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That played on the radio:
6min. ago Iron Maiden - Powerslave [fu]
38min. ago Danger Danger - Naughty Naughty [8g]
1h. 2min. ago Avenged Sevenfold - Wish You Were Here [kup]
1h. 30min. ago Tygers Of Pan Tang - Only The Brave [i7g]
2h. 1min. ago Offspring - Want You Bad [li]
2h. 29min. ago Pantera - Piss [mm]
2h. 59min. ago Black Map - Let Me Out [leu]
3h. 23min. ago Nine Inch Nails - Head Like A Hole [bbt]
3h. 53min. ago Coldspell - Call Of The Wild [kiy]
4h. 21min. ago Van Halen - Don't Tell Me (what Love Can Do) [vs]
4h. 49min. ago Judas Priest - Diamonds And Rust [g6]
5h. 19min. ago Cane Hill - Lord Of Flies [leq]
5h. 45min. ago The Dead Daisies - Long Way To Go [len]
6h. 13min. ago Metallica - Spit Out The Bone [lio]
6h. 41min. ago Santa Cruz - Young Blood Rising [liq]
7h. 9min. ago Slipknot - Killpop [blg]
7h. 39min. ago Device - You Think You Know [9g]
8h. 5min. ago Bush - This Is War [lin]
8h. 39min. ago Shakra - I Will Rise Again [lir]
9h. 5min. ago Nothing More - Do You Really Want It [lwe]
9h. 34min. ago Unknown - Id New Id 3 [ei]
10h. 2min. ago Rain - Liar [oq]
10h. 30min. ago Rhino Bucket - Burn The World [p3]
11h. ago Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons - Ringleader [ljk]
11h. 26min. ago Def Leppard - Mirror, Mirror [8v]
11h. 58min. ago Van Halen - Atomic Punk [va]
12h. 23min. ago Alter Bridge - Cradle To The Grave [knh]
12h. 52min. ago Red - Perfect Life [oh]
13h. 21min. ago Wolfmother - Mind's Eye [xb]
13h. 48min. ago A Perfect Circle - The Doomed [kuo]
14h. 18min. ago The Wild - Slow Burn [cco]
14h. 45min. ago Disturbed - Stricken [9g]
15h. 13min. ago Overkill - Bring Me The Night [jqk]
15h. 42min. ago Pink Floyd - Learning To Fly [nb]
16h. 10min. ago Blacklite District - Cold As Ice [lwd]
16h. 40min. ago Despite - Chaos Trigger [bc4]
17h. 6min. ago Metallica - Sad But True [jj]
17h. 38min. ago Hell Or Highwater - I Want It All [jso]
18h. 3min. ago Sparzanza - Vindication [lit]
18h. 32min. ago Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons - Ringleader [ljk]
19h. 1min. ago Call Me No One - Biggest Fan [6x]
19h. 29min. ago Fozzy - Painless [lyz]
19h. 58min. ago Animal Drive - Tower Of Lies I Walk Alone [lso]
20h. 23min. ago Nazareth - No Mean City (parts 1 & 2) [ky]
20h. 53min. ago Megadeth - Hangar 18 [jo]
21h. 24min. ago Savage Messiah - Hands Of Fate [kk5]
21h. 54min. ago Scorpions - Only A Man [bhg]
22h. 22min. ago Motionless In White - Eternally Yours [jon]
22h. 50min. ago Our Lady Peace - Starseed [ln]
23h. 21min. ago Helloween - Stay Crazy [eud]
23h. 49min. ago Nirvana - About A Girl [ll]
1d. 19min. ago Rolling Stones - Mixed Emotions [tw]
1d. 48min. ago Five Finger Death Punch - Trouble [kxl]
1d. 1h. 18min. ago Rage Against The Machine - The Narrows [om]
1d. 1h. 46min. ago Guns N Roses - You Could Be Mine [d1]
1d. 2h. 14min. ago Acdc - This House Is On Fire [1c]
1d. 2h. 42min. ago Cage9 - Birds Of Prey [lsp]
1d. 3h. 10min. ago Thin Lizzy - Cold Sweat [uj]
1d. 3h. 40min. ago Steelheart - You Got Me Twisted [kgb]
1d. 4h. 9min. ago Rush - The Big Money [ph]
1d. 4h. 39min. ago Neverwake - Suffocate [lfb]
1d. 5h. 5min. ago Letters From The Fire - Zombies In The Sun [9vo]
1d. 5h. 32min. ago Crobot - Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer [bih]
1d. 6h. 1min. ago Accept - Die By The Sword [lek]
1d. 6h. 30min. ago Iron Maiden - Coming Home [fl]
1d. 7h. ago The Doors - Roadhouse Blues [9s]
1d. 7h. 29min. ago 3 Doors Down - It's Not My Time [f]
1d. 8h. ago Good Tiger - Salt Of The Earth [lew]
1d. 8h. 28min. ago A Perfect Circle - The Doomed [kuo]
1d. 8h. 59min. ago Soundgarden - Blow Up The Outside World [bbw]
1d. 9h. 28min. ago Ded - Anti Everything [jps]
1d. 9h. 59min. ago Alice In Chains - Down In A Hole [4mr]
1d. 10h. 26min. ago The Dead Daisies - Long Way To Go [len]
1d. 10h. 58min. ago Rush - Closer To The Heart [pv]
1d. 11h. 23min. ago Whitesnake - Is This Love [wx]
1d. 11h. 52min. ago Bullet For My Valentine - Tears Don T Fall [gyf]
1d. 12h. 21min. ago King Company - Wheels Of No Return [hbn]
1d. 12h. 50min. ago Dream Theater - Pull Me Under [9y]
1d. 13h. 19min. ago Texas Hippie Coalition - Pissed Off And Mad About It [tw]
1d. 13h. 47min. ago The Virginmarys - Just A Ride [5gp]
1d. 14h. 15min. ago Foo Fighters - Saint Cecilia [f64]
1d. 14h. 43min. ago Saxon - They Played Rock And Roll [le7]
1d. 15h. 10min. ago Buckcherry - Dead [65]
1d. 15h. 41min. ago Pantera - Piss [mm]
1d. 16h. 9min. ago Operation Mindcrime - Re Inventing The Future [eh9]
1d. 16h. 39min. ago Crobot - Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer [bih]
1d. 17h. 3min. ago Anthrax - Neon Knights [6zk]
1d. 17h. 31min. ago Van Halen - Hot For Teacher [vx]
1d. 18h. ago Ignite The Fire - Criticize [kio]
1d. 18h. 30min. ago Theory Of A Deadman - Bitch Came Back [ue]
1d. 18h. 59min. ago Bobaflex - Long Time Coming [kin]
1d. 19h. 26min. ago Megadeth - Fatal Illusion [dud]
1d. 19h. 52min. ago Odyssea Project - No Compromise [fi8]
1d. 20h. 19min. ago Airbourne - Runnin' Wild [2g]
1d. 20h. 45min. ago Krokus - Night Wolf [he]
1d. 21h. 20min. ago Five Finger Death Punch - Trouble [kxl]
1d. 21h. 47min. ago Tiger Army - Forever Fades Away [ub]
1d. 22h. 11min. ago Queen - We Will Rock You - We Are The Champions [nw]
1d. 22h. 40min. ago Linkin Park - New Divide [if]
1d. 23h. 4min. ago Never Say Die - Like A Nightmare [jog]
1d. 23h. 30min. ago Megadeth - Angry Again [jm]
1d. 23h. 58min. ago Pretty Boy Floyd - I Wanna Be With You [nd]
2d. 21min. ago Great White - Move It [cn]
2d. 45min. ago Saxon - Devil Rides Out [lcf]
2d. 1h. 10min. ago One Bad Son - Black Buffalo [c17]
2d. 1h. 38min. ago Cruzh - Aim For The Head [hvt]
2d. 2h. ago Cage9 - Birds Of Prey [lsp]
2d. 2h. 26min. ago Volbeat - Doc Holiday [9ta]
2d. 2h. 52min. ago Nothing More - Fade In Fade Out [lvw]
2d. 3h. 19min. ago Otherwise - Coming For The Throne [b22]
2d. 3h. 43min. ago Sumerland - The Guardian [hfr]
2d. 4h. 9min. ago Europe - The Second Day [c15]
2d. 4h. 34min. ago Anvil - Ego [le6]
2d. 5h. ago Vyces - Nocturnal [kra]
2d. 5h. 24min. ago Avatar - The King Wants You [lyy]
2d. 5h. 51min. ago Slash - 30 Years To Life [f5x]
2d. 6h. 22min. ago Kittie - Sorrow I Know [hl]
2d. 6h. 53min. ago Three Days Grace - Break [uw]
2d. 7h. 20min. ago Messer - Simple Man [le8]
2d. 7h. 43min. ago Led Zeppelin - Good Times Bad Times [id]
2d. 8h. 9min. ago Accept - Balls To The Wall [1v]
2d. 8h. 40min. ago Van Halen - Hear About It Later [vw]
2d. 9h. 3min. ago Mctley Cre - Sex [kw]
2d. 9h. 29min. ago Holocaust - Come On Back [di]
2d. 9h. 54min. ago Storm Bringer - Through These Eyes [lbe]
2d. 10h. 20min. ago Aerosmith - Jaded [1x]
2d. 10h. 49min. ago Theory Of A Deadman - Rx [kyl]
2d. 11h. 12min. ago Nothing More - Fade In Fade Out [lvw]
2d. 11h. 39min. ago Unknown - Id Slash Etc [kis]
2d. 12h. 2min. ago Accept - Losing More Than You Ever Had [1a]

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