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BTM Radio
1h. 3min. ago
The Emory's - I Come To The Garden
2h. 43min. ago
Btm Gospel Choir - What A Happy Day
4h. 23min. ago
Paul And Rachel Veach - As Long As I Have Breath
6h. ago
Calvary Quartet - He Is Mine
7h. 39min. ago
09 There Is A Friend - 09 There Is A Friend
9h. 18min. ago
The Bible Truth Men - Jesus Paid My Debt
10h. 57min. ago
Bible Truth Chorale - One Day
12h. 45min. ago
Bible Truth Music - Worship The Lord
14h. 24min. ago
The Stewart Family - Why Don't You Trust Him Today
16h. 4min. ago
Scott Caudill - Ab When I Survey
17h. 44min. ago
Adam Davis - 13 Since I Met Jesus Hill
19h. 23min. ago
David Chamberlain - Burdens Are Lifted Away
21h. 1min. ago
David Chamberlain - Jesus Paid It All
22h. 38min. ago
The Bible Truth Chorale - Lord Send Revival In My Life
1d. 16min. ago
The Crown College Choir - America (My Country Tis Of Thee)
1d. 1h. 57min. ago
Bible Truth Music - That's Why He Came
1d. 3h. 37min. ago
Btm Instrumentalists - Mhv1 When We All Get To Heaven
1d. 5h. 16min. ago
Bible Truth Kids Sing Hymns - There Is Power In The Blood
1d. 6h. 56min. ago
The Calvary Quartet - Hsv5 Heavens My Home
1d. 8h. 35min. ago
The Brent Rochester Family - 03 Seeking The Lost
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    Archive of tracks played in the last week

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    BTM Radio    
    TOP 20 P Raiting
    Bible Truth Music Faith Music Missions - Yes I Know
    16 0
    Calvary Quartet - For Me He Gave
    10 0
    A Capella Favorites Ed Russ The Old Fashioned Quartet - Wonderful Grace Of Jesus
    8 0
    The Crown Trio - Beulah Land
    8 0
    Bible Truth Music - I Will Sing Your Praises Forever
    8 0
    The Bible Truth Chorale - Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
    7 0
    West Coast Baptist College Choir - There's An Angel
    7 0
    The Crown College Choir - A Garden Of Roses
    6 0
    Bible Truth Music - That's Why He Came
    6 0
    David Chamberlain - There Is A Fountain
    6 0
    Ed Debbie Russ And David Chamberlain - He Is To Me
    6 0
    Abigail Miller - The Bruised Reed
    6 0
    Adam Davis - He Suffered All For Me
    6 0
    Abigail Miller - Prisoner Of Hope
    6 0
    Abigail Miller - The Haven Of Rest
    6 0
    Maranatha Baptist Church Choir - Cast Your Cares
    5 0
    True Harmony - Rock Of Ages
    5 0
    Glenn Christianson - How Great Thou Art
    5 0
    Bible Truth Chorale - Let's Bring America Back To God
    5 0
    Bible Truth Music - A Happy Reunion
    5 0
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