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Loj - Yesus Sahabatku
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Loj - Yesus Sahabatku
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Loj - Yesus Sahabatku
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Loj - Yesus Sahabatku
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Loj - Yesus Sahabatku
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Loj - Yesus Sahabatku
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Loj - Yesus Sahabatku
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Loj - Yesus Sahabatku
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Loj - Yesus Sahabatku
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Loj - Yesus Sahabatku
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Loj - Yesus Sahabatku
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Loj - Yesus Sahabatku
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  • The Best Instrumental Funk Songs of 2018 — Ain’t It Funky Now?!

    funkish.audio | Sun, 27 May 2018 14:01:42 +0000

    Bookmark this page because I’ll keep adding dope instrumental Funk songs to it as they are released throughout 2018. If you’ve been paying attention to the music I talk about on the Funkish blog, you’ll have heard that I maintain a pretty broad definition of Funk. I love the genre-bending hybrids that are funky, but […]

  • Yo Quiero Guarachar — Contemporary Latin Music…Para Que Gozes…

    funkish.audio | Wed, 09 May 2018 17:54:15 +0000

    Listen to fun, modern Latin music that blends traditional sounds & styles of Latin American music with modern production, fresh ideas, and youthful enthusiasm. This Spotify playlist represents some of the most creative musicians, and best bands in Latin America who make music that blends genres to become cutting-edge international music that’s too cool to […]

  • 2018 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival — America’s Best Music Fest

    funkish.audio | Mon, 23 Apr 2018 11:55:44 +0000

    It just might be the world’s best music festival. For all of us that love Jazz, Funk, Soul, R&B, Blues, Brass Bands, and more funky music — this is the ultimate destination. New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival is currently held during the day, between the hours of 11am and 7pm, at the Fair Grounds […]

  • Marijuana Songs — Dope, 420 Reggae Music For Smoking The Weed To…

    funkish.audio | Thu, 19 Apr 2018 10:46:47 +0000

      Do you want to hear some of the best Reggae songs ever made for smoking marijuana? Then, you’re in the right place… Listen to this Spotify playlist of some of the dopest marijuana music ever recorded. This is classic Jamaican music, as well as a little current Reggae music, that will get you feelin’ […]

  • Give The Drummer Some — Tribute To The Funky Drummers

    funkish.audio | Sat, 17 Feb 2018 14:52:01 +0000

    Funky music must bring a brilliant beat to be a dope groove. These are some of my favorite Funk drummers, Latin drummers — Jazz, Funk & Salsa, Brazilian drummers, as well as old school Jazz drummers. The powerfully percussive playlist here features old school & underground Hip-Hop, Hard Bop, classic Funk, current Funk, Afrobeat, Salsa, […]

  • Mardi Gras Music in New Orleans and Brazilian Music for Carnaval

    funkish.audio | Fri, 09 Feb 2018 14:29:24 +0000

    It’s the best holiday of the year by far, at least for those that love to party and listen to cool music. As long as you live in New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador de Bahia, Port of Spain, Trinidad; Olinda, Brazil…or several other hot spots around the world (or you take a music vacation […]

  • The Best Reggae Songs of 2017

    funkish.audio | Wed, 27 Dec 2017 11:19:03 +0000

    Listen to this Spotify playlist to get turned on to the best Reggae songs of 2017, coming from the best Reggae records of the year. The songs are a mix of music made by Jamaican artists & international musicians. This is the groovier side of Reggae — soulful, mellow, positive Reggae vibes.     Listen […]

  • The Best Jazz Songs & Albums of 2017

    funkish.audio | Tue, 26 Dec 2017 12:43:05 +0000

    I love Jazz. It makes me feel good when I listen to it. So, I listen to it a lot. I enjoy searching for Jazz songs that are new to me, or re-listen to an iconic track with new ears. I want to keep having that groovy feeling I get when I hear Jazz I […]

  • The Top 20 Albums of 2017 — Diverse, Soulful, Funky Music From Around The World

    funkish.audio | Mon, 25 Dec 2017 10:35:19 +0000

    Check out my favorite records of 2017 — those which I consider to be the best albums in terms of soulful, distinctive, funky music of various styles & genres. The criteria is that it must be made with heart & soul. It’s got to have a dope groove throughout. The music must have syncopation, be […]

  • Christmas A Come! Listen to Funky Christmas Music…

    funkish.audio | Mon, 18 Dec 2017 01:22:41 +0000

    What would James Brown do on Christmas? He’d make it funky, of course! And so should you… The funkiest man ever died over 10 years ago on Christmas day, 2006. He will be missed, and his funky legacy lives on. Stick around and listen to these funky Christmas songs. This Spotify playlist has the best […]

  • Tumbando Paredes — The Best Latin Music of 2017

    funkish.audio | Sun, 10 Dec 2017 10:51:31 +0000

    I love the style, swagger, and sabroso flavor of Latin American music. Mostly, I’m interested in the underground sound of Latin America — the mixtures of Salsa, Funk, electronic music, Cumbia, Jazz, and more. So, this is a playlist of my favorite songs from Latin musicians in 2017. You won’t hear any mainstream Latin music […]

  • Italian’s Makin’ It Funky! Funkallisto’s Saturday Night Dogs Electrifies

    funkish.audio | Fri, 24 Nov 2017 14:01:55 +0000

    Italian Funk band, Funkallisto, comes from Rome’s Trastevere neighborhood, a fascinating maze of medieval streets along the Tiber. I originally got turned onto these Roman funkateers because of their smoking cover version of Willie Bobo’s Latin Funk classic, “Broasted Or Fried”. Influenced by the great Funk bands of the 1970s, Funkallisto keeps to those roots […]

  • Victor Rice’s New Reggae Record, Smoke, Is Hot!

    funkish.audio | Sun, 19 Nov 2017 10:05:00 +0000

    When I heard this one was coming out I couldn’t have been more excited! Easy Star Records described it as a blend of Brazilian Jazz and Rocksteady, so I knew it would be excellent. Legendary Reggae producer, Victor Rice, has been living in Sao Paulo, Brazil since 2002 so an original album made from his […]

  • Deadly Horns & Potent Percussion — Ikebe Shakedown’s The Way Home Astonishes

    funkish.audio | Sun, 12 Nov 2017 13:10:42 +0000

    Ever since I heard their debut in 2009, Ikebe Shakedown became one of my favorite bands. There’s nothing I love more in music than funky grooves, powerful percussion and bold brass. Ikebe Shakedown does all-instrumental, percussive, brassy Funk better than anyone else on the scene these days. Their 2017 record, The Way Home on Colemine […]

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