Irish Country Music Radio Studio 1


Irish Country Music Radio Studio 1

United Kingdom
Genres: Country
Irish Country Music Radio Studio 1
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That played on the radio:  Irish Country Music Radio Studio 1
10h. 45min. ago Col Edmonds - Little By Little
14h. 53min. ago Sounds Irish - 170814 Hour1
15h. 6min. ago (null) - Jig Billy Donegan
15h. 7min. ago (null) - Jig Billy Donegan
15h. 8min. ago (null) - Jig Billy Donegan
15h. 9min. ago (null) - Jig Billy Donegan
15h. 10min. ago (null) - Jig Billy Donegan
15h. 11min. ago Larry Cunningham - The Old Bog Road
15h. 12min. ago Larry Cunningham - The Old Bog Road
15h. 13min. ago Larry Cunningham - The Old Bog Road
15h. 14min. ago Mike Denver - Nancy Mulligan
15h. 18min. ago Trevor Loughrey - Livin On Love
15h. 22min. ago Gary Gamble - Going Back To Ireland Again
15h. 26min. ago Robert Mizzell - Never Loved Before
15h. 30min. ago (null) - Bye Bye, Love' The Joe Davitt Country Band - '
15h. 33min. ago Slim Dusty - Road To Gundagui And More
15h. 36min. ago Mick Foster - Burke's Hornpipe
15h. 39min. ago Shaun Loughrey - An Accordion Started To Play
15h. 42min. ago Niamh Kavanagh - She Thinks His Name Was John
15h. 47min. ago Big Tom - 5000 Miles From Sligo (f)
15h. 50min. ago Frank Feery - A Soldiers Letter
15h. 56min. ago Barry O'dowd & The Shamrock Singers - If You're Irish, Come Into The P...
15h. 59min. ago Patrick O Sullivan - So Mch Music And Ao Little Time
16h. 2min. ago Doris Shire - Where Wild Winds Flow
16h. 8min. ago Paddy Joe - Old Thatched Cabin
16h. 12min. ago Peggy Sweeney - Peatlands Around Lyre
16h. 18min. ago Niamh Mcglinchey - All I Want Is You
16h. 24min. ago Ken Brennan - Anne Magee
16h. 27min. ago The Indians - Big Chief & The Boys.
16h. 31min. ago Michael O Brien - Veil Of White Lace
16h. 35min. ago Connie Smith - Blue Transistor Radio
16h. 37min. ago Pat Mckenna - Better Times (i Can't Remember)
16h. 41min. ago Peggy And Jerome - When The Leaves Begin To Fall (w)
16h. 45min. ago Declan Nerney - Black Velvet Band
16h. 48min. ago Michael Collins - The Gallant John Joe
16h. 51min. ago Billy Donegan Jambylia - Adelida - (q)
16h. 55min. ago Donal Mcdevitt - Special Friends
16h. 59min. ago Thomas Milligan - Pamela Brown Mastered 3
17h. 1min. ago (null) - Icmr New Email Jingle
17h. 2min. ago (null) - Texas When I Die Eamonn Jackson.
17h. 5min. ago Nathan Carter - On The Boat To Liverpool
17h. 9min. ago Billy Donegan - Intro B
17h. 11min. ago Louise Morrissy - Never Ending Love For You
17h. 13min. ago Gerry Guthrie - It's Five O Clock Somewhere
17h. 17min. ago Gay Brazel - Little Burma Thro The Bayou
17h. 19min. ago Cowboy Larry - Lonely Music
17h. 22min. ago Romance - Leaving On A Jet Plane
17h. 25min. ago Ann Marie O Riordan - Tennessee Waltz
17h. 55min. ago Johnny Cash - After All
20h. 12min. ago Charlie Arkins - Highland Mist
20h. 15min. ago Shaun Michael - A White Sports Coat
20h. 18min. ago Johnny Mcevoy - Carrick Fergus
20h. 24min. ago Grant & Flynn - Man In Black
20h. 28min. ago Manson Grant - Act Naturally
20h. 30min. ago Johnny Loughrey - Galway Bay
20h. 34min. ago Dessie Hynes & Frankie Scorr, Single No 2 - Track 1
20h. 37min. ago Billie Jo Spears - Blanket On The Ground
20h. 40min. ago Justin Mcgurk - The Price
20h. 44min. ago Breege Kelly & Michael Cleary - Back Home In Old Fermanagh
20h. 47min. ago Paddy O'brien - I'm Walking
20h. 49min. ago Ryan's Fancy - Feller From Fortune
20h. 51min. ago Bob Brolly - Danny Boy
20h. 55min. ago Hugo Duncan - Forty Shades Of Green
20h. 58min. ago Eddie Coffey - Where Have The Little Boats Gone
21h. 2min. ago Lisa Mchugh - Stay Stay Stay
21h. 6min. ago George Jones & Tammy Wynette - Golden Ring
21h. 9min. ago Anthony Mcbrien - Your Only A Thought Away
21h. 11min. ago Jimmy Buckley - Tennessee Border
21h. 14min. ago Shauna O Doherty - Hallelujah
21h. 18min. ago Cy Kearney - Valentine
21h. 21min. ago Lennie Gallant - The Innkeeper [*]
1d. 7h. 36min. ago Michael Regan - I'm A Believer
1d. 9h. 10min. ago Thomas & Fiona - Solid As A Rock
1d. 9h. 13min. ago Shaun Loughrey - Wild Mountain Flowers
1d. 9h. 17min. ago John Denver - Rocky Mountain High
1d. 9h. 21min. ago Ger Long - Love Me
1d. 9h. 26min. ago Tr Dallas - Travelling To Big Tom
1d. 9h. 29min. ago Eamonn Jackson - Water For My Horses
1d. 9h. 32min. ago The Kings Of Connaught - Right All Right
1d. 9h. 37min. ago Marian Quirke - Lizzie Lindsay
1d. 9h. 39min. ago Mick Flavin - Ordinary Man
1d. 9h. 42min. ago Max T Barnes - Wild Irish Rose
1d. 9h. 46min. ago Sean Wilson And Tony Mac - Irish To The Core
1d. 9h. 49min. ago Declan Nerney - Where's The Party
1d. 9h. 52min. ago Eimear Furlong - Day You Die
1d. 9h. 55min. ago Pat Hayes - I Want To Dance With You
1d. 9h. 59min. ago Paddy O'brien - My Old Dugarvan Road.
1d. 10h. 2min. ago Gerry Carney - Mayo Will Always Be My Home
1d. 10h. 6min. ago Pat Mckenna - The Land That I Love
1d. 10h. 9min. ago Stuart Moyles - The Gambler
1d. 10h. 13min. ago Matt Dillon - My Best Friend
1d. 10h. 16min. ago Laura Dunlea - Home By Barna
1d. 10h. 19min. ago John Kelly - Big City
1d. 10h. 23min. ago Break Free - Flowers On The Wall
2d. 7h. 56min. ago Julian Record 11 Aug 2017
2d. 8h. 10min. ago Johnny Loughrey - Goodbye My Friends
2d. 8h. 15min. ago Col Edmonds - Little By Little
2d. 8h. 19min. ago Mark Chesnutt - Iv'e Got A Quarter In My Pocket
2d. 8h. 21min. ago Jim Owen - Hank, George, Lefty And Me
2d. 8h. 25min. ago Doug Seegers - Far Side Banks Of Jordan (w. Emmylou Harris)
2d. 8h. 27min. ago Colleen Honeyman - Good Old Country Music
2d. 8h. 31min. ago Mike Denver - Who Were You Thinking Of?
2d. 8h. 33min. ago Jake Penrod - The Girls Next Door In Austin
2d. 8h. 37min. ago Connie Smith - Tiny Blue Transistor Radio
2d. 8h. 41min. ago Paddy O'brien - I'm Grateful
2d. 8h. 43min. ago Hermann Lammers Meyer - Sad Songs And Walzes
2d. 8h. 47min. ago Cliona Hagan - Stuck Like Glue.
2d. 8h. 51min. ago Bobby Cash - I Didn`t See You Leaving
2d. 8h. 55min. ago Michael English - The Tuam Beat
2d. 9h. 1min. ago Cindy Lane Adams - An Empty Whiskey Glass
2d. 9h. 3min. ago Nathan Carter - Banks Of The Roses
2d. 10h. 2min. ago Preston Camp, Jr. - Tight Pair Of Bluejeans
2d. 11h. 59min. ago Bob King - We'll Be Together 'til We Meet Again
2d. 12h. 30min. ago Noel Flynn - Heaven In My Woman's Eyes
2d. 12h. 33min. ago Pat Tobin/mick O'keeffe - Orange Blossom Special
2d. 12h. 35min. ago Karen & The Dolans - Goodbye My Love Goodbye
2d. 12h. 39min. ago The Heggarty Twins & Ann Moore - Do You Know In California
2d. 12h. 43min. ago Jacqui Sharkey - If I Fell From Grace With You
2d. 12h. 45min. ago Foster & Allen - Jimmy Brown
2d. 12h. 49min. ago Isla Grant - Baby We're Really In Love
2d. 12h. 51min. ago Kay & Nashville Sound - The Master And The Humble Guitar Man
2d. 12h. 53min. ago Kenny Rogers - Someone Somewhere Tonight
2d. 13h. ago Cy Kearney - I Cant Help It If Imstill In Love With You
2d. 14h. ago 33, Murphy's Country 14th August 2017
2d. 15h. 7min. ago Mona - What A Friend We Have In Jesus
2d. 15h. 10min. ago Willie Nelson - Some Other Time
2d. 15h. 12min. ago Trina O Reilly - I'm Over You
2d. 15h. 15min. ago June Carter - You Flopped When You Got Me Alone
2d. 15h. 17min. ago Mike Condon - Think Of Me When Your Lonrly
2d. 15h. 20min. ago Martin Bennis - Boxcar Willie
  Quest: Dietmar wichmann    Kiel  
I'm a fan from You (ICMR) since 2 Years. But the sound with 64 KB is very bad. You need 128 Kb! All the good things you make. I don't understand it. The Sound with 64 Kb/ sec. is like 50 Years ogo. I hope, that you change your Equipment and can make it better. Dietmar Wichmann, a fan in Germany.
0    0 Reply   23:21 <> 5. 11. 2013  
  Quest: Sonny    Messina  
I'm Italian boy I love this music
0    0 Reply   17:20 <> 6. 3. 2015  
  Quest: mary    Catania  
You have been fighting again, Kevin! You have lost two of your front teeth! - I haven't lost them, Mum, I have got them in my pocket!
0    0 Reply   16:58 <> 11. 4. 2015  
  Quest: Salvo    Licata  
This is magic music I love Irish music
0    0 Reply   17:43 <> 30. 8. 2015  
  Quest: lucciola    Catania  
0    1 Reply   15:35 <> 20. 3. 2016  
  Quest: sally    Caltanissetta  
0    0 Reply   18:03 <> 24. 1. 2017  

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