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That played on the radio:  SOUL GOLD RADIO OLD LOVE SONGS
1h. 24min. ago Jacksons - I'll Be There.
3h. 20min. ago Bill Withers - Just The Two Of Us
5h. 7min. ago Tower Of Power - So Very Hard To Go New
6h. 48min. ago Al Green - Jingle Bells
8h. 39min. ago Whispers - Are You Going My Way - Lady
10h. 16min. ago Unknown - Jim Adkins Into The Storm
11h. 59min. ago Toni Braxton - Christmas Time Is Here (audio)
13h. 36min. ago Unknown - Donald Req Stair Way To Heaven Ojays Tag2
15h. 20min. ago Kem - Share My Life
17h. 3min. ago The O'jays - She's Only A Woman
18h. 47min. ago Jeff Golub - Droptop
20h. 31min. ago Kem - If It S Love Ft Chrisette Michelle
22h. 15min. ago Unknown - Storm Love 11 8 Chi Lites Oh Girl
1d. 8min. ago Stephanie Mills - Secret Lady
1d. 1h. 52min. ago Phil Perry - I'm Sorry
1d. 3h. 39min. ago Unknown - Drs Big Dog
1d. 5h. 19min. ago Kci And Jojo - All My Life
1d. 7h. 2min. ago New Birth - Dream Merchant
1d. 8h. 3min. ago Anita Baker - You Bring Me Joy
1d. 8h. 51min. ago Pleasure Seeker - Paul Taylor
1d. 9h. 41min. ago Unknown - Israel Eddy
1d. 10h. 31min. ago Unknown - Barry Interview 1 With Tag1
1d. 11h. 20min. ago Keith Sweat - In Your Eyes
1d. 12h. 10min. ago Chaka Khan - My Funny Valentine
1d. 12h. 34min. ago Unknown - Marvin Tag Chi Lites 2
1d. 12h. 59min. ago The Bloodstone - Natural High
1d. 13h. 46min. ago Unknown - Sam Cooke Christmas Soul And R&b
1d. 14h. 39min. ago Unknown - Roland Love Song Promo5edited
1d. 15h. 29min. ago Harold Melvin & Blue Notes - Wake Up Everybody
1d. 16h. 19min. ago Bobby Womack Shirley Brown - No Matter How High I Get
1d. 17h. 7min. ago Enchantment - It's You That I Need
1d. 17h. 55min. ago Bobby Blue Bland - God Bless The Child That's Got His Own
1d. 18h. 44min. ago George Benson - Breezin'
1d. 19h. 31min. ago Al Green - Jingle Bells
1d. 20h. 19min. ago Marvin Gaye - Distant Lover
1d. 21h. 7min. ago Freddie Jackson - At Christmas
1d. 21h. 53min. ago Unknown - Israel Eddy
1d. 22h. 42min. ago Percy Sledge - It Tears Me Up
1d. 23h. 32min. ago Howard Hewitt - Once Twice Three Times New
2d. 22min. ago Issac Hayes - I Stand Accused
2d. 1h. 13min. ago Atlantic Starr - Atlantic Starr - Masterpiece.m
2d. 2h. 4min. ago Teddy Pendergrass - All I Need Is Yo
2d. 2h. 57min. ago Lillo Thomas - My Girl 1984
2d. 3h. 45min. ago Jackson 5 - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
2d. 4h. 32min. ago Jean Carn - Don't You Know Love When You See It
2d. 5h. 21min. ago Jerry Butler - Mr Dream Merchant
2d. 6h. 10min. ago Champaign - How Bout Us - Old School Love Songs, Vol. 3
2d. 6h. 59min. ago Luther Vandross - How Deep Is Your Love Medley Mix
2d. 7h. 51min. ago Aaron Neville - Tell It Like It Is
2d. 8h. 39min. ago Atlantic Starr - Atlantic Starr - Masterpiece.m
2d. 9h. 27min. ago Unknown - T.k Soul All I Want Is You For Christmas
2d. 10h. 15min. ago Richard Dimples Fields - Taking Applications
2d. 11h. 5min. ago Will Downing - Christmas, Love And You (video) Hd
2d. 11h. 53min. ago Whispers - This Time Of The Year
2d. 12h. 43min. ago War - The World Is A Ghetto
2d. 13h. 33min. ago Bob James - Creepin'
2d. 14h. 20min. ago Glenn Jones - It's Gonna Be Alright
2d. 15h. 14min. ago Merry Christmas Darling - Karen Carpenter
2d. 16h. 3min. ago Ray Charles - Christmas Time
2d. 16h. 51min. ago Atlantic Starr - Atlantic Starr - Masterpiece.m
2d. 17h. 39min. ago El Debarge - All This Love
2d. 18h. 27min. ago Barry White - I Get Off On You
2d. 19h. 16min. ago Whispers - I'm The One For You
2d. 20h. 6min. ago Floaters - Float On Extended New
2d. 20h. 55min. ago Percy Sledge - Cover Me
2d. 21h. 43min. ago Jerry Butler Etta James - Let It Be Me
2d. 22h. 33min. ago The Temptations - This Is My Promise
2d. 23h. 25min. ago James Ingram - One Hundred Ways [new Version]
3d. 17min. ago After 7 - Baby Face - Two Occasions 1
3d. 1h. 10min. ago The O'jays - Who Am I
3d. 2h. 1min. ago Unknown - Drs Big Dog
3d. 2h. 53min. ago Johnnie Taylor - If You Re Lookin For A Fool
3d. 3h. 47min. ago Unknown - Fabio Brazil
3d. 4h. 39min. ago The Controllers - If Somebody Cares
3d. 5h. 31min. ago Curtis Mayfield - Little Child Running Wild
3d. 6h. 22min. ago Unknown - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Gene Autry
3d. 7h. 13min. ago Paul Mccartney And Wings - My Love
3d. 8h. 14min. ago Barry White - I Ve Got So Much To Give New
3d. 9h. 3min. ago O'bryan - You're Always On My Mind
3d. 9h. 53min. ago Billy Stewart - Sitting In The Park
3d. 10h. 43min. ago Cashflow - Reaching Out
3d. 11h. 32min. ago Whispers - I'm The One For You
3d. 12h. 21min. ago The Commodores - Sail On / Commodores
3d. 13h. 9min. ago Tevin Campbell - Tomorrow
3d. 13h. 59min. ago Con Funk Shun - Baby I M Hooked
3d. 14h. 48min. ago Bobby Blue Bland - Recess In Heaven
3d. 15h. 16min. ago Merry Xmas All - Brook Benton
3d. 15h. 39min. ago Beau Williams - Been Too Long (1986)
3d. 16h. 27min. ago Artist - Feelings 06
3d. 17h. 15min. ago O'bryan - Still Water (love)
3d. 18h. 6min. ago The Carpenters - Silent Night Audio
3d. 19h. 1min. ago Unknown - Judy From Boston Promo Bluemagic 2
3d. 19h. 51min. ago Unknown - Smokey Robinson And The Miracles Let It Snow
3d. 20h. 41min. ago Chris Brown - This Christmas
3d. 21h. 30min. ago Isaac Hayes - Never Can Say Goodbye
3d. 22h. 19min. ago Billy Paul - I Gotta Put This Life Down
3d. 23h. 9min. ago Reynolds, L.j. - Lj Reynolds - Southern Pearl
3d. 23h. 58min. ago The Controllers - If Tomorrow Never Comes
4d. 47min. ago Con Funk Shun - Love's Train
4d. 1h. 37min. ago Timmy Thomas - Why Can't We Live Together
4d. 2h. 27min. ago Unknown - Marvin Tag Tempress 1
4d. 3h. 17min. ago Unknown - Peabo Bryson It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
4d. 4h. 6min. ago William Bell - I Forgot To Be Your Lover
4d. 4h. 55min. ago Al Green - I'll Be Home For Christmas
4d. 5h. 43min. ago Unknown - Euge Groove ~ Slow Jam
4d. 6h. 31min. ago Marvin Gaye - Come Live With Me Angel
4d. 7h. 18min. ago Joe Mcbride - Lakewood
4d. 8h. 8min. ago Donny Hathaway - We Need You Right Now
4d. 8h. 56min. ago The Temptations - Give Love On Christmas Day
4d. 9h. 45min. ago Unknown - Tony Tag Marvin Gaye
4d. 10h. 31min. ago Al Green - White Christmas
4d. 11h. 17min. ago Isaac Hayes - Going In Circles
4d. 12h. 1min. ago Soulful Christmas - Please Come Home For Christmas
4d. 12h. 46min. ago Harold Melvin & Blue Notes - To Be Free To Be Who We Are
4d. 13h. 41min. ago The Manhattans - The Way We Were Memories
4d. 14h. 27min. ago War - Youngblood (livin' In The Streets)
4d. 15h. 15min. ago Calvin Richardson - Keep On Pushin'
4d. 15h. 59min. ago The Stylistics - Break Up To Make Up
4d. 16h. 47min. ago Having A Christmas Party - Teddy Pendergrass.wmv
4d. 17h. 35min. ago Al Green - What A Wonderful Thing Love Is
4d. 18h. 23min. ago Jeff Golub - Simple Pleasures
4d. 19h. 6min. ago The Dells - I Touched A Dream
4d. 19h. 54min. ago Unknown - Tony Tag Curtis Mayfield
4d. 20h. 39min. ago The Temptations - Love Comes With Christmas
4d. 21h. 22min. ago Vanessa Williams - Have Yourself
4d. 22h. 9min. ago Aaron Neville - Tell It Like It Is
4d. 22h. 52min. ago Peabo Bryson - Why Goodbye
4d. 23h. 37min. ago Unknown - White Girls Req Isley Brothers22
5d. 19min. ago Latimore - Lay Another Log On
5d. 1h. ago The Temptations - Runaway Child, Running Wild

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