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9min. ago Michael Schenker Group - Into The Arena - Cd. One Night At Budokan (19...
1h. 6min. ago Uriah Heep - Look At Yourself - Cd. Look A [bte]
1h. 59min. ago Hammerfall - Hammerfall - Heading The Call
2h. 53min. ago Steve Morse - Country Colours - Cd. High Te [boy]
3h. 45min. ago Dream Theater - Metropolis - Cd. Score [bqi]
4h. 42min. ago Rage - Carved In Stone - Cd. Carved [bie]
5h. 36min. ago Death Angel - The Moth - Cd. The Evil Divide (2016) [1xnj]
6h. 32min. ago Entombed A D - Midas In Reverse - Cd. Dead Dawn (2016) [1wjh]
7h. 28min. ago Destruction - Second To None - Cd. Under Attack (2016) [1xnk]
8h. 24min. ago Mastodon - Sultans Curse - Cd. Emperor Sand (2017) [1lt0]
9h. 19min. ago Iced Earth - Seven Headed Whore - Cd,. Incorruptible (2017)
10h. 14min. ago Deep Purple - A Simple Song - Cd. Now What ! (2013) [bnq]
11h. 8min. ago Kerry Livgren - Mask Of The Great Deceiver Feat Ronnie James Dio - Cd....
12h. 2min. ago Death Angel - The Moth - Cd. The Evil Divide (2016) [1xnj]
12h. 58min. ago Masterplan - The Game - Cd. Novum Initium (2013) [bch]
13h. 56min. ago Torture Squad - Don T Cross My Path - Cd. Far Beyond Existence (2017)
14h. 53min. ago Rick Wakeman & Ozzy Osbourne - Buried Alive - Cd. Return To
15h. 50min. ago Metallica - Orion Live At Rock In Rio Brazil 2011 [bdx]
16h. 49min. ago Ozzy Osbourne - I Want It More - Cd. Scream (2010) [bgp]
17h. 46min. ago Backstage - Kiss Fm - 102,1 Mhz [1nb4]
18h. 44min. ago Fear Factory - Fear Factory - Resurrection - [bst]
19h. 42min. ago Ian Gillan - No Good Luck - Cd. Naked Thunder (1990) [bw8]
20h. 40min. ago Queensryche - Guardian - Cd. Condition Human (2015) [1oog]
21h. 36min. ago Armored Saint - Little Monkey - Cd. La Raza (2010) [bgc]
22h. 32min. ago Sepultura - Phanton Self - Cd. Machine Messiah (2017) [1lsz]
23h. 29min. ago Chickenfoot - Bigfoot - Cd. Chickenfoot Iii (2011) [blt]
1d. 24min. ago Budgie - Parents - Cd. Never Turn Your Back On A Friend (1973)
1d. 1h. 21min. ago Cornerstone - Welcome To Forever - Cd. Once Upon Our Yesterdays (2003)
1d. 2h. 17min. ago Ozzy Osbourne - Rock N Roll Rebel - Box - Pri
1d. 3h. 14min. ago Led Zeppelin - Your Time Is Gonna Come - Cd. Led Zeppelin (1969)
1d. 4h. 14min. ago Pentagram - Ask No More - Cd. Be Forewarned [bhh]
1d. 5h. 12min. ago Dream Theater - Dream Theater - Lie - Cd. Awa [bqh]
1d. 6h. 8min. ago Savage Messiah - All Seeing - Cd. Plague Of Conscience (2011)
1d. 7h. 4min. ago Gillan - She Tears Me Down - Cd. Mr. Universe (1981) [bu6]
1d. 8h. 2min. ago Death Angel - The Moth - Cd. The Evil Divide (2016) [1xnj]
1d. 9h. ago Jorn - Life On Death Road - Cd. Life On Death Road (2017)
1d. 10h. ago Morbid Angel - I Am Morbid - Cd. Illud Divinum Insanus (2011)
1d. 11h. ago Angra - Awake From Darkness - Cd. Aqua (2010) [bfa]
1d. 11h. 58min. ago Helstar - Toward The Unknown - Cd. Burning Star (1984) [bw1]
1d. 12h. 58min. ago Cannibal Corpse - Evisceration Plague
1d. 13h. 58min. ago Kansas - Song For America - Dvd. There's Know Place Like Home (2010)
1d. 14h. 59min. ago Ufo - A Self Made Man - Cd. Walk On [btn]
1d. 15h. 59min. ago Slayer - Bitter Peace - Cd. Diabolus I [bnc]
1d. 16h. 58min. ago Anthrax - Carry On Wayward Son - Cd. For All Kings
1d. 18h. ago Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers Live - Cd. Live At Olympia 96 (1997)
1d. 19h. 2min. ago Deep Purple - Into The Fire (live) - Cd. Sc
1d. 20h. 2min. ago Dream Theater - Forsaken - Cd. Systematic Chaos (2007) [bqg]
1d. 21h. 2min. ago Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath - Headless Cros
1d. 21h. 58min. ago Death Angel - The Moth - Cd. The Evil Divide (2016) [1xnj]
1d. 22h. 56min. ago Adrenaline Mob Feat Mike Portnoy And Russel Allen - Hit The Wall - Ep....
1d. 23h. 54min. ago Triptykon - In The Sleep Of Death
2d. 54min. ago Obituary - Slowly We Rot - Live At Wacken 2005 [1wwt]
2d. 1h. 51min. ago Overdrive - Signs All Over - Cd. Angelmaker (2011) [bgc]
2d. 2h. 48min. ago Sweet - Heartbreak Today - Cd. Collec [bpe]
2d. 3h. 43min. ago Metallica - Sad But True - Broken Beat Scarred ( Live In Sp. 30 Jan. 2...
2d. 4h. 40min. ago Sirenia - The End Of It All - Cd. The Enigma Of Life (2011)
2d. 5h. 38min. ago Glenn Hughes - First Underground Nuclear Kitchen - Cd. Funk (2008)
2d. 6h. 36min. ago Candlemass - Samarithan - Cd. Doomed For Live
2d. 7h. 32min. ago Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath - Trashed - Cd. [biz]
2d. 8h. 28min. ago Kreator - Coma Of Souls - Cd. Coma Of S [bab]
2d. 9h. 24min. ago Status Quo - Paper Plane - Cd. Piledriver (1972) [bot]
2d. 10h. 22min. ago Armored Dawn - Sail Away - Cd. Barbarians In Black (2017)
2d. 11h. 21min. ago Kansas - Visibility Zero - Cd. Prelule Implicit (2016) [1cqj]
2d. 12h. 20min. ago Rush - Losing It - Cd. Rush R40 Live (2015) [1tmv]
2d. 13h. 14min. ago Vht - Boc100 [bts]
2d. 13h. 18min. ago Axel Rudi Pell - Too Late - Cd. The Crest (2010) [bgr]
2d. 14h. 14min. ago Heaven Hell - Heaven & Hell - Country Girl-
2d. 15h. 12min. ago Jorn - Blacksong - Cd. The Duke (2006) [byd]
2d. 16h. 9min. ago Bruce Dickinson - Book Of Thel - Cd. The Chemical Wedding
2d. 17h. 8min. ago Dream Theater - The Enemy Inside - Cd. Dream Theater (2013)
2d. 18h. 6min. ago Anthrax - Indians Heaven And Hell Live At Sonisphere Fest Sofia - Bulg...
2d. 19h. 3min. ago Status Quo - Drifting Away - Cd. Quo (1974) [boq]
2d. 19h. 59min. ago Deep Purple - Bad Attitude - Cd. The House
2d. 20h. 55min. ago Opeth - Porcelain Heart - Cd. Watershed (2008) [bft]
2d. 21h. 51min. ago Deep Purple - Time For Bedlam - Cd, Infinite (2017) [1izf]
2d. 22h. 48min. ago Ian Gillan - One Eye To Morocco - Cd. One Eye To Morocco (2009)
2d. 23h. 46min. ago Gary Moore - Gary Moore - Nothing To Lose [btr]
3d. 44min. ago Overkill - Thunderhead - Cd. Bloodletting (2000) [bgk]
3d. 1h. 40min. ago Rainbow - Mistreated - Cd. Rainbow On Stage (1977) [biq]
3d. 2h. 15min. ago Axel Rudi Pell - Too Late - Cd. The Crest (2010) [bgr]
3d. 2h. 38min. ago Saxon - Made In Belfast - Cd. Sacrifice (2013) [ble]
3d. 3h. 38min. ago Kiss - All For The Love Of Rock Roll - Cd. Monster (2012)
3d. 4h. 33min. ago Primal Fear - When Death Comes Knocking - Cd. Delivering The Black (20...
3d. 5h. 32min. ago Children Of Bodom - Bodom Beach Terror - Cd. Hate Crew Deathrow (2003)
3d. 6h. 28min. ago U.d.o. - Holy - Cd. Holy [btj]
3d. 7h. 22min. ago Angra - The Rage Of The Waters - Cd. Aqua (2010) [bff]
3d. 8h. 18min. ago Iced Earth - Plagues Of Babylon - Cd. Plagues Of Babylon (2014)
3d. 9h. 15min. ago Ted Nugent - Yank Me Crank Me Hey Baby - Cd. Full Bluntal Nugity
3d. 10h. 13min. ago Kreator - Satan Is Real - Cd. Gods Od Violence (2017) [1i7t]
3d. 11h. 10min. ago Dream Theater - Another Hand-the Killing Hand
3d. 12h. 8min. ago Dio - Killing The Dragon - Cd. Killing The Dragon (2002) [bpl]
3d. 13h. 5min. ago Heaven Hell - Heaven & Hell - Double The Pa
3d. 14h. ago Kansas - Relentless - Cd. Audio-vision [byp]
3d. 14h. 54min. ago W.a.s.p. - Last Runaway - Cd. Golgotha (2015) [1mns]
3d. 15h. 48min. ago Backstage - Kiss Fm - 102,1 Mhz [1nb4]
3d. 16h. 43min. ago Mastodon - The Wolf Is Loose - Cd. Blood Mountain (2006) [bck]
3d. 17h. 35min. ago Death Angel - The Moth - Cd. The Evil Divide (2016) [1xnj]
3d. 18h. 26min. ago Judas Priest - Beyond The Realms Of Death - Cd. A Touch Of Evil
3d. 19h. 18min. ago Mastodon - High Road - Cd. Once More Round The Sun (2014)
3d. 20h. 10min. ago Cannibal Corpse - Evisceration Plague
3d. 21h. 2min. ago Iron Maiden - Coming Home - Cd. The Final Frontier (2010)
3d. 21h. 55min. ago Testament - Rise Up - Cd. Dark Roots Of Thrash (2013) [mwc]
3d. 22h. 48min. ago Queensryche - Guardian - Cd. Condition Human (2015) [1oog]
3d. 23h. 42min. ago Immortal - The Rise Of Darkness
4d. 33min. ago Arch Enemy - Rise Of The Tyrant
4d. 1h. 26min. ago Grand Funk Railroad - Grand Funk Railroad - Got Thi
4d. 2h. 16min. ago Ace Frehley - Space Invader [1dp5]
4d. 3h. 8min. ago Black Sabbath - Age Of Reason - Cd. 13 (2013) [biu]
4d. 4h. ago Testament - Rapid Fire - Cd. A Tribute To
4d. 4h. 54min. ago Soulfly - Unleash - Cd. Conquer (2008) [bnp]
4d. 5h. 45min. ago Epica - Sensorium - Ep. We Will Take You With Us (2006) [bs2]
4d. 6h. 38min. ago Tim Ripper Owens - Starting Over
4d. 7h. 34min. ago Trouble - Hear The Earth - Cd. Plastic [bt3]
4d. 8h. 26min. ago Pretty Maids - Mother Of All Lies - Cd. Motherland (2013)
4d. 9h. 20min. ago Blind Guardian - Dont Talk To Strangers - Cd. Holy Dio [bj7]
4d. 10h. 14min. ago Radio Backstage - Prefixo - Prefixo [bia]
4d. 11h. 8min. ago Judas Priest - Prophecy - Cd. Nostradamus (2008) [bye]
4d. 12h. 4min. ago Bad Company - Rock N Roll Fantasy - Cd. In Concert - The Merchants Of ...
4d. 13h. 4min. ago Uriah Heep - Sweet Lorraine - Cd. Uriah He [bti]
4d. 14h. 4min. ago Gillan - Gillan - Hadely Bop Bop - Cd. [bu2]
4d. 15h. 2min. ago Roadie Crew 193 - Fevereiro 2015 Ja Nas Bancas - Ac-dc - Shake Your Fo...
4d. 15h. 58min. ago Queensryche - If I Were A King - Cd. American Soldier (2009)
4d. 16h. 56min. ago Led Zeppelin - Nobodys Fault But Mine - Cd. Presence (1976) - Led Zepp...
4d. 17h. 54min. ago Uriah Heep - Uriah Heep - Easy Livin' - Cd [btb]
4d. 18h. 54min. ago Edguy - Nobody S Hero - Cd. Age Of The Joker (2011) [bro]
4d. 19h. 53min. ago Sweet - Heartbreak Today - Cd. Collec [bpe]
4d. 20h. 51min. ago Frank Marino Mahogany Rush - The Answer - Cd. Live (1978)
4d. 21h. 46min. ago Machine Head - Davidian - Cd. Burn My Eyes [bbs]
4d. 22h. 45min. ago Heathen - Arrows Of Agony - Cd. The Evolution Of Chaos (2010)
4d. 23h. 43min. ago Soulfly - Bloodshed - Cd. Savages (2013) [bnn]

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Tom Petty toured with hairline hip fracture
The singer had invited Norah Jones to join him on the road for a unique new Wildflowers trek.
J Balvin almost fainted at Beyonce's song approval
The star is still in disbelief that he has a song with Beyonce.
Ed Sheeran: 'No more cycling when I'm touring'
The singer smashed up his ribs, elbow and wrists in the nasty fall on his way to the pub.
Dolly Parton supporting hurricane relief efforts with money and books
The singer is proud to contribute to the hurricane recovery fund set up by all five living former U.S. presidents.
Rape allegations against Nicki Minaj's brother were 'part of extortion plot'
The rapper is reportedly expected to take the witness stand for the defence.

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