Radio Dismuke - 1920s & 1930s Popular Music & Jazz


Radio Dismuke - 1920s & 1930s Popular Music & Jazz

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Big band - Ensemble de jazz de 12 à 25 musiciens
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Radio Dismuke - 1920s & 1930s Popular Music & Jazz
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Il y a 4h. 32min.    Dell Lampe & His Orch - Street Of Dreams
Il y a 12h. 51min.    Freddie Rich And His Orchestra - You Are Too Beautiful
Il y a 15h. 11min.    Mildred Bailey / The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra - Is That Religion?
Il y a 15h. 14min.    Benny Goodman And His Orchestra - Now That I Care
Il y a 15h. 16min.    Vintage Commercial - 1930s Texaco Commercial
Il y a 15h. 19min.    Otto Dobrindt Orchestra - Der Stepptanzer
Il y a 15h. 24min.    Colonial Club Orchestra - A Cottage For Sale
Il y a 15h. 29min.    Russ Carlson & The High Steppers - Just A Blue-eyed Blonde
Il y a 15h. 34min.    Enric Madriguera & His Orchestra - Living In Dreams
Il y a 15h. 40min.    Jimmie Grier - Just Temporarily Blue
Il y a 15h. 42min.    Vincent Lopez And His Hotel Pennsylvania Orchestra - Burning Sands
Il y a 15h. 47min.    Zez Confrey And His Orchestra - Dizzy Fingers
Il y a 15h. 50min.    Richard Himber Orchestra - In A Blue And Pensive Mood
Il y a 15h. 55min.    Coon Sanders Orchestra - Here Comes My Ball And Chain
Il y a 16h. 15min.    Chick Endor - Sunnyside Up
Il y a 16h. 18min.    Marlow Hardy & His Alabamians - Georgia Pines
Il y a 16h. 20min.    Anson Weeks & His Orchestra - Masquerade
Il y a 16h. 28min.    Duke Ellington - East St. Louis Toodle-oo
Il y a 16h. 30min.    Victoria Spivey - How Do You Do It That Way
Il y a 16h. 33min.    Frankie Masters And His Orchestra - Everywhere You Go
Il y a 16h. 36min.    Julia Gerity - Sitting On A Rubbish Can
Il y a 20h. 50min.    The Hottentots - Bubbling Over With Love
Il y a 1j. 4h. 44min.    Waring's Pennsylvanians - It Must Be Spring
Il y a 1j. 10h. 48min.    Frances Williams - Bigger And Better Than Ever
Il y a 1j. 12h. 53min.    Blanche Calloway & Her Joy Boys - Concentratin' On You
Il y a 1j. 20h. 53min.    Milton Brown & His Brownies - Chinatown, My Chinatown
Il y a 2j. 4h. 54min.    Broadway Nitelites - My Silver Tree
Il y a 2j. 13h. 16min.    Carl Fenton's Orchestra - Delirium
Il y a 2j. 21h. 29min.    Fred Bird & Sein Tanzorchester - Ich Geh Nie Von Dir Fort
Il y a 3j. 7h. 13min.    Waring's Pennsylvanians - I Won't Do
Il y a 3j. 7h. 55min.    George Olsen And His Music - Pu-leeze Mister Hemingway
Il y a 3j. 15h. 24min.    Ipana Troubadours - I Want To Be Happy
Il y a 3j. 15h. 45min.    Owen Fallon & His Orchestra - Lonesome Me
Il y a 3j. 23h. 50min.    . - May I?
Il y a 4j. 1h. 36min.    Levee Syncopators - The Rackett
Il y a 4j. 1h. 38min.    Ben Bernie And His Orchestra - Shanghai Lil
Il y a 4j. 1h. 41min.    Imperial Dance Orchestra - Hello Baby
Il y a 4j. 1h. 43min.    The Columbia Photo Players - Take Everything But You
Il y a 4j. 9h. 16min.    Lewis James - The Little Things In Life
Il y a 4j. 15h. 43min.    Charlie Johnson And His Orchestra - Harlem Drag
Il y a 4j. 17h. 1min.    Ted Weems And His Orchestra - My Baby Just Cares For Me
Il y a 4j. 17h. 54min.    Cass Hagan And His Park Central Hotel Orch - My Lady
Il y a 5j. 1h. 16min.    Vance Dixon And His Pencils - Who Stole The Lock
Il y a 5j. 2h. 18min.    Paul Tremaine & His Orchestra - Aristocratic Stomp
Il y a 5j. 11h. 25min.    Dandies - I Never Knew
Il y a 5j. 18h. 15min.    Clines Collegians - Peruna
Il y a 5j. 19h. 46min.    Victor Light Opera Company - Gems From Whoopee
Il y a 6j. 5h. 11min.    Slim Lamar And His Orchestra - You Never Did That Before
Il y a 6j. 14h. 3min.    Herb Wiedoeft & His Orchestra - Maybe You'll Be The One Who'll Be The ...
Il y a 6j. 22h. 6min.    Vincent Lopez And His Orchestra - Piccolo Pete

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