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Generi: Alternative Mainstream
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FM4 Berichte und Kommentare zu Musik, Popkultur, Film, Literatur, Games und Politik.
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2o. 52min. fa Fm4 Auf Laut |
7o. 37min. fa Weezer - Feels Like Summer | Fm4 Connected
12o. 24min. fa Beirut - No No No | Fm4 Update
14o. 47min. fa Sleep Sleep - Sunrise | Fm4 Morning Show
17o. 8min. fa Fm4 News
18o. 25min. fa Shenpen Senge - Through Dimensions | Fm4 Sleepless
23o. 8min. fa Animal House - Domino | Fm4 Sleepless
1g. 3o. 50min. fa Manu Delago / Rahel - Chemical Reaction (albin Janoska Rx)
1g. 8o. 32min. fa Fm4 Connected |
1g. 9o. 31min. fa Fm4 Unlimited | Daily Mix Show With Djs Functionist, Beware ...
1g. 13o. 15min. fa Kid Loco - A Little Bit Of Soul | Fm4 Update
1g. 17o. 56min. fa Justus Khncke / Alexis Taylor - Sorry | Fm4 Morning Show
1g. 22o. 36min. fa Fm4 Soundpark | Your Place For Homegrown Music
2g. 3o. 16min. fa Fm4 Zimmerservice | Die Wunschsendung Mit Martin Blumenau Un ...
2g. 7o. 58min. fa Feist Ft Jarvis Cocker - Century | Fm4 Connected
2g. 12o. 39min. fa Lalo Schifrin - Agnus Dei | Fm4 Sunny Side Up
2g. 17o. 20min. fa Spoon - Hot Thoughts | Fm4 Morning Show
2g. 22o. 1min. fa Fm4 Digital Konfusion | Mix Show With Dj Joe-joe And Guests
3g. 2o. 42min. fa Fm4 Solid Steel Radioshow | Ninja Tune Mix Show With Coldcut ...
3g. 7o. 24min. fa Freud & Freind - Da Hofa | Fm4 Connected
3g. 12o. 5min. fa World Citizen Tony Lloyd: Intoduction
3g. 16o. 48min. fa Fm4 Morning Show |
3g. 21o. 32min. fa Philipp Lukavsky: Avoid Direct Sunlight Mix
4g. 2o. 14min. fa Fm4 La Boum De Luxe | Clubsounds Mit Djs Und Gsten
4g. 7o. fa Chick Quest - Exit Strategy | Fm4 Connected
4g. 10o. 39min. fa Robot Koch / Graciella Maria - 24 Harps And Landscapes
4g. 11o. 46min. fa Mini Mansions - Freakout! | Fm4 Reality Check
4g. 16o. 32min. fa Fm4 Morning Show |
4g. 21o. 17min. fa Jan Delay - Oh Jonny | Fm4 Sleepless
5g. 2o. 4min. fa Fm4 Tribe Vibes | Die Hiphop Show Mit Trishes Und Dj Phekt
5g. 6o. 48min. fa Kendrick Lamar - Humble | Fm4 Connected
5g. 9o. 7min. fa Temples - Certainty | Fm4 Connected
5g. 11o. 34min. fa Alt-j - In Cold Blood | Fm4 Reality Check
5g. 16o. 18min. fa Cari Cari - Nothing Is Older Than Yesterday | Fm4 Morning Show
5g. 21o. 2min. fa Fm4 Sleepless |
5g. 22o. 56min. fa Martin Klein - The Sun | Fm4 Sleepless
6g. 1o. 48min. fa Fm4 House Of Pain |
6g. 6o. 32min. fa Fm4 Connected |
6g. 11o. 19min. fa Dj Shadow Ft Run The Jewels - Nobody Speak | Fm4 Reality Check
6g. 16o. 4min. fa Elastica - Connection | Fm4 Morning Show
6g. 17o. 13min. fa Fm4 News
6g. 21o. 56min. fa Astro Kit - 80s Garage | Fm4 Sleepless
7g. 2o. 40min. fa Ary - Childhood Dreams | Fm4 Auf Laut
7g. 7o. 21min. fa Young Fathers - Soon Come Soon | Fm4 Connected
7g. 12o. 6min. fa Drangsal - Love Me Or Leave Me Alone | Fm4 Reality Check
7g. 16o. 47min. fa Keren Ann - Where Did You Go (yuksek Rmx) | Fm4 Morning Show
7g. 20o. 19min. fa Fm4 Solid Steel Radioshow | Ninja Tune Mix Show With Coldcut ...
7g. 21o. 31min. fa Palastic Feat. Nathan - Matches | Fm4 Sleepless
7g. 23o. 27min. fa Jai Paul - Straight Outa Mumbai | Fm4 Dalia's Midnight Lemonade
8g. 2o. 13min. fa Fm4 Homebase Parade |

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Music News /

Madonna criticises planned biopic
The biopic will chronicle her early career.
Sony Music severs ties with Dr. Luke amid Kesha legal battle
The producer and the pop star have been duking it out in court since 2014.
Kasabian: We’ve managed to do it our own way
This week on Beats 1, Kasabian are Julie Adenuga's UK Represent. Serge will be speaking to Julie each night about their new single “You’re In Love With a Psycho”
Elton John thanks fans for support following hospitalisation
Elton John has told fans he is "getting stronger every day".
Beyonce launching Formation scholarship programme
Beyonce wants to help fund the education of the next generation of female musicians and activists.

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