T.S.A - The Solaris Agency - Radio 01 : Automatic DJ


T.S.A - The Solaris Agency - Radio 01 : Automatic DJ

Genres: Amiga C64 Arcarde Remix Demoscene
T.S.A - The Solaris Agency - Radio 01 : Automatic DJ
160 kbit +
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Bitrate:  160
T.S.A - The Solaris Agency - Radio ...

Tristar Digital Arts. Demoscene, Grafix, Sound, Design, Video and Friendship.

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  Quête: jrgen balzer      
damn good radio with various remixes from amiga , c64 and other systems.
0    0 Réponse   17:59 <> 1. 3. 2011  
  Quête: Radix    Berlin  
i love electronic music and this radio station is perfect.
0    0 Réponse   3:10 <> 27. 3. 2011  
  Quête: roman    Hannover  
Tristar Radio. Wow !!, i listen this often when i´m working. This is one of the best Stations for electronic, scene and game remix music. Asaf they choose the songs by hearing, i can only say - top. Love to my youth heroes or as we said in germany. Danke Tristar !
0    0 Réponse   6:54 <> 14. 11. 2011  
  Quête: AMItac    Nuremberg  
The Radio is actually in a rebuild Phase. ( only few testing tunes are running ) we.re back with this Station @ Port : 80 on 1. Sept. 2014. Keep in mind, we like when you like.
0    0 Réponse   2:55 <> 25. 8. 2014  
  Quête: AMItac    Nuremberg  
The Radio is now online again. NOTE : Tristar has been closed back on 15. Sept. 2012 and ended in T.S.A - The Solaris Agency. This NEW group consists of Members from Tristar ( 1987-15.Sept.2012 ) , Members from Abyss Connection and also Members of Flash Arts as founding Members. Enjoy the radio and check out also our 2nd radio station. ( it will start on 1. December 2014, and will offer you original Amiga, C-64 and later also Arcarde / Console Sounds from the good old 8/16 Bit times ) Enjoy and thanx for listening.
0    0 Réponse   5:40 <> 27. 10. 2014  

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t.s.a - the solaris agency - radio 01 : automatic dj

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