g. 9o. 44min. fa p»¿the Kinks - Victoria
1g. 10o. 13min. fa p»¿muse - Panic Station
1g. 10o. 37min. fa p»¿big Brother - Heart Full Of Rain
1g. 11o. 3min. fa p»¿golden Earring - Radar Love
1g. 11o. 8min. fa Golden Earring - Radar Love
1g. 11o. 33min. fa p»¿traveling Wilburys - Handle With Care
1g. 11o. 35min. fa Boston - More Than A Feeling
1g. 12o. fa p»¿foo Fighters - Everlong
1g. 12o. 24min. fa p»¿rainbow - Starstruck
1g. 12o. 54min. fa p»¿stevie Ray Vaughan - Testify
1g. 13o. 23min. fa p»¿dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing
1g. 13o. 48min. fa p»¿bryan Ferry - Let's Stick Together
1g. 14o. 16min. fa p»¿cliff Richard - Be-bop-a-lula
1g. 14o. 44min. fa Haystacks Balboa - The Children Of Heaven
1g. 14o. 44min. fa p»¿haystacks Balboa - The Children Of Heaven
1g. 15o. 13min. fa p»¿creed - One Last Breath
1g. 15o. 34min. fa p»¿led Zeppelin - Kashmir
1g. 16o. 4min. fa p»¿cheap Trick - Mighty Wings
1g. 16o. 25min. fa p»¿nazareth - Place In Your Heart
1g. 16o. 30min. fa Ac/dc - Jailbreak
1g. 16o. 53min. fa p»¿alice Cooper - School's Out
1g. 17o. 16min. fa p»¿kiss - Strutter
1g. 17o. 55min. fa p»¿judas Priest - Turbo Lover
1g. 18o. 11min. fa Queen - Tie Your Mother Down
1g. 18o. 21min. fa p»¿rainbow - Can't Happen Here
1g. 18o. 42min. fa The Trip - Analisi
1g. 18o. 48min. fa p»¿spin Doctors - Two Princes
1g. 18o. 48min. fa Spin Doctors - Two Princes
1g. 18o. 52min. fa Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs - Ring Dang Doo
1g. 18o. 55min. fa Slade - Gudbuy T'jane
1g. 18o. 59min. fa Skid Row - 18 And Life
1g. 19o. 5min. fa Led Zeppelin - Misty Mountain Hop
1g. 19o. 9min. fa Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict A Riot
1g. 19o. 12min. fa Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising
1g. 19o. 15min. fa p»¿the Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony
1g. 19o. 37min. fa p»¿van Der Graaf Generator - Necromancer
1g. 20o. 4min. fa p»¿ac/dc - It's A LR¾ng WR°y To ThRµ TR¾p (if YR¾u WR°nnR° RR¾ck'n'rR¾...
1g. 20o. 37min. fa p»¿billy Idol - White Wedding
1g. 20o. 54min. fa The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night
1g. 21o. 3min. fa p»¿kiss - Christine Sixteen
1g. 21o. 27min. fa p»¿peter Gabriel - Big Time
1g. 21o. 55min. fa Greg Lake - Retribution Drive
1g. 22o. 3min. fa p»¿blue Oyster Cult - (don't Fear) The Reaper
1g. 22o. 27min. fa p»¿cliff Richard - Devil Woman
1g. 22o. 55min. fa p»¿the Yardbirds - For Your Love
1g. 23o. 18min. fa p»¿slade - Ooh La La In L.a.
1g. 23o. 45min. fa p»¿foo Fighters - Times Like These
2g. 13min. fa p»¿the Zutons - Valerie
2g. 35min. fa p»¿the Ventures - Walk Don't Run
2g. 1o. 3min. fa p»¿led Zeppelin - Living Loving Maid (she's Just A Woman)
2g. 1o. 28min. fa The Rolling Stones - Mother's Little Helper
2g. 1o. 56min. fa p»¿the Cars - You Might Think
2g. 2o. 21min. fa April Wine - Just Between You And Me
2g. 2o. 45min. fa Suzi Quatro - Trouble
2g. 3o. 9min. fa Zz Top - Gimme All Your Lovin
2g. 3o. 35min. fa Inxs - What You Need
2g. 3o. 58min. fa p»¿billy Idol - Speed
2g. 4o. 23min. fa Yes - Lift Me Up
2g. 4o. 48min. fa Oasis - Wonderwall
2g. 5o. 15min. fa p»¿manfred Mann - Spirits In The Night
2g. 5o. 37min. fa Men At Work - Down Under
2g. 6o. 4min. fa p»¿genesis - Land Of Confusion
2g. 6o. 11min. fa Black Sabbath - Never Say Die
2g. 6o. 15min. fa Small Faces - Lazy Sunday
2g. 6o. 18min. fa Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers
2g. 6o. 25min. fa King Crimson - The Court Of The Crimson King
2g. 6o. 27min. fa p»¿king Crimson - The Court Of The Crimson King
2g. 6o. 28min. fa King Crimson - The Court Of The Crimson King
2g. 6o. 31min. fa The Black Crowes - Hard To Handle
2g. 6o. 35min. fa Ken Hensley - I Don't Wanna Wait
2g. 6o. 38min. fa Cinderella - Nobody's Fool
2g. 6o. 45min. fa Stevie Ray Vaughan - Pride And Joy
2g. 6o. 48min. fa Foghat - Fool For The City
2g. 6o. 52min. fa Madness - Our House
2g. 6o. 54min. fa p»¿madness - Our House
2g. 6o. 55min. fa Pink Floyd - Brain Damage
2g. 7o. 2min. fa Elvis Presley - Little Sister
2g. 7o. 5min. fa Inxs - Elegantly Wasted
2g. 7o. 8min. fa Zz Top - Sharp Dressed Man
2g. 7o. 15min. fa Procol Harum - Beyond The Pale
2g. 7o. 17min. fa p»¿procol Harum - Beyond The Pale
2g. 7o. 19min. fa Bon Jovi - Misunderstood
  Quest: Emasl    Kiev  
Elle a beneficie a 220 0 sans-papiers en 2011. Du sponsoring de sports extremes.
2    0 Risposta   0:01 <> 21. 10. 2015  
  Quest: Mihail    Moscow  
Slushaem vas s druzyami ne tolko v avto, no i doma. Podnimite bitreyt vyshe 128, hotya by ot 192 do 320 i ceny vam ne budet !!!
0    1 Risposta   20:47 <> 28. 4. 2017  
  Quest: Natalia    Buenos Aires  
Desde Argentina!!!
0    1 Risposta   4:05 <> 19. 7. 2017  

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