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That played on the radio:  TopShelf Oldies
29min. ago 1961 - Stuff Sg
59min. ago Chris Crosby - Young And In Love (stereo) - ****
1h. 35min. ago Millicent Martin - In The Summer Of His Years - Single
2h. 5min. ago The Shirelles - Tonight You're Gonna Fall In Love With Me - The Shire...
2h. 33min. ago Bobby Rydell - Forget Him - Hard To Find Jukebox Classics - 1963
3h. 9min. ago Patti Labelle And Her Blue Belles - You'll Never Walk Alone - Cameo P...
3h. 41min. ago Jody Miller - He Walks Like A Man - Single
4h. 13min. ago Boz Scaggs - Lowdown
4h. 41min. ago Buffalo Springfield - Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing (mono)
5h. 19min. ago Danny & Jerry - You Must Be Fooling
5h. 57min. ago Tommy Knight - Ha Ha Ha & Oh Oh Oh
6h. 29min. ago Duane Eddy - Dance With The Guitar Man
6h. 59min. ago Guess Who - No Time
7h. 33min. ago Beach Boys - Do You Wanna Dance
8h. 9min. ago Bobby Vinton - Well I Ask Ya
8h. 45min. ago Persuaders - Thin Line Between Love & Hate
9h. 16min. ago Johnny Maestro & Brooklyn Bridge - Your Husband My Wife
9h. 47min. ago Brenda Lee - Sweet Nothin
10h. 17min. ago Gene Pitney - Mecca
10h. 48min. ago Del Shannon - Hat's Off To Larry (live)
11h. 17min. ago Dion - Time In My Heart For You
11h. 53min. ago Adam Faith & Roulettes - We Are In Love
12h. 25min. ago Sam Cooke - Chain Gang
12h. 57min. ago Mack Tubb & Shades - Tenderly I Love You
13h. 32min. ago Spellbinders - We're Acting Like Lovers
14h. 8min. ago 1967 - Tso Music Lmd
14h. 45min. ago Cubs - Why Did You Make Me Cry
15h. 21min. ago Lavern Baker - Bumble Bee
15h. 56min. ago Steam - What I'm Saying Is True
16h. 32min. ago Astors - Candy
17h. 8min. ago Guy Mitchell - Singin' The Blues
17h. 40min. ago Blip - Dick Lillard
18h. 20min. ago Kenni Woods - Can't He Take A Hint
18h. 53min. ago Randy & Rainbows - Till I Heard It From You
19h. 27min. ago Friend & Lover - Reach Out Of The Darkness
20h. ago Time Machine-jim Sinner
20h. 32min. ago Time Machine-jim Sinner
21h. 9min. ago Time Machine-jim Sinner
21h. 41min. ago Time Machine-jim Sinner
22h. 18min. ago Time Machine-jim Sinner
22h. 52min. ago Duprees - Gone With The Wind
23h. 26min. ago Ronnie & Hi-lites - I Wish That We Were Married
23h. 57min. ago Johnny Preston - Feel So Fine
1d. 29min. ago Neil Sedaka - She'll Never Be You
1d. 1h. 5min. ago Dick & Dee Dee - Tell Me
1d. 1h. 36min. ago Spinners - Sweet Thing
1d. 2h. 7min. ago Billy Joe Royal - I Knew You When
1d. 2h. 39min. ago Angels - I Adore Him
1d. 3h. 13min. ago Troggs - I Can't Control Myself
1d. 3h. 49min. ago Dion & Belmonts - Just You
1d. 4h. 19min. ago Kenny & Tommy - I'll Get By
1d. 4h. 52min. ago Persians - Tears Of Love
1d. 5h. 26min. ago Sleepy King - Begging
1d. 5h. 57min. ago Castells - On The Street Of Tears
1d. 6h. 31min. ago Magicians - An Invitation To Cry
1d. 7h. 9min. ago Hollies - Long Dark Road
1d. 7h. 49min. ago Warner Brothers - I Won't Be The Same Without Her
1d. 8h. 25min. ago Barbara English & Fashions - Bad News
1d. 8h. 58min. ago Eternals - Blind Date
1d. 9h. 32min. ago Gene Pitney - Mission Bell
1d. 10h. 7min. ago Sa-shays - Boo Hoo Hoo
1d. 10h. 38min. ago Blackwell - Wonderful
1d. 11h. 11min. ago De-lights - I'm Commin Home
1d. 11h. 48min. ago Jackie Layne - Teenage Girl In A Changing World
1d. 12h. 20min. ago Danny & Juniors - Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay
1d. 12h. 55min. ago Bobby Vee - What Do You Want
1d. 13h. 31min. ago Jet Stream - Ready To Leave
1d. 14h. 6min. ago Janis Martin - All Right, Baby
1d. 14h. 36min. ago Surf Boys - I Told Santa Claus I Want You
1d. 15h. 17min. ago Kingsmen - Don't Say You're Sorry
1d. 15h. 52min. ago Four Pennies - When The Boy's Happy The Girl's Happy Too
1d. 16h. 29min. ago Roy Orbison - Dream Baby
1d. 17h. 5min. ago Moonbeams - Cryin' The Blues
1d. 17h. 40min. ago Ramona King - What About You
1d. 18h. 13min. ago Zombies - Tell Her No
1d. 18h. 47min. ago Hollies - So Lonely
1d. 19h. 19min. ago Tony Christie - (is This The Way To) Amarillo
1d. 19h. 56min. ago Lyrics - So What!
1d. 20h. 32min. ago Painted Faces - I Lost You In My Mind
1d. 21h. 13min. ago Doris Troy - Please Little Angel
1d. 21h. 50min. ago Porgy & Monarchs - If It's For Real Baby
1d. 22h. 27min. ago Chanters - I Need Your Tenderness
1d. 23h. 1min. ago Nicky Dematteo - Suddenly
1d. 23h. 45min. ago Link Wray & Wray Men - Rumble Mambo
2d. 18min. ago Donnie Elbert - Run Little Girl
2d. 56min. ago Midnight Dynamos - Baby Come Back
2d. 1h. 30min. ago Ivy League - That's Why I'm Crying
2d. 2h. 5min. ago Illusions - In The Beginning
2d. 2h. 38min. ago Herman's Hermits - It's Alright
2d. 3h. 12min. ago Jackie Trent - Send Her Away
2d. 3h. 48min. ago Academics - Darla My Darlin'
2d. 4h. 27min. ago Raindrops - Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget
2d. 5h. 7min. ago Turbans - The Damage Is Done
2d. 5h. 46min. ago Ovations - I Don't Wanna Cry
2d. 6h. 20min. ago Swinging Blue Jeans - Tremblin'
2d. 6h. 58min. ago Sandy Coast - I'm A Fool
2d. 7h. 31min. ago Applejacks - As A Matter Of Fact
2d. 8h. 6min. ago Shpromo - The Time Machine
2d. 8h. 45min. ago Channels - Bye Bye Baby
2d. 9h. 21min. ago Lee Andrews & Hearts - Maybe Youll Be There
2d. 9h. 58min. ago Sammy Davis Jr - I've Gotta Be Me
2d. 10h. 37min. ago H. B. Barnum - Lost Love
2d. 11h. 13min. ago Connie Francis - I'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter
2d. 11h. 50min. ago Maureen Gray - Dancin' The Strand
2d. 12h. 28min. ago Silva-tones - Roses Are Blooming
2d. 13h. 5min. ago Buffalo Springfield - Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
2d. 13h. 37min. ago Johnny Mathis - Gina
2d. 14h. 16min. ago Sonics - The Witch
2d. 14h. 51min. ago Stpromo - Fred Bohn (of The Attic Record Store)
2d. 15h. 28min. ago Spidells - Come Walk With Me
2d. 16h. ago Imperials - I'm Still Dancing
2d. 16h. 36min. ago Badd Boys - I Told You So
2d. 17h. 12min. ago Dale Ward - Crying For Laura
2d. 17h. 50min. ago Adelphies - Kathleen
2d. 18h. 28min. ago Dave The Rave's Relics And Rarities
2d. 19h. ago Dave The Rave's Relics And Rarities
2d. 19h. 37min. ago Dave The Rave's Relics And Rarities
2d. 20h. 13min. ago Dave The Rave's Relics And Rarities
2d. 21h. 5min. ago Relics And Rarities
2d. 21h. 37min. ago Relics And Rarities
2d. 22h. 13min. ago Marvin Gaye - One More Heartache
2d. 23h. 5min. ago Nilsson - I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City
2d. 23h. 40min. ago Reparata & Delrons - Whenever A Teemager Cries
3d. 16min. ago Faron Young - Hello Walls
3d. 56min. ago Glenn Yarbrough - Baby, The Rain Must Fall
3d. 1h. 32min. ago Dynamics - Moonlight
3d. 2h. 9min. ago Tom Jones - I'll Never Let You Go
3d. 2h. 49min. ago Dovells - No No No
3d. 3h. 25min. ago Dave Berry - One Heart Between Two
3d. 4h. 1min. ago Petula Clark - Round Every Corner

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