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Qui a joué sur la radio:  Dinner Jazz Excursion
Il y a 3h. 25min. Jimmy Ponder - You Are Too Beautiful
Il y a 3h. 32min. Al Cohn / Zoot Sims - A New Moan
Il y a 3h. 36min. John Colianni - Picke Yourself Up
Il y a 3h. 39min. Cal Tjader - Union Square
Il y a 3h. 44min. Royce Campbell - Tenderly
Il y a 3h. 49min. Armik - La Gitana De Seville
Il y a 3h. 51min. Jimmy Cobb's Mob - Sweet And Lovely
Il y a 3h. 58min. Jimmy Bruno / Joe Beck - Carioca Blue
Il y a 4h. 3min. Lenore Raphael - Sometime Ago
Il y a 4h. 10min. Jim Hall / Pat Metheny - Ballad Z
Il y a 5h. 2min. &artist=ahmad%20jamal&title=time%20for%20love&album=digital%20works&du...
Il y a 5h. 31min. &artist=harold%20land&title=invitation&album=a%20lazy%20afternoon&dura...
Il y a 5h. 50min. &artist=gil%20evans&title=remember&album=the%20jazz%20giants%20play%20...
Il y a 6h. 6min. &artist=jessica%20williams&title=warm%20valley&album=all%20alone&durat...
Il y a 6h. 23min. &artist=garrison%20fewell&title=you%27re%20my%20everything&album=red%2...
Il y a 6h. 41min. &artist=adam%20shulman&title=the%20little%20ones&album=on%20second%20t...
Il y a 6h. 58min. &artist=frank%20strozier&title=the%20crystal%20ball&album=long%20night...
Il y a 7h. 14min. &artist=dave%20grusin&title=the%20heart%20is%20a%20lonely%20hunter&alb...
Il y a 7h. 33min. &artist=steve%20million&title=scriabin%20prelude%20pus%2016%20%233&alb...
Il y a 7h. 50min. &artist=eric%20skye&title=blue%20bossa&album=acoustic%20jazz%20guitar%...
Il y a 8h. 6min. &artist=jacky%20terrasson&title=everything%20happens%20to%20me&album=m...
Il y a 8h. 23min. &artist=eddie%20harris&title=theme%20in%20search%20of%20a%20movie&albu...
Il y a 8h. 40min. &artist=earl%20klugh&title=canadian%20sunset&album=the%20spice%20of%20...
Il y a 9h. 1min. &artist=doug%20roche&title=stompin%27%20at%20the%20savoy&album=simple%...
Il y a 9h. 31min. &artist=deep%20blue%20organ%20trio&title=a%20deeper%20blue&album=folk%...
Il y a 9h. 51min. &artist=jon%20faddis%20%2f%20ray%20brown&title=bags%27%20groove&album=...
Il y a 10h. 11min. &artist=dave%20corbus&title=all%20the%20time%20in%20the%20world&album=...
Il y a 10h. 31min. &artist=clare%20fischer&title=autumn%20leaves&album=just%20me%3a%20sol...
Il y a 10h. 50min. &artist=chris%20flory&title=s%27posin%27&album=city%20life&duration=32...
Il y a 11h. 9min. &artist=milt%20jackson&title=gravy%20blues&album=jazz%20%27round%20mid...
Il y a 11h. 26min. &artist=chick%20corea&title=children%27s%20song%20%2310&album=piano%20...
Il y a 11h. 44min. &artist=charlie%20haden%20%2f%20pat%20metheny&title=message%20to%20a%2...
Il y a 12h. 2min. &artist=charlie%20byrd&title=isn%27t%20it%20romantic%3f&album=isn%27t%...
Il y a 12h. 21min. &artist=jorge%20dalto&title=la%20costa&album=urban%20oasis&duration=48...
Il y a 12h. 39min. &artist=miles%20davis&title=%27round%20midnight&album=miles%20davis%20...
Il y a 13h. 2min. &artist=clarke%20%2f%20dickeson%20%2f%20harkins&title=angel%20face&alb...
Il y a 13h. 21min. &artist=pete%20mills&title=diggin%27%20on%20dexter&album=fresh%20spin&...
Il y a 13h. 41min. &artist=joe%20pass&title=jitterbug%20waltz&album=my%20song&duration=49...
Il y a 14h. 1min. &artist=marian%20mcpartland&title=tricotism&album=personal%20choice&du...
Il y a 14h. 21min. &artist=buddy%20defranco%20%2f%20terry%20gibbs&title=one%20little%20th...
Il y a 14h. 41min. &artist=jamie%20fox&title=five%20one%20%26%20a%20half&album=when%20i%2...
Il y a 15h. 1min. &artist=bruce%20lofgren&title=triste&album=jazz%20trio&duration=373656...
Il y a 15h. 21min. &artist=boston%20jazz%20ensemble%20%2f%20gerry%20beaudoin&title=in%20a...
Il y a 15h. 40min. &artist=bruce%20forman&title=milan%20k&album=there%20are%20times&durat...
Il y a 16h. &artist=benny%20green%20%2f%20russell%20malone&title=who%20can%20i%20t...
Il y a 16h. 19min. &artist=brad%20mehldau&title=nearness%20of%20you&album=anything%20goes...
Il y a 16h. 40min. &artist=benny%20green%20%2f%20oscar%20peterson&title=barbara%27s%20blu...
Il y a 17h. &artist=bob%20sneider&title=afterglow&album=nocturne%20for%20ava&durat...
Il y a 17h. 19min. &artist=billy%20childs&title=tell%20me%20a%20bedtime%20story&album=bed...
Il y a 17h. 39min. &artist=bill%20charlap&title=dream&album=written%20in%20the%20stars&du...
Il y a 17h. 58min. &artist=ahmad%20jamal&title=stolen%20moments&album=the%20awakening&dur...
Il y a 18h. 18min. &artist=art%20tatum%20group&title=memories%20of%20you&album=the%20pabl...
Il y a 18h. 40min. &artist=stefon%20harris&title=after%20the%20day%20is%20done&album=blac...
Il y a 19h. 39min. Example - Later-extended_clean
Il y a 20h. 5min. Tomo - Passion
Il y a 20h. 10min. The Modern Jazz Quartet - One Never Knows
Il y a 20h. 20min. Tommy Flanagan - C.c. Rider
Il y a 20h. 23min. Coryell, Assad & Abercrombie - Ralph's Piano Waltz
Il y a 20h. 28min. Dale Bruning / Michael Moore - Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
Il y a 20h. 35min. Tim Green - A Time For Love
Il y a 20h. 40min. &artist=ted%20rosenthal&title=waltz%20for%20debby&album=the%203%20b%27...
Il y a 20h. 40min. Ted Rosenthal - Waltz For Debby
Il y a 20h. 43min. Thelonious Monk - Pannonica
Il y a 20h. 47min. Swing Masters - Stompin' At The Savoy
Il y a 20h. 53min. Martin Bejerano - Truth & Illusions
Il y a 20h. 57min. Eliane Elias - But Not For Me
Il y a 21h. 3min. Steve Allee - Dedication Suite: If I Were A Bell
Il y a 21h. 7min. Stan Getz - Skylark
Il y a 21h. 12min. Julian Lage - L'il Darlin'
Il y a 21h. 19min. Ruby Braff / Ralph Sutton - Little Rock Getaway
Il y a 21h. 22min. Ruby Braff - Blue And Sentimental
Il y a 21h. 25min. Royce Campbell / Gene Bertoncini - How Insensitive
Il y a 21h. 30min. Ron Eschete - Because Of You
Il y a 21h. 37min. Phil Urso / Carl Saunders - My Funny Valentine
Il y a 21h. 40min. &artist=phil%20urso%20%2f%20carl%20saunders&title=my%20funny%20valenti...
Il y a 22h. 41min. &artist=tony%20pacini&title=if%20you%20never%20come%20to%20me&album=pi...
Il y a 23h. 44min. &artist=matt%20finley&title=calm%20waters&album=brazilian%20wish&durat...
Il y a 1j. 1h. 1min. Lisa Hilton - Ladies Of The Canyon
Il y a 1j. 1h. 10min. &artist=roy%20powell&title=rendezvous&album=solace&duration=262935&son...
Il y a 1j. 2h. 41min. &artist=dave%20brubeck&title=red%20sails%20in%20the%20sunset&album=one...
Il y a 1j. 4h. 3min. Johnny Costa - Porgy And Bess Medley
Il y a 1j. 4h. 6min. Geoff Keezer - Lush Life
Il y a 1j. 4h. 9min. Richard Todd - Days Of Wine And Roses
Il y a 1j. 4h. 12min. &artist=john%20stowell&title=picture%20in%20black%20and%20white&album=...
Il y a 1j. 4h. 13min. John Stowell - Picture In Black And White
Il y a 1j. 4h. 15min. John Stein Trio - Polka Dots And Moonbeams
Il y a 1j. 4h. 18min. Jack Mcduff - Old Folks
Il y a 1j. 5h. 8min. &artist=joe%20locascio&title=call%20me%20irresponsible&album=home&dura...
Il y a 1j. 5h. 31min. Joe Beck - Santi Dibriano - Thierry Arpino - But Beautiful
Il y a 1j. 9h. 24min. Ed Bickert - I Know Why And So Do You
Il y a 1j. 16h. 34min. Benny Carter - A Walkin' Thing
Il y a 1j. 16h. 36min. Kenny Burrell - Satin Doll
Il y a 1j. 16h. 40min. Alan Broadbent - 'round Midnight
Il y a 1j. 18h. 44min. Anders Swanson / Chris Wabich / Larry Koonse - Sophisticated Lady
Il y a 2j. 6min. Ron Brendle - Wayfarin' Stranger
Il y a 2j. 11min. Roberto Magris Europlane Featuring Herb Geller - Some Other Spring
Il y a 2j. 1h. 57min. Royce Campbell - I Concentrate On You
Il y a 2j. 2h. Noah Peterson - Alice In Wonderland
Il y a 2j. 2h. 5min. Jon Novak / Mark Haar - On Green Dolphin Street
Il y a 2j. 2h. 8min. Mike Wade & The Jazz Mafia - On Broadway
Il y a 2j. 2h. 13min. Herb Ellis / Remo Palmier - My Foolish Heart
Il y a 2j. 2h. 15min. Mike Perry - Seascape
Il y a 2j. 2h. 20min. Mike Ledonne - The Star-crossed Lovers
Il y a 2j. 2h. 26min. Theo Travis - Marti
Il y a 2j. 2h. 31min. Don Friedman - Summer's End
Il y a 2j. 2h. 38min. Michael Coppola - Stars Fell On Alabama (solo Guitar) Paricsh/ [solo G...
Il y a 2j. 2h. 45min. Marcin Wasilewski Trio - My Old Book
Il y a 2j. 2h. 50min. Manuel Valera - Balada Para Isabel
Il y a 2j. 2h. 57min. Kerry Strayer Quartet - All Too Soon
Il y a 2j. 3h. 2min. Manfredo Fest - Angel Eyes
Il y a 2j. 3h. 8min. Lenny Breau - My Old Flame
Il y a 2j. 3h. 12min. Tom Ferguson - Sunrise Sunset
Il y a 2j. 3h. 17min. Bill Evans / Jim Hall - Stairway To The Stars
Il y a 2j. 3h. 20min. Dave Grusin - Theme From Mulholland Falls
Il y a 2j. 3h. 27min. John Harrison Trio - Willow Weep For Me
Il y a 2j. 3h. 32min. Larry Vuckovich - Blue Balkan
Il y a 2j. 3h. 39min. Larry Koonse - Stella By Starlight
Il y a 2j. 6h. 42min. John Stetch - Interlude
Il y a 2j. 8h. David fathead Newman - Summertime
Il y a 2j. 8h. 3min. Chip White - I Want To Talk About You
Il y a 2j. 8h. 10min. Eliane Elias - Embraceable You
Il y a 2j. 8h. 15min. Jimmy Bruno - Tenderly
Il y a 2j. 8h. 22min. Cyrus Chestnut - God Has Smiled On Me
Il y a 2j. 8h. 29min. Jeff Colella - Monk's Dream
Il y a 2j. 8h. 37min. Jeff Barone - Quiet Now
Il y a 2j. 8h. 42min. Bob Mchugh - On The Sunny Side Of The Street
Il y a 2j. 8h. 45min. Lenore Raphael - Zoot Scoot
Il y a 2j. 8h. 51min. James Williams - Spirtual Medley: Blessed Assurance
Il y a 2j. 8h. 54min. Thomas Marriott - Almost Blue
Il y a 2j. 8h. 57min. Great Guitars - The Lady In Red

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