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181.FM Classical Jazz
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That played on the radio:  181.FM Classical Jazz
1d. 14h. 42min. ago Count Basie - Fancy Pants
2d. 9h. 58min. ago Duke Ellington - My Little Brown Book
2d. 10h. 22min. ago John Coltrane - The Blessing
2d. 10h. 51min. ago Charlie Parker - Yardbird Suite
2d. 11h. 19min. ago Charles Mingus - Open Letter To Duke
2d. 11h. 42min. ago John Coltrane - Lazy Bird
2d. 12h. 9min. ago Zoot Sims - Little Jon Special
2d. 12h. 38min. ago Dizzy Gillespie - Oop-pop-a-da
2d. 13h. 4min. ago John Coltrane - My Favorite Things
2d. 13h. 30min. ago John Coltrane Quartet - Say It (over And Over Again)
2d. 13h. 59min. ago John Coltrane - Ol
2d. 14h. 29min. ago Charles Mingus - Self-portrait In Three Colors
2d. 14h. 59min. ago Miles Davis - Seven Steps To Heaven
2d. 15h. 28min. ago Charles Mingus - Theme For Lester Young
2d. 15h. 58min. ago Miles Davis - The Maids Of Cadiz
2d. 16h. 23min. ago 181.fm - Music Promo60
2d. 16h. 49min. ago Oscar Peterson - On The Trail
2d. 17h. 19min. ago Miles Davis - Godchild
2d. 17h. 45min. ago Horace Silver Quintet - The Kicker
2d. 18h. 12min. ago Ornette Coleman - Embraceable You
2d. 18h. 39min. ago Art Blakey - Evidence
2d. 19h. 2min. ago John Coltrane - Locomotion
2d. 19h. 29min. ago Horace Silver Quintet - Senor Blues
2d. 19h. 59min. ago Thelonious Monk/john Coltrane - In Walked Bud
2d. 20h. 29min. ago Bill Evans - Gloria's Step
2d. 20h. 59min. ago Cannonball Adderley - Black Orpheus
2d. 21h. 23min. ago Duke Ellington - Toot Suite
2d. 21h. 49min. ago Ben Webster - I'm Beginning To See The Light
2d. 22h. 19min. ago Coleman Hawkins - Bean At The Met
2d. 22h. 43min. ago Miles Davis - I Fall In Love Too Easily
2d. 23h. 11min. ago Dexter Gordon - Body And Soul
2d. 23h. 38min. ago John Coltrane - In A Sentimental Mood
3d. 7min. ago Dave Brubeck - Shouts
3d. 38min. ago Thelonious Monk Quartet - Misterioso [live]
3d. 1h. ago Miles Davis & Gil Evans - Will O' The Wisp (from 'el Amor Brujo')
3d. 1h. 24min. ago Sonny Rollins/thelonious Monk - Friday The 13th
3d. 1h. 49min. ago Thelonious Monk Quartet - Evidence [live][*]
3d. 2h. 19min. ago Dexter Gordon - Valse Robin
3d. 2h. 45min. ago Duke Ellington - C Jam Blues
3d. 3h. 11min. ago Miles Davis - Out Of The Blue
3d. 3h. 41min. ago Stan Getz - Jumpin' At The Woodside
3d. 4h. 8min. ago Charlie Parker - Kc Blues - With Miles Davis
3d. 4h. 31min. ago Art Blakey - Doodlin
3d. 4h. 58min. ago Miles Davis - Seven Steps To Heaven
3d. 5h. 27min. ago Oscar Peterson - Green Dolphin Street
3d. 5h. 52min. ago Dave Brubeck - Far More Drums
3d. 6h. 20min. ago Dave Brubeck - Spring In Central Park
3d. 6h. 44min. ago Miles Davis - All Blues
3d. 7h. 11min. ago John Coltrane - Blue Train
3d. 7h. 40min. ago Dizzy Gillespie - Anthropology
3d. 8h. 4min. ago Stan Getz - Litha
3d. 8h. 31min. ago Lester Young - Lester Leaps In
3d. 8h. 58min. ago Miles Davis - Agitation
3d. 9h. 25min. ago Thelonious Monk - Green Chimneys
3d. 9h. 52min. ago John Coltrane - Bass Blues
3d. 10h. 20min. ago Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - Invitation
3d. 10h. 48min. ago Thelonious Monk Quartet - Let's Cool One [live]
3d. 11h. 20min. ago Miles Davis - Au Bar Du Petit Bac
3d. 11h. 47min. ago Sonny Rollins - Blue 7
3d. 12h. 11min. ago Sonny Rollins - St Thomas
3d. 12h. 40min. ago The Modern Jazz Quartet - Ralph's New Blues
3d. 13h. 7min. ago Thelonious Monk - Honeysuckle Rose
3d. 13h. 31min. ago Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers - You Don't Know What Love Is
3d. 14h. 2min. ago Herbie Hancock - Jessica
3d. 14h. 30min. ago Horace Silver Quintet - The Kicker
3d. 15h. ago Dizzy Gillespie - The Eternal Triangle
3d. 15h. 25min. ago Charles Mingus - Celia
3d. 15h. 50min. ago Art Blakey/thelonious Monk - In Walked Bud
3d. 16h. 20min. ago John Coltrane - My Favorite Things
3d. 16h. 43min. ago Charles Mingus - Peggy's Blue Skylight
3d. 17h. 11min. ago Thelonious Monk - Ugly Beauty
3d. 17h. 40min. ago Miles Davis - 'round About Midnight
3d. 18h. 7min. ago Duke Ellington - For Dancers Only
3d. 18h. 37min. ago Charles Mingus - Dizzy Moods
3d. 19h. 1min. ago Charles Mingus - Open Letter To Duke
3d. 19h. 28min. ago John Coltrane Quartet - It's Easy To Remember
3d. 19h. 59min. ago Charlie Parker - Marmaduke [short Take 1, New Take 2]
3d. 20h. 27min. ago Duke Ellington - Tuxedo Junction [*]
3d. 20h. 53min. ago Yusef Lateef - Twelve Tone Blues
3d. 21h. 21min. ago Count Basie - Doggin' Around
3d. 21h. 49min. ago Charles Mingus - Devil Woman
3d. 22h. 19min. ago Charlie Parker - Constellation [short Take 2, New Take 1]
3d. 22h. 43min. ago Dizzy Gillespie/roy Eldridge - I've Found A New Baby
3d. 23h. 10min. ago Yusef Lateef - Gee Sam Gee [#]
3d. 23h. 40min. ago Charles Mingus - Pussy Cat Dues
4d. 7min. ago Duke Ellington - A Little Max [#]
4d. 40min. ago Sonny Rollins - Valse Hot
4d. 1h. 7min. ago The Modern Jazz Quartet - Animal Dance
4d. 1h. 38min. ago Miles Davis Quintet - Something I Dreamed Last Night
4d. 2h. 3min. ago Miles Davis Quintet - In Your Own Sweet Way
4d. 2h. 37min. ago Ornette Coleman - Peace
4d. 3h. 2min. ago Miles Davis - Basin Street Blues
4d. 3h. 30min. ago Charlie Parker/dizzy Gillespie - An Oscar For Treadwell
4d. 3h. 59min. ago Ornette Coleman - Ramblin
4d. 4h. 27min. ago Charles Mingus - Bugs
4d. 4h. 52min. ago Thelonious Monk - Pannonica
4d. 5h. 22min. ago 181.fm - This Station Will Continue After This Break
4d. 5h. 49min. ago Dizzy Gillespie - Doodlin'
4d. 6h. 20min. ago Thelonious Monk Quartet - Let's Cool One [live]
4d. 6h. 48min. ago Ben Webster - The Governor
4d. 7h. 17min. ago Miles Davis - Milestones
4d. 7h. 41min. ago The Modern Jazz Quartet - Love Me Pretty Baby
4d. 8h. 9min. ago Charlie Parker/machito - Okiedoke
4d. 8h. 40min. ago Thelonious Monk - Rythm-a-ning
4d. 9h. 12min. ago Count Basie - Fancy Pants
4d. 9h. 42min. ago John Coltrane/miles Davis - Bye Bye Blackbird
4d. 10h. 12min. ago John Coltrane - But Not For Me
4d. 10h. 40min. ago Ben Webster - Soulville
4d. 11h. 8min. ago Horace Silver Quintet - The Baghdad Blues
4d. 11h. 38min. ago Duke Ellington - The Swingers Get The Blues, Too
4d. 12h. 3min. ago Stan Getz - Cherokee
4d. 12h. 37min. ago Miles Davis - I Thought About You
4d. 13h. 3min. ago Dizzy Gillespie/roy Eldridge - I Can't Get Started
4d. 13h. 31min. ago Miles Davis - Chez Le Photographe Du Motel
4d. 14h. ago Herbie Hancock - Oliloqui Valley
4d. 14h. 29min. ago Miles Davis - New Rhumba
4d. 14h. 58min. ago Ornette Coleman - Embraceable You
4d. 15h. 20min. ago Oscar Peterson - Green Dolphin Street
4d. 15h. 25min. ago Oscar Peterson - Green Dolphin Street
4d. 15h. 50min. ago Sonny Rollins/thelonious Monk - Friday The 13th
4d. 16h. 18min. ago Art Blakey - Crooked Smile (Jean Toussaint)
4d. 16h. 20min. ago Art Blakey - Crooked Smile (jean Toussaint)
4d. 16h. 47min. ago Thelonious Monk Quartet - Blues Five Spot [live]
4d. 17h. 12min. ago Harry James - Back Beat Boogie
4d. 17h. 42min. ago Various - Jazz, Blues, Funk - Take The A Train (the Lincoln
4d. 18h. 9min. ago Thelonious Monk Quartet - Evidence [live][*]
4d. 18h. 38min. ago Chet Baker - Early Morning Mood
4d. 19h. 5min. ago Duke Ellington - Take The Coltrane
4d. 19h. 32min. ago Dave Brubeck - I May Be Wrong
4d. 20h. ago Sonny Rollins - Blue 7

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