Big B Radio #CPOP - The Hot Station for Asian Music


Big B Radio #CPOP - The Hot Station for Asian Music

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Chinese - Mystical, emotional music for plucked and bowed stringed instruments
Pop - Music of a particular genre, known for a large number of people
Pop - Music of a particular genre, known for a large number of people
World Music of other Nations
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Big B Radio #CPOP - The Hot Station for Asian Music
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15min. ago   Rubber Band - Unknown
6h. 20min. ago   A.chord Hsieh - The Rock
8h. 5min. ago   By2 - Ai Qing Lai Zhao Cha (love Is On The Search)
12h. 24min. ago   Charlene Choi - Ming Ming
15h. 36min. ago   Richie Ren - Xin Tai Ruan
17h. 5min. ago   Genie Chuo - Meng Nuo Li Suo De Wei Xiao (mona Lisa Smile)
18h. 27min. ago   Faith Yang - Hallelujah
1d. 40min. ago   Khalil Fong - Tian Qi Xian Sheng
1d. 6h. 16min. ago   Rock N Rap - Tai Kong Chuan
1d. 6h. 44min. ago   Jj Lin - Ai De Gu Li (incentives Love)
1d. 11h. 39min. ago   Hins Cheung - Most Humble Desire
1d. 12h. 48min. ago   Anthony Neely - Wo Shi Ni De (i Am Your...)
1d. 18h. 52min. ago   Fiona Sit - 8 Yue Hao
2d. 2min. ago   William Chan - Forgotten The Courage
2d. 4min. ago   Fahrenheit - Bu Shi Zhi Mi (the Secret Of Immortality)
2d. 1h. 4min. ago   Fahrenheit - Dong Mai (artery)
2d. 4h. 53min. ago   Ann Bai - Dou Feng
2d. 7h. 10min. ago   Calvin Chen - It's Still Summer
2d. 13h. 15min. ago   A Lin - Wo Men Hui Geng Hao De (we Will Be Better)
2d. 16h. 44min. ago   Angela Chang - Wei Ai Er Huo (when You Live For Love)
2d. 19h. 21min. ago   Khalil Fong - Xiao Fang
3d. 1h. 45min. ago   Twins - Xia Yu De Ai Qing (xia Yu's Love)
3d. 7h. 58min. ago   Joey Yung - Tian Chuang
3d. 14h. 16min. ago   David Tao - Marry Me Today (feat. Jolin Tsai)
3d. 20h. 24min. ago   Mickey He - Ni Xiang Si (the Four 2015 Ending Theme)
4d. 2h. 40min. ago   Andy Lau - Yi Sheng Yi Ci
4d. 3h. 47min. ago   Claire Kuo - Meng Zai Yuan Fang
4d. 8h. 47min. ago   Hins Cheung - Wei Zhi (unknown)
4d. 14h. 54min. ago   Eric Lin - Hao Liu Mang (good Rogue)
4d. 16h. 19min. ago   09 Chen - Ru Guo Ni
4d. 21h. 1min. ago   Selina - Zhi De Wei Ni
7d. 4h. 3min. ago   S.h.e - Irreplaceable (wu Ke Qu Dai)
7d. 10h. 9min. ago   Exo - Promise (exo 2014)
7d. 16h. 12min. ago   Mayday - Li Kai Di Qiu Biao Mian
7d. 22h. 15min. ago   Hebe Tien - Zhe Ge Ren Yi Jing Yu Wo Wu Guan
8d. 4h. 25min. ago   Joey Yung - If The Night-robe Is Too Thin
8d. 10h. 29min. ago   Khalil Fong - Bb88
8d. 16h. 32min. ago   William Chan - Loveu2
8d. 22h. 38min. ago   Rainie Yang - Wo Xiang Ai (i Want Love)
9d. 4h. 48min. ago   Zhang Rui - Shui Xian De Dao Xing Fu
9d. 10h. 54min. ago   Show Luo - Ai Wo Han Chu Lai (if You Love Me, Say It)
9d. 17h. ago   Paul Wong - Play It Loud
9d. 23h. 16min. ago   5566 - Instigation
10d. 5h. 25min. ago   A Do - Room In My Heart
10d. 11h. 34min. ago   Andy Lau - Zhang Sheng Xiang Qi (applause)
10d. 17h. 41min. ago   By2 - Hong Qing Ting
10d. 23h. 58min. ago   Robynn & Kendy - Sheng Huo Yu Sheng Cun (design For Living)
11d. 6h. 7min. ago   Rachel Liang - Happy Holiday
11d. 11h. 4min. ago   By2 - Mei Li You (no Reason)
11d. 12h. 15min. ago   Mayday - Ni Bu Shi Zhen Zheng De Kuai Le (you're Not Really Happy)

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