Irish Country Music Radio Studio 1


Irish Country Music Radio Studio 1

United Kingdom
Genres: Country
Irish Country Music Radio Studio 1
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That played on the radio:  Irish Country Music Radio Studio 1
< 1 min. ago Christie Hennessy - You Are The Girl
2min. ago Paddy O'brien - The Hanging Tree
9min. ago The Bracken Brothers - Streets Of Bakerfields
10min. ago Fergal Flaherty - Some Will Some Wont
13min. ago Jerry Reed - Folsom Prison Blues
16min. ago Irish Descendants - The Mary Ellen Carter
22min. ago Nathan Carter - Wanna Dance
26min. ago Robert Mizzel - I'm No Stranger To The Rain
30min. ago There's A Love Knot In My Lariat
32min. ago Cc Cooper - A Toast To Gladdagh
35min. ago Kieran Mcgilligan - Waltzing An Angle Tonight
38min. ago Carmel Mc Loughlin - This Moment Is Mine
41min. ago Mark Finn - I Dont Need A Picture
44min. ago Larry Cunningham - Too Many Cheifs
47min. ago T R Dallas - One More Thing I Wished I Said
51min. ago Wyn Stewart - Wishful Thinking
54min. ago Maids Of Erin - Teddy O Neill
57min. ago Stephen Smyth - He Stopped Loving Her Today
1h. 1min. ago Louise Morrissey - I Still Loveyou
1h. 3min. ago Gerry Carney - Food On The Table
1h. 6min. ago Gerry Carney - Food On The Table
1h. 7min. ago Isla Grant - When God Comes And Gathers His Jewels
1h. 10min. ago Al Grant - Theres That Smile Again
1h. 13min. ago Annie Mc - Without You
1h. 16min. ago John Hogan - In My Fathers House
1h. 20min. ago Bruce, Ed - Old Loves Never Die
1h. 23min. ago Liam Mannering - Will You Walk Whith Me
1h. 26min. ago John Hogan - Life Is For The Moment
1h. 30min. ago Johnny Cash - Jim, I Wore A Tie Today
1h. 32min. ago Frank Nelson - Kiss An Angel Good Morning
1h. 34min. ago Thomas Maguire - Cardboard Homes
1h. 37min. ago Jimmy Buckley - Peace
1h. 40min. ago Kathy Kane - Louisiana Hot Sauce
1h. 44min. ago Rose Tynan - Mexicalli Rose
1h. 47min. ago Aidan Taaffe - Track 1
1h. 51min. ago Susan Mccann +brendan Quinn - The Pain Of Loving You
1h. 53min. ago Patsy Cline - Heart You Break May Be Your Own
1h. 56min. ago 80 - Track 13
2h. ago Louise Morrissy - Slievenamon
2h. 3min. ago Lisa Mchugh - There Were Roses
2h. 7min. ago Ben Colder - Dont Go Near The Eskimos
2h. 8min. ago Ben Colder - Dont Go Near The Eskimos
2h. 11min. ago Frank Nelson - I Can Hear It All So Clearly Now (joe Dolan Tribute)
2h. 14min. ago Steve Farlow - Roly Poly
2h. 17min. ago Breege Kelly & Michael Cleary - Hush
2h. 20min. ago Foster & Allen - Il Silenzio
2h. 23min. ago Tom Roush - Carry Me Back To Old Virginny - Original 1878
2h. 26min. ago Gail Russell - Party All Night Long
2h. 30min. ago Seamus Moore - The Jcb Song
2h. 34min. ago Jimmy Buckley - Love And Honour
2h. 37min. ago Philomena Begley - Where Do Babies Go
2h. 39min. ago Steve Earle - Good Ol' Boy (gettin' Tough) [live]
2h. 44min. ago Michael Collins - Medley (f)
2h. 46min. ago Trudi Lalor - Believe And Keep On Dreaming
2h. 50min. ago John Glenn - Boys From County Armagh
2h. 53min. ago Lauren Sheridan - What Part Of No
2h. 55min. ago Jimmy Buckley - The In Crowd
2h. 59min. ago Michael Collins - Somewhere Between (louise Morrissey)
3h. 2min. ago Ine Wagenvoort - 01 Turn Around
3h. 3min. ago Ine Wagenvoort - 01 Turn Around
3h. 6min. ago Dominic Kirwan - Why Dont We Just Dance
3h. 10min. ago Stephen Smyth - Some Broken Hearts Never Mend
3h. 53min. ago Mick Farrell - 8walk Tall
4h. 55min. ago Alan Jackson - I Don't Need The Booze (to Get A Buzz On)
5h. 58min. ago Denis Carey - Polka Dots
7h. 24min. ago Roly Daniels - Part Of Me
8h. 28min. ago The Oak Ridge Boys - You Don't Have To Go Home (but You Can't Stay Her...
9h. 30min. ago Andy Cooney - Home For Christmas Medley
10h. 30min. ago Robert Mizzell Never Loved Before
11h. 32min. ago Eamonn O'regan - Who Do You Think You Are
12h. 38min. ago Lone Star - Danny's Song
13h. 46min. ago Paddy O'brien - Rushing Around.
13h. 59min. ago Mary Darcy - On The Stage Underneath The Lights
14h. 46min. ago Joe Davitt - Memories
15h. 44min. ago Gerry Carney - Nothing Without You
16h. 27min. ago Sounds Irish - 171211 Hour2
17h. 46min. ago Sounds Irish - 171211 Hour1
18h. 18min. ago Jc Country December 6th 2017
19h. 32min. ago Brian Mcdermott - Red River Valley
20h. 32min. ago The Davitt Showband - Irish Harvest Day
21h. 25min. ago Daniel O'donnell - Moonlight In Mayo
21h. 28min. ago Track 03
21h. 30min. ago Cowboy Larry/gene Stuart - I Havent Learned A Thing
21h. 34min. ago Alabama - Forty Hour Week (for A Livin')
21h. 34min. ago Alabama - Forty Hour Week (for A Livin')
21h. 37min. ago Tommy Drennan - Ageing Lady
21h. 41min. ago Niamh Lynn - Niamh Lynn - A Love I Think Will Last
21h. 43min. ago Big Tom - Old Rustic Bridge
21h. 47min. ago Martin Mccolgan - Loch Lomond
21h. 51min. ago Justin Mc Gurk - What,s The Craic
21h. 55min. ago Offa My Mind
21h. 57min. ago Mary Duff - Suffering In Silence
22h. 1min. ago Glen Flynn - Old Fashioned Girl
22h. 4min. ago Kenny Paul - Hold Me Back
22h. 7min. ago Paul Kelly - Beginning To Forget You
22h. 10min. ago Carmel Mc Loughlin - The Cottage On The Old Dungannon Road
22h. 13min. ago Charley Pride - The Choices She Made
22h. 16min. ago Kevin Collins - Kevin Collins - Kevin Collins - I'm So Afraid Of Losin...
22h. 19min. ago Cliff Austin - Wicklow Girl
22h. 23min. ago Mark Chesnutt - The Lord Loves The Drinkin' Man
22h. 27min. ago Dermot Mcconnel - On A Southbound
22h. 30min. ago Acoustra - The Big Strong Man
22h. 33min. ago Michael S. Togher - Ireland For The Summer
22h. 34min. ago Michael S. Togher - Ireland For The Summer
22h. 36min. ago Tony Kerr - From The Window Up Above
22h. 39min. ago Kim Carson - Just Because You're Gone
22h. 41min. ago Johnny Mcevoy - Will You Miss Me
22h. 44min. ago Brendan Grace - Comic Trilogy - Don't Laugh At Me, Tears, Smile
22h. 48min. ago Boxcar Willie - Your Cheatin' Heart
22h. 52min. ago Track 3
22h. 54min. ago Shawn Cuddy - All The Lies
22h. 59min. ago Pete Burke - The Likes Of You And Me
23h. 2min. ago Ally Harron - Down Down Down
23h. 4min. ago Isla Grant - You Win Again
23h. 9min. ago John Greer - We Sure Danced Us Some Good'uns
23h. 11min. ago Nuala Metcalfe - Never Grow Old
23h. 15min. ago Fiddler Adam - Fiddler Adam - Fiddler Adam - Country Roads
23h. 18min. ago Margo O'donnell - Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
23h. 20min. ago Carmel Horan - Amazing Grace
23h. 24min. ago The Saggy Bottom Boys - I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow
23h. 28min. ago The Outllaws - True Friends
23h. 32min. ago Shanksmare - Sixmilebridge
23h. 34min. ago Shanksmare - Sixmilebridge
23h. 36min. ago Cowboy Larry - The World In My Arms
23h. 40min. ago Margo O'donnell - The Eyes Of A Child
23h. 43min. ago Margaret Rose - Daddy Frank
23h. 46min. ago Isla Grant - Lovesick And Blue
23h. 51min. ago Planxty - The Gander In The Pratie Hole
23h. 55min. ago Loretta Lynn - Mrs Leroy Brown
23h. 59min. ago Michael English - Until You Have Walked In My Shoes
  Quest: Dietmar wichmann    Kiel  
I'm a fan from You (ICMR) since 2 Years. But the sound with 64 KB is very bad. You need 128 Kb! All the good things you make. I don't understand it. The Sound with 64 Kb/ sec. is like 50 Years ogo. I hope, that you change your Equipment and can make it better. Dietmar Wichmann, a fan in Germany.
0    0 Reply   23:21 <> 5. 11. 2013  
  Quest: Sonny    Messina  
I'm Italian boy I love this music
0    0 Reply   17:20 <> 6. 3. 2015  
  Quest: mary    Catania  
You have been fighting again, Kevin! You have lost two of your front teeth! - I haven't lost them, Mum, I have got them in my pocket!
0    0 Reply   16:58 <> 11. 4. 2015  
  Quest: Salvo    Licata  
This is magic music I love Irish music
0    0 Reply   17:43 <> 30. 8. 2015  
  Quest: lucciola    Catania  
0    1 Reply   15:35 <> 20. 3. 2016  
  Quest: sally    Caltanissetta  
0    0 Reply   18:03 <> 24. 1. 2017  

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