Radio Dismuke - 1920s & 1930s Popular Music & Jazz


Radio Dismuke - 1920s & 1930s Popular Music & Jazz

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Big band - Ensemble de jazz de 12 à 25 musiciens
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Radio Dismuke - 1920s & 1930s Popular Music & Jazz
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Il y a 1min.    The Sunflower Girl Of Wbap - Mamma Wants To Go Bye Bye
Il y a 4min.    Richard Himber Orchestra - Reckless [from Reckless]
Il y a 6min.    Anson Weeks And His Orchestra - And I Still Do
Il y a 9min.    Uncredited Orchestra - La Chapelle Au Clair De Lune
Il y a 11min.    Dick Mcdonough & His Orchestra - Dardanella
Il y a 14min.    Fats Waller - Alligator Crawl
Il y a 24min.    Philco Broadcast - Sunnyside Up Medley
Il y a 29min.    Lew Stone And His Band - Blue Jazz
Il y a 31min.    Jack Harris & His Grosvenor House Band - Auf Wiedersehn My Dear
Il y a 36min.    Grace Hayes - Exactly Like You
Il y a 41min.    Red Nichols And His Five Pennies - The Shiek Of Araby
Il y a 44min.    Harry Bidgood And His Broadcasters - Telling It To The Daisies
Il y a 46min.    Victoria Spivey - How Do You Do It That Way
Il y a 59min.    Fletcher Henderson - Oh! It Looks Like Rain
Il y a 1h. 6min.    Russ Columbo And His Orchestra - Street Of Dreams
Il y a 1h. 9min.    Jack Denny And His Mount Royal Hotel Orchestra - Whippoorwill
Il y a 1h. 11min.    Carroll Gibbons & The Savoy Hotel Orpheans - By Special Permission Of ...
Il y a 1h. 16min.    Cab Calloway & His Orchestra - Corinne Corinna
Il y a 1h. 24min.    Nat Shilkret And The Victor Orchestra - Wishing And Waiting For Love
Il y a 1h. 27min.    Fred Waring & His Pennsylvanians - Navy Blues
Il y a 1h. 29min.    Jack Hylton And His Orchestra - I Believe In You
Il y a 1h. 34min.    Jan Garber And His Orchestra - Love And A Dime
Il y a 1h. 37min.    Wabash Dance Orchestra - Ready For The River
Il y a 1h. 42min.    Jack Payne And His Orchestra - What More Can I Ask
Il y a 1h. 44min.    Rolando And His Blue Salon Orch - Just Once For All Time
Il y a 2h. 2min.    Carol Porter - Masquerade
Il y a 2h. 4min.    George Hamilton Green - Dance Of The Toy Regiment
Il y a 2h. 9min.    The Blue Lyres - Say To Yourself I Will Be Happy
Il y a 2h. 12min.    Rudy Vallee And His Connecticut Yankees - Mauri
Il y a 2h. 14min.    . - My Dog Loves You Dog
Il y a 2h. 19min.    Jack Payne And His Bbc Dance Orchestra - Here Comes Emily Brown
Il y a 2h. 24min.    Georgia Wahboard Stompers - Happy As The Day Is Long
Il y a 2h. 29min.    Duke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra - La De Doody Doo
Il y a 2h. 32min.    Paul Godwin - Es War Einmal Ein Musikus
Il y a 2h. 34min.    Washboard Rhythm Kings - Many Happy Returns Of The Day
Il y a 2h. 44min.    Alphonso Trent And His Orch - Ive Found A New Baby
Il y a 2h. 50min.    Jack Payne And The Bbc Dance Orchestra - Love Letters In The Sand
Il y a 2h. 52min.    Harry Reser And His Orchestra - I Want To Ring Bells
Il y a 2h. 55min.    Ted Wallace And His Campus Boy - Get Happy
Il y a 3h. 2min.    Frank Froeba & His Swing Band - Just To Be In Caroline
Il y a 3h. 5min.    Uncredited Orchestra - Pres De Naples La Jolie
Il y a 3h. 10min.    Luigi Bernauer Mit Homocord Quartett - Halloh 1930 Part 2
Il y a 3h. 15min.    Harry Richman - It Was So Beautiful
Il y a 3h. 23min.    Ethel Waters & The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra - Moonglow
Il y a 3h. 25min.    Benjamin Franklin Hotel Dance Orchestra - Lovable And Sweet
Il y a 3h. 28min.    Nat Star And His Dance Orchestra - Blue Again
Il y a 3h. 30min.    Shep Fields And His Rippling Rhythm Orchestra - Moonlight And Shadows
Il y a 3h. 43min.    The Cotton Pickers - Shoo Shoo Boogey Boo
Il y a 3h. 50min.    Roy Fox & His Orchestra - The Echo Of A Song
Il y a 3h. 53min.    Ben Bernie And His Orchestra - Lady Luck

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