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idobi Howl
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That played on the radio:  idobi Howl
27min. ago Kataklysm - Soul Destroyer
2h. 19min. ago Cane Hill - Too Far Gone
4h. 12min. ago Vader - Worms Of Eden
5h. 53min. ago Tosta Mista W/ Alvaro Costa - Christmas Special
8h. ago Like Moths To Flames - Shallow Truths For Shallow Minds
10h. 3min. ago Downswing - Bitter
12h. 7min. ago Isis - The Beginning And The End
14h. ago I The Breather - Forgiven
16h. ago Sick Of It All - A Month Of Sundays
17h. 38min. ago Idobi Howl: Listen Loud
18h. ago Boris The Blade - Warpath
18h. 42min. ago Our Hollow, Our Home - Web Weaver
19h. 59min. ago Oceano - Human Harvest
21h. 51min. ago Polaris - Lucid
23h. 44min. ago W/ Shawn Kupfer - Metal Dna
1d. 1h. 40min. ago Silent Screams - Low
1d. 3h. 15min. ago Helloween - Battle's Won
1d. 3h. 17min. ago A Night In Texas - Population Extermination
1d. 3h. 22min. ago Veil Of Maya - Doublespeak
1d. 3h. 27min. ago Seeker - Alone
1d. 3h. 40min. ago Feed The Rhino - Heedless
1d. 5h. 44min. ago Moonspell - A Dying Breed
1d. 5h. 51min. ago Caligula's Horse - A Gift To Afterthought
1d. 6h. 31min. ago The Hypothesis - Eye For An Eye
1d. 7h. 40min. ago The Faceless - Digging The Grave
1d. 9h. 44min. ago Phil Campbell And The Bastard - Ringleader
1d. 11h. 52min. ago My Enemies & I - Funeral Party
1d. 13h. 52min. ago Soulfly - Intervention
1d. 15h. 56min. ago Bleeding Through - There Was A Flood
1d. 18h. ago The Royal - Counterculture
1d. 19h. 39min. ago Kataklysm - As Death Lingers
1d. 20h. ago A Static Lullaby - Withered
1d. 20h. 38min. ago Counterparts - Stranger
1d. 22h. 3min. ago Machine Head - Beyond The Pale
2d. 8min. ago Tosta Mista W/ Alvaro Costa - Christmas Special
2d. 2h. 12min. ago Arch Echo - Color Wheel
2d. 4h. 23min. ago War Of Ages - Cut Throat
2d. 6h. 27min. ago Kreator - Hail To The Hordes
2d. 8h. 35min. ago Letlive. - 27 Club
2d. 10h. 51min. ago Hands Like Houses - Watchmaker (featuring Matty Mullins)
2d. 11h. 30min. ago The Faceless - Digging The Grave
2d. 11h. 33min. ago Tear Out The Heart - Up For Days
2d. 11h. 36min. ago Dark Sermon - In Tongues
2d. 11h. 43min. ago Killer Be Killed - Face Down
2d. 11h. 48min. ago Glassjaw - Shira
2d. 11h. 51min. ago Downswing - Bitter
2d. 11h. 56min. ago Vanna - Please Stay
2d. 12h. ago Reign Supreme - Still Unbroken
2d. 12h. 3min. ago Landscapes - D.r.e.a.m.
2d. 12h. 7min. ago Converge - A Single Tear
2d. 12h. 12min. ago Arch Echo - Color Wheel
2d. 12h. 22min. ago Carnifex - Slow Death
2d. 12h. 27min. ago The Plot In You - Not Just Breathing
2d. 12h. 30min. ago Void Of Vision - Ghost In The Machine
2d. 12h. 34min. ago Swamps - Heavy Work
2d. 12h. 37min. ago Wage War - Stitch
2d. 12h. 39min. ago Killswitch Engage - You Don't Bleed For Me
2d. 12h. 42min. ago Veil Of Maya - Whistleblower
2d. 12h. 45min. ago Rolo Tomassi - Rituals
2d. 12h. 49min. ago Idobi - Idobi 60
2d. 12h. 52min. ago Pyrithion - Bleed Out
2d. 12h. 55min. ago Oceano - Incisions - Incisions
2d. 13h. ago Within The Ruins - Absolute Hell
2d. 13h. 4min. ago Bad Wolves - Toast To The Ghost
2d. 13h. 9min. ago Coldrain - Envy
2d. 13h. 16min. ago Cannibal Corpse - High Velocity Impact Spatter
2d. 13h. 19min. ago Kataklysm - The Black Sheep
2d. 13h. 24min. ago Story Of The Year - Bang Bang
2d. 13h. 27min. ago Phinehas - Dark Flag
2d. 13h. 31min. ago Becoming The Archetype - Epoch Of War
2d. 13h. 34min. ago I Killed The Prom Queen - The Beaten Path
2d. 13h. 39min. ago Inanimate Existence - Calling From A Dream
2d. 13h. 43min. ago Polaris - Lucid
2d. 13h. 49min. ago Valliers - Breathe
2d. 13h. 51min. ago Idobi - Idobi 60
2d. 13h. 53min. ago Slayer - World Painted Blood
2d. 13h. 58min. ago Being As An Ocean - The Sea Always Seems To Put Me At Ease
2d. 14h. 3min. ago Seeker - She
2d. 14h. 4min. ago August Burns Red - Internal Cannon
2d. 14h. 8min. ago Like Moths To Flames - Shallow Truths For Shallow Minds
2d. 14h. 11min. ago War Of Ages - Cut Throat
2d. 14h. 16min. ago Idobi - Idobi 60
2d. 14h. 18min. ago Cdc - Ten Amerikan Days
2d. 14h. 20min. ago Sylosis - The River
2d. 14h. 26min. ago Of Mice & Men - Defy
2d. 14h. 28min. ago Stick To Your Guns - Married To The Noise
2d. 14h. 31min. ago Stray From The Path - Make Your Own History
2d. 14h. 35min. ago Trivium - Silence In The Snow
2d. 14h. 38min. ago Your Memorial - Hope Era
2d. 14h. 43min. ago As I Lay Dying - Within Destruction
2d. 14h. 47min. ago Sleeping Giant, Garrett Russel - No Love
2d. 14h. 52min. ago Varials - Colder Brother
2d. 14h. 55min. ago The Red Chord - Pray For Eyes
2d. 14h. 59min. ago Thousand Below - Sinking Me
2d. 15h. 2min. ago Thousand Below - Sinking Me
2d. 15h. 3min. ago Agnostic Front - Only In America
2d. 15h. 5min. ago Parkway Drive - Vice Grip
2d. 15h. 8min. ago Phinehas - Hell Below
2d. 15h. 13min. ago Feed The Rhino - Heedless
2d. 15h. 17min. ago Despised Icon - In The Arms Of Perdition
2d. 15h. 24min. ago A Night In Texas - Population Extermination
2d. 15h. 29min. ago My Enemies & I - Funeral Party
2d. 15h. 32min. ago Goatwhore - Baring Teeth For Revolt
2d. 15h. 37min. ago Shai Hulud - A Human Failing
2d. 15h. 39min. ago The Faceless - Accelerated Evolution
2d. 15h. 44min. ago Our Hollow, Our Home - Web Weaver
2d. 15h. 47min. ago Idobi Howl: Listen Loud
2d. 15h. 49min. ago Kreator - Hail To The Hordes
2d. 15h. 54min. ago Deftones - Swerve City
2d. 15h. 57min. ago Those Who Fear - Lost
2d. 15h. 59min. ago Thrice - Identity Crisis
2d. 16h. 4min. ago Hatebreed - Honor Never Dies
2d. 16h. 7min. ago Good Tiger - Grip Shoes
2d. 16h. 11min. ago Old Wounds - Only Your Enemies Leave Roses
2d. 16h. 14min. ago Whitechapel - The Void
2d. 16h. 17min. ago Avenged Sevenfold - The Stage
2d. 16h. 28min. ago End - Necessary Death
2d. 16h. 29min. ago Avatar - A Statue Of The King
2d. 16h. 33min. ago Boris The Blade - Serpents Crown
2d. 16h. 36min. ago Trivium - Blind Leading The Blind
2d. 16h. 43min. ago Harbinger - A Fractured World
2d. 16h. 46min. ago Cane Hill - Lord Of Flies
2d. 16h. 48min. ago Silent Screams - Low
2d. 16h. 54min. ago Baroness - The Birthing
2d. 16h. 58min. ago Aeges - Weightless
2d. 17h. 3min. ago Incendiary - The Product Is You
2d. 17h. 8min. ago Lionheart - Cursed
2d. 17h. 8min. ago Lionheart - Cursed
2d. 17h. 11min. ago Get The Shot - Absolute Sacrifice
2d. 17h. 19min. ago Devildriver - Back With A Vengance

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