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Radio Monte Carlo ,RMC 2 È CAPACE DI REGALARE UN SOUND RICERCATO CHE ESPLORA I TERRITORI DELLA MUSICA LOUNGE, NU-JAZZ, CHILL-OUT, NU-SOUL, HOUSE E DEEP HOUSE E IL POP PIÙ SOFISTICATO.Radio Monte Carlo 2Radio Monte Carlo 2 presenta un format esclusivo, capace di regalare un sound ricercato che esplora i territori della musica lounge, nu-jazz, chill-out, nu-soul, house e deep house e il pop più sofisticato. E una radio che si rivolge ad un pubblico che assapora i piaceri della vita attraverso tutti e cinque i sensi ama i ristoranti raffinati, i profumi, la Moda, i viaggi, lArte, le nuove tendenze, le innovazioni tecnologiche e frequenta le località più esclusive.
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1min. ago Quadra + Benjamin~waiting For Love~waiting For Love~2016
1h. 48min. ago Adani + Wolf~going Down South~~2017
3h. 36min. ago Lana Del Rey~13 Beaches~lust For Life~2017
5h. 20min. ago Rhodescreen~loop Improvisation~la Fete Au Jardin Selection Lounge, Vol...
7h. 8min. ago Kings Of Tomorrow + April~take Me Back (sandy Rivera's Original Mix)~~...
8h. 49min. ago Re:jazz Ft Lissa Bassenge~all I Need~~2004
10h. 28min. ago Atfc + Hannah Williams~no Victim Song~~2016
12h. 9min. ago Tom Misch~south Of The River~~2017
13h. 48min. ago Yebba~evergreen~~2017
15h. 25min. ago Christian Prommer + Adriano Prestel~tin Man~tin Man / Ep~2016
17h. 8min. ago Mario Biondi~stay With Me [ltj Xperience Remix]~stay With Me / Never S...
18h. 53min. ago Cantoma~sea Of Blue~just Landed~2016
20h. 36min. ago Andre Crom + Dennis Degenhardt~tell Me [david August Remix]~~2012
22h. 21min. ago Deep Dive Corp.~the Flame~~2015
1d. 9min. ago Kllo~walls To Build~~2016
1d. 1h. 57min. ago Waldeck~this Isn't Maybe [lowfly Mix]~nouveau Beat 1 By Monte Carlo Ni...
1d. 2h. 38min. ago Invisible~so Well~patience~2016
1d. 3h. 11min. ago River Gods~acacia House~future Chill~2006
1d. 3h. 16min. ago Ayo~sunny~ticket To The World~2013
1d. 3h. 20min. ago Potatohead People + Frank Nitt + Moka Only...~blossoms~~2013
1d. 3h. 25min. ago Fauxliage~all The World~fauxliage~2007
1d. 3h. 28min. ago Camelphat + Elderbrook~cola [simon Mills Full Sugar Mix]~~2017
1d. 3h. 31min. ago Jasmine Thompson~mad World [eden Prince Remix]~~2017
1d. 3h. 36min. ago Daley + Jill Scott~until The Pain Is Gone~spectrum~2017
1d. 3h. 40min. ago Riccardo Eberspacher~i Feel Love~~2001
1d. 3h. 41min. ago Riccardo Eberspacher~i Feel Love~~2001
1d. 3h. 45min. ago Chris Geka + Tecca~summer Days~~2017
1d. 3h. 48min. ago Consoul Train Vs Pinky Noisy~litanie Des Saints (electro Blues Baleari...
1d. 3h. 55min. ago Vanilla~sakura~moonlight~2017
1d. 3h. 56min. ago Soulmagic~someone Like You (original)~~2012
1d. 4h. 3min. ago D-influence~rock With You~~2005
1d. 4h. 6min. ago Elements Of Life + Josh Milan~children Of The World [roots Mix Radio E...
1d. 4h. 13min. ago Tom Misch~south Of The River~~2017
1d. 4h. 16min. ago Loverdose~i Remember (original Mix)~~2012
1d. 4h. 19min. ago Alex Hook + Rene~a Dream Away [jay-j's Shifted Up Mix]~~2017
1d. 4h. 22min. ago Mac Miller~my Favorite Part~the Divine Feminine~2016
1d. 4h. 27min. ago Mollono.bass + Ava Asante~feeling Good~house Nation Ibiza 2016~2016
1d. 4h. 32min. ago Afterlife + Angela Neve~midnight~ibiza Renaissance 4~2007
1d. 4h. 39min. ago De Martijn + Audrey Dritto~it's A Fine Day [black Legend Radio Re Cut ...
1d. 4h. 42min. ago Thievery Corporation~lebanese Blonde~mcn~2001
1d. 4h. 49min. ago Naomi~how Many Loves~~2006
1d. 4h. 51min. ago Marvin + Banda Do Sul~hymn For The Weekend~vintage Cafe - Lounge &...
1d. 4h. 54min. ago Ralf Gum + Monique Bingham~kissing Strangers (ralf Gum & Crisp Ori...
1d. 5h. 1min. ago Es Oes~in The Garden~siddharta - Spirit Of Buddha Bar Vol. 5~2010
1d. 5h. 4min. ago Tim Deluxe~love Is~the Radicle~2016
1d. 5h. 9min. ago Kenneth Bager~fragment One... Hearing [jazzbox Remix]~serve Chilled 20...
1d. 5h. 12min. ago Kadebostany~mind If I Stay [lovebirds Radio Version]~mind If I Stay (r...
1d. 5h. 16min. ago Koom.h~song For Mozambique~~2006
1d. 5h. 21min. ago Purple Disco Machine + Boris Dlugosch~set It Out~~2016
1d. 5h. 24min. ago Joss Stone~oceans [remix]~~2017
1d. 6h. 20min. ago Hwg~quimey Neuquen [spada Edit]~~2017
1d. 7h. 4min. ago Layabouts + Portia Monique~colours Of Love [mood Ii Swing Alternative ...
1d. 7h. 13min. ago First Light + Endemix~sweet Little Lullaby~~2015
1d. 7h. 36min. ago Kovacs~my Love~~2015
1d. 8h. 3min. ago Eso Es~simdi~lounge Around The World~2010
1d. 8h. 52min. ago Unclubbed + Andrew Roachford~you Got The Love~unclubbed~2009
1d. 9h. 9min. ago Seb Skalski + Masta P~dancin For My Life [special Mix]~unreleased Mast...
1d. 9h. 43min. ago Sarah Vaughan~whatever Lola Wants (gotan Project Rmx)~~2003
1d. 10h. 31min. ago Mighty Bop~feeling Good~nu Jazz Anthology~2000
1d. 10h. 52min. ago Tereza~no Ordinary Love~urban By Nature Vol. 1~2011
1d. 11h. 21min. ago Dos Hombres~the Alkemyst~~2004
1d. 12h. 11min. ago Lana Del Rey~13 Beaches~lust For Life~2017
1d. 12h. 59min. ago Adri Block + Chris Marina~sound Of Loneliness~~2015
1d. 13h. 47min. ago Naughty Boy + Sam Smith~la La La (ple Radio Edit)~~2013
1d. 14h. 35min. ago Carla Bruni~miss You~french Touch~2017
1d. 15h. 23min. ago Mhe~the Thrill Is Gone~~2015
1d. 15h. 39min. ago La Caina~do Tara Alap~vue Mer~2006
1d. 16h. 15min. ago Shapeshifters + Teni Tinks~when Love Breaks Down~~2017
1d. 16h. 34min. ago Wolf Myer Orchestra / N.zach~quicksand~femme Fatale~2007
1d. 17h. 3min. ago Joachim Pastor + Mischa~fever~fever - Ep~2016
1d. 17h. 52min. ago Cantoma~suomi~out Of Town~2010
1d. 18h. 40min. ago Tom Misch~movie~~2017
1d. 19h. 28min. ago Emeli Sand~soon~kingdom Coming~2017
1d. 20h. 6min. ago Bitter Sweet~bittersweet Faith~the Devil Wears Prada~2006
1d. 20h. 14min. ago La Marina~al Puerto [ibiza Chillhouse Version]~beach Club Del Mar, Vol...
1d. 21h. 5min. ago Jean Honeymoon~beginnings [late Night Version]~beginnings~2017
1d. 21h. 11min. ago Yebba~evergreen~~2017
1d. 22h. 11min. ago De-phazz~our Relationship~audio Elastique~2012
3d. 2h. 10min. ago Fkj~lying Together~~2014
3d. 3h. 12min. ago Variety Lab~hola Mireia~primavera / Compilation (2009)~2009
3d. 9h. 8min. ago Kid Massive + Raoul + Ijeoma~island Breeze (trentemoller Remastered Rm...
3d. 9h. 27min. ago Submotion Orchestra~red Dress~colour Theory~2016
3d. 9h. 38min. ago Borneland + Line Gottsche~eyes~amor Vol.6 By Radio Monte Carlo~2015
3d. 10h. 23min. ago D-influence~rock With You~~2005
3d. 10h. 33min. ago Zero 7~destiny (rmc2 Edit)~mcn~2001
3d. 10h. 45min. ago Runsq~give You Up [summer Vibe Mix]~milchbar Seaside Season 9~2017
3d. 11h. 35min. ago Rue Du Soleil~beautiful Day~emotions~2008
3d. 14h. 23min. ago Dj Disse~taxi To War~hotel Costes Vol. 10/compilation~2007
3d. 15h. 8min. ago Roland Clark~simple Things~~2006
3d. 20h. ago Kllo~walls To Build~~2016
3d. 20h. 44min. ago Scheckter~some Kind Of Moanin~vienna Scientists V - The 10 Ann. / Com...
4d. 2h. 30min. ago Borneland + Line Gottsche~eyes~amor Vol.6 By Radio Monte Carlo~2015
4d. 3h. 22min. ago Fast East Band With Suzie (klee)~the Call Up~~2007
4d. 4h. 11min. ago Incognito~until The 12th Of Never~the Best (2004-2017)~2017
4d. 4h. 58min. ago Bei Bei + Shawn Lee~year Of The Funky~year Of The Funky~2017
4d. 5h. 45min. ago Johnwaynes + Siri Svegler~the One~~2010
4d. 6h. 34min. ago Bruno Mars~grenade (acoustic)~~2011
4d. 7h. 21min. ago Mario Biondi~my Girl~~2011
4d. 8h. 11min. ago Frankie Knuckles + Director's Cut + J. Principle~i'll Take You There (...
4d. 8h. 59min. ago Emeli Sand~soon~kingdom Coming~2017
4d. 9h. 47min. ago Freemasons / Siedah Garrett~rain Down Love (after Hours Mix)~hed Kandi...
4d. 10h. 32min. ago Elements Of Life + Lisa Fisher~love Will Know [roots Mix]~~2010
4d. 10h. 57min. ago Jessie Ware~love To Love~glasshouse~2017
4d. 11h. 19min. ago Louie Vega + Josh Milan~joy Inside My Tears~louie Vega Starring... Xxv...
4d. 12h. 1min. ago Luminous~why Can We Live Together~~2005
4d. 12h. 48min. ago Consoul Trainin + Pink Noisy~tango To Evora [electro Blues Chill Versi...
4d. 13h. 32min. ago Rue Du Soleil~always Mine~essential Feelings~2005
4d. 14h. 20min. ago Thievery Corporation~la Femme Parallel~~2008
4d. 15h. 7min. ago Kings Of Tomorrow + April~it's Only You (sandy Rivera's Original Mix)~...
4d. 15h. 53min. ago Joe Buhdha + Terri Walker~feel Right [reel People Vocal Mix]~papa Reco...
4d. 16h. 39min. ago Michael Mayer + Joe Goddard~for You (solomun Morning Version)~~2016
4d. 17h. 27min. ago Ananda Project~into The Sunrise~fire Flower Ep Part.1~2007
4d. 18h. 13min. ago Tep No~karma, You Got Owned~karma, You Got Owned - Single~2015
4d. 18h. 17min. ago London Grammar~non Believer [groove Armada's Revival Edit]~~2017
4d. 18h. 59min. ago Cooltrane Quartet~moves Like Jagger~in A Jazzy Mood~2016
4d. 19h. 42min. ago Kenneth Bager~fragment One...~~2005
4d. 20h. 27min. ago Rami Deejay + Keely Timlin~burn Burn (dave Mayer & Dutchican Soul ...
4d. 21h. 3min. ago Marvin + Banda Do Sul~hymn For The Weekend~vintage Cafe - Lounge &...
4d. 21h. 7min. ago Groove Junkies~in The Zone (remixes Part 1) (dave Doyle Rmx)~~2011
4d. 21h. 13min. ago Washed Out~floating By~mister Mellow~2017
4d. 21h. 59min. ago Rumer~be Thankful For What You Got~love Is The Answer~2015
4d. 22h. 43min. ago Stephanie Cooke~i Thank You [mark Di Meo Remix]~i Thank You (remixes)~...
4d. 23h. 29min. ago Cantoma~talva Lumi~milchbar Seaside Season 9~2017
5d. 11min. ago Sade~pearls [timo Jahns Remix]~get Physical Music Presents: Words Don'...
5d. 53min. ago Vok~waiting~~2016
5d. 1h. 35min. ago Yukijobo~supernova Sky~nordic Lounge Weekend~2006
5d. 2h. 20min. ago Q Burns~this Time~~2005
5d. 3h. 2min. ago Monte La Rue~malibu Marina~la Maison La Rue~2006
5d. 3h. 47min. ago Damian Lazarus + The Ancient Moons~i Found You~~2017
5d. 3h. 56min. ago Parcels~allaround [kraak & Smaak Remix]~hideout Ep (remixed)~2017

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Fergie's mother insisted she release clean version of new album
Fergie has described her song A Little Work as "really autobiographical".

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