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1min. fa Norman Brown - Right Now
2min. fa Bob James - Five O'clock Chateau
6min. fa Alex Bugnon - Tomorrow
11min. fa Norman Brown - Come Over
16min. fa Bob Baldwin & Jocelyn Brown - Somebody Else's Guy
20min. fa Boney James - Sweet Thing
24min. fa Norman Brown - Missin' You
25min. fa Norman Brown - Missin' You
28min. fa Brian Culbertson & Steve Cole - Say What?
33min. fa Dave Koz - My Back Porch
38min. fa Norman Brown - Up 'n' At 'em
41min. fa Joey Sommerville - All Night
46min. fa Pamela Williams - Fly Away With Me
50min. fa Norman Brown - Stay Strong
55min. fa Marc Antoine - Modern Times
1o. fa Dan Siegel - In Your Eyes
1o. 3min. fa Norman Brown - Breaking Out
1o. 8min. fa Gota - In The City Life
1o. 11min. fa Steve Cole - Got It Goin' On
1o. 15min. fa Norman Brown - Out'a Nowhere
1o. 20min. fa Jonathan Butler - Dancing On The Shore
1o. 25min. fa Brian Culbertson - I'm Gonna Miss You
1o. 30min. fa Steve Cole - Everyday
1o. 33min. fa Walter Beasley - Coolness
1o. 38min. fa Brian Culbertson - It's Only You
1o. 42min. fa Richard Elliot - Crush
1o. 45min. fa Boyz Ii Men, Norman Brown & Stevie Wonder - Too High
1o. 50min. fa Brian Culbertson - Sittin' Back
1o. 55min. fa Steve Cole - Ny-la
1o. 58min. fa Jayy - U Do'n It
2o. 4min. fa Brian Culbertson - Get'n Over You
2o. 7min. fa Dan Siegel - Just Like That
2o. 10min. fa Dave Koz Feat. Chieli Minucci - No Static At All
2o. 15min. fa Brian Culbertson - Somethin' Bout Love
2o. 20min. fa Joyce Cooling - Take Me There
2o. 24min. fa Paul Brown Featuring Boney James - Ol' Skoolin'
2o. 27min. fa Joyce Cooling - Revolving Door
2o. 34min. fa Chris Standring - Kaleidoscope
2o. 37min. fa Boney James - Something Inside
2o. 41min. fa Joyce Cooling - Cool Of The Night
2o. 46min. fa Kim Waters - Hot Tub
2o. 51min. fa Brian Culbertson & Norman Brown - Come On Up
2o. 54min. fa Joyce Cooling - At The Modern
3o. 1min. fa Kim Waters - So Sick
3o. 4min. fa Denny Jiosa - Dessert For Two
3o. 9min. fa Joyce Cooling - Before Dawn
3o. 14min. fa Chris Standring - Catwalk
3o. 18min. fa Brian Culbertson & Rashaan Patterson - Fly High
3o. 21min. fa Joyce Cooling - East Side
3o. 26min. fa Steve Oliver - West End
3o. 33min. fa Lee Ritenour & Bob James - After The Rain
3o. 36min. fa Chris Standring - As
3o. 39min. fa Joyce Cooling - The Wizard
3o. 44min. fa Wayne Jones - Feeling Playful
3o. 49min. fa Chris Standring - Mumbo Jumbo
3o. 53min. fa Joyce Cooling - Mildred's Attraction
3o. 58min. fa Dave Koz & Robben Ford - Shakin' The Shack
4o. 5min. fa Kim Waters - East Coast Strollin'
4o. 8min. fa Najee - Black Man
4o. 13min. fa Bill Sharpe - One Time
4o. 18min. fa Gregg Karukas - Show Me The Way
4o. 21min. fa Norman Brown - I Might
4o. 26min. fa Gregg Holsey - Just Cooling
4o. 32min. fa Chris Standring - I Can't Help Myself
4o. 35min. fa Norman Brown - West Coast Coolin'
4o. 40min. fa Jay Soto - Caught In A Moment
4o. 43min. fa Euge Groove - Just My Imagination
4o. 48min. fa Norman Brown - Let's Play
4o. 52min. fa Brian Culbertson & Dave Koz - If Only For One Night
4o. 57min. fa Chris Standring - A Method To The Madness
5o. 2min. fa Pamela Williams - A Kiss To Remember
5o. 8min. fa Roberto Vazquez - Never Far Away (feat. Marion Meadows)
5o. 12min. fa Joyce Cooling - Daddy-o
5o. 19min. fa Pamela Williams - Emerald Eyes
5o. 22min. fa Chris Standring - Qwertyuiop
5o. 25min. fa Joyce Cooling - Mm-mm Good
5o. 30min. fa Gregg Karukas - Home To You
5o. 37min. fa Steve Cole - Off Broadway
5o. 40min. fa Kim Waters - In The Mood
5o. 46min. fa Jeff Kashiwa - Here And Now
5o. 49min. fa Michael Lington - Roadtrip
5o. 54min. fa Gregg Karukas - Welcome Home
5o. 57min. fa Jeff Kashiwa - 3-day Weekend
6o. 2min. fa Gabriela Anders - Fire Of Love
6o. 6min. fa Jeff Kashiwa, Kim Waters & Steve Cole - The Sax Pack
6o. 9min. fa Marion Meadows - Player's Club
6o. 14min. fa Phillip Martin - Realization
6o. 17min. fa Alex Bugnon - The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
6o. 22min. fa Marion Meadows - Sweet Grapes
6o. 24min. fa Marion Meadows - Sweet Grapes
6o. 26min. fa Will Donato - Grand Slam
6o. 29min. fa Joyce Cooling - Come And Get It
6o. 36min. fa Urban Jazz Coalition - Cool Strut
6o. 39min. fa Nick Colionne - High Flyin'
6o. 44min. fa Bob Baldwin - Third Time's The Charm
6o. 49min. fa Urban Jazz Coalition - Moonlight Taboo
6o. 54min. fa Walle Larsson - Beaches
6o. 59min. fa Paul Brown - The Funky Joint
7o. 3min. fa Urban Jazz Coalition - Deja Vu
7o. 8min. fa Tim Bowman - Seaside Drive
7o. 11min. fa Paul Brown - I Get A Feeling
7o. 15min. fa The Sax Pack - My Lovin' (you're Never Gonna Get It)
7o. 18min. fa Phil Denny - Traffic Jam
7o. 21min. fa Paul Brown - From The Ground Up (feat. Euge Groove)
7o. 26min. fa The Sax Pack - Fallin' For You (special Davy D Re-mix)
7o. 31min. fa Vincent Ingala - Can't Stop Now
7o. 35min. fa Paul Brown - Ya Di G (feat. Darren Rahn)
7o. 40min. fa The Sax Pack - Are You Ready?
7o. 45min. fa Paul Brown Featuring David Benoit - R 'n' B Bump
7o. 48min. fa Paul Brown - Backstage Pass (feat. Bob James)
7o. 52min. fa The Sax Pack - Smooth As Silk
7o. 55min. fa Boney James Feat. Rick Braun - Love's Like That
8o. fa Paul Brown - Tuff Times (feat. Jonathan Fritzen)
8o. 3min. fa The Sax Pack - This Time Around
8o. 8min. fa Brian Culbertson, Marcus Miller & Steve Cole - Midnight
8o. 12min. fa Paul Brown - Love Don't Come Ez
8o. 15min. fa The Sax Pack - Can't Help Myself
8o. 20min. fa Phillip Doc Martin - Good Day At Work
8o. 24min. fa Paul Brown - Say It Like It Is
8o. 27min. fa The Sax Pack - Wanna Get Closer
8o. 30min. fa Patrick Yandall - Laws Of Groovity
8o. 34min. fa Paul Brown - Montreux
8o. 39min. fa Steve Oliver - Feeling Good
8o. 44min. fa Nicholas Cole - Please Don't Say No (feat. Tim Bowman)
8o. 47min. fa Paul Brown - As Clear As Day (feat. Boney James)
8o. 50min. fa Steve Oliver - Mr. Hipster
8o. 54min. fa Jim Adkins - Wind Dancing
8o. 59min. fa Paul Brown - The Funky Joint
9o. 2min. fa Steve Oliver - Show You Love
9o. 6min. fa Jonathan Fritzyn - Magical (feat. Boney James)
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¡¡¡Congratulations! Excellent programming. Thank you for sharing with the world I am enjoying it since several months ago. Here en Mexico you sounds very good. from México. Esteban Cortés Faz.
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