Hard Rock Heaven - 80s Hard Rock, Hair Metal, Heavy Metal, Glam - www.hrhradio.com


Hard Rock Heaven - 80s Hard Rock, Hair Metal, Heavy Metal, Glam - www.hrhradio.com

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city: Chicago
Generi: Hard Rock
Hard Rock Heaven - 80s Hard Rock, Hair Metal, Heavy Metal, Glam - www.hrhradio.com
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Hard Rock Heaven - 80s Hard Rock, H...

Hard Rock Heaven was born on July 2010 with one major goal: ROCK THE NET with the best 80s and early 90s Hard Rock, Hair Metal and Hair Bands!

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Che ha giocato alla radio:  Hard Rock Heaven - 80s Hard Rock, Hair Metal, Heavy Metal, Glam - www.hrhradio.com
45min. fa W.a.s.p. - Inside The Electric Circus
1o. 45min. fa Van Halen - Good Enough
2o. 45min. fa Tesla - Lazy Days , Crazy Nights
3o. 44min. fa Kix - Don't Close Your Eyes
4o. 32min. fa Blue Tears - Crush
4o. 42min. fa Whitesnake - Spit It Out
5o. 40min. fa Wildside - Hair Of The Dog
5o. 51min. fa Danger Danger - Rock America
5o. 56min. fa Enuff Z'nuff - Fly High Michelle
6o. 1min. fa Journey - Suzanne
6o. 5min. fa Helix - Wild In The Streets
6o. 10min. fa Valentine - Where Are You Now
6o. 13min. fa Fair Warning - When Love Fails
6o. 17min. fa Enuff Z'nuff - Kiss The Clown
6o. 22min. fa Danger Danger - Naughty Naughty
6o. 30min. fa L.a. Guns - The Ballad Of Jayne
6o. 32min. fa Hericane Alice - Bad To Love
6o. 35min. fa Tangier - Good Lovin'
6o. 40min. fa Trixter - Wild Is The Heart
6o. 42min. fa Trixter - Wild Is The Heart
6o. 45min. fa Leatherwolf - Spirits In The Wind
6o. 49min. fa Van Halen - Summer Nights
6o. 54min. fa Saxon - Devil Rides Out
7o. 1min. fa Keel - No Pain, No Gain
7o. 7min. fa Child's Play - Girl Like You
7o. 9min. fa Frehley's Comet - Calling To You
7o. 12min. fa Emergency - Blackeyed Jeannie
7o. 16min. fa Y&t - L.a. Rocks
7o. 22min. fa Winger - In The Day We'll Never See
7o. 28min. fa Ozzy Osbourne - Sin
7o. 33min. fa Def Leppard - Lady Strange
7o. 38min. fa Fifth Angel - Seven Hours
7o. 42min. fa Sargant Fury - Love On The Run
7o. 43min. fa Sargant Fury - Love On The Run
7o. 46min. fa Poison - Let Me Go To Show
7o. 48min. fa Promo - Whitesnake Vh Kiss - Jeffradio
7o. 51min. fa Cry Wolf - Pretender
7o. 55min. fa Twisted Sister - Burn In Hell
8o. 1min. fa Tesla - Makin' Magic
8o. 6min. fa Ac/dc - Sink The Pink
8o. 11min. fa Queensryche - Revolution Calling
8o. 15min. fa Y&t - Summertime Girls
8o. 18min. fa Sweeper - Hits And The Deep Cuts - Jeffradio
8o. 22min. fa Mr. Big - Shadows
8o. 25min. fa Xyz - Maggy
8o. 28min. fa Blue Murder - We All Fall Down
8o. 33min. fa Damn Yankees - Don't Tread On Me
8o. 42min. fa Damn Yankees - Where You Goin' Now
8o. 42min. fa Damn Yankees - Where You Goin' Now
8o. 45min. fa Killer Dwarfs - Nothin' Gets Nothin'
8o. 49min. fa Katmandu - Let The Heartache Begin
8o. 54min. fa Leatherwolf - Wicked Ways
8o. 59min. fa Whitesnake - Wings Of The Storm
9o. 5min. fa Twisted Sister - I Will Win
9o. 9min. fa Rough Cutt - Take Her
9o. 10min. fa Hrhradio.com - Ad-free Stream
9o. 14min. fa Tesla - Changes
9o. 19min. fa Beau Nasty - Love Potion #9
9o. 22min. fa John Norum - Love Is Meant (to Last Forever)
9o. 26min. fa Europe - Heart Of Stone
9o. 29min. fa Sweeper - Real Rock Is The Only Rock We Play - Jeffradio
9o. 32min. fa Def Leppard - Photograph
9o. 34min. fa Def Leppard - Run Riot
9o. 39min. fa Queensryche - Speak
9o. 42min. fa Babylon A.d. - Blind Ambition
9o. 44min. fa Babylon A.d. - Blind Ambition
9o. 51min. fa Big Bad Wolf - Shot Down By Love
9o. 54min. fa Skid Row - Rattlesnake Shake
9o. 58min. fa Fair Warning - Hang On
10o. 18min. fa Slaughter - She Wants More
10o. 25min. fa Lillian Axe - Body Double
10o. 28min. fa Bad English - The Restless Ones
10o. 35min. fa Vixen - Edge Of A Broken Heart
10o. 39min. fa Defcon - All Your Love
10o. 40min. fa Defcon - All Your Love
10o. 44min. fa Guns N' Roses - Think About You
10o. 48min. fa Great White - Call It Rock N' Roll
10o. 51min. fa Kiss - Thief In The Night
10o. 58min. fa Saxon - Call Of The Wild
11o. 1min. fa Tesla - Cover Queen
11o. 8min. fa House Of Lords - I Wanna Be Loved
11o. 10min. fa Mcauley Schenker Group - No Time For Losers
11o. 15min. fa Silent Rage - Don't Touch Me There
11o. 18min. fa Southgang - Georgia Lights
11o. 23min. fa Bonfire - Never Surrender
11o. 27min. fa Sweeper - We Rock Hard So Hard - Jeffradio
11o. 28min. fa Talisman - Women, Whiskey And Songs
11o. 30min. fa Hrhradio.com - Ad-free Stream
11o. 33min. fa Extreme - He-man Woman Hater
11o. 40min. fa Vinnie Vincent Invasion - Heavy Pettin'
11o. 42min. fa Vinnie Vincent Invasion - Heavy Pettin'
11o. 44min. fa Extreme - Li'l Jack Horny
11o. 49min. fa King Kobra - Tough Guys
11o. 55min. fa Keel - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
11o. 57min. fa Harem Scarem - Love Reaction
12o. fa Sweeper - We'll Rock U Harder Than - Jeffradio
12o. 4min. fa Eyes - Can't Get Enough
12o. 9min. fa Tangier - Caution To The Wind
12o. 12min. fa Rox Diamond - Get The Lead Out (of My Heart)
12o. 30min. fa Strangeways - Where Are They Now
12o. 35min. fa Von Groove - Once Is Not Enough
12o. 40min. fa Adwtag_122000 - Be Right Back!
12o. 42min. fa Cry Wolf - Red Shoes
12o. 45min. fa Krokus - Ballroom Blitz
12o. 50min. fa Shark Island - Ready Or Not
12o. 54min. fa Shotgun Messiah - Squeezin Teezin
12o. 57min. fa Hardline - Can't Find My Way
13o. 4min. fa Bonfire - American Nights
13o. 6min. fa Sweeper - Real Rock Zone - Jeffradio
13o. 7min. fa Bonfire - Tony's Roulette
13o. 14min. fa Guns N' Roses - Rocket Queen
13o. 22min. fa Roxxi - Searchin' For The Light
13o. 25min. fa Harem Scarem - With A Little Love
13o. 29min. fa L.a. Guns - Sex Action
13o. 32min. fa Killer Dwarfs - Doesn't Matter
13o. 35min. fa Sammy Hagar - Heavy Metal
13o. 39min. fa Sammy Hagar - Heavy Metal
13o. 40min. fa Night Ranger - Man In Motion
13o. 44min. fa Hrhradio.com - Ad-free Stream
13o. 47min. fa Arti Tisi - Can't Face Another Night
13o. 52min. fa Treat - Save Yourself
13o. 59min. fa Trouble Tribe - Tattoo
14o. fa Guns N' Roses - Yesterdays
14o. 4min. fa Trixter - Road Of A Thousand Dreams
14o. 7min. fa Kiss - Crazy Crazy Nights
14o. 12min. fa Frehley's Comet - Calling To You
14o. 17min. fa Heaven's Edge - Daddy's Little Girl
14o. 26min. fa Banshee - Call Of The Wild
14o. 29min. fa Warrant - So Damn Pretty
14o. 32min. fa Guns N' Roses - Get In The Ring
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Rajado muy buena music
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super radio
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my kind of music
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Muy buena la emisora,buena musica
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how it should be..
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Τhanks Forn Your Hard Rock Heaven !
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  Quest: Shirley  
Excelente programa saludos desde colombia
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hard rock heaven - 80s hard rock, hair metal, heavy metal, glam - www.hrhradio.com

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