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This website was born under a collaborative idea between two DJs of this outstanding inspirational genre of ultra intelligent DnB. Dave Marley (aka Addictive) and Martin Tiller (aka Gem). Both, coming from backgrounds of Jazz, Funk & Soul, were drawn to Drum n Bass from the early 90s onwards and even more so the sub-genres Liquid Funk and Intelligent DnB. The passion for this kind of sound runs deep within them both. To understand DnB-Liquified is to understand the driving force, dedication and passion behind the production and mixing of the music. The beats, tempo and often melodic and harmonic sounds that define Liquid/Intelligent Drum n Bass, are entirely different. DnB Liquified streaming website is dedicated to the intelligent side of Drum n Bass. We aim to broadcast non-stop, back to back mixes brought to you from some of the UKs finest DnB DJs. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Some mixes you hear will be recorded ones, others will be mixed LIVE on air and if possible a LIVE Video Stream straight from the studio. Whether you be a teenager just discovering Liquid, or and old timer, like Addictive and Gem, this website is here for your listening pleasure. If you would like to have your mix considered for airing on Liquid-DnB, please contact us with your details.
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