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ROCK ANTENNE Classic Perlen
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Dass im Radio gespielt:  ROCK ANTENNE Classic Perlen
2s. 6min. vor Journey - Open Arms
2s. 45min. vor Bob Dylan - Tangled Up In Blue
3s. 25min. vor Talking Heads - Take Me To The River
4s. 9min. vor Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing
4s. 49min. vor The Doors - Touch Me
5s. 31min. vor Iggy Pop - Louie Louie
6s. 10min. vor Queen - Spread Your Wings
6s. 49min. vor Scorpions - Bad Boys Running Wild
7s. 30min. vor Whitesnake - The Deeper The Love
8s. 11min. vor Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Even Now
8s. 58min. vor Bob Geldof - The Great Song Of Indifference
9s. 38min. vor Robert Plant - Tin Pan Valley
17s. 18min. vor Aerosmith - Toys In The Attic
18s. vor Ac/dc - Live Wire
18s. 38min. vor The Who - I Can't Explain
19s. 14min. vor Rock Antenne - Classic Perlen
19s. 53min. vor Van Halen - Finish What Ya Started
20s. 38min. vor Loverboy - Notorious
21s. 20min. vor Thin Lizzy - Killer On The Loose
22s. vor Boston - Rock And Roll Band
22s. 40min. vor Van Morrison - Real Real Gone
23s. 22min. vor Queen - Flash
1t. 4min. vor Alex Harvey Band - Midnight Moses
1t. 42min. vor Zz Top - Waitin' For The Bus
1t. 1s. 24min. vor Queen - Innuendo
1t. 2s. 4min. vor Stingray - Better The Devil You Know
1t. 2s. 45min. vor John Cougar Mellencamp - The Authority Song
1t. 3s. 29min. vor Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell
1t. 4s. 6min. vor Midnight Oil - Blue Sky Mine
1t. 4s. 46min. vor Frumpy - How The Gypsy Was Born
1t. 5s. 31min. vor Sweet - Blockbuster!
1t. 6s. 12min. vor Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Don't Kill It Carol
1t. 7s. vor Zeltinger Band - Mngersdorfer Stadion (live)
1t. 7s. 44min. vor David Bowie - Modern Love (single Version)
1t. 8s. 31min. vor Pink Floyd - Learning To Fly
1t. 9s. 21min. vor Talking Heads - Burning Down The House (live)
1t. 10s. 9min. vor Rush - Tom Sawyer
1t. 10s. 53min. vor Journey - Who's Crying Now
1t. 11s. 45min. vor Craaft - Hold Me
1t. 12s. 32min. vor Stealers Wheel - Stuck In The Middle With You
1t. 12s. 49min. vor Bob Dylan - Positively 4Th Street
1t. 13s. 24min. vor Scorpions - The Zoo
1t. 13s. 55min. vor Stone Fury - Let Them Talk
1t. 14s. 10min. vor Steve Earle - Copperhead Road
1t. 14s. 58min. vor Rock Antenne - Classic Perlen
1t. 15s. 48min. vor Underworld - Underneath The Radar
1t. 16s. 40min. vor Rush - Roll The Bones
1t. 17s. 24min. vor Paul Mccartney & The Wings - Jet
1t. 18s. 10min. vor Beach Boys - Good Vibrations
1t. 19s. 4min. vor The Doors - The End
1t. 19s. 49min. vor Cinderella - Shake Me
1t. 20s. 13min. vor Black Sabbath - Fairies Wear Boots
1t. 20s. 33min. vor Screaming Jay Hawkins - I Put A Spell On You
1t. 21s. 23min. vor Ac/dc - Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution
1t. 21s. 37min. vor Marianne Faithfull - The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan
1t. 22s. 8min. vor Guns N' Roses - One In A Million
1t. 22s. 49min. vor Cream - I Feel Free
1t. 23s. 34min. vor Spliff - Sweet As Radio
2t. 21min. vor Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone
2t. 1s. 6min. vor Cannata - Fortune Teller
2t. 1s. 12min. vor Lynyrd Skynyrd - Saturday Night Special
2t. 1s. 50min. vor Hanoi Rocks - Malibu Beach
2t. 2s. 34min. vor Yes - Changes
2t. 3s. 21min. vor Ozzy Osbourne - Shot In The Dark
2t. 4s. 1min. vor J. Geils Band - Freeze-frame
2t. 4s. 41min. vor Sister Hazel - All For You
2t. 5s. 26min. vor Cream - White Room
2t. 6s. 5min. vor Eagles - One Of These Nights
2t. 6s. 8min. vor Scorpions - Dynamite
2t. 6s. 41min. vor Billy Squier - Everbody Wants You
2t. 6s. 46min. vor Genesis - Illegal Alien
2t. 7s. vor The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Sweet Transvestite
2t. 7s. 29min. vor Peter Frampton - Do You Feel Like We Do (live)
2t. 7s. 56min. vor Guns N' Roses - It's So Easy
2t. 8s. 9min. vor Icehouse - Street Cafe
2t. 8s. 46min. vor The Doors - Touch Me
2t. 9s. 25min. vor Iron Butterfly - In-a-gadda-da-vida (long)
2t. 9s. 32min. vor Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Long)
2t. 10s. 6min. vor Firehouse - Hold The Dream
2t. 10s. 49min. vor Bob Geldof - The Great Song Of Indifference
2t. 11s. 31min. vor Whitesnake - The Deeper The Love
2t. 12s. 14min. vor Winger - Can't Get Enuff
2t. 12s. 22min. vor Ac/dc - Shoot To Thrill
2t. 12s. 42min. vor David Bowie & Pat Metheny Group - This Is Not America
2t. 12s. 55min. vor D.a.d. - Sleeping My Day Away
2t. 13s. 3min. vor Free - Wishing Well
2t. 13s. 12min. vor Boston - Foreplay / Long Time
2t. 13s. 41min. vor The Cult - Love Removal Machine
2t. 14s. 20min. vor The Beatles - Hey Jude
2t. 14s. 47min. vor Police - De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
2t. 15s. 1min. vor Steve Earle - Taney Town
2t. 15s. 45min. vor Rock Antenne - Classic Perlen
2t. 16s. 27min. vor Eric Clapton - Pretending
2t. 17s. 9min. vor Van Halen - Unchained
2t. 17s. 50min. vor Scorpions - Coming Home
2t. 18s. 27min. vor Queen - Death On Two Legs (dedicated To...
2t. 19s. 5min. vor Hooters - Satellite
2t. 19s. 41min. vor Zz Top - Rough Boy
2t. 20s. 13min. vor Jimi Hendrix - Fire
2t. 20s. 48min. vor Def Leppard - High 'n' Dry
2t. 21s. 23min. vor Eric Clapton - My Father's Eyes
2t. 22s. 1min. vor Thin Lizzy - Chinatown
2t. 22s. 33min. vor Watchmen - Stereo
2t. 22s. 57min. vor Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Shakedown
2t. 23s. 7min. vor Van Halen - Finish What Ya Started
2t. 23s. 39min. vor Damn Yankees - High Enough
3t. 13min. vor Russ Ballard - The Story Of The Making Of The Fire Still Burns
3t. 51min. vor Rock Antenne - Classic Perlen
3t. 1s. 23min. vor Kiss - Do You Love Me
3t. 1s. 30min. vor Police - Synchronicity Ii
3t. 1s. 58min. vor Rose Tattoo - Rock And Roll Is King
3t. 2s. 30min. vor Animals - When I Was Young
3t. 3s. 6min. vor Heart - Straight On
3t. 3s. 48min. vor Robert Plant - Ship Of Fools
3t. 4s. 21min. vor Rock Antenne - Classic Perlen
3t. 5s. 4min. vor John Cougar Mellencamp - The Authority Song
3t. 5s. 41min. vor Pink Floyd - Have A Cigar
3t. 6s. 15min. vor Kansas - Point Of Know Return
3t. 6s. 54min. vor Bruce Springsteen - Waiting On A Sunny Day
3t. 7s. 26min. vor Frumpy - How The Gypsy Was Born
3t. 7s. 38min. vor Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part1)
3t. 8s. 2min. vor Queen - '39
3t. 8s. 17min. vor 38 Special - Rockin' Into The Night
3t. 8s. 40min. vor Steve Miller Band - Swingtown
3t. 9s. 12min. vor Gary Moore - Wild Frontier
3t. 9s. 46min. vor Rock Antenne - Classic Perlen
3t. 10s. 9min. vor Sweet - Blockbuster!
3t. 10s. 33min. vor Fleetwood Mac - Gold Dust Woman
3t. 10s. 37min. vor Steely Dan - Hey Nineteen
3t. 11s. 10min. vor Kiss - A Million To One

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