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Munich's Hardest H...

Live radio station playing AOR and Melodic Rock accompanied with relaxed reportings around the scene and events around Munich.
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That played on the radio:  Munich's Hardest Hits
< 1 min. ago Don Felder - Heavy Metal
18min. ago Diesel - Sausalito Summernight
37min. ago Gary Hughes - It Must Be Love
37min. ago Gary Hughes - It Must Be Love
51min. ago Keith Brown - This Side Of Heaven
1h. 18min. ago David Cassidy - Lyin' To Myself
1h. 37min. ago Robert Plant - Little By Little
1h. 48min. ago Stranger - 3 D
2h. 9min. ago Work Of Art - Cover Me
2h. 37min. ago Brighton Rock - Hangin' High 'n' Dry
2h. 52min. ago Babylon A.d. - Psychedelic Sex Reaction
3h. 8min. ago Jim Peterik And World Stage - Armageddon
3h. 28min. ago The Vu - Walk Through The Fire
3h. 48min. ago Opus - Up And Down
4h. 3min. ago Misha Calvin - Here I Am
4h. 19min. ago Spider Murphy Gang - Ffb
4h. 39min. ago Rouen - Hold Me
4h. 52min. ago The Poodles - Heart Of Gold
5h. 19min. ago Andy Urbeck - Always By My Side
5h. 39min. ago Harem Scarem - Watch Your Back
5h. 52min. ago Survivor - Backstreet Love Affair
6h. 8min. ago Loverboy - One Sided Love Affair
6h. 22min. ago Richie Kotzen - Get A Life
6h. 40min. ago Snakes In Paradise - When The Dream Is Gone
6h. 52min. ago 101 South - Borderline
7h. 9min. ago Tommy Shaw - Dangerous Game
7h. 22min. ago Chase - Have You Got Some Time
7h. 41min. ago Lee Aaron - Powerline
7h. 59min. ago Jacklyn - I Can't Love
8h. 12min. ago No Sweat - Heart And Soul
8h. 31min. ago Dean Morrison - Blue Roses
8h. 46min. ago Hooters - Give The Music Back
9h. 1min. ago Journey - If He Should Break Your Heart
9h. 20min. ago Aftermath - Behind These Eyes
9h. 34min. ago Harem Scarem - Hard To Love (acoustic)
9h. 48min. ago Petra - All Fired Up
10h. 2min. ago Shooting Star - Compassion
10h. 19min. ago Joe Lynn Turner - Second Hand Life
10h. 40min. ago Munich's Hardest Hits - Melodic Rock Is Back
10h. 57min. ago Tall Stories - Crawling Back
10h. 57min. ago Tall Stories - Crawling Back
11h. 9min. ago Mara - Crimes Of The Heart
11h. 29min. ago Nightvision - The End
11h. 45min. ago Millenium - Heaven Sent
12h. 1min. ago Xt - Got Love
12h. 13min. ago Journey - Where Did I Lose Your Love
12h. 31min. ago Departure - 100 Midnights
12h. 48min. ago Giuffria - Say It Ain't True
13h. 4min. ago Vanilla Fudge - You Keep Me Hangin' On (live)
13h. 21min. ago Kingdom Come - Living Out Of Touch
13h. 39min. ago Steve Stone - Won't Give Up On Love
13h. 52min. ago Restless - Guilty
14h. 7min. ago James Christian - Brighter Day
14h. 23min. ago Munich's Hardest Hits-newsflash
14h. 41min. ago Seven - Still
14h. 59min. ago John Scrivo - Manhattan To Brooklyn
15h. 11min. ago Naked - Aim For The Heart
15h. 32min. ago The New Eyes - Black Cats Eyes
15h. 45min. ago Mindstorm - See The Future
15h. 59min. ago Cinderella - Nobodys Fool
16h. 12min. ago Whitesnake - Come An' Get It
16h. 30min. ago Juice Newton - Angel Of The Morning
16h. 47min. ago Hardline - Face The Night
17h. 1min. ago Double Cross - Don't Walk Away
17h. 19min. ago Msg - Nightmare
17h. 33min. ago Head East - If You Knew Me Better
17h. 48min. ago Airkraft - Heaven
18h. ago Aina - Too Good To Be True
18h. 19min. ago Alien - How Long
18h. 31min. ago Cheap Trick - The Flame
18h. 45min. ago Michael Stanley Band - Hard Time
19h. 2min. ago Uriah Heep - That's The Way That It Is
19h. 19min. ago Arti Tisi - I'll Be There For You
19h. 32min. ago Melidian - Ready To Rock
19h. 48min. ago Joe Lynn Turner - Heartless
20h. 4min. ago Alliance - Endless Nights
20h. 21min. ago Stranger - 3 D
20h. 39min. ago Kilowatt - Voices
20h. 52min. ago John Parr - Don't Leave Your Mark On Me
21h. 8min. ago Giant - It Takes Two
21h. 23min. ago John Rockwell - Wildlife
21h. 41min. ago Atlantic - Power Over Me
21h. 57min. ago Shy Tiger - Heart's On Fire
22h. 10min. ago Chase - Love Is The Reason
22h. 27min. ago Dice - Devil's Dance
22h. 42min. ago Cliff Richard - Born To Rock 'n' Roll
23h. ago Kenny Loggins - Heartlight
23h. 13min. ago Harlequin - Sweet Things In Life
23h. 30min. ago Survivor - I Can't Hold Back
23h. 48min. ago Firefall - Headed For A Fall
1d. 1min. ago The Fixx - Less Cities More Moving People
1d. 20min. ago The Cars - You Might Think
1d. 37min. ago Giuffria - Say It Ain't True
1d. 50min. ago Steve Perry - Once In A Lifetime, Girl
1d. 1h. 7min. ago Geoffrey Downes (feat. Max Bacon) - Tears
1d. 1h. 21min. ago Kirk - Sell Your Soul
1d. 1h. 38min. ago Robin Beck - Till The Last Tear Drop Falls (feat. James Christian)
1d. 1h. 52min. ago Ian Cussick - Runaway Train
1d. 2h. 11min. ago Munich's Hardest Hits - Melodic Rock Is Back
1d. 2h. 27min. ago Ferreira - Secret Damned Society
1d. 2h. 43min. ago Farrenheit - Fool In Love
1d. 3h. ago Axel Rudi Pell - Fools Game
1d. 3h. 14min. ago Intruder - One Night Of Love
1d. 3h. 29min. ago Hugo - Standing Alone
1d. 3h. 46min. ago Jimmy Martin - Love Me Or Leave Me
1d. 4h. 2min. ago Charlie - It's Inevitable
1d. 4h. 19min. ago Praying Mantis - In Time
1d. 4h. 37min. ago Ambition - Waiting In My Dreams
1d. 4h. 50min. ago Legs Diamond - Cry No More
1d. 5h. 4min. ago Damn Yankees - Run Away
1d. 5h. 25min. ago Munich's Hardest Hits-newsflash
1d. 5h. 39min. ago Saga - What Do I Know
1d. 5h. 50min. ago Brazen Abbot - One Life To Live
1d. 6h. 5min. ago Voodoo X - Voodoo Queen
1d. 6h. 21min. ago Kimberly Frank - Kissing Goodbye My Tears
1d. 6h. 37min. ago Survivor - Desperate Dreams
1d. 6h. 48min. ago Ringleader - Let It Go
1d. 7h. 4min. ago Pride Of Lions - Turn To Me
1d. 7h. 19min. ago Cutting Crew - One For The Mockingbird
1d. 7h. 32min. ago Prism - Mirror Man
1d. 7h. 49min. ago Randy Bishop - Desiree
1d. 8h. 1min. ago Yoso - Yoso
1d. 8h. 18min. ago Munich's Hardest Hits-nonstop Rock
1d. 8h. 30min. ago White Heart - A Love Calling
1d. 8h. 47min. ago Bryan Adams - Heaven
1d. 9h. 1min. ago Baltimoore - Day To Come
1d. 9h. 18min. ago Burns Blue - Lover's Game
1d. 9h. 31min. ago Kingdom Come - Little Wild Thing
1d. 9h. 45min. ago Steelhouse Lane - All I Believe In
1d. 10h. 1min. ago Nazareth - Day At The Beach
  Quest: José Ataíde    Lisbon  
WoW. great songs! Congratulations from Portugal !
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munich's hardest hits
munich's hardest hits
munich's hardest hits

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