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45min. fa Surrender - Gary Moore - A Different Beat
1o. 45min. fa Goodnight Girl - Wet Wet Wet - End Of Part One - Their Greatest Hits
2o. 45min. fa Schwarze Beeren - Unbekannt Verzogen - Unbekannt Verzogen
3o. 47min. fa Zerospan - Charred Walls Of The Damned - Cold Winds On Timeless Days
4o. 45min. fa Love Can Hurt - Bbb - Smoking The Blues
5o. 47min. fa Are We The Waiting (my Edit) - Green Day - American Idiot
6o. 45min. fa Rebell Ladies - Jutta Weinhold - Der Soundtrack Zur Geschichte
7o. 45min. fa Never Change - Unisonic - Unisonic
8o. 49min. fa Flight Of The Snow Moose - Gary Moore - Back On The Streets
9o. 49min. fa Fame - David Bowie - Glass Spider
10o. 47min. fa World Gone Mad - Jorn - Spirit Black
11o. 47min. fa Rock'n' Roll Gypsy (rock'n' Roll Outlaw) - Helen Schneider - Hits Der ...
12o. 45min. fa Into The Heart Of Danger - Battle Beast - Battle Beast
13o. 26min. fa A Mirror's Diary - Mooncry - A Mirror's Diary
13o. 50min. fa G”, Du Bleibst Heut Nacht Bei Mir - Sts (steinbdcker, Timischl, Schiff...
14o. 49min. fa Another Shot Of Your Love - Pretty Maids - It Comes Alive - Maid In Sw...
15o. 49min. fa Radar Love - White Lion - The Best Of White Lion
16o. 49min. fa Monster Philosophy (live) - D-a-d - Dic.nii.lan.daft.erd.ark
17o. 51min. fa Reach Out - Giorgio Moroder - Best Of Giorgio Moroder
18o. 47min. fa Search And Destroy - The Stooges - 100% Rock Vol.2 (cd5)
19o. 47min. fa Carrickfergus - Bruce Guthro - Celtic Crossing
20o. 45min. fa Rock You Tonight - Firehouse - Hold Your Fire
21o. 45min. fa Black Bob - Kid Rock - Kid Rock
22o. 47min. fa Piano Man - Billy Joel - Piano Man
23o. 47min. fa The Great Mystery - Avantasia - The Mystery Of Time
1g. 45min. fa Rhythm Machine - Bad Company - Desolation Angels
1g. 1o. 51min. fa Timeless Flight - Jon Oliva's Pain - Maniacal Renderings
1g. 2o. 51min. fa My Voice - Van Canto - Tribe Of Force
1g. 3o. 51min. fa Chained - At Vance - Chained
1g. 4o. 49min. fa The Turn Of The Screw - Heaven & Hell - The Devil You Know
1g. 5o. 47min. fa The Race Is On - Suzi Quatro - Greatest Hits
1g. 6o. 49min. fa Turn The Page - Eden's Curse - Symphony Of Sin
1g. 7o. 47min. fa Hey Hey, My My (into The Black) - Neil Young - Rust Never Sleeps (live...
1g. 8o. 45min. fa Planet Shame - Mono Inc. - Pain, Love & Poetry
1g. 9o. 45min. fa Love Bites - Def Leppard - Vault: Greatest Hits (1980-1995)
1g. 10o. 45min. fa Pamela - Toto - Greatest Hits
1g. 11o. 17min. fa Der Kurier - Schandmaul - Narrenkcnig
1g. 11o. 45min. fa Mein Kapitdn - Silly - Alles Rot
1g. 12o. 16min. fa Unbreakable - Stratovarius - Nemesis (taiwan Ed.) Digipak
1g. 12o. 43min. fa I'll See You In My Dreams - Giant - Last Of The Runaways
1g. 13o. 45min. fa Megalomania - Black Sabbath - Sabotage
1g. 14o. 49min. fa Holy Diver - Dio - Holy Diver
1g. 15o. 18min. fa Squeeze Box - The Who - The Ultimate Collection (disc 2)
1g. 15o. 51min. fa Paper Blood - Royal Hunt - Rock Teh Bones Vol3 Cd1
1g. 16o. 53min. fa Two Out Of Seven (single Version - Bonus Track) - Edguy - Age Of The J...
1g. 17o. 53min. fa Message In A Bottle - The Police - Crimewatch Live
1g. 18o. 55min. fa Little Suzi - Tesla - Mechanical Resonance
1g. 19o. 56min. fa Operation Mindcrime - Wake Me Up
1g. 20o. 59min. fa Jono - Crown
1g. 21o. 57min. fa State Of Love - Issa - Can't Stop
1g. 23o. 1min. fa Sea Of Life - Saxon - Metalhead
2g. 2min. fa Lights And Thunder - White Lion - Mane Attraction
2g. 1o. 3min. fa Kinder An Die Macht - Herbert Grcnemeyer - Sprnge
2g. 2o. 1min. fa What Can I Do - Gotthard - Human Zoo
2g. 3o. 1min. fa Flesh For Fantasy - Billy Idol - Rebel Yell
2g. 4o. 3min. fa Play Me Hard - Crucified Barbara - In Distortion We Trust
2g. 5o. 1min. fa Stargazer (1976) - Rainbow - The Best Of Rainbow (cd1)
2g. 6o. 1min. fa Two Kings - At Vance - Dragonchaser
2g. 7o. 1min. fa Every Breath You Take - Sting - The Very Best Of Mtv Unplugged Vol 2
2g. 8o. fa Saturday Satan - Powerwolf - Alive In The Night
2g. 9o. 1min. fa Halloween - Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I
2g. 10o. 3min. fa The Devil Is Me - Kiss - Monster
2g. 11o. 3min. fa Barbara Allen - Blackmore's Night - Autumn Sky
2g. 12o. 1min. fa Umbrella Man - Gary Moore - Bad For Your Baby
2g. 12o. 57min. fa Sunrise - Simply Red - The Greatest Hits 25
2g. 13o. 59min. fa Stella Blue - Warren Haynes - Live At Bonnaroo
2g. 14o. 59min. fa Balls To The Wall - Accept - Balls To The Wall
2g. 15o. 59min. fa Bring My Baby Back - Gary Moore - A Different Beat
2g. 16o. 59min. fa Mistreated (live) - Axel Rudi Pell - Made In Germany
2g. 18o. 3min. fa Snakes & Ladders - Shakra - Snakes & Ladders
2g. 18o. 39min. fa For You - Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Chance (remastered)
2g. 19o. 3min. fa Valley Of Kingdom - Freedom Call - Land Of The Crimson Dawn (limited E...
2g. 20o. 5min. fa Windows/spain - Jane - Live 1987 - 2012
2g. 21o. 5min. fa New World Comin' - Accept - Blood Of The Nations
2g. 22o. 3min. fa Once Around The Ride - Cinderella - Night Songs
2g. 23o. 5min. fa First To Cry - House Of Lords - Big Money
3g. 13min. fa Big River - Van Halen - A Different Kind Of Truth
3g. 1o. 15min. fa Sebastian - Cockney Rebel - Kuschelrock 1 (cd2)
3g. 2o. 15min. fa Let The River Run - Vanishing Point - Distant Is The Sun
3g. 3o. 15min. fa Nightmare In The Neighborhood (bonus Track) - Pretty Maids - It Comes ...
3g. 4o. 21min. fa Mama's Boy - Suzi Quatro - Greatest Hits
3g. 5o. 19min. fa School - Supertramp - Crime Of The Century
3g. 6o. 17min. fa By - Tor And The Snow Dog - Rush - Rush In Rio 3
3g. 7o. 17min. fa Mountain Mama - Gotthard - Made In Switzerland - Live In Zrich
3g. 8o. 19min. fa Radio Mary - Tyketto - Shine
3g. 9o. 13min. fa Ma Baker - Axxis - Rediscover(ed)
3g. 10o. 13min. fa Babe - Styx - Come Sail Away - The Styx Anthology (cd2)
3g. 11o. 11min. fa Black Rose - Doro - Calling The Wild
3g. 12o. 7min. fa Lock Up The Wolves - Dio - Diamonds - The Best Of Dio
3g. 13o. 5min. fa Icebreaker - Velvet Viper - Velvet Viper
3g. 14o. 3min. fa Time Has Come - Europe - The Final Countdown
3g. 15o. 1min. fa The Chosen One - Human Fortress - Raided Land
3g. 16o. 1min. fa Until Our Kingdom Falls - The Poodles - Performocracy
3g. 16o. 59min. fa Too Late - At Vance - Dragonchaser
3g. 17o. 59min. fa Maniac - Michael Sembello - Sounds Of The Eighties 83
3g. 18o. 57min. fa Leider - Eisbrecher - Antikcrper
3g. 19o. 55min. fa Breakfast At Tiffanys - The Alien Brainsuckers - 7er Bootleg
3g. 21o. 15min. fa Altes Fieber - Die Toten Hosen - Ballast Der Republik
3g. 21o. 19min. fa Peacemaker - Iced Earth - Rocks 01/2014
3g. 22o. 15min. fa Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere - Neil Young - Everybody Knows This Is...
3g. 22o. 20min. fa Wild Swan [live] - Magnum - The Classic Collection Disc 2
3g. 23o. 15min. fa Ain´t Gonna Win - Axel Rudi Pell - Best Of (anniversary Edition)
4g. 13min. fa I Want Out - Helloween - The Best, The Rest, The Rare
4g. 1o. 13min. fa Strahlendster Erster - Coronatus - Porta Obscura
4g. 2o. 12min. fa Action - Def Leppard - Mirrorball: Live And More
4g. 3o. 12min. fa Fourty Days - Meat Loaf - Hell In A Handbasket
4g. 4o. 13min. fa The Darkness - Primal Fear - New Religion
4g. 5o. 15min. fa Sure Know Something - Kiss - Mtv Unplugged
4g. 6o. 21min. fa Gates Of Fire: 1. Stand Of The Spartans - Manilla Road - Gates Of Fire
4g. 7o. 23min. fa Contract Song - Kai Hansen - Thank You Wacken
4g. 8o. 21min. fa Big City Nights - Scorpions - Bad For Good: The Very Best Of The Scorp...
4g. 9o. 19min. fa I'm Gonna Love Her For Both Of Us - Meat Loaf - Hits Out Of Hell
4g. 10o. 15min. fa Ride On - Ac/dc - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
4g. 11o. 21min. fa Be To See - Jane - Resurrection
4g. 12o. 21min. fa Initiation - Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I
4g. 13o. 19min. fa Hard To Handle (otis Redding) - The Alien Brainsuckers - Demo
4g. 14o. 17min. fa More Than Words - Extreme - Pornograffitti
4g. 15o. 15min. fa Bobby Mcgee - Piece Of Janis - In Session
4g. 15o. 33min. fa Head Games - Foreigner - Live On Tour - Bad Kreuznach
4g. 16o. 21min. fa Maryanne - Trancemission - Back In Trance Ii
4g. 16o. 34min. fa Metalhead - Saxon - Metalhead
4g. 17o. 19min. fa Inside Of Me - Robin Beck - The Great Escape
4g. 18o. 17min. fa Stuck In The Middle With You - Stealers Wheel - Soul Train: The Dance ...
4g. 19o. 15min. fa Friends Till The End - Dezperadoz - The Legend And The Truth
4g. 20o. 13min. fa Life In Color - Player - Too Many Reasons
4g. 20o. 14min. fa Life In Color - Player - Too Many Reasons
4g. 21o. 11min. fa Lunch-case - Tokyo Blade - Thousand Men Strong
4g. 21o. 15min. fa Parasite - Pink Cream 69 - Pink Cream 69
4g. 22o. 9min. fa Where Did I Lose Your Love - Journey - Revelation Cd1
4g. 23o. 7min. fa Resurrect - Dan Reed Network - Dan Reed Network

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