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That played on the radio:  Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio
4d. 15h. 25min. ago 2013-12-16--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
4d. 15h. 48min. ago 2013-12-16--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
4d. 16h. 9min. ago 2013-12-16--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
4d. 16h. 31min. ago 2013-12-16--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
4d. 16h. 54min. ago 2013-12-16--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
4d. 17h. 19min. ago 2013-12-09--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
4d. 17h. 40min. ago 2013-12-09--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
4d. 18h. 3min. ago 2013-12-09--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
4d. 18h. 25min. ago 2013-12-09--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
4d. 18h. 46min. ago 2013-12-09--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
4d. 19h. 11min. ago 2013-12-02--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
4d. 19h. 39min. ago 2013-12-02--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
4d. 20h. 2min. ago 2013-12-02--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
4d. 20h. 28min. ago 2013-12-02--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
4d. 20h. 54min. ago 2013-11-25--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
4d. 21h. 22min. ago 2013-11-25--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
4d. 21h. 43min. ago 2013-11-25--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
4d. 22h. 9min. ago 2013-11-25--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
4d. 22h. 32min. ago 2013-11-25--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
4d. 23h. ago 2013-11-18--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
4d. 23h. 25min. ago 2013-11-18--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
4d. 23h. 49min. ago 2013-11-18--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 14min. ago 2013-11-18--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 38min. ago 2013-11-11--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 1h. 1min. ago 2013-11-11--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 1h. 22min. ago 2013-11-11--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 1h. 45min. ago 2013-11-11--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 2h. 9min. ago 2013-11-11--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 2h. 32min. ago 2013-11-04--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 2h. 59min. ago 2013-11-04--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 3h. 21min. ago 2013-11-04--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 3h. 45min. ago 2013-11-04--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 4h. 9min. ago 2013-11-04--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 4h. 34min. ago 2013-10-28--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 5h. ago 2013-10-28--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 5h. 29min. ago 2013-10-28--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 5h. 54min. ago 2013-10-28--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 6h. 18min. ago 2013-10-21--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 6h. 40min. ago 2013-10-21--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 7h. 6min. ago 2013-10-21--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 7h. 34min. ago 2013-10-21--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 8h. 2min. ago 2013-10-21--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 8h. 27min. ago 2013-10-14--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 9h. 2min. ago 2013-10-14--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 9h. 27min. ago 2013-10-14--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 9h. 54min. ago 2013-10-14--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 10h. 21min. ago 2013-10-07--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 10h. 45min. ago 2013-10-07--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 11h. 9min. ago 2013-10-07--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 11h. 33min. ago 2013-10-07--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 11h. 59min. ago 2013-09-30--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 12h. 23min. ago 2013-09-30--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 12h. 44min. ago 2013-09-30--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 13h. 9min. ago 2013-09-30--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 13h. 33min. ago 2013-09-30--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 14h. 2min. ago 2013-09-23--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 14h. 26min. ago 2013-09-23--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 14h. 50min. ago 2013-09-23--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 15h. 15min. ago 2013-09-23--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 15h. 41min. ago 2013-09-16--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 16h. 4min. ago 2013-09-16--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 16h. 30min. ago 2013-09-16--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 16h. 54min. ago 2013-09-16--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 17h. 22min. ago 2013-09-16--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 17h. 49min. ago 2013-09-09--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 18h. 10min. ago 2013-09-09--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 18h. 40min. ago 2013-09-09--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 19h. 4min. ago 2013-09-09--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 19h. 32min. ago 2013-09-02--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 20h. ago 2013-09-02--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 20h. 29min. ago 2013-09-02--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 20h. 53min. ago 2013-09-02--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 21h. 21min. ago 2013-08-26--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 21h. 43min. ago 2013-08-26--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 22h. 9min. ago 2013-08-26--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 22h. 31min. ago 2013-08-26--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 23h. 1min. ago 2013-08-26--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 23h. 25min. ago 2013-08-19--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
5d. 23h. 50min. ago 2013-08-19--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 14min. ago 2013-08-19--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 41min. ago 2013-08-19--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 1h. 2min. ago 2013-08-19--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 1h. 27min. ago 2013-08-12--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 1h. 50min. ago 2013-08-12--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 2h. 14min. ago 2013-08-12--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 2h. 41min. ago 2013-08-12--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 3h. 6min. ago 2013-08-05--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 3h. 34min. ago 2013-08-05--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 4h. 2min. ago 2013-08-05--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 4h. 30min. ago 2013-08-05--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 4h. 59min. ago 2013-07-29--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 5h. 22min. ago 2013-07-29--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 5h. 52min. ago 2013-07-29--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 6h. 20min. ago 2013-07-29--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 6h. 43min. ago 2013-07-29--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 7h. 9min. ago 2013-07-22--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 7h. 40min. ago 2013-07-22--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 8h. 1min. ago 2013-07-22--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 8h. 28min. ago 2013-07-22--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 8h. 53min. ago 2013-07-15--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 9h. 21min. ago 2013-07-15--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 9h. 44min. ago 2013-07-15--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 10h. 13min. ago 2013-07-15--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 10h. 41min. ago 2013-07-08--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 11h. 5min. ago 2013-07-08--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 11h. 31min. ago 2013-07-08--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 12h. ago 2013-07-08--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 12h. 26min. ago 2013-07-01--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 12h. 50min. ago 2013-07-01--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 13h. 19min. ago 2013-07-01--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 13h. 46min. ago 2013-07-01--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 14h. 19min. ago 2013-06-24--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 14h. 41min. ago 2013-06-24--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 15h. 10min. ago 2013-06-24--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 15h. 39min. ago 2013-06-24--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 16h. 5min. ago 2013-06-24--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 16h. 10min. ago 2013-06-17--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 17h. ago 2013-06-17--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 17h. 29min. ago 2013-06-17--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 17h. 59min. ago 2013-06-17--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 18h. 26min. ago 2013-06-03--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 18h. 52min. ago 2013-06-03--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 19h. 19min. ago 2013-06-03--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 19h. 49min. ago 2013-06-03--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 20h. 19min. ago 2013-05-27--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 20h. 48min. ago 2013-05-27--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 21h. 13min. ago 2013-05-27--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 21h. 39min. ago 2013-05-27--1600---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 22h. 3min. ago 2013-05-20--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean
6d. 22h. 38min. ago 2013-05-20--1700---live-with-dr-carolyn-dean

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