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  • England scared again by Poland? | Wed, 13 Jun 2018 05:56:00 +0000

    Football may be a game, but as the tennis player Marat Safin himself says: " in Russia, even a game, it's the war!" After all, are not we a century after 1918? 


    General Nawalka is at the commands. But are our troops ready? 

    Jakub Błaszczykowski was in bad shape this year, the German healers could do nothing and the midfielder practically played no match with Wolfsburg. But he has revitalized in Poland for many months and now he seems to have regained his strength. And judging by his last match against Chile, we can hope for a return to grace of the main hero of our army. 

    What about Captain Lewandowski? Here again German could not do anything. Worse, they are enraged to see their polish Kaiser leave them to return to his motherland, Poland! Lewandowski has finished with Bayern, and he is ready to offer our country the revenge it has been waiting for so long. 

    But what about the others? And this is where ENGLAND intervenes ... The "rosbeef" would they have planned to steal our beefsteak? Indeed, if Poland leaves group H, it should then face in 1/8 finals, Belgium or ... England. The "three lions" (nickname of England) would have planned our fall. And after all, whether it's voluntary or not, they have every interest. 

    Before looking at the case by case, remember that the English clubs recruit many players at a golden price, without real practical demonstration in the field. (one example among others: Paul Pogba). However, the premier league does not hesitate to snub our players, who despite obvious qualities, must be content with crumbs. 

    Our guardians firstly: 

    Wojciech Szczęsny, the exiled of Arsenal, who must fight in Italy to make a place for himself. 

    Fabianski, elected best player of the season, must be satisfied with being a holder in the very average team of Swansea, also relegated to championship. A lower league which must besides be content Grosicki, forced to stay in Hull city, like a caged tiger. 

    And if the "three lions" are not the jailers on that one ... what about Krychowiak? After a year spoiled at PSG because of Emery, here he is "generously" loaned to the very famous club of ... West Bromich Albion. First welcomed as a cador, he was quickly sentenced to stay on the bench, despite the different coaches. Their choice proved so wise, that WBA finished last and was also relegated to championship. Many Poles then criticized Krychowiak for his lack of involvement, but do they realize that this is not from his own will? Should we remind them that this year Krychowiak has been fined € 122,000 simply for refusing to shake hands with the coach Alan Pardew? (The latter was also fired shortly after by the Baggies, because of its poor results in Premier League). 

    What about Jarosław Jach ? Recently called to the national team, our young talent joined Crystal Palace at the beginning of the year, thinking to continue its momentum. But he never had a chance, and apart from one time, the club did not even deign to leave him a place ... on the bench! Not even substitute in such a weak club, and here is the new eagle stopped in flight with the Białe Orły. Nawalka was finally unable to re-select him, while the Polish giant would have been a particularly valuable reinforcement for our defense, which "without Glik" is more than ever in danger. 

    Some may answer us .. and Bednarek then? Yes he got his chance as a Southampton holder recently. But it is more the injury of another player, than a real guarantee of confidence of the English club for the young Polish. So it was a lucky strike (in addition to a head strike that he received in his last match in England) that he was finally able to join at the last minute the national team. 

    So we can see that the English, even indirectly, have therefore contributed to reducing our forces for the world cup. 

    But what they do not know is that it is in the face of adversity that we Polish most reveal our abilities. And two weeks of training with Nawalka have already put many of us back on track. One only has to see the ferocity with which Grosicki and Krychowiak played against Chile last Friday to be convinced. Stand for it, our players will fight to the end for the white and red jersey. 

    And if the English cross their path in the 1/8 finals, they could finally very well regret it.

  • GLIK, the Trick ?! | Mon, 11 Jun 2018 14:14:00 +0000

    When I watched the Polish players played "tennis-ball", I do not know about you, but me, I immediately had a bad premonition. 

    And some time later, we learned that Glik had injured his shoulder during a training of soccer tennis-ball game! 

    But what did this dullar of Kamil think when he tried this returned acrobatic? Did he want to secretly impress Anna Kournikova in Russia, did he take himself for Captain Tsubasa? 

    Except perhaps for the arm wrapped with bandages, we can not say that the resemblance is flagrant. 

    To make such a gesture, btw totally useless for a defender , was really stupid, and even if we really like Glik, we can only blame him for putting Poland in such a situation, and to leave us with ... Marcin Kamiński to take over. (poor us!). And i won't even remind you about Cionek, to prevent you from falling into depression. 

    But before to blame more the poor Glik, let's stop for a moment and imagine ... that  it was just a SET-UP! (Not a 7-up, relax Grosicki, we prefer your own energy drink). Now let's be serious and think more about it: if we resume in order, they announced the injury of Glik, a hope of return before 4 weeks. Then we were informed that he was absolutely out for the competition, and finally  -  that we will know more this week about an eventual return to the competition. 

    In all this mist, are you 100% sure that Glik's injury is not a trick, a set-up, a knavery, a machiavelic strategy made in Polska? Call it like you want and imagine again... and if Glik was actually not really hurted !?

    Indeed, the announcement of his absence was very good news for our opponents who have probably already reviewed their strategy based on this new data, while boosting their confidence.
    In fact, at the moment I'm talking to you ... Kamil may be in full possession of his resources, training in secret, and being ready to resurge at the last minute. 

    What a surprise it would be for our opponents (and for Anna Kournikova)! Here they are who would face the Polish rock, with their brand new attack plan and wooden! 

    How and when can we get the answer? Well in the week or so June 19 in the match against Senegal! If Glik is present, then you will know we were right. And there will be a new song for Kamil: "Glik, Glik, the tactic !" 

    But if he's absent, or present only for the match against Colombia or Japan, we can reasonably think that he was unfortunately really injured. 

    So to find out if Glik is just an simpleton unlucky player, or if Adam Nawalka is an evil chessmaster, see you on the June 19th! 

    PS: Feel free to share this article around you! But especially not with the coach of the Senegal team, nor his players!

  • Lewandowski will make lose weight to haters | Wed, 09 May 2018 19:12:00 +0000

    After Bayern's defeat against  Madrid, there were many those who tried to put it at the account of  Lewandowski. When the latter dominated (and still dominates) the European scene, these critics turned a deaf ear (cf the "ballon d'or rankings"). But until then the denigration of his talent was more sneaky. However, the episode of the champion's league has made it possible to reveal the jealousy and hypocrisy of its detractors. Some would be upset that a Polish player is on the roof of Europe?

    In any case, on this blog, we are not fooled and were even several steps ahead (cf :the

  • The revenge of the Polish! | Sun, 29 Apr 2018 17:26:00 +0000

    This afternoon the "Sampolonia", 8th in Serie A faced Calgliari.
    Almost a third of the team is Polish: defender, midfielder, and striker. They are no longer presented, but the three young internationals have really taken off. 

    Assisted by Linetty for Quagliarella's goal in the 26th minute, Bereszynski assisted Kownacki in his goal at 45 + 4 ', with finally a Samp's victory 4 to 1, and a Polish domination in Italy . But this time the eagle is not Roman, but red and white! 

    After a bad week for Poland (Lewandowski much criticized in Germany after his poor performance against the Real Madrid, and a painful moment for Teodorczyk, to whom we pay tribute here), our players have given us back a smile. 

    Will Milik and Zielinski finish the loop tonight against the Fiorentina? 

    Answer in a few hours ...

  • Polish tornado on all leagues! | Thu, 12 Apr 2018 17:43:00 +0000

    After Teodorczyk, Stepinski and Milik, other Poles striked enemy cages last week.

    In Bulgaria first of all, Jakub Swierczok continues his integration. He scored two goals on 31 March against Vereya (84 'and 90 + 1') and two others (51 'and 88') against Cska Sofia on 6 April. With four goals to his credit, the Polish is already top scorer of the bulgarian league before the Romanian Keseru. 

    In England, the return of Turbo Grosicki hurts. After scoring against South Korea, Kamil martyred Burton on his ground. Holder, the winger answered present from the 33rd minute and also in the 85th minute. With that second goal of the match (and his 9th of the season), Grosicki takes the 28th place in the Championship top scoring. 

    He could even have scored a hat-trick! (post, and goal refused).
    In Poland, the young Piatek also scored two goals (72 'and 76') against Zaglebie, which ranks him sixth scorer in Ekstraklasa. Another talent to follow.
    Niezgoda and Szymanski responded to the scorers' call at the 48th and 71st minute, respectively. 18 years old only, the young Sebastian Szymanski seems already a promising element for the Polish national team.

  • Who's back? Polska ! SO make us Pasta ! | Sun, 08 Apr 2018 18:10:00 +0000

    After waxing the bench unjustly during long matches, Chievo Verone finally decided to call on Stepinski. On March 18, he managed to defeat Donnarumma in the 33rd minute. Today, Chievo faced Zielinski and Milik's Napoli, and was counting on his Polish to block them. The two "napolish" started on the bench, and if Mertens did not succeed a penalty in the 51st, Milik and Zielinski entered in the 64 and 70th minute. Stepinski answered them 3 minutes later with a nice goal. It was without counting on the return of Milik, who has  scored his first goal (89') of the season after months of absence. A few minutes later, in extra time, Napoli will score another goal, synonymous with victory. Milik and Zielinski came out victorious against Mariusz, but it was 2 VS 1. 
    But today in Poland, everyone won ! Our strikers are back !

    Do not forget the goal of Teodorczyk during the playoffs against Charleroi on April 6th. While the penalty was controversial, Teo does not emborider itself of that kind of detail. You asked him to score? He does it, and no matter the way!

  • The roman Romanczuk | Tue, 20 Mar 2018 14:52:00 +0000

    This case is very interesting in our blog, because if we mainly focus on the Polish national team, we are also motivated to wake people from the eastern bloc to our football, and that includes all Slavic teams. 

    Brazil, Germany, England, Italia, France, are you not bored to see these teams always in the front of the scene, while ours are usually despised? And it start by ourselves, we have to encourage all our clubs from Warsaw to Moscow, from Budapest to Kiev, and many others. Let's together take the throne which should belong to us ! But for now.. let's start this ukrainian-polish story... 

    It was upon a time, Taras Romanchuk, a young footballer born and raised in Ukraine but which really his professional career in Poland. From the Legionovila Legionowo to Jagiellonia Białystok in 2014, the ukrainian midfielder has quickly established itself as one of the best elements of Ekstraklasa. 16 goals, including 4 this season (and 4 assists). The years have passed and the player has returned to the ancestral ties that binds him to Poland: his great-grandfather was a farmer from Sobibór and his grandmother was born in Włodawa (1939). First the football, then the Polish language, and finally the citizenship (acquired on February 12, 2018): everything seems to indicate a love of Romanchuk for Poland. What was needed? If you answer a selection in the national team, it's done. Because if the ukrainian selection was not very interested  by the player, Nawalka manifested a very different wish, and he called him for friendly matches against Nigeria and South Korea on March 23 and 27.

    Many Polish people are excited to see the midfielder at work, others a little less. It is true that in Poland, we are committed to having an authentically Polish team, but Romanchuk only wants to prove himself, and has already witnessed an abnegation in favor of the Polish jersey. These friendly matches will be a great opportunity to see if the new selected is worth. 

    Sebastian Szymanski's absence in the midfield is certainly regrettable-but the young talent still needs time to mature- ; as those of the braves Kuba, Wolski and Makuszewski recently fallen for injuries. But in the meantime our bench is not renewed or very little. So why not rejoice at the arrival of the new Polish in our ranks? 

    If he manages to spread his wings with the Biało-czerwoni, then you can be sure that you will call him ROMANCZUK one time for all ! 

    Yes, Taras Wiktorowycz Romanczuk is now an eagle, and he is ready to engrave his name with red and white feather and ink!

  • MOSCOW RESISTS ! | Mon, 19 Mar 2018 15:38:00 +0000

    As we have seen, the Russians had unleashed a blizzard of ice and snow on Europe, but finally let themselves cool down in the 1/8 finals of the Europa league. 

    The Lokomotiv Moscow first, which this time did not know how to get on the bandwagon. Defeated 5-1 at home by the ruthless Atletico de Madrid, the Russians who resisted in the first half (1-1 at the break), were finally corrected by Griezmann and his men. It should also be noted that it is a Polish who has saved the honor of the Muscovites, with more than one goal: a real missile sent by Rybus at the 20 th minute in the depths of the Spanish cages. 

    All hopes, however, were not lost, Zenith St-Petersburg after losing 2-1 in Germany, received Leipzig at home for the revenge. Even if the Germans proved formidable opponents, especially with Timo Werner, the Russians could afford to resist. Unfortunately, after only 8 minutes of game, Kokorin the scorer of the team had to go out for injury. A blow ! Then another, assist from Werner to Augustin's goal at the 22nd minute for Leipzig. But the Russians do not give up and just before the break (45 + 1 ') Dryssu avenges Zenith with a tying goal. 

    At the 68th Anton Zabolotnyi scores a second goal for his team ... But the goal was refused for offside ! Decidedly, the fate (?) is raging on the Russians. A penalty is even awarded to the Germans in the 82nd minute, but Werner does not convert it. 

    However, no more goals will be scored, and this sign the elimination of Zenith on this sad and poor score of 1 to 1. 

    The last hope for Russia was between the feet of Cska Moscow. Beaten the previous week on their own lawn by Lyon, the Muscovites seemed to have left their chance in sweat and snow. The offensive power of the French club is no longer to be demonstrated, but diminished by the absence of Fekir, CSKA still kept a small chance to snatch victory, as they often do outside. 

    The first half starts, and the attacks of Lyon are legions, but little effective. Depay, Cornet and Diaz are fast and greedy ... but also very individualistic. Their efforts are scattered and solitary, Akinfeev and the Berezutski brothers resist to them. The Russians are not content to defend, and the duo inspired by Dzagoev and Golovin is doing his own. And in the 39th minute it ends up paying. Dzagoev assist, goal of Golovin! A brilliant strike of the young Russian prodigy, which leaves the Lyon's goalkeeper stunned. Lopes is defeated, the French are dizzy. The break saves them a little. But CSKA starts strongly the second half and galvanized by Golovin, the Russians chained the assaults. However, on a counter, it's Cornet (hitherto very inefficient) that equalized for Lyon in the 58th minute. Everything is to be done again for the Cska, which seems in very bad posture. But 2 minutes later, Musa who had to leave his place to Vintinho, wakes up before, and thanks to his speed allows scoring a goal in the 60th minute. Lyon does not know what to do, and 5 minutes later, assist of Kuchaev, ruthless goal of Wernbloom! CSKA lead by 3 to 1. In a stirring of vainglory, Lyon wakes up and launches incessant waves against the CSKA which begins to retreat cowardly, and at 71', the Russian club is punished. Goal of Diaz! Solo but dangerous, the striker gives hope to the French. Vintinho is called in reinforcement in the 73rd minute to try to give a little more offensive power to the Muscovites. Time passes, Lyon continues to be threatening, but still does not score. The last minutes of the match are approaching, and the russian are clearly playing the clock. The referee is not fooled and warns even Vintinho who continues nevertheless his little game, and taunts Lyon by feints of dribble, just to win time. And that pays ... the referee whistles the end of the match, and the victory of Moscow. CSKA has achieved the feat! 

    After the elimination of Nice by the Lokomotiv Moscow, it is the other club of the city which took charge of the Lyon case. 

    The fate (or something else?) continues, however, to persecute against the Russians, who will have face in 1/4 final one of the favorites of the competition, namely Arsenal. Wenger's club is not on the top, however, and CSKA could well create a surprise. The English, who seem to be more worried about potential fights between fans, should also be wary of the Cska in the game. 

    Are Golivin and Akinfeev ready to repeat the feat? Answer on April 5th and 12th!

  • The Bayern more jealous than Anna Lewandowska? | Mon, 05 Mar 2018 17:32:00 +0000

    After an altercation with Hummels, and a great interest of Madrid for Lewandowski, this week the Bavarian club makes a crisis of jealousy to the Polish. That was confirmed by Heynckes himself who suggested to Robert to focus on Bayern and that in such a club, he was already at the top. One might argue that it is thanks to the Polish striker that Bayern can still boast of being among the great. Because their recruitment leaves something to be desired, as RL9 had already pointed out. Will Wagner be enough? Maybe against Freiburg this weekend, but against the big stables it remains to be seen. 

    In any case, Lewandowski was left on the bench for this match. Rest or punishment, maybe a little of both. We will see if the German club will dare the same in the Champions League, if it is so confident. 

    In any case, we can only add a new and good reason to leave this club as soon as possible for Lewandowski. 

    Fortunately, in Italy, the new were better. After several months of absence for knee injury, and a mental block, Milik has finally returned to the field. Certainly, he entered only after 73 minutes of game, and he participated in the Napoli siking against the Roma. But after such defeat (4 to 2), we can say that Milik will come in time to help his team into the conquest of champion's title. The Juventus won't let the crown of Serie A so easily...

  • Samurai and Hussar knocked down the Jupiler league ! | Mon, 05 Mar 2018 17:29:00 +0000

    Anderlecht started like a storm with a goal from Morioka, their Japanese midfielder, after only two minutes of play.

    10 minutes later, goal of Teodorczyk assisted by Gerkens. The polish gets rid of Bossut by a shot between the legs. 

    But Zulte-Waregem reduced the score with a goal from Baudry in the 28th minute. 

    4 minutes later, Teodorczyk continues the ride and allows himself to dribble the poor goalkeeper. The big bull of anderlecht loses a little balance but not his cool, and quietly scores his second goal of the game. The last for Anderlecht which allows Saponjic to give a last hope to Zulte at 85'. But the score won't move anymore. 

    Anderlecht finally won 3-2 and Teodorczyk confirmed his return on the throne and in the top 10 of strikers in Jupiler league. Again two goals and he can make his come back on the podium!

  • A ROYAL TEODORCZYK! | Sun, 25 Feb 2018 18:54:00 +0000

    If the week started well for Lewandowski, two goals against Besiktas, and for Zielinski a goal against Leipzig, it finished badly for the first. 

    This saturday, Lewandowski let the throne. Unable to score at home against the weak team of Hertha Berlin, Teodorczyk was in ambush. 

    This sunday ,Anderlecht had the duty to win against the royal excel Mouscron. And Teodorczyk was a great prince. Goal on penalty just before the pause to warm up. 

    In the game this time, Teodorczyk scores at the 57th minute, and four minute later, he confirms his hattrick ! (45+2', 57', 61') 

    But the golden bull did not stop there, he gave an assist to Morioka in the last minutes of the game (90+2')! Anderlecht wins 5 to 3. 

    We will especially remember the determination of the Polish. A killer look before the penalty, no RL9's style trick, just a powerful counter-foot that leaves no chance to the ennemy goalkeeper. As for the other goals, cannonballs, worthy of a warlord. 

    Some did not wait for him anymore, but the king is back! 

  • Russian have no mercy for Europa league! | Sat, 24 Feb 2018 16:48:00 +0000

    CSKA inaugurated the prom this Wednesday, February 21 at 6pm. Only one goal ( Dzagoev 45'), a cold realism, a qualification. The red star of Belgrade tried everything but ran into a wall of ice. 

    The next day, the Lokomotiv took the train and continued to ice Nice team. 

    Already winner in France where Balotelli had twice opened the scoring in favor of Nice after only 4 and 28 minutes of play (including a goal on penalty). But the inevitable Fernandes reduced the score just before the pause with a penalty converted in the 45th minute. In the second half, Farfan and the thunderous Polish Rybus joined the party. And the match completely changed in the 67th minute, with the exclusion of the french Coly. Two minutes later, Fernandes equalizes! But he do not stop there and give the victory to Moscow in the 77th minute by a new goal. 

    This Thursday, February 22, the Lokomotiv awaited Balotteli and his team firmly. Despite frank opportunities, the French could not score any goal. On the Russian side, Denisov fulfilled his duty at the 30th minute. Only goal of the match. Enough to eject Nice from the competition. 

    The other Moscow team, Spartak had started well with a goal from Adriano just before the pause (44') but was caught in the 57' by the Athletic Bilbao on goal of Etxeita. 85th minute, where Melgareio gives the victory to Spartak ... for the honor only, because unfortunately this victory does not erase the heavy defeat of the first game where the Russians were defeated at home on the score of 3 to 1. 

    Not enough to spoil the party, Zenith achieved the russian supremacy in the competition. In St-Petersburg, Zenith won with authority against the formidable team of Celtic FC. The Scots had also won last week on a small score of 1 to 0. 

    But for the revenge at home, all hopes were allowed for the Russians and they took their chance after only 7 minutes of game with a goal of Ivanovic in the 7th. Kuzyaev continued at 27'. And the ruthless Kokorin finished the work in the 61st minute. 

    Three Russian teams are still in the race in europa league! And thanks to that, a bit of Poland too, with Rybus for Spartak, as we noticed. 

    Moreover, on March 8, CSKA will face one of the strongest teams in Ligue 1 : Lyon. Fekir and Depay are on fire, but the Russians are well able to cool them. 

    So... davaï!

  • Shakhtar the survivors ! | Thu, 22 Feb 2018 07:07:00 +0000

    If the fate of Poles in champions league is between the feet of RL9, that of all Slavics is in the hands of the Ukrainian club Shakhtar

    This Wednesday, February 21 was the match against AS Roma. And that went very badly with a ball possession for the Italian club. They logically opened the scoring in the 41st minute with Under served by a Dzeko's assist. The bosnian player unfortunately plays against us, but we never lose hope and wait for a revival of the Ukrainian club. 

    Of course the winter break put the team in hibernation, and recently AS Roma was boosted, but the situation changed in the second half. Possession has returned to Shakhtar, which has stormed the enemy cages. And that ended up paying! 

    Ferreyra scored at 52' assisted by Rakitsky. Goal of Fred in the 71st minute. 

    The Italians made all their changes and gradually rebalanced possession, but they suffered further offensives from the Ukrainians. The score could have been much heavier and that would have allowed a quieter match in the return match .. in Italy. 

    But let's not spoil the party, and celebrate the victory of Shakhtar as it should! 

    Ukraine, the honor of the Slavic people is on your shoulders. Do not disappoint us!

  • Lewandowski the last hope | Tue, 20 Feb 2018 18:31:00 +0000

    Tonight Bayern will fight against Besiktas in champions league. 

    After the defeat of Napoli in the competition and even in europa league vs Leipzig, Zielinski and Milik are already out. 

    Teodorczyk with anderlechet followed a similar fate, and if the chinese league wanted him, his club Anderlect refused. 

    In champions league Wojciech Szczęsny stay most of the time on the bench, and its maybe for that Juventus took two goals at last game vs Tottenham. Maybe it's a chance for the polish goalkeeper to play next time. Nothing is less sure and anyway, the Juventus will probably be defeated in England. 

    So the last hope of poland is again... in the feet of LEWANDOWSKI !

  • Łukasz Piszczek, the silent hero | Mon, 19 Feb 2018 18:26:00 +0000

    Absent several months for a knee injury, Łukasz Piszczek has been back since several weeks in Dortmund. The club in crisis especially with the departure of Aubameyang has gradually regained its effectiveness. And in this, Piszczek is probably not for nothing. The lateral has restored order in the German defense. But it was also necessary to replace their top scorer, and that was not an easy task. It was even a puzzle. Aubayemang left Dortmund for Arsenal to replace Giroud. Giroud left Arsenal for Chelsea to replace Batshuayi. And ... Batshuayi has joined dortmund to take the place of Aubameyang! And even if it seemed complicated, everyone finally found his account. The three scorers have flourished in their new club, and Batshuayi has chained the goals against Hamburg, Cologne (2 goals) and against Atalanta in Europa league. But what interests us is Piszczek, and it was precisely in this match that he was decisive by an assist at the 30th minute for Schurrle. Just like this Sunday, February 18 when his team won on the field of Borrusia M'gladbach without conceding a goal. Dortmund seems to have returned to business, with the return of Piszczek. Usually modest and discreet, the Polish is nonetheless one of the best right-back of the world. And if very few recognize it, we are here to remind it and scream it on all the roofs if necessary.

    Łukasz Piszczek is back! And he'll show it to you in Russia this summer!

  • Lewandowski is late for his dinner with the wolves | Sun, 18 Feb 2018 15:15:00 +0000

    This Saturday, the clash between Wolfsburg and Bayern was expected. Were the wolves sending Munich back to the woods? It could have been believed, with Divadi who in the 8th minute scored a goal. The only one of the 1st half. What to be disappointed, especially for those who hoped for a duel between the two best enemies, Kuba and Lewandowski. Wagner replaced the latter, in anticipation of the champion's league, as Błaszczykowski he was simply removed from the group since several games. The show will be done without Poland, and when Lewy is not there, Robben does not have the same success and does not convert the penatly into goal at the 56th. Fortunately for Bayern he makes up for an assist to Wagner who scores his second official goal with his new team. He will remain on the pitch until the 79th minute, when finally, Lewandowski will be called in by Heynckes, who seems to have no choice if he wants to stole the victory. A good choice, even if it is questionable before the match against Besiktas, since Lewandowski will score his penalty at the .. 90 th minute. Bayern is once again saved by the Polish gunner. Late, but still present, RL9 showed to the wolves that he still had fangs. 

    The same appetite for this February 20th? Bavarian or Turkish specialty, make your choice!

  • Do Premier League snub Polish players? | Sun, 18 Feb 2018 15:00:00 +0000


    When we know the attractiveness of Italian clubs for our players, we could hope that it is the same in England. But that is far from the case.

    Yet it seemed good: Watford and Hull city were on Grosicki, Liverpool and more recently Tottenham on Teodorczyk; WBA was looking forward to Krychowiak's arrival. But the idyll quickly ended: Hull city was relegated to championship and the last mercato, even the modest Derby was choosy for the potential recruitment of Kamil. Teodorczyk and Krychowiak remained in their respective clubs, where they are yet both highly criticized.

    We remember West ham, and especially the coach Bilic, who despite the sequence of bad matches did not find it useful to accept Krychowiak. On the other hand, they did not balk at the recruitment of the controversial French player Evra, whose talents of karateka (cf his fight with the fans of the O.M) lately were put more in evidence than his football. While his record is eloquent and he has already played in premier league, but his age remains advanced (36 years old). Yet it did not pose a problem for the club, just like Manchester United who recruited for 100 million (the most expensive transfer in history at that time) for Pogba, whose performance is not so exceptional that discounted.

    Try to compare with Lewandowski, the best 9 in the world: he is hardly "esteemed" around 100 million.. what a joke ! When you know that even middle clubs or even bottom of board lose interest in our players, whose talent asks nevertheless only to express itself, we can only remain perplexed.

    We can still see a glimmer of hope in the recruitment of Jaroslaw Jach at Crystal Palace, but he has not played yet, and we could worry to see him stay on the bench, and compromise his place in the national team . Where one could still settle for Fabianski's place as undisputed holder in Swansea. But the club often fights to avoid relegation.

    This situation is a waste and prevents our players from training and progressing properly.

    So, should not we rather bet on other leagues, like the Liga, the bundesliga, and especially the serie A? The Poles thrive there, and their efficiency and future within the PZPN depends on it!

  • Teodorczyk Versus Milic ! | Wed, 14 Feb 2018 17:05:00 +0000

    Absent in the draw at home on February 4, Teodorczyk started on the bench against Ostend. Led 2-0 at the break, (goal against his camp by Dendoncker who also had a red card in the 72nd minute), Anderlecht decided to bring back the Polish to the 46th.

    Not far from the truth in the 55th and with an unhappy head at the end of the match, Teodorczyk could not save his team from the sinking. The tone even went up between him and the opposing team's scorer, Milic. Obviously, this is the Croatian player and not our Polish striker Milik! Fortunately, the referee managed to calm the spirits, not by his diplomacy, but by ... a slide. Almost the current symbol of the free fall of Teodorczyk, who despite good dispositions and a goal scored on January 24 vs Wassland-Baveren, struggling to keep his place, rather to find another.

    Indeed, after the echoes concerning the interest of Tottenham, and Atalanta, Teodorczyk could have joined France. Kita, the Polish club president of Nantes had indeed offered a way out for the attacker, unfortunately declined by his agent.

    Given the lack of confidence granted by Anderlechet to Teodorczyk, its presence in the world cup looks increasingly complicated.

    It only remains to hope for an awakening of the Polish bull, that we always know ready to fight in the arena!

  • Who will defend Poland ? | Wed, 14 Feb 2018 17:03:00 +0000

    After Wojciech Szczęsny's series of 7 clean sheets, and Fabianski's heroic resistance against Arsenal (win), Leicester (draw), and Burnley (win), the Polish keeper made a big contribution to getting his team out of the red zone. Swansea also corrected Notts County 8-1 in the Fa Cup. What rerun the rivalry between the Polish goalkeepers since the return of Buffon, Szczęsny ironed "out" .It really a pity for the valiant guardian who was in full progression.Hope that Buffon is not up to the champions league for allow him to come back as soon as possible!

    Everything could stop there but Adam Nawalka did not hear it that way by looking at the case of Bartosz Białkowski, player of Ipsiwich Town, elected man of the match against Burton.

    If this winter, he was not far from joining Jaroslaw Jach at Crystal Palace, it could still be an option for Polish representation. Since the retirement of Boruc and (unfortunately) Łukasz Skorupski's bench position in AS Roma, Polish cages are looking for an effective protector.

    The places are hot, and the World Cup is fast approaching, who will be the first guardian of the Biale Orly?

  • The Sampdori-ARMY | Wed, 14 Feb 2018 16:59:00 +0000

    For the first time, the three friends started the battle together against the Fiorentina. This weekend, the polish warriors were on all the fronts :

    - Bartosz Bereszyński did not let someone enter in his defending zone and was faster than the storm !
    - Karol Linetty hard fighted in the midfield !
    - Dawid Kownacki assisted Quagliarella in attack. And this time, it was the latter who scored 3 goals. Dawid was replaced at the 58th minute but did not prove unworthy. Unfortunately he did not destroyed the ennemies cage, but he harrassed the opposite defenses with a fighting spirit!

    The Sampdoria finally defeated the purple ennemies on the score of 3-1.

    Will Kownacki join Szczęsny's side in the future ?

    If we listen carefully the ovations of the public when the «bombardier» left the arena, we can't be sure that the Sampdoria fans will let this happend !

  • Milik & Dzyuba VS...Grosicki ! | Wed, 14 Feb 2018 16:57:00 +0000

    If Brittany have a lot of forests, it could be soon become a real jungle since slavic tigers are in ambush.

    Do you remember the time when Kamil Grosicki was the Rennes Supersub? In any case, the french club seems to regret it. These last weeks, the "stade rennais" has tried to recruit players from the east. And the first was... Milik!

    Since his injury a lot of teams would be glad to welcome Arek by the way of a loan. But as they did with all the many other clubs before, the neapolitans refused.

    But indirectly, it could be another italian about to seal the fate of the french club. Since his arrival in Zenith St-Petersburg, Roberto Mancini seems not ready to let to Artem Dzyuba a lot of playing time. And if actually Kokorin is the top scorer of the russian league with 10 goals, Dzyuba occupies the 89th place with only one goal...
    A worrying situation that could find a solution in France, according to the russian media Izvestia. In rennes, Artem could increase his playing time and keep his chances to play the World cup with the Sbornaya in june 2018.

    The russian tiger has a very different profile from that of Hull city. If Grosicki is small and fast, Dzyuba is tall and powerful. And for sure, his style could be a real surprise in ligue 1.

    Will the russian warrior freeze the french defenses in the second half of the season? The end of the winter mercato will give us the answer !

  • The old lady in love with polish footballers? | Wed, 14 Feb 2018 16:22:00 +0000

    Szczęsny is on the way to be the juventus goalkeeper for the next years. But the italian club could also call reinforcement in the offensive sector. Already interested by the«old Lewandowski», the club could also ogle on the new. Yes, we talk about Dawid Kownacki who seems to be able to enter into this «scenario» according to the italian media.

    Of course, it is still to early to take this seriously, but the efficiency of Kownacki on the ground is undeniable in despite of a poor playing time. And in the last friendly match of the Samp against Ligorna, he confirmed his potential by adding a hattrick to the seven goals scored by his team.
    Would Robert Lewandowski presence in Juventus be more probable ? Not so sure, when we know that Florentino Pérez, the president of Real Madrid was already on the move. Actually in difficulty, the spanish club would not be against to buy the NHL (Neymar, Hazard, Lewandowski) in the summer mercato.
    But according to Tuttosport, the Juve is really determined to replace a disappointing Higuain in attack.

    Will the Old lady be seductive enough to lure another polish in Italia?

  • IS KRYCHOWIAK BACK ? | Wed, 14 Feb 2018 16:19:00 +0000

    West Bromwich has finally won a match against another Albion! (2-0 vs Brighton & Hove Albion).

    Indeed, since the arrival of Krychowiak within it, the team of Pulis has only chained defeats, and at best draws games. The coach was recently fired for bad and loyal services, and someone had to be blamed. Obviously this fell on the ex-Parisian, who despite a rather laudatory press at start has made him again a scapegoat.

    Did the new trainer Alan Pardew change the situation and give more credit to Krychowiak?  Well, he mostly gave him a bench to shine, and the Polish case became more and more annoying.

    Luckily,  three european clubs were ready to take the player out of the torment, including Getafe and his ex-club Sevilla. Even the A.S Roma have been been designated as a potential interested party! But since then, no news and Krychowiak's agent did not really help us to know more.

    West Brom seemed not fan enough of the PSG and its high salaries and was really near to send back the former player in the french capital... But the last match of the Polish and even the English press could tell us the opposite. They recognized to the midfielder a good job in defense, some progress in his offensive support and even awarded him a 7/10 note.

    But it's the 31/01 that we will know the answer to the Krychowiak's equation. Yes, the winter mercato will end there, and the fate of the polish falcon will  really start at the same time...

  • "Harry Teodorczyk": the polish Kane? | Wed, 14 Feb 2018 16:15:00 +0000

    Since the begining of the season, Teodorczyk was a ghost on the ground, and the belgium press was on all the fronts to criticize him. After the "kick delivery" against another player, the polish was suspended for 2 games. And when he made his come back in the game, he was already out! For simulation, the referee gave him a second yellow card... and the bull saw red! He pushed the locker room's door with a violent whim! The golden tauren seemed ready for the fight but the goals never followed. And the fans neither, but mainly because Teodorczyk is not even on instagram..

    But he's on facebook, and if usually he was silent, he decided to answer to his detractors in a letter. He told that he was working hard and now he's ready to score again! A game later, he didn't answered present and worst, he started bad the new year with a little injury. But he didn't give up and trained harder on the beach. And this last January 10th, the polish striker woke up with two goals against Utrecht. It was just a friendly game, but Teodorczyk seems on the good way. Maybe the interest of Tottenham gave him the strenght and the motivation that he needed? Nothing is done, and we remember that this summer even Liverpool wanted him but finally he stayed at Anderlecht.

    The return of the golden bull in the Poland team could depend on this!

  • Buffon out, Szczęsny in ! | Wed, 14 Feb 2018 16:05:00 +0000

    Because of a man, the year of Szczęsny could start badly. Yes Buffon seems not so ready to take his retreat, and unhappy with this, he even encouraged Donnarumma to choose the Juventus. Luckily, the coach Allegri defended the polish goalkeeper, and assured that he was the future of the Juve! And Szczęsny answered present ! Since the 05/12/2017 he replaced Buffon for the eight last games. How? With seven clean sheet! Yes among Cagliari, Torino, Verona, AS Roma, Genoa, Bologna, Inter Milan and Olympiakos Szczesny conceded only a single goal...

    More training, more playing time, more confident, more Poland!

    Finally, if Buffon talked a lot these times, it was maybe because he played less. And if it could continue like this, Wojciech Szczęsny could become the rock that the PZPN definitely need.

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